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PeanutButterGamer is a Youtube personality who does game reviews, Top 10 lists and hosts a number of other features, such as The G-Files (looking at weird things in video games) and To Kill An Avatar (exploring Video Game Cruelty Potential). He's the co-founder of the now resurrected NormalBoots.com and was a featured contributor on Blistered Thumbs.

He also has a gameplay channel, called PBGGameplay. There he posts videos of three main series: Firstly, the popular Hardcore! series, in which he and his friends try to complete an objective in the game... but if they die, they're dead for good. The videos star many of his friends, including JonTron and ProJared. Besides that, he has the Collection series where he tries to get every item in a set in various games. And lastly, he has several highly-edited Let's Play series.

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This show provides examples of:

    PBGGameplay Tropes 

His Let's Play channel provides examples of:

  • Achievements in Ignorance: Crops up near constantly in his 'Sucking At' series. A notable example would be in Luigi's Mansion episode 15 when he lit the bonfire necessary to capture Sir Weston while flailing around randomly with his fire jet. And then didn't realize what he had actually done for some time.
    PBG: Oh, I just needed to walk into him. Okay, well, that was easier than I was making it out to be.
  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: PBG lampshades this in-universe upon (mistakenly) thinking his dog died in Episode 10 of Minecraft Hardcore #3:
    PBG: My dog!
    McJones: I thought you said you didn't care about him.
    PBG: I didn't care about him until he died!
  • And This Is for...: From MineZ Episode 11, "This is for Jared!"
  • Angrish: Near-constant in Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition. Given that the game randomly changes Mario's physics and is prone to locking-up and crashing, this is completely understandable.
  • Anti-Climax: In his second Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate video with ProJared, PBG pulls out his Dual Swords, activates the Demon mode, and runs in to attack...and then immediately turns off Demon mode again. Punctuated by the music cutting out and just leaving PBG's Battle Cry of "Hgsheswah!"
  • Art Evolution: Compare the first video in his Majora's Mask Lets Play to the last video of his Majora's Mask Lets Play. Initially, he was rather subdued and more focused on the game than anything else and the whole thing goes unedited. By the last video, he is much more boisterous, incorporates a ton of visual humor and focuses more on the jokes.
  • Ascended Extra: Although none of the players are extras, per say, certain people in Hardcore seasons often become more prominent when the others around them die off and they become the only ones left. Especially when said survivors are otherwise quiet people. Barry in Minecraft #2, and Shane and Smooth in Minecraft #3 are the most standout examples of this.
  • As Himself: Smooth McGroove in Minecraft Hardcore #3.
  • Black Dude Dies First: It took a few seasons of Hardcore, but in Part 8 of Terraria #2note , this finally came to pass thanks to Satchbag falling down a deep hole.
  • Blatant Lies: In Minecraft HC #3, episode 6, Jon manages to aggro an Enderman. He claims that he didn't look at it, PBG actually gets a look at him and the Enderman just before the attack, and Jon was indeed looking straight at it.
  • Boom, Headshot:
    • In Minecraft Hardcore #3, Episode 7, this is how Jon meets his end, thanks in part due to a skeleton and being poisoned by a witch prior to it.
    • In MineZ Hardcore, Episode 14, this is how PBG puts down his brother's zombie as a Mercy Kill.
  • Breather Episode: Episode 15 of MineZ Hardcore mostly consists of "Team PBG" swimming to Greyvale, in contrast to the shock of McJones's death in the previous episode. It's even more of a breather when you compare it to the next episode where literally everyone dies.
  • But Wait, There's More!: Discussed and Invoked in Episode 22 of Terraria #2:
    Jeff: But wait, there's more!
    McJones: Really? How could this offer get any better?!
    Jeff: Double everything! Triple everything!
    McJones: ...including the price?
    Jeff: Yeah.
  • Call Back: The finale of "Minecraft HC #2". It has the same "Seven heroes set out to [insert goal here]; only [x] remain" intro as the last episode of the first Minecraft Hardcore.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Dean Swordnote  in Minecraft Hardcore #2 and Jon's lava lampnote  in Minecraft Hardcore #3.
  • Covers Always Lie: In the Hardcore series, the thumbnails often do this to avoid spoilers. For example, in Minecraft Hardcore #3: Episode 7's thumbnail shows Dean, even though he had already died two episodes ago.
  • Cerebus Syndrome/Darker and Edgier: MineZ Hardcore is a lot darker than previous instalments and a lot more serious at points. This gets progressively more prominent throughout the series, especially after PBG, Dean, and McJones become infected and have to be left behind, prompting the group to split up, a first in the series. The remainder of the group lampshade this when they lament that this season is the most depressing yet. This season plays this trope right to the very end, and through all of the dramatic and depressing twists and turns, the season ends on one of the most climactic (but failed) Final Boss battles yet.
    • Minecraft Hardcore #2 also acts as this to the first season. In contrast to the more upbeat and swashbuckling tone of the first, Minecraft #2 is darker and more melancholy, as the group slowly falls apart and their goal begins to seem more and more hopeless. This season too plays this trope to the very end, with Barry's sanity slipping away as he's left to roam the pathways of the Nether Fortress in a seemingly never-ending quest to gather more Wither skeletons, and ultimately dies alone.
  • Death by Irony: Terraria #2 gives us the most utterly ironic death in the series so far: On the way to the final boss fight, Jeff and McJones are lightly conversing as they descend their Hellevator. McJones gets interrupted by a Sticky Keys prompt, which would have killed him if he hadn't been floating at the time. Jeff notes how much of an Anti-Climax that would have been, and then McJones says that it wouldn't be so bad to die while peacefully floating. Cue Jeff immediately hitting two dirt blocks and dying instantly.
  • Despair Event Horizon:
    • In Minecraft Hardcore #2, Barry and McJones are noticeably disheartened and frazzled after PBG dies.
    • Barry has it worse after McJones dies... amongst other things.
  • Difficulty Spike: Responsible for a few of the deaths in Minecraft Hardcore #3. A number of difficulty-enhancing game changes had been implemented since Minecraft Hardcore #2 was made, and the majority of the team, if not the entire team, weren't aware of them. The three most noticeable examples being that more powerful mobs (such as Zombies and Skeletons with armour and other enchanted gear) spawn more frequently in areas that players hang out in, Witches now spawn outside of swamps, and lava sources are occasionally hidden within Netherrack sections. This leads directly to the deaths of Jon, PBG, and McJones, and may have contributed to Dean and Jared's deaths as well.
  • Driven to Suicide: Jon in the first episode of DayZ Hardcore appears to die this way when he glitches off the side of a building.
  • Dwindling Party: Happens frequently in the series, especially in the ones that end in failure.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first season of Hardcore, Minecraft #1, has a few quirks that set it apart from other seasons:
    • The POV camera stayed solely on PBG for the first several episodes. McJones was later added to the mix, but the camera stuck predominately to just the two of them (with Jon only recording after PBG and McJones both died). Subsequent seasons of Hardcore have been more dynamic with the camera, generally featuring around three to four major POVs, and alternating viewpoint between them more often.
    • It was the only season to introduce non-YouTubers to the show. While it did feature JonTron and The Completionist, alongside PBG himself, it also featured Dean, McJones, Soah, and Barry, none of whom were well-known and had few to no videos on YouTubenote . Even Soah’s appearance by itself is an oddity, as where Dean, McJones, and Barry went on to become regulars for the show, Soah hasn’t appeared since. Every new person to feature in the seasons afterward has been a prominent Internet personality in their own right, or at least had an active YouTube account.
    • It was also the only season to feature a highlight reel.
    • He’s still pretty jovial, but Jon is noticeably more focused and serious here, compared to the complete goofball he would become in later seasons.
    • Both this season and DayZ lacked the voice clips in the intro that are now commonplace.
  • Evil Laugh: In Minecraft Hardcore #3, Jon laughs maniacally as the house burns down.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In Part 8 of Diablo II Hardcore, PBG is poisoned during the fight with Coldworm the Burrower and doesn't notice. He begins to rapidly lose most of his health from the poison, and he still doesn't notice. It isn't until the group returns to town and Jirard points it out that it finally dawns on him.
    Jirard: PBG, what happened to you, man? You almost died.
    PBG: I did? ... Holy crap!
    McJones: Look at your health.
    PBG: Holy crap!
    McJones: *laughs* You didn't even know?
    PBG: I - well the fight was over.
    • PBG fails another spot check in Part 5 of Minecraft Hardcore #3. From his perspective, there was the sounds of wood burning and a brief shot of flames on the house before Jared yelled out that the house was on fire. PBG even acknowledged the burning wood as he started to ask what the noise was, but still didn't clue in.
  • Falling Damage:
    • McJones in Minecraft Hardcore #1 is knocked off the platform by the Ender Dragon and plummets into the abyss below.
    • This ends up being the cause of PBG's deaths in both DayZ and MineZ Hardcore.
    • Jared in Minecraft Hardcore #3 is assaulted by a Creeper and brought down to one heart. He would've survived, if not for the fact that the explosion also catapulted him into the air, causing him to die the moment he hit ground again.
    • Also ends up being a recurring problem in Terraria Hardcore #2, causing the deaths of Satch, ProtonJon and SpaceHamster and a nearly-fatal accident early on when Dean accidentally jumped into a 2 block-wide pit PBG dug.
  • Final Boss: Every Hardcore season outside of DayZ has featured the end goal of killing a powerful monster.
  • From Bad to Worse: PBG, one of the three remaining players, dies in the latter half of Episode 19 in Minecraft Season 2. Things slowly calm down a bit. Then McJones dies too, and Barry narrowly avoids death.
    • In MineZ Hardcore, after the guys finally meet up and cure Dean of his disease, they decide to head out to Sirus. When they get there, not only does Dean get infected again, but PBG and McJones end up infected as well!
  • The Fun in Funeral: In Terraria #2, the funeral Jeff and McJones hold for Jon becomes this when it's gate-crashed by some slimes. Jeff ends up giving the 21 Guns salute with a machine gun.
    McJones: I miss him! ... Hang on, we've got some wedd - or - funeral crashers here.
  • Gang Up on the Human: This is how NintendoCapriSun dies in Minecraft Hardcore #2 - Part 15, as he's swarmed by a spider and two Creepers. He might have made it out alive, but his controls seemed to have stopped responding, leaving him helpless against the onslaught.
    • Also how Jared dies in Minecraft Hardcore #3 - Part 9. He's fighting two Creepers at once, with three spiders also coming at him. He causes one of the Creepers to explode, killing one spider but throwing the other Creeper and the other two spiders that were chasing him, straight at him. The second Creeper begins to explode, but he manages to kill it just in time. He backs up from the two remaining spiders, only to run into another Creeper, which blows up and throws him into the air, killing him the moment he hits the ground. To recap: That's three Creepers and three spiders, all ganging up on poor Jared.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: The plan in episode 19 of "Mincecraft HC #2" to attack the Zombie Pigmen results in two-thirds of the remaining team to die, leaving only Barrynote .
  • Heel Realization: PBG has one of these at the end of the Oblivion Collection Series. After realizing how many evil things he's done to get the Daedric Artifacts, he accepts his death at the hands of an Anvil city guard.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In Minecraft Hardcore #2, Jared does this to save a lagged-out PBG.
    • Stupid Sacrifice: As many commenters on you tube pointed out, it could have been avoided if he had simply attacked the Creeper the moment he saw it rather than urge PBG to run away with the full knowledge that PBG was suffering from lag.
  • I Let Gwen Stacy Die: McJones blames himself for NCS's death in Minecraft #2, as well as for Dean's death in Minecraft #3.
  • I Will Only Slow You Down: PBG, McJones, and Dean each come to this conclusion during MineZ Hardcore after each of them becomes infected and nobody can find an antidote to cure them. The group begrudgingly leaves them behind, considering them dead.
  • Idiot Hero: Dean in Minecraft Hardcore and PBG himself to a certain extent.
    • Averted for Dean in DayZ Hardcore, where he's the most competent and knowledgable member of the team. Contrast Minecraft #1, where he'd never played the game before.
  • Impossible Item Drop: Discussed in Diablo II Hardcore.
    PBG: That Ghoul Lord only had twenty-one gold!
    Dean: What does a Ghoul Lord need gold for?
    Paul: For his ghoul estates? Probably!
  • Killed Off for Real: The driving force of the Hardcore series.
  • Last Stand: Ian and Barry have one at the end of MineZ Hardcore against the Giant. McJones also gets one at the end of Terraria Hardcore #2 against the Wall of Flesh.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler/Spoiled by the Format: If you're watching what you know is the last episode of a Hardcore series, and the team are nowhere near their end goal, you can be assured that a Downer Ending is coming. This is why PBG usually doesn't advertise the finales as such, instead releasing them as if they were normal episodes. It is recommended that new viewers watch each season without checking how many episodes there are and which one is the finale.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Throughout the first Minecraft Hardcore, PBG behaves rather boldly, but this especially hits home when he spends time fighting in a desert that he's realized has unusually high enemy spawns. This eventually gets him killed.
  • Left for Dead: In Episode 10 of MineZ Hardcore, Dean is left behind when he is unable to descend the stairs of the ship in time. To seal the nail in the coffin, as the rest of the group leave, they look back upon the S. S. Dean to see the ship being slowly overrun by zombies.
  • Lethally Stupid: In Minecraft and Terraria, the group often decides that the best time to go out and mine is in the middle of the night, and they continue to fight monsters, again at night. This usually has bad consequences.
    • In Minecraft Hardcore #3, Jon decides to decorate the (wooden) house... with a flowing stream of lava. In the next episode, the house almost burns down as a result.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang: In MineZ Hardcore, the group starts out as two Teams (Team 1 and Team B), and have to regroup after finding each other from across the map. They do this and become one big group in Episode 4. In Episode 9, they split up again so that the others can find medicine for McJones and PBG. After McJones's death, the second team becomes "Team PBG".
  • Loads and Loads of Loading: An ongoing problem throughout Minecraft season 2, leading to three deaths. KyrakThePoet had consistent lag problems throughout the first several episodes, to the point that he could barely play. Eventually, the rest of the group decided to "sacrifice" him to put him out of his misery. Later, PBG was lagging and couldn't move properly while being chased by a creeper. ProJared rushed in to save him, but missed his strike, causing the creeper to blow up and kill him instead. Later still, NintendoCapriSun's controls stopped responding as he was being swarmed by monsters, ending in his demise.
    • Ironically, Barry was later saved by a lag-out. His computer crashed when he and McJones were being attacked in the Nether, sparing him from the danger.
  • Memetic Mutation: In-universe with "Who needs a map?!"
  • Mercy Kill:
    • In Minecraft Hardcore #2, PBG killed Kyrak because of his bad internet connection.note 
    • In MineZ Hardcore, Episode 14, McJones dies a very sudden death from a zombie, leaving PBG all alone. After he traverses around the abandoned town throughout the episode, he eventually comes face to face with his brother's zombie, and kills it as a final testament to McJones.
    PBG: McJones... I'm sorry...
  • Musical Spoiler: Sort-of. The background music in "To The Nether!"note  noticably goes silent seconds before McJones exposed the lava flow that winds up killing himself and PBG.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: Poor Barry kind of gets this during 'Minecraft Hardcore'.
  • Never Trust a Title: Used in Minecraft #3 specifically to avoid having a Spoiler Title: The final episode is titled "We Can Do This!", and yet ends with both Shane and Smooth dying and the Wither quest ending in failure.
  • New Meat:
    • Dean in Minecraft Hardcore. As a contrast to DayZ Hardcore, where he's one of the most competent of the team, in Minecraft Hardcore, Dean has never played the game before, and is in need of constant help from the others. He seems to fit this trope in all of the Minecraft seasons, even though he's not really "new" anymore.
      • In fact, in MineZ Hardcore, Dean is still asking about game mechanics, even after three seasons and when the others are out desperately searching for medicine to cure PBG and McJones.
    Dean: Is there any way to do auto-run in this game?
    • Joked about towards Jon in Terraria #2. He had never played the game before, yet he ended up playing pretty well, to the point where he ended up outlasting half the team, becoming one of the final three surviving members and helping the group kill three bosses. The guys consistently joked about predicting that Jon would end up being the last one alive and doing a hardcore Let's Play of the game by himself. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case; he later died offscreen by falling too far down into a cave.
  • Non-Indicative Name: The second base in Minecraft HC #1, a structure made entirely of cobblestone, is referred to as "The Tent".
  • Not the Fall That Kills You: Jared's death in Episode 9 of Minecraft Hardcore #3. See Gang Up on the Human.
  • Oh, Crap: McJones has this reaction in the finale of Terraria #2 when Jeff dies.
    McJones: ...uh-oh... I guess I... get the running boots... Well, crap!
  • Only Sane Man: Smooth McGroove and Shane were this in Minecraft Hardcore #3.
    • Barry tends to be this for Minecraft Hardcore #2. Subverted as he begins to go insane as the last man standing in the final episode of the series.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: In Minecraft Hardcore #2, the group is successful in their search for chickens (which they needed for more arrows), but it comes at the cost of Jared and Tim's lives.
    • Another one happens in Terraria Hardcore #2 when PBG and Dean decide to race home. PBG wins the race, but it inadvertently leads to Barry and Dean dying.
  • Repeat Cut: Parodied in Episode 5 of Minecraft Hardcore #3. We see Jared's point of view as he walks around the house when someone screams and a prompt in chat shows him that Dean has been killed by a Creeper. The camera rewinds, the cross through Dean's avatar is removed, and we switch to Smooth's POV as he mines in the ground. Then Dean, still offscreen, is killed by a Creeper and the prompt appears onscreen just like it did from Jared's POV, and a message appears apologising for not catching Dean's death.
    • A similar event happens in Episode 9. We see Jared's POV as he's attacked and killed by Creepers. The camera again rewinds, the cross through Jared's avatar is removed, and we switch to PBG's POV as he's inside the house. He and McJones go outside to investigate when they hear the first explosion, and they have just enough time to watch Jared go sailing from the second explosion and fall to his death. The main difference between the two is that we get to see Jared's death from two different perspectives, whereas Dean's isn't seen in either case.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After Dean dies in Minecraft Hardcore #2, Austin gets serious and swears to kill all the monsters in Dean's name as epic music starts to play, but quickly decides to simply turn around and return to the house.
  • Rule of Seven: His Hardcore playthroughs always have seven people.
  • Sanity Slippage: In Minecraft Hardcore #2 Episode 20, Barry claims to feel Dean's presence in his sword, and rambles to a Wither Skull named Jeffrey after becoming the Sole Survivor in the previous episode.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: In Minecraft Hardcore #3, McJones leaves the group to build his own house after Jon made a stream of lava flow through their wooden house as a decoration. The rest of the group (except PBG and Jon) quickly follow.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: In Episodes 13 and 14 of MineZ Hardcore, the story follows Zombie Infectees PBG and McJones trying to find an antidote for their zombie virus after spending many episodes infected. In the fourteenth part, McJones is killed by a random zombie, and in Part 16, PBG dies from being spooked off a balcony, making the quest all for nothing.
  • Spiritual Successor: What MineZ was to DayZ.
  • Spoiler Opening: One of the lines from the opening of Minecraft Hardcore #3 is particularly spoileriffic for Episode 11 of that series:
  • Spoiler Title:
    • MineZ Hardcore - Part 8: "All Hope Is Lost!" spoils the Wham Episode that comes before it.
    • MineZ Hardcore - Part 13: "The Great Escape?!", in which PBG and McJones miraculously escape from the cave.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Smooth McGroove in Minecraft #3 feels like this to Barry. Not only does Smooth appear in the one season where Barry was absent, but both of them are deep-voiced characters with a calm, quiet, and focused personality. Smooth even becomes the last man standing in that season, something Barry is known for.
  • The Load: In Terraria Hardcore and Minecraft Hardcore #3, Jon spends more time goofing off and destroying houses than he does helping the group.
  • The Unfavourite: Often Invoked and Lampshaded with Dean (although he's still well-loved in the fandom, and the comments at his expense are in jest). In Terraria #2:
    Jeff: (after both Barry and Dean have died) Honestly, I didn't even notice Dean died, for a second. I was more upset about with Barry!
  • Too Soon: In-universe. In Minecraft Hardcore #3 Episode 7, Jared uses this trope by name when PBG makes a remark about Dean's death.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Soah only appears in the first two episodes of Minecraft #1 before abruptly dying, and has not been seen since.
  • Zombie Infectee: A huge problem all throughout MineZ Hardcore. Dean is infected early on, but is cured when the two groups reunite and PBG thankfully has an antidote on him. Later on, not only is Dean infected a second time, but PBG and McJones get it too. A server reset glitch causes Dean's character to get erased, which strips him of his items and starts him back at the spawn point, but also conveniently rids him of his poison status. PBG and McJones are less lucky, and are left behind in a dangerous cave for the sake of not endangering the rest of the group. Later still, Dean gets infected again, and is left behind by the group on the pirate ship (to which he later dies offscreen). Meanwhile, the final third of the season cuts back to PBG and McJones, who miraculously escape the cave and go off in search of an antidote. Alas, they are both unable to find one, and ultimately get killed off.
    • McJones even jokes about the whole fiasco at the beginning of Terraria Hardcore #2.
    "Nobody get zombie aids this time. Seriously, I'm sick of zombie aids."

    Common Tropes in "Hardcore!" 

These tropes are present in most, if not all, seasons of "Hardcore!" and have been listed here to save space in the above folders.

  • Downer Ending/Kill 'em All: Due to the format and concept of the show, this was bound to happen eventually. To be precise, every completed season so far except Minecraft #1 and Diablo II have ended in failure, with every protagonist dead. To wit:
    • Minecraft: Averted. Although everyone but Jon and Barry are dead, the remaining two do end up completing their quest of killing the Ender Dragon.
    • DayZ: Everyone but Jared is dead midway through the third episode, but things seem to be going his way... until he's gunned down by a bandit and gets a grenade tossed his way.
    • Terraria: SpaceHamster and PBG take on the Eye of Cthulhu by themselves, and both fall in battle despite getting this close to killing it.
    • Minecraft #2: Barry descends into madness as he fails to find more Wither Skulls, and ultimately dies alone in the Nether.
    • Mount & Blade: Everyone dies in both episodes. Though given that they were endurance rounds to see how long they could last, rather than having a concrete goal to aim for like in the other seasons, a downer ending was inevitable.
    • Diablo II: Averted. Paul and Jirard kill Diablo and complete their quest, earning the gang a victory for the first time in three seasons.
    • Minecraft #3: Shane is killed by a Wither Skeleton that snuck up behind him as he was putting out a couple fires. Then, as Smooth is trying to kill a Blaze, he too is snuck up on and killed by the exact same skeleton (which could be seen wearing Shane's armour).
    • MineZ: The majority of the party members die out slowly on the expedition to the Giant's Camp. The remaining three - Jeff, Barry, and Ian - attempt to fight the Giant by themselves and are slaughtered by its shockwave attack. Meanwhile, across the sea, PBG makes his way to Greyvale, where he is killed by Falling Damage.
    • Terraria #2: Jeff and McJones descend to fight the Wall of Flesh, only for Jeff to suddenly hit the ground too hard and die. McJones takes on the Wall of Flesh himself and comes within seconds of killing it before he, too, falls.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Happens frequently.
    • Minecraft #1: Both The Completionist and Soah die very early on. The former mysteriously left his computer and didn't return for the rest of the playthrough, while the latter struck lava and was killed. Much later, McJones dies when the Enderdragon pushes him into the abyss seconds after entering The End.
    • DayZ: Pretty much every death could count. Especially McJones, who is slaughtered in the first couple minutes.
    • Terraria: Midway through, Dean and McJones are suddenly and unceremoniously squashed by a boulder while mining underground (to which Jon laughs hysterically). Paul could also count, as his death doesn't even happen onscreen, and he's somewhat overshadowed by Barry's passing in the episode before.
    • Minecraft #2: NintendoCapriSun has a ridiculous death as his controls lock up at the worst possible moment, leaving him helpless as a spider knocks him into a pond and two Creepers blow up on him, all within the first couple minutes of the episode. What really sells it is his delivery, as he's clearly panicking yet sounds strangely calm about it.
    • Mount & Blade: Because of the "Play till you die!" nature of these episodes, a vast majority of the deaths could qualify.
    • Diablo II: Mostly averted. All the deaths are sudden and unexpected, but they tended to have a lot of dramatic flair to them, and every loss was treated as a big deal by the rest of the group.
    • Minecraft #3: Dean not only gets abruptly blown up by a Creeper early in, but it occurs offscreen too. Much later, after McJones and PBG's dramatic deaths, Shane and Smooth are rather unceremoniously disposed of in the next episode.
    • MineZ: Dean gets the biggest bridge drop of all time in this season. See Killed Off Screen. SpaceHamster left a comment confirming that Dean died to a zombie on the pirate ship, but his footage got corrupted, hence why it wasn't shown. It was nowhere as bad as Dean's, but PBG gets a rather unglamorous death too. We get four episodes of him heroically struggling against the odds for survival and having to watch his own brother die. It had the potential to be the greatest underdog story ever, but all that is ruined when he gets chased off a ledge by a zombie and falls to his death.
    • Terraria #2: In a halfway literal sense, PBG is crushed by a boulder underground whilst talking about cutting the segment out since it was mostly Jeff fishing. Later on, Jon suddenly dies offscreen from fall damage when the group gets sidetracked while building a Hellevator. In the final episode, while descending the Hellevator on the way to the final showdown, Jeff abruptly hits a small ledge and dies instantly from the impact.
  • Five-Man Band:
  • Foreshadowing: An eerily common theme in an unscripted series. As in, it happens enough to become a Running Gag in-universe, and have its own page for examples.
  • History Repeats:
    • Minecraft #1 & #2 both play out very similar when the gang reaches the Nether for the first time. The portal drops them off dangerously close to a massive chasm, beyond which they spot a Nether Fortress. What follows is a tense several minutes where they slowly build a cobblestone bridge from their portal to the fortress on the other side. Although they end up not needing a bridge in Minecraft #3, they do discuss maintaining the tradition prior to entering the Nether, to the point that McJones is disappointed to find out they won't need one this time around. The rest of the tradition is still maintained when the portal once again spawns them conveniently close to a Nether Fortress and spares them from having to go on a long search for one.
    • Interestingly, Minecraft #3 repeats some notable occurrences from Minecraft #2, at least in terms of deaths. To explain: Dean dies in Episode 5 and is also the first to die in the series, someone dies from a Skeleton, two people are killed thanks to a Creeper (one of them being Jared), a death has Gang Up on the Human as an attributing factor (in both cases made up of spiders and, again, Creepers), PBG and McJones die back-to-back in the Nether, PBG is the 5th to die in the series, and the Nether (specifically inside the Nether Fortress) is where the series ends due to a Total Party Kill and a failure to spawn the Wither. Smooth even speculates on whether the numerous Zombie Pigmen are keeping the Wither Skeletons from spawning, and while they don't act on it this time around, it is reminiscent of the group's decision in the previous season to kill Zombie Pigmen to try and get more Wither Skeletons to appear.
    • All of Jared's deaths thus far in the series have been from or as a result of explosions: once by a grenade, twice by Creepers, and once by an exploding Zombie Pigman.
    • PBG's death in MineZ is remarkably similar to his prior death from DayZ. In both cases, he was spooked by an oncoming zombie, panicked and ran off a ledge, and died from the fall damage.
    • Also, in both seasons of Terraria, Barry dies while fighting enemies at night with SpaceHamster.
    • PBG, Dean, and McJones are the three people who have appeared in every season... as well as the three people who have died in every season.
  • Killed Offscreen:
    • Happens occasionally thoughout the Hardcore seasons. Soah in Minecraft #1; Jon in DayZ; Paul in Terraria #1; McJones in the first session of Mount & Blade Episode 2, Dean in the second session, and both Dean and McJones in the third; Dean and McJones in Minecraft #3; Jared, Dean, and McJones in MineZ; and Satch, Dean, and Jon in Terraria #2; all of which are not caught on video.
    • Almost all the group's chickens die offscreen too in Minecraft #3 Episode 10.
    • Dean's death in MineZ deserves special recognition. Not only did he die offscreen, but since he wasn't recording or anywhere near the others when it happened, there wasn't even a death message. Instead, on Episode 13, the camera zooms in on the barren Pirate Ship, Chirping Crickets and all, and a stoic SpaceHamster simply says "Dean died."
  • Mood Whiplash:
    • In Episode 2 of Minecraft #1, while PBG, Dean, and Stewart are stuck out in the middle of nowhere, digging a cave to survive the night, Jon and Barry are relaxing back at base and using the chat:
    <TheOnionKing> (JonTron) you want porkchops barry?
    <razzbarry> nah I'm good
    <TheOnionKing> barry wanna eat some cotton candy
    <razzbarry> sure!
    razzbarry is eating cotton candy
    <razzbarry> this is delicious
    <TheOnionKing> good nigth barry
    <TheOnionKing> i love you
    <razzbarry> <3
    Soah1086 burned to death
    • In Episode 6 of Diablo II, Act II begins on a jovial enough note. Then Barry dies less than a minute in.
    • In Episode 10 of Diablo II, just like with the aforementioned Barry, Dean dies out of nowhere.
    One moment we're singing the Muppet Babies theme, and the next moment, [[Dean is dead...]]
    • It happens to him again in Minecraft Hardcore #3.
      • This moment serves as a double Mood Whiplash, as after he is killed and we see two people react to his death without actually seeing it, and quiet piano music mourning his death, it cuts back to the present as Jon calls out "Thank God, can we be honest?"
    • MineZ, Episode 4: The groups re-unite, but the mood doesn't last long, as Dean instantly begins to lose health from the infection.
    Jared: It's them! It's them!
    Dean: Yep, I'm dead! I'M DEAD!
    • MineZ, Episode 11: Jeff, Ian, Barry, and Jared reach Camp Kharj and look around for loot until morning. Suddenly, Jared runs into a pig zombie offscreen and dies almost instantaneously.
    • MineZ, Episode 14: PGB's tearful goodbye to his brother's zombie form before giving it a Mercy Kill is extremely sad, but is somewhat interrupted when McJones's zombie refuses to stand still, interrupting PBG's dramatic speech.
    • Terraria #2, Episode 8: Having defeated the first boss and arriving at The Corruption, the group are joking about fanart when Satch falls down a chasm to his death.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: All the Minecraft characters.
  • Sole Survivor: Strangely enough, this is a recurring theme for Barry.
    • Minecraft: Jon and Barry defeat the Ender Dragon together. Afterwards, they have a fight to the death, which is Played for Laughs at the time. However, Barry wins the duel, which is much Harsher in Hindsight considering the seasons to come.
    • DayZ: Jared, although even he is gunned down after a while, then blasted with a grenade.
    • Terraria: PBG, though it doesn't stay that way for long since he dies only moments after Jeff. In an ironic contrast from how he fares in other seasons, Barry is the first to die this time around.
    • Minecraft #2: The second Minecraft season sets the trend for Barry, with him acting as the Sole Survivor after the traumatic events of Episode 19, and he spends the entire twentieth episode slowly going entirely insane and talking to a sword enchanted with Dean's soul and a Wither Skull named "Jeffrey".
    • Mount & Blade: Shane in Episode 1. In Episode 2, Barry in the first session (keeping with his trend), Shane again in the second session, and Jeff in the third. None of them last long, however.
    • Diablo II: Completely averted, being one of two successful seasons with a Happy Ending.
    • Minecraft #3: Smooth McGroove after Shane's death in the Nether. Like most others, he doesn't live for much longer.
    • MineZ: Coincidentally, this season once again ends with Barry as the Sole Survivor after Jeff and Ian die in the final battle and Barry slays their zombies. It only lasts a few seconds, but it's still a very effective few seconds.
    Barry: Not like this! Not like this! Not like this!!
    • However, because of MineZ's Anachronic Order, the deaths didn't quite happen in the order they were shown. McJones confirmed in a comment that he was the first to die, followed by Dean, then Jared. The rest can be determined by looking at the day/night transitions after PBG and McJones were left behind in Sirus.Click for detailed explanation (spoilers!)  With all that being the case, it appears the death order from first to last was McJones, Dean, Jared, PBG, Jeff, Ian, and ending once again with Barry as the last man standing. Although PBG could still count anyway, as he spends episodes wandering alone after McJones's death and even dubs himself "Team PBG", making him the Sole Survivor of the two brothers.
    • Terraria #2: Discussed when McJones and Jeff joke about ProtonJon, the least-knowledgable on the game of all the group, ending up as the Sole Survivor and continuing the series as a solo Let's Play. Subverted when he later dies, leaving only Jeff and McJones left. The real survivor is McJones, who fights the final boss by himself after Jeff is abruptly killed on his way to the fight. Unless one counts Gunther the penguin, who presumably outlives McJones.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Happens a few times:
    • Minecraft #1: Soah dies while disobeying the classic Minecraft rule "never dig straight down". While he did have a plan to reduce the risk, the fact that it ultimately failed just proves why the rule exists. PBG himself falls victim to this later on in the season. Hunting for Endermen all by himself in an isolated, mob-filled desert in the night, especially after two near-death experiences, was not the wisest of ideas.
    • DayZ: Jon has a good one when he jumps off a building after PBG. Whereas PBG merely glitched through the railing in a very obvious accident, Jon inexplicably follows seconds after him and, unsurprisingly, dies in a similar manner.
    • Terraria #1: Paul & Barry’s deaths could have been avoided if only the group hadn’t split up and gone wandering around at night without armour.
    • Minecraft #2: The group’s decision to start killing Zombie Pigmen in an effort to get more Wither Skeletons to spawn. It did have some merit, and even initially worked, but in hindsight only proved to be a fatal mistake …
    • Minecraft #3: At the end of the season, Smooth ditches his relatively safe vantage point and charges toward some Blazes with barely over half health. Although he soon decides to flee from them instead, he only ends up running into more of them, and is ultimately snuck up on and killed by a Wither Skeleton whilst trying to kill the Blazes. He might have died anyway, but he would’ve been better off waiting for his health to regenerate all the way before charging into battle.
    • Terraria #2: In Part 10, the group is split up as PBG and Dean decide to race home. As Dean is assailed by a Demon Eye, PBG zooms on ahead in his determination to win the race. Just as he makes it home, Barry and Dean are both swarmed by enemies and killed in short succession of one another. If all six of them had stayed together on the return journey, they probably would’ve been fine. Even if they hadn’t, Dean’s death at least could’ve been avoided if PBG had stayed behind to help him fight off enemies.
  • Wham Episode: The series has had its fair share of these:
    • Minecraft #1, Episode 15note : PBG's death at the very end of the episode. While he hadn't exactly been playing it carefully, it's still rather shocking to see him die off so suddenly after having gone so long without any new deaths. Especially to people unfamiliar with the series who might not have thought that the rest of the season would carry on without its main host. PBG even posted a notice on the preview for the next episode letting people know that the remaining episodes would still air on his channel.
    • DayZ, Episode 1note : The season starts off with a bang as McJones, PBG, and Jon are all killed off. For the longest time, this held the record for the most casualties in a single episode.
    • Minecraft #2, Episode 19note : Barry is the only one left alive at the end of the episode.
    • Diablo II, Episodes 9 & 10note : Two back-to-back. In Ep. 9, PBG is poisoned during a fight and almost dies. Then in Ep. 10, Dean, the biggest help to them, is killed in one hit by a Flayer Shaman.
    • Minecraft #3, Episode 11note : Both PBG and McJones are burned to death in a pool of lava.
    • MineZ, Episode 4note : The two groups meet up and a frantic scene follows as Dean loses almost all his health from his infection, but he is successfully cured.
    • MineZ, Episode 7note : The cave expedition goes haywire when Dean (again), PBG and McJones all become infected with the zombie virus.
    • MineZ, Episode 11note : The first (confirmed) death in the series, Jared dies from a pig zombie that comes out of nowhere, and immediately comes back as a zombie and turns on the others. Even more shocking when you consider how far they'd made it into the season without any deaths.
    • MineZ, Episode 14note : PBG watches as McJones falls victim to a zombie, and is later forced to shooting his brother's zombie in the head.
    • MineZ, Episode 16note : The final episode of MineZ, this was bound to be an eventful one. "Team PBG" looks to be doing alright, until about halfway through the episode, where he is ambushed by a zombie, and dives off a ledge to escape it. He hits the ground and is instantly crushed by the impact of the force. We cut to the remaining members of the group, as they engage the Giant in battle. They all die off one by one, and Barry becomes the Sole Survivor again. It doesn't last long though, as he is quickly killed by the Giant. All in all, four people died, setting a new record for the most deaths in any one episode (excluding Mount & Blade).
  • Wham Line: Many, often coming out of nowhere at all:
    • The opening lines of narration are one for someone who has never seen Hardcore before:
    The only catch is... In this adventure... If you die... You're dead for good.
    • Minecraft #3 Episode 5:
    • Minecraft #3 Episode 11:
    • Minecraft #3 Episode 12:
    Shane: Oh! I died—!
    • MineZ Episode 7:
    PBG: I... I have the disease too!
    • MineZ Episode 11, where Jared screams two words before immediately dying:
    Jared: PIG ZOMBIE!
    • MineZ Episode 13, in the opening lines of narration at that, coupled with a shot of a barren pirate ship:
    Jeff: [crickets chirping] Dean died.
    • MineZ Episode 16:
    PBG: He's up! He hears me, he hears me, okay, okay, he hear— (crash) Augh! I'm dead!

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