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AATAFOVS / London Falling

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Season 2, Episode 1 (Premiere). Preceded by Citadel Of Evil, followed by The Future Is Now.

The first episode of the second season of AATAFOVS sees the Vamp Benders several months on from their rescue of Fluffikins. Things have become difficult: Avatar has left to chase after Admiral Black, lusting for vengeance, while Sue is forced to lead what remains of the team on desperate attempts to find Professor E.R. Udite. Solo is in a catatonic, trance-like state after the dramatic escape from the Citadel Of Evil.


Solo is shaken out of this by hearing a direct message from the Professor. The Professor tells him he and the other remaining Vamp Benders must find Avatar immediately: the Vamp Benders are weak if they are not all together.

We cut to Avatar, running through London. He is looking for an important minion of Admiral Black called Sir Ninjos Del Piratico. He wanders through London, oblivious to the man stalking him...

Sue, Nerdly, Cleo and Fluffikins are also in England but coincidentally in London; they are searching for the source of a message from Professor Udite that stated "The reign of Spain fails inanely on a plane". Their wallets are stolen and Cleo must sell her skirt so they may buy tickets for the London Eye, which they hope will afford them a better view.

Meanwhile, Solo accidentally ends up in Glen Fighburrugh where he is immediately set upon by Angry Jock, Furious Jock and Calm and Rational Jock. Unfortunately, Calm and Rational Jock is an ironic name. Solo attempts to deflect their fists with snarky comments, and then his trenchcoat, but Calm and Rational Jock is too smart for this and Angry Jock and Furious Jock are too dumb. They chase him for five miles, whereupon they end up in London.


Avatar spies Sir Ninjos Del Piratico headed towards the London Eye, so he buys a ticket and gets into the same pod.

Avatar: So, we finally meet.
Sir Ninjos: Ah, it is the Avatar.
Avatar: Where's the Admiral?
Sir Ninjos: Admiral Black? Hah! I do not truly serve her. I am a member of TVTW.
Avatar: T-V-T-W?
Sir Ninjos: Ah yes! You know the name. You have heard it in your nightmares. You-

Sir Ninjos falls unconscious, thanks to a tiny poisonous katana that comes from behind Avatar. Avatar turns around to be attacked from behind by Kurosawa Shin.

Avatar: doesn't have to be this way.
Kurosawa: Of course it does! This is right...this is a better world!

While Avatar and Kurosawa fight with swords several sizes too big on top of the pod, Sue, Fluffikins, Nerdly and Cleo are waiting in line for the London Eye. Sue notices Avatar and roughly pushes the line out of the way, while Nerdly attempts to rig the Eye to stop moving. He can't do it - evil hacker Carlton Ritz has entered a virus into the system that means the Eye will explode in three minutes.


Solo runs through the busy London streets, remarking "I wonder why all the signs say 'Cardiff'?" He pushes his way through numerous people who look suspiciously similar to one another, then finally reaches the Thames. He then stops running and grins wildly, not looking backwards. As Angry Jock and Furious Jock leap at him at the same time, he ducks and lets them fall into the freezing water. He then stands up, waits a few seconds, then punches Calm and Rational Jock without looking back.

The London Eye continues to rotate, terrified citizens trapped within. The Vamp Benders continue to travel up further while Avatar and Kurosawa keep fighting, running forward to stay at the top of the Eye. Avatar gains the upper hand, beating Kurosawa back until he's on the edge. Seeing the Vamp Benders' pod, Kurosawa slashes the tubing and holds the pod above the water below.

Cleo asks: "What is he doing?"

Sue responds: "He has to choose."

Kurosawa lets go of the pod. Avatar screams in rage, rushing towards him, then leaps after the pod. Kurosawa shakes his head and picks up Sir Ninjos, leaping onto a nearby helicopter.

Shaken from his loneliness, Avatar grabs onto a pylon of the Eye and stops the pod. He strains visibly, but suddenly the pod becomes lighter. Avatar looks down to see Solo, who shrugs.

The team re-unites on the ground, Cleo shaking (a lot) with joy.

Avatar: I'm sorry. I was wrong to leave you. I was wrong to go against friendship. Because I have hope. And I know I can win. Because my friends know I can win! Because I love my friends, not in that way! Not that there's anything wrong with that way! And it is my dream that one day my children will be judged not by the colour of their skin but solely by the contents of their character!
Solo: Thanks, brother.
Nerdly: Sorry to break this up, but we got bigger problems. The Eye is going to explode within minutes.
Avatar: Evacuate?
Cleo: The city's too big.
Solo: De-activate it?
Nerdly: I can't, it's hard-wired.
Sue: What if we threw it?
Avatar: Genius.

The Vamp Benders get to work unhinging the Eye. Fluffikins leaps through each pod, getting citizens out. Avatar and Solo cut the pylons. Nerdly decides the optimum place to throw the Eye, while Cleo stands around looking pretty.

Finally, Sue lifts the Eye. "Ten seconds!" Nerdly shouts. Sue takes a deep breath, picks up the Eye and throws it east. It flies through the air and slams into Kurosawa's helicopter, exploding noisily.

The Benders flock to the scene quickly to look for survivors. They find the bodies of the pilot and Sir Ninjos, but Kurosawa is still alive. He coughs.

Kurosawa: I was meant to protect Sir Ninjos. He was the King of Spain, you know. I was his bodyguard.
Avatar: I'm sorry.
Kurosawa: I heard him talk to you about TVTW. Do you want to know what it is?
Avatar: ...No. I don't. I just want to find Professor Udite.
Kurosawa: Here...I die. Next to my dead king, after our plane crashed.
(Avatar's eyes widen.)
Kurosawa: was a plane disguised as a helicopter. Killed by a Ferris wheel...who knew?

Avatar retells this to the other Benders. They decide this was the Professor's message. Knowing they are together again, Avatar says "Let's go home."


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