Video Game: Earth Defense Force

Do you have what it takes to topple the titans?

— The EDF soldier's battlecry throughout the series

Earth Defense Force is a series of budget title Third-Person Shooter games developed by Sandlot and published by D3 Publisher.

Taking place in around the modern era, scientist have discovered radio wavelengths from outer space, thus proving the existence of extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, these aliens aren't here to give humans an olive branch and welcome baskets, they're here to take over the Earth. Not to sit idly by and let the aliens pave a path of destruction to take over Earth with swarms of giant bugs, robots, dinosaurs, and what else they decide to sic on Earth, the eponymous Earth Defense Force, unified multinational military force, was founded to stand up against the alien invaders.

One of the main draws of the series is how the game makes the player feel like they're in a Japanese Kaiju B-Movie as they take on legions upon legions of enemies and the occasional Godzilla-sized monstrosities (including monsters that looks like Godzilla). The gameplay throughout the series is relatively simple: for the most part, you take control of an infantry soldier of the EDF to shoot down any-and-all aliens throughout many stages of the game. It's as simple as that. Along the way, you can find armor power-ups that increases your soldier's maximum health and weapon boxes to obtain new weapon; more powerful weapons are usually found by playing through the missions in harder difficulties.

The games in the series so far includes:
  • Monster Attack / The Earth Defense Force (2004, PS2) — Originally released in Japan in 2003 as Vol. 31 of D3 Publisher's Simple 2000 Series of budget title games for the PlayStation 2 and the first game in the Earth Defense Force series. It was never released in North America but was released in Europe in 2004 as "Monster Attack".
  • Global Defence Force / The Earth Defense Force 2 (2007, PS2) — Released in Japan in 2005 as Vol. 81 of the Simple 2000 Series and a sequel to The Earth Defense Force. The sequel expanded on the original with more missions, new enemies, and introduced the Pale Wings, female soldiers equipped with jet-packs with the ability to fly and reach higher ground. Like its predecessor, never got a North America release but it was released in Europe as "Global Defence Force" and "Terra Defense Force" in Korea.
    • Earth Defense Forces 2 Portable (2011, PSP) — A re-release of Global Defence Force for the PlayStation Portable. Only released in Japan.
    • Earth Defense Forces 2 V2 (2014 Playstation Vita) — Another re-release of Global Defense Force for the PlayStation Vita. Adds the Air Raider character from Earth Defense Force 2025. Is set for release in North America in Fall 2015 courtesy of XSEED Games under the title Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space.
  • Global Defence Force Tactics / The Earth Defense Force Tactics — The oddball in the series. Released roughly around the same time as Global Defense Force but it was made from a different developer. The game was developed by thinkArts, and unlike the two previous games, this game was a tactical turn-based strategy game. The story took place after the events of The Earth Defense Force 2.
  • Earth Defense Force 2017 / Earth Defense Forces 3 (2007, 360) — Released in 2006 in Japan, and while this is the third game in the series, it is first game to get a North American release. The game is more-or-less a remaking of the original Earth Defense Force since the game much like original.
    • Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable / Earth Defence Forces 3 Portable (2012, PlayStation Vita) — Re-release of EDF 2017 for the PlayStation Vita. Adds the Pale Wing character from it's predecessor Global Defence Force.
  • Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon (2011, PS3, 360, PC) — More or less a follow-up to Earth Defense Force 2017, however it was developed by Vicious Cycle Software instead and the first game developed outside of Japan. Unlike the previous games, Insect Armageddon lost some of the giant monster movie feel of the previous games but still keeps the spirit of the gameplay intact.
  • Earth Defense Force 2025 / Earth Defense Forces 4 (2013, PS3, 360) — Released in July 2013 in Japan and February 2014 overseas, it is the true sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017. Taking place eight years after the events of Earth Defense Force 2017, the Ravagers have returned in an attempt take over Earth again. Applying elements from the previous installments, Earth Defense Force 2025 will feature four playable classes (Rangers, Wing Divers, Air Raiders, and Fencers) and online multiplayer.
    • Earth Defense Forces 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair (2015) — A stand-alone expansion for EDF 2025 is planned for PlayStation 4 in 2015.

Good luck out there, the Earth is counting on you! Has no relations to the Shoot 'em Up Earth Defense Force developed by Jaleco.

We will defend the Earth from the alien invaders with the following tropes!

  • Action Girl: The Pale Wings (Global Defence Force and EDF 2017) and Wing Divers (EDF 2025).
  • All Myths Are True: Or rather "All Japanese Kaiju Movies Are True".
  • Alien Invasion: What the Earth Defense Force is trying to prevent.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Giant bugs, robots, Godzilla-esque monsters, and then some.
  • Badass Army: The Earth Defense Force. They have fending off invading hoards of bugs for quite a while now.
  • Beam Spam: Some of the enemies and bosses are capable of spaming laser beams all over the place.
  • Beat Them at Their Own Game: In some of the games, you may come across weapons made from using technology of the alien invaders.
  • Beneath the Earth: During the insect hive missions in some of the games.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Subverted. Most of your weapons have infinite ammo, but just about every weapon have a limited clip size and have to reloaded once the clip runs out. There's no manual reloading whatsoever. Some weapons in the series cannot be reloaded at all unless you start a mission again.
  • Bug War: With Big Creepy-Crawlies no less.
  • Bullet Hell: With bugs, robots, ships, and what else have you are spamming almost endless amounts of dakka, you bet these games would have traces of this.
  • Camp: A series of budget games where take control of a foot soldier fighting off waves of giant bugs, robots, flying saucers, and other kaiju-styled monsters.
  • Chainmail Bikini: More like "High-tech Leotard Armor" for the Wing Divers of the fourth game.
  • Death from Above: The Air Raiders forte is calling in various flavors of these. Airstrikes, missiles, orbital lasers - You name it, he's got it.
  • Die, Chair! Die!: More like "Die, Buildings! Die!" since it's perfectly okay to shoot explosive weapons at random buildings and other inanimate objects with no consequences whatsoever.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: In EDF 2017, Storm-1 destroyed the Ravagers' mothership — a mothership armed to the teeth with hundreds of laser weaponry and a Wave Motion Gunall by himself!
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: Zig-zagged. You get the weaker weapons within Easy and better weapons on harder difficulties, but it's probably best to start on the easier difficulties to boost your health, as the hardest difficulties would be unwinnable without sufficient amount of health.
  • Energy Weapon: Every weapon used by the Pale Wing/Wing Diver and featured in some weapons for the other classes.
  • Everything Breaks: Just about everything in the outdoor areas can be laid to waste. Houses, skyscrapers, appartments, cars, trees, fences, you name it, and there's no penalty for riding them to get a better view of your enemies.
  • Excuse Plot: Aliens have decided to take over Earth. Are you a bad enough soldier to take on the alien invasion to save the world?
  • Fake Difficulty: Any difficulty past Harder Than Hard since the enemies can deal out insane amounts of damage to you and they have an absurd amount of health compared to yours, especially those God-forsaken spiders.
  • Friendly Fireproof: A mixed example with these games; while your allies can't hurt you, you can hurt them. This is averted in co-op mode where players can accidentally (or intentionally) shoot each other.
  • Flying Saucer: Often a Drop Ship to unload more enemies for you to deal with.
  • Giant Spiders: Oh yes, and they're often the most terrifying enemies in the game. And it is not just because they are damn ugly or can leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but their silk can kill you quickly (especially on anything past Hard) if you're not careful or really unfortunate to run into them.
  • Hard Mode Perks: You get more powerful weapons on the harder difficulties, but suffice to say, you'll need some decent weapons and LOTS of health before attempting missions on the harder difficulties.
  • Heroic Mime: Your player character, aside from a few grunts and death cries.
  • Heart Container: The Armor pick-ups. Grabbing one will increase your maximum health by 1, but you won't get the health bonuses until after finishing the missions.
  • Humongous Mecha: The robotic enemies.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Subverted. You can amass hundreds of weapons at your disposal but you can only bring two at a time.
  • Idiosyncratic Difficulty Levels: Often with the Harder Than Hard difficulties.
    • In EDF 2017, we have Easy, Normal, Hard, Hardest, and Inferno.
  • Insectoid Aliens: The bug enemies.
  • Infinity+1 Weapon: Often the bonus weapons you get after clearing the in the harder difficulties.
    • EDF 2017 gives us the Genocide Gun, a Wave Motion Gun that deals 1,000,000 damage! The downside is that the blast could kill you (and your allies) too and certain non-mook enemies are immune to it and you have unlock it by beating all 53 missions on Inferno.
  • Jet Pack: Often the female soldiers in the games use them to reach places the standard infantry soldiers can't.
  • Kaiju: The non-robotic and non-insect enemies.
    • In the first two games, we have the Saurus, giant dinosaur-like monsters that breathes fire.
    • In EDF 2017, we have Vallak, which are much like the Saurus from the previous games but they also have cyborg version of the Vallak armed with plasma cannons on their shoulders.
  • Killer Robot: The robotic enemies that the alien invaders often throw into the mix.
  • Life Meter
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Some of the missile launchers in the series can shoot several missiles at once. Certain enemies can fire multiple missiles too.
  • Mooks: The black ants and the fighter ships.
  • Mook Maker: Often in the form of Drop Ships or a mounds on the ground where the alien bugs have made their breeding grounds.
  • Mini-Mecha: In some of the mission in these games lets you pilot one. EDF 2017 and EDF 2025 have the Battle Machine Velgata, the latter has two variants of these mini-mechs.
  • National Anthem: Well, sorta.
    Our soldiers are prepared for any alien threats!
    The Navy launches ships! The Air Force sends their jets!
    And nothing can withstand our fixed bayonets!
  • New Game+: Of sorts. After beating all the missions, you can replay them again with all of your weapons and maximum health intact, which might help when it comes to tackling the game's harder difficulties to obtain some of the more powerful weapons.
  • Not the Fall That Kills You: One of the Acceptable Breaks from Reality the series happens to invoke.
  • One-Man Army:
    • Often the case with these games. Despite getting assistance from the other troops from time-to-time, Storm-1 pretty much single-handedly took down the Ravagers the their mothership from EDF 2017.
    • You take on enormous legions of enemies!
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: Some of the projectiles in the series travel incredibly slow. Inverted with some weapons though as some travel ridiculously fast.
  • Panty Shot: Can be possible for the Pale Wings in the second and third games as they fly.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: Some of your allies are prune to saying one in the midst of battle. From EDF 2017, "Do you like death?! Then die!"
  • Robot War: Usually during missions when you're fighting off giant killer robots instead.
  • Scenery Gorn: Often the result of the alien invaders (or you) as the Earth Defense Force fend of the invasion.
  • Sentry Gun: An equippable weapon introduced in EDF 2017 and featured in the arsenal of the Air Raider in any game since.
  • The Swarm: In some of the games, not only do you fight off swarms of giant ants and spiders, you also fight off swarms of hornets and bees!
  • The Turret Master: A possible way to play as the trooper in Earth Defense Force 2017 and a way of playing the Air Raider in any game he's featured in. note 
  • Twenty Minutes into the Future: The series started in 2004 (2003 in Japan) and the story of the games so far took place between 2017 (Monster Attack, Earth Defense Force 2017) to 2025 (Global Defence Force, Global Defence Force Tactics, EDF 2025).
  • Zerg Rush: The red ants favorite method of attack.