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Webcomic: Supernormal Step

Fiona: "You're the first person to say it that way... back where I belong, I mean. Everyone else says home."
Hall: "Well, it's not the same thing, is it? Only you can know what is home for you."

Supernormal Step is a Alternate Universe fantasy webcomic by Michael Lee Lunsford that updates Mondays and Thursdays. Central to the comic are two universes: our normal 'Verse and the Supernormal 'Verse. Fiona, a blue-haired but otherwise normal girl from our regular 'Verse, is accidentally pulled to the Supernormal 'Verse by two men: Jerk Ass Jim, who is cursed to transform into a stuffed bunny whenever he does something malicious, and Charmer Van, who is following/helping Jim ostensibly for shits and giggles, but really out of a sense of responsibility.

The comic follows Fiona's efforts to return to where she belongs as well as the effects of Fiona's arrival on the Supernormal 'Verse. Although at first the 'Verse appears quirky and strange, tensions boil between de facto president Cavan Henderson, whose heavy hand is felt through the omnipresence of Henderson Security, and The Nameless, a mysterious anti-Henderson organization with eyes everywhere. Both sides feel that Fiona is vital to their respective causes, but Fiona isn't interested in the problems of a universe she doesn't fully understand. And with the machinations of other strange villains in the Supernormal 'Verse, including the bizarre Mr. Kite, it seems that getting back to the normal 'Verse will be difficult at best.

Fortunately, she has the teachings of her Crazy-Prepared dad, her developing combat skills, and a plethora of potential allies, including Hall, an affable Henderson Field Marshal muddling through a troubling journey of his own. With some help, Fiona may yet find her way back to where she belongs - or find her way home.

Now has a Character Page.

Supernormal Step features examples of:

SupermegatopiaFantasy WebcomicsSweet and Sour Grapes

alternative title(s): Supernormal Step
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