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Dina Caliente

It is often said that Dina has a mind of her own, but she is quick to disagree. She likes chocolate and dreams of making it big.

Nina Caliente

Deeply connected to her Mediterranean roots, Nina likes exercise and bread pudding.


Michael Bachelor

  • Broken Ace: Back in his teenage years, he used magic to give a makeover. Needless to say, it came back to bite him.
  • Foil: To Mortimer and Mr. Big.
  • Jock Dad, Nerd Son: His dad pressured him into doing sports, but his real talent was for magic, which his dad was staunchly against. He ended up secretly using magic to make himself good at sports.
  • Nice Guy
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Infallibly good, according to his witch alignment.



Donald "Don" Lothario

So many ladies, so little time. When Don isn't thinking about dating, he's sleeping.

  • Boy Meets Ghoul: Don is tricked into a date with the undead skeleton maid Bonehilda. He's shocked at first, but doesn't let it deter him from putting the moves on her. In the end she rejects him for being creepy.
  • Casanova Wannabe
  • Closet Geek
  • Foil: To Servo.
  • Hidden Depths: Although set up in canon as a typical The Casanova, is shown to be very bright with a secret nerdy side.

Bella Goth

Elegant and athletic are two qualities that describe Bella. She enjoys a variety of activities from golf to miniature golf.

Cassandra Goth

Cassandra is the quiet, mysterious type. Nobody ever knows quite what she's thinking.

Mortimer Goth

Cheerful and outgoing, Mortimer brings his old country upbringing into the modern age. He has an unusual fondness for insects.

Jon Smith Tricou

Jennicor Tricou

Kiernan & Kvornan Tricou

Olive Specter

Olive will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She spends her time collecting mushrooms, sharpening sticks, and excavating her yard.

  • Ambiguously Evil: There are many hints to Olive's reputation, but it's never outright confirmed and Dina and Nina are completely unaware, viewing her as a maternal mentor figure.
  • Unusual Eyebrows: The original character doesn't have any so here they are painted onto her skin.

DJ "Junior" Specter (a.k.a Nervous Subject)

Ichabod Specter

Kaylynn Langerak I

Kaylynn - unlike her father, brother, and aunt - tries to keep a spotless house. She enjoys painting when she gets a break from cleaning up after everyone.

Kaylynn Langerak II

  • Dead Guy Junior
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Looks identical to her aunt except for her eye color and a mole. Her father Parker is a gender-flipped version of the same face template, and would look the same if changed into a girl.


Parker Langerak

Parker is a sloppy, laid-back schmoozer who is only interested in getting attention from girls when he sweet-talks them.

Rainelle Neengia

Ocean Big/Gwrtheym McGork Jr.

  • Disposable Fiancé: He's vain, condescending, insensitive, and inappropriate, but he averts expectations by being neither jealous or unfaithful, and he's disposed of fairly early as a plot catalyst rather than staying on as an obstacle.
  • Foil: To Michael.

Circe Salamis

Circe knows 238 different ways to make someone scream, and none of them are nice. She enjoys taxidermy and collecting coat hangers.
  • Foil: To Cassandra. They both wear glasses and pigtails and are the young nieces of Dina's love interest. Cassandra is somber and gothic, while Circe is a cheerful and dressed in pink. Circe's whole family is basically an evil funhouse mirror version of the Goths.
  • Glurge Addict

Titania Summerdream

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Titania's matchmaking never turns out exactly how the customer would like, but this is more to teach him/her a lesson than to mess with him/her.
  • The Chessmaster: Orchestrated many major events behind the scenes, focusing on Servo as her "king" (as symbolized by a giant chess piece in one scene) and mainly manipulating the people around him rather than Servo himself.
  • Fairy Godmother: To Servo.

Elden Hick

Elden is a hard worker and a mean pinball player. Not many people know he has a fondness for classical music.



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