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'Sup bitch?

Rytex* is a very very very eccentric troper. He found TV Tropes when searching for information on My Immortal and My Inner Life so that he may exploit such information For the Evulz. Actually, that's his entire purpose here.

If you are ever (un)fortunate to encounter him riding the Lulzboats on teh interwebz, know that his Character Alignment currently oscillates between Chaotic and Neutral, and Good and Evil at any given time. At any one point, it is most likely he will be Chaotic Neutral.



Favorite Sports Teams of an Unapologetic Sports Bigamist (in a general order of preference)

Rytex is better known as Trey, and he spends his time reading, writing fanfiction (and the occasional original fiction), playing video games, watching HC Bailly, Chuggaconroy, Proton Jon SA, NintendoCapriSun, and many other YouTube videos. He and his brother pwn at Brawl and challenge anyone brave enough to lose their dignity to face them and the Toon Link-Pit combo they developed, as well as their signature technique Bum Rush, named in honor of the lightning-fast assault used by Sabin Rene Figaro in Final Fantasy VI. Rytex is currently a college senior, and is currently a Computer Science major.

If you want to find me on other pages around teh interwebz...

He is a fan of The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Deadpool, Minecraft Star Wars, Internet memes, Red vs Blue, Star Trek, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, making fun of Twilight, Half-Life, GLaDOS, Portal, Star Trek: The Next Generation, A Very Potter Musical (and sequel), Once Upon a Time, NCIS, Doctor Who, and xkcd.

And most definitely My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

He writes Fan Fics. There are links to his pages above., however, is old and unused. Feel free to ignore, or laugh at his earlier pathetic storytelling attempts.

He often speaks in third person, as evidenced, and enjoys listening to good music.

He is known for his vague references and currently has the death sentence on twelve systems.

This Troper shows examples of:

More to come later.