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You somehow managed to arrive at my page. It's advised you leave now, before the madness completely overtakes you. Please note, if you wanna abbreviate my name, use Musik or MM, not Maestro.

Stuff I Like:

Tropes I Feel Are Worth A Mention:

Tropes Others Feel Are Worth A Mention:

Vandalism is welcome, but expect vengeance!

  • God Playing Dice, except this isn't the God most people know, and anyway the dice are metaphorical. -the Shoot Them Later
  • 'Tis a gentleman of fine taste I see! -Leaves a sandwich- ~ GameSpazzer
    • Thank you my good woman! -Noms the sandwich-
  • I don't have a vandalism section, so no vengeance on me! *Evil Laugh* - Magcargo Man
    • You shall pay for the heinous act of editing my page! This means war! - Magcargo Man
    • I will crush you my friend, and your little Froakie too! - Magcargo Man
    • I will. Because I can. - Magcargo Man
    • So I guess this means I win? - Magcargo Man
    • Give it up and I won't send my army after you. - Magcargo Man
    • Well I have a Magcargo, so you are screwed. - Magcargo Man
    • Ahh, but you have forgotten one fatal thing about Magcargo, my friend, and that shall be your downfall - Magcargo Man
    • Like Ponyta and Rapidash, Magcargo has the ability to control whether it burns things or not. And since Magcargo has a body temperature of 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit, I could send it out a mile away from your base, leave a radio there to contact it, get like ten miles away, and tell it to stop holding back it's body temperature for a few seconds, thus killing all life within a massive radius, and even your Froakie's water typing can't save it from that. I win. - Magcargo Man