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You think you can fight me? You stand no chance, dear boy! Mwahahahahahahah! - MusikMaestro
YOU WANT ME TO ASK!? ME!? Fine, then. I'll ask. - MusikMaestro
Hey Tropers, I am MagcargoMan.

I first made a TV Tropes account when I noticed their wasn't a tropes page for Pocket God. However, I soon began to edit other pages. Truth be told, I think most Trope names are stupid, mainly because a lot are obscure references or have non-indicative names, but in the end, I found that TV Tropes is more informative than Wikipedia (or The Other Wiki, as they call it), so I visit frequently. These days, you'll only find me on the TV Tropes forums, although I do edit pages every now and then.

I am a gamer. I mainly play Nintendo games, but I play Xbox and Xbox 360 games as well. I am also a fan of quite a few TV shows, both Live-Action TV and Western Animation.

I have a page where I store my Super Smash Bros ideas. If you want to discuss them, go here.

I also created a thread: Nickelodeon Fighting Game?. Feel free to join in!

Man, I'm running out of places to put these things. Anyway, Froakie has a four times type advantage against Macargo, so... -> MusikMaestro

I am responsible for launching the following tropes/pages:



You see this? This is me, winning ->MusikMaestro

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        No one threatens my Froakie 
  •    No one.   
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