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09:37:14 AM Sep 22nd 2014
The article mentions a remake, I have FFVII for Steam on PC (I believe). Could this be considered that remake?
10:08:12 AM Sep 22nd 2014
No, just a rerelease.
10:04:25 AM Oct 31st 2013
Oddly enough, though the trope "Back from the Dead" says it cannot be done, with the PC versions of FFVII you can have Aerith at the final battle of the game with "Yuffie Warping". It's weird stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMoFk1_qLR4
10:22:24 AM Oct 31st 2013
It's not saying it's impossible. There's a game shark code that lets you use her throughout the game on the PS version. What it's saying is that, as part of the storyline, she stays dead.
06:50:31 AM Aug 21st 2013
Switching from harvesting the mystical life force of your planet to oil, listed as a Broken Aesop, does indeed prompt a headdesk. Which particular rock have you been living under the past couple decades?

Modern oil power plants have considerably less environmental impact then wind-powered-money-eaters, not to mention something as crass as Mako reactors. Same with coal. Now look at the kind of lesson taught to the people over the course of FF 7 and tell me how they're going to repeat Victorian England and communist East Europe.

(Ranty tone due to the topic being locked with annoyingly naive content).
07:11:46 AM Aug 21st 2013
You know, acting smug and self-superior isn't really the best way of getting your point across.
02:28:49 PM May 25th 2013
Any chance there could be a trope page for Final Fantasy VII Abridged? Or would I be on the wrong page to ask for that?
05:51:36 AM May 30th 2013
02:37:10 PM May 6th 2013
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Does the Black Materia qualify as a MacGuffin? Yes, it is an object that people are persuing, but the game goes into clear detail on its origins, significance, and purpose. Parts of the story would change significantly if the weapon of mass destruction were swapped to, say, a nuke.
02:22:53 PM May 4th 2013
"With a big-ass Colony Drop in the sky barrelling down on them, panicked civilians running for the hills, a veritable Quirky Mini Boss Squad of giant Eldritch Abominations roaming the lands"...

They're not Eldritch Abominations, they're Kaiju at best.
12:35:17 PM Apr 12th 2013
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Anyone have any problems with me making Last Order Final Fantasy VII into its own page?
02:13:21 PM Oct 6th 2012
"Your Limit gauge automatically fills during the battle as well. The developers probably intended to have you defeat him with an Omnislash, but if you select Level 1 Limit Breaks, it takes a few Bravers to do it."

Whoever wrote that has no idea what he's talking about. Cloud gets Omnislash for that final battle regardless of what Limit Level he has assigned prior to it, and a single strike kills Sephiroth anyway.
12:24:36 PM Oct 12th 2012
edited by Fighteer
Go here to request changes to locked pages. I'll take care of this one.
10:38:54 PM Aug 4th 2012
Shouldn't "All Love is Unrequited" be updated due to the Ultimania book pretty much saying Tifa and Cloud slept together before going down into the Crater to fight Sephiroth? i think the book also explains that the Cloud/Aerith interaction is more a sense of duty and their connection to Zack than anything else.
11:07:36 PM Aug 4th 2012
The rest of the page acknowledges that they do get together, and since this page already got locked over shipping, it's best to not poke at it again. Regardless, the unrequited love theme is still relevant for a lot of the base game between the two of them.
03:14:18 AM May 24th 2012
A bit of a headache since the page is locked and probably going to stay that way, but perhaps a main page for the entire Compilation can be created, and this page can stay focused on the original game?
04:26:12 AM Apr 16th 2012
Minor detail—can we add a link to the "Boom Headshot" trope? This is what happens to one of the WEAPO Ns when it decides to take a peek down the gun barrel at Junon harbor
07:20:34 AM Apr 17th 2012
Request edits in this thread, not in Discussion.
03:11:16 PM Feb 25th 2012
edited by VeryMelon
This page was locked because of a Cloud x Aerith shipper? Really?
01:59:53 PM Feb 27th 2012
What, seriously? Well, there goes this page's chances of ever being useful in the future.
08:54:47 AM Mar 21st 2012
Was gonna edit this page and just noticed this myself. It's been a month, how about we lift it?
09:11:21 AM Mar 22nd 2012
As it says in Locked Pages, go here to request edits to the article. If you want to help, report shippers as soon as they show up and try to edit.

Also, the page is useful as-is; it contains an absurd number of tropes. I don't see how you can possibly draw the conclusion above.
01:52:01 PM Mar 22nd 2012
Because locked pages always seem to turn into unchanging archives. I've watched a number of once-useful pages lose their relevance as most users don't even realize you can request edits elsewhere. I mean, yea, I do, but I've been on this site for like, five years, I know my way around.

FF 7 isn't that active at the moment, but it's something that does get dragged out on a repeated basis by its license holder. If another extension pops up or that long-fabled remake, well, now the page is perma-locked.
02:08:19 PM Mar 22nd 2012
It's not permanent necessarily. I may consider opening it up again at some point, but I can't honestly tell until I do if it's just going to get invaded by the shipping wars again.

The game is what, fifteen years old? It's not changing, folks.
07:13:34 PM Mar 22nd 2012
I think it hit 15 last year, yea. But it's an IP Square loves to drag out for funsies, so it stays semi-active.

I can understand temp locks, I've just seen too many pages turn into graveyards.
09:28:40 PM Aug 8th 2012
Several little things I would like to request be added.

1. Under "Blind Idiot Translation" first sub-line, the line "You're a Turks."

2. Under "Anti-Climax Boss/Zero-Effort Boss" The part where it talks about the final Sephiroth hitting with a percentage based attack. It has been proven that, were someone to hack the HP to 1, Sephiroth's attack would hit for 0 damage.

3. Under "Final Boss, New Dimension." Safer Sephiroth is not supposed to be Sepher Sephiroth. It is supposed to be Seraph Sephiroth. Hence the six wings, which is part of a Biblical passage describing two wings that flew, two wings that covered their feet (mistranslation, it meant covered their groin) and two that covered their faces. Hell, the whole game's full of Biblical references. JENOVA is a mixture of Jehovah and Nova (meaning New), and Sephiroth is based on Sephirot, a Jewish word referring to the seven manifestations of God. That can be added under the category "The Bible" if you so desire.

4. Under "Gameplay and Story Segregation," It is said in Disc 3 that it's Judgement Day, the day the meteor will collide with the planet. You can still go and sleep all night at an inn...

5. Add "Shaped Like Itself." One of the characters at Cosmo Canyon replies "Nanaki is Nanaki" when the party asks who Nanaki is. Also, if one had the foresight to name Red XIII "Nanaki..."
06:59:37 AM Aug 9th 2012
Please request changes to locked articles here. When you do so, present your changes as completed markup, not directions.
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