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Oh god, where do I begin?

Juice Box Hero is a young-ish troper who lives in the D/FW area of Texas. She's actually an amateur writer who was introduced to this site via a certain Internet forum, and since then, has become addicted.

Juicy is both a SPOON and a FORK member. Yes. At the same time.
  • You're a spork. Dear God. (Yes, I had to edit your troper page just to say that.)
  • Sporks are very much made of win. Like that Swiffer duster things. GREATEST INVENTIONS KNOWN TO MAN.
  • Sporks can be dangerous, you know.Fusch
  • Society for Prevention Of Ridikulously Komplikated Sobriquets? ...oh, now I've done it. —Not-So-Badass Longcoat

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FIRST!!!1 You've been vandalized courtesy of CATS. (All Your Base Are Belong to Us}}!

LAST! Ha! ...can I have some juice? - Noaqiyeum
  • sure. [gives you juice]

Moar liek Jail Bait Hero amirite? - goodtimesfreegrog
  • Oh, you. :P

(Rat Of Steel gazes deeply into Juice Box Hero's eyes, his own expression one of shock and amazement.) "My god. They're full of stars!"

It's a pleasure hugging you :3 - BlaineTheM0n0

So, how's that Real Life MMORPG working out for you? —sgrunt

Engage the vandalisation! Target: Suspicous Pokemon Egg supplier! —MusikMaestro