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From the trope description I think this trope is supposed to be about a seductive woman in a red dress. Instead on the wiki it's being used for any female character wearing a red dress or just red clothes in general.

I'm guessing the name is what's causing this

Wick check results (76 wicks out of 684 total):

Zero-Context Example (48)

Wears a red dress (16)

Wears red clothes (12)

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2 SeptimusHeap31st Oct 2013 03:48:29 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
What is the meaning of the colour red here?
Sexual availability I guess.
4 SeptimusHeap31st Oct 2013 03:55:17 PM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I have to wonder whether turning this trope into that, along the same line as White-Haired Pretty Boy is an option.
Maybe a rename to something like Red And Ready? (A pun on the color and the readiness for sex?)

Honestly, I had no idea that's what the trope was, either. So you can add Comicbook.Lady Shiva to the misuse list.

EDIT: As for the significance, of red...well, Cracked can explain it way better better than I can.

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The first paragraph says the she's sexy and wears a red dress as her default outfit. Does that apply to any of the examples?
[up] I'm sure that applies to a lot of examples. However if this trope is defined as "an attractive character in a red dress" then we need to change the definition.
For easier discussion, I set up Sandbox.Lady In Red. It has all the examples, numbered.

A lot of the examples are basically zero content, and characters who simply wear red (some of which isn't even dresses), sometimes only in a single scene. There are also some examples where the dress is red but used in another way than for showing passion or sexiness.

There are a few valid examples though. The Matrix and Buffy examples show one possible route for a valid trope.
Lady in Red is something of a old fashion trope were The Vamp or the Femme Fatale was designated by having her wear a bright red formal wear. The Lady in Red wasn't necessarily a slut, but she was strongly sexual, and often had a strong personality. In more prudish times the Lady in Red was considered almost dangerous. Red clothing is also associated with prostitutes, chorus girls and other dancers, and other women attempting to be sexy.

EDIT PS: There is also a connection with the term "Scarlet Woman."

"Often the color Red is used to symbolize sexuality. As in a "scarlett woman" would be a woman with a promiscuous nature; someone whom others believe sleeps around and has a reputation.


"Red: Symbolism and cultural associations: Sin, guilt, passion, blood and anger

Red is frequently used as a symbol of guilt, sin and anger, often as connected with blood or sex... At one point, red was associated with prostitutes, or now, with brothels (red-light districts)...

The colour red is associated with lust, passion, love, and beauty as well. The association with love and beauty is possibly related to the use of red roses as a love symbol. Both the Greeks and the Hebrews considered red a symbol of love, as well as sacrifice.Psychological research has shown that men find women who are wearing red more attractive."


Red Dress Effect: Women In Red Deemed Open To Sexual Advances, Study Of Men Shows

Red dresses muddle men's minds, just ask The Matrix's Neo. In a scene from the 1999 sci-fi film, the hero is famously ambushed after becoming distracted by a woman on the street wearing a slinky red outfit. Now, a new study shows how such duds attain their sway. Men rate women wearing red clothing as being more interested in sex, hinting that humans may be conditioned to associate the color with fertility.


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Seems to be what the trope is trying to be but the problem is that people are taking the name literally. I think a name change is needed.

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The problem is with the wicks, really. The name is fine. There is no name that people can't fuck up. There are only 48 of the wicks. Wouldn't take long to zap 'em.
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[up]How are you defining this trope? Because going by the description none of the 76 entries (out of 684) I checked have proper context for this trope. They're zero context examples or only talk about how the character is wearing a red dress or red clothing. There's no mention that they're a seductress or intend to seduce someone, which seems required for this trope.

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I could see putting "Seductress" in the title reducing the misuse, or at least the most egregious misuse (I'm sure some people will still find ways to fuck it up).

Don't we have a dedicated thread for appearance tropes?

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
[up] Ssshhh

People will find a way to fuck up any title. However, it wouldn't hurt to have a title they're less likely to do so with.
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There are only 48 of the wicks.

Ahem, there are far more than 48 wicks. 680 plus, in fact.
I don't get "fix wick" or "clean up bad example" as crowner options. When did we did need a crowner for that? There not even mutually exclusive from the other options. It just seems like a misleading way of say "do nothing".
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A page action crowner with only one option is pointless. If the only question is "does this page need renaming?" it should be a Single-proposition crowner with only that question. Because that wasn't done here, the other option was added.

And it's not the same as "do nothing". "Do nothing" means "there is nothing wrong with this trope/page at all, the name is fine, the wicks are clean, and the examples are good. Leave it alone."

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Has anyone seen this trope being used properly? I'm asking because 76 incorrect wicks out 684 wicks all being seems pretty abysmal.

We could just fix the wicks, but that would most likely end up with this trope getting hundreds of wicks removed and the misuse returning because the name's not being that it's more than wearing red.

We should rename for the same reason we renamed Hair of Gold to Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, and White-Haired Pretty Boy to White Hair, Black Heart. We need a name that makes it clear that this trope is about a specific appearance and character type.
19 Willbyr12th Nov 2013 10:12:52 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Seductress In Red would seem to be the most apropos name option.

EDIT: Heh, having that redlinked is rather apropos.

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21 peccantis12th Nov 2013 12:42:47 PM , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
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Those are just strictly worse versions of Red Seductress and Seductress In Red.

It's probably moot since it doesn't look like renaming has much support.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
Could we just... not have Death anymore?
Interesting that people are opposed to fixing wicks.
[up] Do I need to rename the option "rename Lady in Red and fix wicks"? I thought fixing wicks was a given when you're renaming a trope.

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Could we just... not have Death anymore?
With nearly 20 votes? NO!

Tropers rarely forget to clean after a rename, but after a thread comes to any consensus, we're supposed to clean a trope. Even if the consensus is "not to rename", we should still fix the misuse, because there was misuse, and leaving the mess is.... not productive.

Page Action: Lady In Red
10th Nov '13 7:32:41 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
At issue:
Lady In Red is supposed to be about a seductive female character (The Vamp or Femme Fatale) in a red dress. A wick check reveals that it's largely being misused for "female character wearing a red outfit".

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