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Pimped Out Dress: Video Games

Pimped Out Dresses in Video Games.


  • Given the Costume Porn in Agarest Senki, this trope shows up several times.
  • Arc Rise Fantasia has quite a few.
  • Ar Tonelico 2 has some. Cloche wears a double layer dress, that has a short blue underdress, a longer overdress, and loads of white feathers trimming her gloves. It turns out she doesn't know at first how to take the dress off without help.
  • Some of the NPC sprites in Astonishia Story are based on Real Life outfits, particularly this one, a Whole Costume Reference to Louise of Lorraine's (the wife of Henry III of France). It has a red overdress, a white petticoat, large frilled collar, and wide turned-back sleeves.
  • Barbie in Barbie Super Model has a few pimped-out dresses, which is to be expected from a game for little girls based around being a fashionable super model.
  • The queen in Battle Chess, whether it's the in-game dress with the ermine-trimmed hem, or the skimpy ermine-trimmed dress on the game covers.
  • Some girls in the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear series are Kicking Ass in All Her Finery with fancy dresses.
  • Princess Fillet of Brave Fencer Musashi wears a white dress with a pleated underskirt, an overskirt edged with alternating chevrons of white and red, a large red bow on her collar and hair, little red bows holding her bodice together like buttons, undersleeves that are like scarves, and a belt.
  • Princess Karen in Brave Soul wears a pink dress with gold trimming, ruffled cuffs and collar, and a green jewel at the front of the neck.
  • The Castlevania series is no stranger to this trope.
    • The women in the Ghost Dancer enemies always wore dresses with frills and ruffles, starting with The Dancing Specters in Super Castlevania IV.
    • Camilla in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon word a pink and red dress with frills trimming the sleeves and neckline, and the skirt made of flowing fabric, that was bunched up in the back that made it look like a Giant Waist Ribbon.
    • Lydie's dress in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is loaded with white frill and ruffles, and black frills on the overskirt.
    • In Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, Sara wears a white dress with a blue and white bodice that has ribbons wrapping around the sleeves, brocade trimming the bodice, and a strip of embroidery down the front of the skirt. Elizabeth wears a dress of white and brocaded gold, hanging sleeves with tassels on the tip, and a light gold sash and cape.
    • The sisters in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin wear different dresses, each with lots of frills and ruffles.
    • Shanoa of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia wears a black dress with armor on the gauntlets, leggings, bodice, and down the sides of her skirt, and the armor has gold trimming.
    • Given the Costume Porn in Castlevania Judgment, this trope shows up a bit, but the most dress-like outfit is Maria's, a pink dress with trimmings of ruffles, loops, crosses, and belts.
  • The Guardia royal dress in Chrono Trigger is a (mostly) white dress with puff sleeves, a puffy skirt with two layers of overskirt, Opera Gloves, and ruffles edging most of it. Queen Zeal wears a gold dress with purple trimming. Schala's relatively simple dress has hanging sleeves and a white-trimmed collar.
  • Some of the outfits in the Dance Dance Revolution are fancy enough to count, notably Jun, who wears two different fancy Sexy Whatever Outfits. In the first three "Hottest Party" games, she wears a version of a Japanese Goddess with a floating stole. In the next two games, she wears an Angel Gothic Lolita dress with white or black feathers.
  • Dark Souls has at least a couple. Princess Gwynevere wears a white and gold dress with lace trimming, hanging sleeves, and a strip of fabric wrapped around her legs like a skirt. Dusk of Oolacile wears a light golden dress with pearls, a petticoat, puff sleeves, Opera Gloves, and a laces shoulder cape.
  • Lucrecia's dress in Dirge of Cerberus is white with a guazy stole, midriff cut on the side, and frills trimming the skirt.
  • Princess Rozalin's dress in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories just might be the most extravagant out in the Disgaea series, which is a series not hurting for fancy costumes in the first place. It's loaded with petticoats, flounces, Detached Sleeves, ribbons, pearls, jewels, bows, jewel encrusted bows, gold-laced shoes, wings (which, while not technically part of the costume, are held in a way to resemble the biggest shoulderpads known to man), and a matching pink designer gun. Plus she wears that outfit anywhere, even into battle.
  • The dresses in the Dragon Quest games include:
    • Princess Lora in Dragon Quest I wears a golden dress with puff sleeves, frills at the bottom of the skirt, and a purple Giant Waist Ribbon.
    • Princess Medea wears a couple in Dragon Quest VIII. Her "main" dress (can only be seen when the spell is gotten around) it white with gold trimming, a red petticoat, and a blue cape. Her Fairytale Wedding Dress has opera gloves, a puffy petticoat, and a lace-edged overskirt.
    • Princess Simona in Dragon Quest IX wears a green dress with gold trimming, dark green brocade edging the overskirt, and a large bow on the bodice.
  • The Emerald Princess you fight a couple times in Dream World wears at least two dresses, one a relatively simple green dress with gold trimming, and another a more fancy green dress with woven silver trimming, and a High Collar of Doom that looks as though it's made out of colored light or mist.
  • Characters from Dynasty Warriors:
    • Wang Yuanji wears a dress that has flared sleeves with frills edging them, gold trimming, embroidery and/or brocade (depending on the exact dress), two layers of gauzy underskirts, and a Cleavage Window.
    • Yu Meiren wears a white dress covered in flowers, gold "scales", frills and lace.
    • Yue Ying wears at least two variations of a white and green dress with gold, armor, ribbons, and frilled sleeves.
  • Eternal Sonata isn't short on these.
    • Princess Serenade's dress is white and light yellow with lace trimming, a gauze short petticoat, three layers of overskirts, and gold trimming that also makes a heart shape on the bodice.
  • The Battle Ballgowns worn by the princess class in Etrian Odyssey III have loads of embroidery, fur trimming, gold trimming and armor plating, and frilled edging.
  • Both princesses in Fat Princess wear dresses with frills and ribbons.
  • The Final Fantasy series has no shortage of these.
    • Princess Sarah in Final Fantasy I wears a white dress with the skirt sides slashed to show a layered green underskirt.
    • Hilda in Final Fantasy II wears a light blue dress with flowers embroidered on the skirt, a large ribbon wrapped just under the waist, and a long blue cape lined with embroidered purple.
    • Princess Sara in Final Fantasy III, at least the Video Game Remake on the DS, wears a dress of several shades of blue, a long overdress, and an underskirt of blue and gold. Some of Refia's class outfits in the remake look like fancy dresses, while they look like robes on the other characters.
    • Rosa of Final Fantasy IV got a rather extensive upgrade for the DS version - they added even more jewels, a tiara, and a second cape apparently made of lace, as well as lace tights and sleeves.
    • In Final Fantasy VI, Celes wore a white dress when impersonating Maria. The game sprites showed mainly a white dress with the skirt open to reveal the petticoat, but the FMV in the Updated Re-release on the Playstation showed the dress as an 18th century style dress, that had loads of frills, lace, and embroidery, with a small box at the center of the scooped neckline.
    • Edea's dress in Final Fantasy VIII had a feather neckline, a jagged skirt, and a cape-like accessory that grew out of her back and was like a gold half circle with two white translucent strips on each side.
    • Garnet's grand white, lacy, beaded dress in Final Fantasy IX, as well as Lani's Mini Dress Of Power being pimped out as well.
    • There are some in Final Fantasy X. Yuna's summoner dress has a pleated skirt with a white flower motif on part of it, and a huge yellow waist sash. Her wedding dress had a five-foot-long train that was trimmed and lined with white feathers, a pair of feathery wings on the back, and her veil was long enough to reach the ground and extend past her train. She also had a tiara, gloves, and in addition to her actual bouquet, there was another one in the middle of her wings. Lulu's dress has an even crazier design, with the gigantic black lace, the low-cut fur collar, and an underskirt made of practically three gazillion belts. Ironically, it's easier to pull off than Yuna's wedding dress (what with fur, lace, and even the gajillion belts being easier to find/make than hundreds of pure-white feathers), but even then a common cosplayer complaint is that they need at least two people to help them walk from the weight of the belt-skirt.
    • Many of the dressspheres in Final Fantasy X-2 are pimped out. Yuna's default gunslinger outfit has a white bustier and a blue side Showgirl Skirt that has three layers each with white frilled edging.
    • Ashe wears a couple in Final Fantasy XII. Her Fairytale Wedding Dress has loads of layers, lace, and gold trimming. Her mourning dress also has plenty of lace, symbol embroidery, and a short underskirt over the long overskirt.
    • Maggie, the lady of Moscet Manor in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, wears a pink skirt with gold trim, similar sleeves that are like fans, and a wide feathered headdress.
    • The heroine of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord wears a dress that is black and purple on one side and white and pink on the other, both with lots of frills, and gold trimming on the light side.
    • In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers, after Althea is revealed as a princess, she wears a yellow and orange dress with frill trimming, puff sleeves, and a leaf motif on the skirt.
    • Final Fantasy Type-0 has some. Caetuna wears a black underdress with a multi-colored overdress, gold trimming, a red bustier with brocade, frills on the shoulders and cuffs, a red cape, and the overskirt cut in leaf-like layers. Queen Andoria wears a blue dress where the blue goes in a gradient that turns white at the bottom, the shoulders have several layers of fabric, hanging sleeves, a fancy embroidered design on the chest, a thick belt with a clover-like design, and a huge circular headdress that flares out like a skirt and has a huge strip of fabric hanging from the back. The Divas wear frilly, lacy dresses that can be seen on the games' logo.
    • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII gets in on the action with the Midnight Mauve, a stunning piece of formal wear for a play Lightning takes part in.
  • Erika's Downloadable Content in Fire Emblem Awakening includes a huge white dress with loads of frills and ruffles, gold trimming, a red ribbon elaborately wrapped around the top of the skirt, both the overskirt and underskirt have fabric layering, another overskirt with gauzy fabric cut like large feathers, and Giant Poofy Sleeves that flare out at the top and have lacy trimming.
  • Pimped out dresses (any clothes for that matter) is a staple of Granado Espada, with loads of lace, frills, and layering. The Christmas Mode even has plenty of Happy Holidays Dresses and Sexy Santa Dresses.
  • Alfina's regular outfit in Grandia III is fairly fancy on its own (blue trimming, little holes over the chest, gauzy gloves, and a gold belt with jewels studding it), her Communicator dress is even more fancy, with a long skirt, heavy floral motif and brocade, and lots of gauze draping over it. Dahna wears a red and black dress with large purple ribbons and trimmed with gold and jewels. Hect wears a green dress with lots of red bows trimming it. Violetta wears a really short red dress (almost a jacket with no pants) with heavy trimming of black ruffles.
  • The Growlanser games are on the high end of Costume Porn, so this shows up a lot.
  • In Growlanser I:
    • There is Louise with a red and white dress that has trimming of gold, and edging of white fur.
    • Karen wears a black dress that has a white frilled apron like a maid's dress, and has Giant Poofy Sleeves that have gold designs on them.
    • Misha wears a white and orange dress that gold trimming and Skirt over Slacks where most of the skirt is translucent.
    • One of Julia's outfits is a white and purple dress with gold trimmings, giant poofy sleeves, and a skirt where most of it is translucent.
    • Amelia wears a blue dress with puff sleeves, golden ribbons, and belt-like decorations on the sides of the dress.
    • Melfie wears a pink and white dress with a gold-trimmed bustier and overskirt, ruffles, and a symbol decorating the chest.
  • In Growlanser II, Arieta wears a blue and white dress some gold trimming, lace trimming, and an overskirt cut to give a pinwheel or flower appearance.
  • In Growlanser III:
    • Anette wears a red and white dress with giant poofy sleeves, gold buttons and edging, and the short frilled skirt flares out to the sides almost like a disk. She also wears a state outfit that is a conventional white dress with frills and Opera Gloves.
    • Yayoi weard a kimono with lots of lines and symbols trimming it.
    • Michelle wears a white, black, and golden dress with lots of ruffle trimmings, and smaller poofy sleeves.
    • Barbara wears a red dress with lots of bunched up fabric, white frill trimming, and metal shoulders that look more appropriate on Powered Armor or a Humongous Mecha.
    • Teodora wears a white and pink dress with lace gloves, frills and puff, gold trimming and a high, flared collar.
  • Growlanser IV:
    • Eliza wears an orange dress with large white buttons, white fur trimming, and strips of metal down her stockings.
    • D-LN wears a light purple dress with gold trimming, white and gold brocade at the hem, and to layers of gauzy golden capes.
    • The ladies hanging around Christopher wear dresses trimmed with white ruffles.
    • Gloria wears a red dress with a narrow skirt that has a white, flared hem, white fur trimming the cuffs and the top part of her cape, gold trimming, a white vest, and a gold Giant Waist Ribbon that could actually be to ribbons.
    • Tricia wears a green, white, and yellow dress with black trimming, opal decorations, and large rings around the shoulders and floating above the wrists.
    • Meleene wears a black and orange dress with white frill trimming, gold trimming, and large white buttons.
  • Growlanser V:
    • Korin's dress is a simple frock with ruffled trimming and white trimming over the skirt.
    • Melvina's dress is white and black with red lining, gold trimming, ruffles around the collar, and several belts around the waist and shoulders.
    • Sherris wears a black and gold dress with pink stocking, giant poofy sleeves with white fabric flaring out in the middle, gold trimming, pink ruffles at the skirt hem, red metal gauntlets, and huge red feather-trimmed fans.
    • Yurii wears a pink and red kimono-like dress with gold trimming, tassels, and a huge decorative belt loaded with its own trimmings.
    • The mysterious girl wears a black dress that is loaded with white frills and ruffles.
  • Growlanser VI:
    • Wendy wears a white and pink dress that is really loaded with gold trimming, has asymmetrical leggings, an extremely frilled skirt, and huge dual-layered metal shoulder guards where the top layer is even larger.
    • Dungeon Lady wears a short pink dress with small puffed sleeves and lots of pointy trimmings.
  • Alyssa of Gungnir wears a pink dress with frilly sleeves, a lace-edged petticoat, a long red hooded cape, and two black ribbons with gold tassels. Her empress dress is even more elaborate. Natalia wears a red and white dress with gold trimming, black ruffles, a pink Showgirl Skirt over white puffy shorts, and also two black ribbons with gold tassels.
  • The "Princess 30" sections of both Half-Minute Hero games show the princesses wearing elaborate orange and white dresses. The princess of the first game wears a dress with Opera Gloves, frill trimming on the collar, a two-tiered overskirt with frill trimming, and multi-tiered flounced petticoat, golden stomacher, and a Giant Waist Ribbon.
    • The princess of the second game wears a dress trimmed with white fur, has a black leather bustier and long black leather boots, a skirt split into two sides, and a jeweled pendant that has a star/pyramid hybrid shape.
  • While the ladies in the Harvest Moon series often wears dresses that are at least moderately fancy, one of the grandest is worn by the goddess in "Save the Homeland". It's a green, gold, and red dress where the colors blend like gradients, it has huge hanging sleeves, an overskirt, and a long jewel hanging from the center of the neckline.
  • The Idolmaster has loads of these.
  • Both Medusa and Palutena wear fancy dresses in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Palutena's dress is a long white robe with lots of gold trimming, and the overdress is solid white while the underdress is translucent.
  • Kingdom Hearts has a number of them, from the fancy gowns from the source works, to original dresses. Queen Minnie wears a pink dress with a red Giant Waist Ribbon, red ruffled petticoat, little puff sleeves, and a bunch of stars in a circle trimmed in a ring formation on the skirt. Daisy wears a purple dress with a reddish-purple petticoat, layered overskirt, white frills down the front of the bodice, gold ruffles down the side of the bodice, and a flared turned-up collar.
  • Princess Eclair in La Pucelle wears a blue and white dress with gold trimming, lace edging the cuffs and skirt with a line of lace down the front of the dress, and sleeves with puffs and the shoulders and flare out below the elbows.
  • Annie wears some fancy dresses in League of Legends. There is her green "Prom Queen" dress, her Frostfire dress is trimmed with white fur and white fur boots, and her pink dress with the loads of frills and ruffles.
  • The Legend of Dragoon has a few dresses, such as worn by the princess sisters Emille and Lisa. Emille's dress is red with an almost white skirt, and Lisa's dress is orange and yellow with gold decorations. Shana even wears a pretty white dress with Opera Gloves near the end of disc 2, and she and Dart kiss for the first time.
  • Princess Eir in Lunia wears an orange and red dress that is split up into a skirt, top, upper sleeves, and lower sleeves, and also has lots of white trimming. Lir's cream and green dress is more grand, with lace, trimmings of purple and orange, bows with jewel brooches, and four hoops of fabric floating on the shoulders.
  • Nearly ever lady in Magna Carta: Tears of Blood has pimped out dresses taken to the extreme.
  • Lady Vega of Mega Man Star Force wears a dark purple kimono-like dress with red and green trimming, a bow around the waist, and a large collar almost floating above her neck.
  • Mitsumete Knight has several for the various ladies in the game. Priscilla's princess dress is red and yellow with lots of ruffles and a wide lacy collar, including her Cool Crown and ermine-trimmed cape. She also has a blue and yellow dress and cape with white fur trimming. Linda has purple dress with white frills, gold stars on her belt, and wide white collar with red jewels all over the collar.
  • Elaine Marley of the Monkey Island games wears two dresses. One is at the end of The Curse of Monkey Island, when Elaine is in a Fairytale Wedding Dress similar to Cinderella's from Disney, with a white flower tiara instead of a wedding veil on her head, as she and Guybrush are now Happily Married and sailing off into the sunset. The other is in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 5, when she willingly becomes LeChuck's demon bride and gets a Gothic version of a Little Black Dress (complete with a revealing Gem-Encrusted black bustier/corset worn under a see-through sheer black fabric sleeveless blouse with a black sash belt, a dark gray broomstick skirt and black dress boots, along with gem encrusted black Opera Gloves, and an eerie-glowing black tiara), which she wears through the remainder of the game, even when she is reverted to her no-longer demonic self.
  • One of Elise's dresses in My World My Way is a pink dress with black lace and ruffles, and white bows.
  • Bad Girl in No More Heroes wears a pink and white dress with lots of ruffles, puff sleeves, a Giant Waist Ribbon, and a skirt with a crinoline frame under it that causes the skirt to sway with her Sexy Walk.
  • Gwendolyn wears two in Odin Sphere. The first is her Battle Ballgown with the bird wing skirt. The second is her mother's traditional dress with the black bustier, black Opera Gloves, and over skirt with two layers of overskirts (one white and one blue) over the black underskirt. Velvet wears a red and black Mini Dress Of Power, with gold decorations, puff sleeves, and a Showgirl Skirt.
  • Princess Irene, or at least the image of her, in Otomedius Gorgeous, wears a white dress with puff sleeves, Opera Gloves, and an overskirt tied with a blue jewel in the front.
  • One of Elena's outfits in Pandora's Tower is a blue-green and white dress with lots and lots of gold trimming, and a vei-like headdress that is also heavily gold trimmed. Even her standard outfit is a bit fancy, with the heavily brocaded overdress (but a plain underskirt and sandals).
  • One of the magic user's outfits in Phantasy Star Online has an overskirt floating above the rest of the dress.
  • Sienna in Phantom Brave wears a dark dress with a ruffled neckline, a red stole that wraps several times around her sleeves, and a large ribbon hanging on the side of the dress.
  • Fantina / Melissa of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl wears a purple sparkly dress with white Opera Gloves and a gold "X" on the waist.
  • When Jen goes to the masked ball in Primal, she wears a dress that loosely follows the 18th century styles.
  • Sabrina's counterpart in Princess Debut wears lots of dresses, and requires Sabrina to wear them as part of impersonating her at the ball.
  • About half the endings in the Princess Maker games give the princesses fancy dresses. You can see them in these galleries.
  • Queen Protea of Radiant Historia wears a white dress that is decorated with a lot of ribbons, gold, and lace, and has a huge purple robe with a rounded High Collar of Doom and Giant Poofy Sleeves.
  • Etoile of Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. She even brags about the cost of one of her dresses.
  • Elektra of Rune Factory Oceans wears a pink dress despite her family not being rich. The dress has lots of white ruffles, pink lace and frills, a heart decoration on the skirt, and a jewel brooch. She does take advantage of the dress by using some of the frills and flounces as pockets for her dressmaking tools.
  • Many dresses in Skies of Arcadia from the empresses's dress with feathers arranged like wings, to Fina's dress with the gold trimming and tiny Cleavage Window (which has a power focusing use beyond just Fanservice), to Clara's pink dress with the loads of bows, frilled petticoat, and overskirt with the sides laced together.
  • Amy's dress as the Lady of the Lake in Sonic and the Black Knight.
  • In the Soul Series games, a few outfits were like this, such as Amy's dress in IV with the lace, frills, layering, frills, and fur neckline, or Cassandra's various white and blue dresses with the red ribbon trimmings.
  • The Ice Princess in the Spyro games wears a dress just like one Anne Boleyn wore as a Whole Costume Reference.
  • Josephine in Suikoden V wears a pink dress with a red petticoat, loads of ruffles and frills, pearls trimming the neckline, a high frilly collar, a short cape, large circular earrings that almost look like mirrors, a headdress with feathers and flowers, and a Parasol of Prettiness.
  • In Super Mario Bros. Princess Peach's pink dress started out pretty simple, but as graphics advanced, it got more pimped out. First was a small overskirt and a brooch over her chest. Now in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, her dress has several layers of overskirts, lace trim, pleats, and gold decorations.
    • Daisy wears a dress that is just as pimped out, as her outfits tend to mostly match Peach's, despite her being a Tomboy Princess to Peach's Princess Classic.
  • The Fairlions in the Super Robot Wars Original Generation series. Yes, they're Humongous Mecha. But they were made as showpieces for the princess of The Kingdom, and piloted by she and her Badass Gothic Lolita bodyguard. The Angeleg is also similar to this, with added wings, of course.
  • Quite a few in the Tales Series games, whether it's a player character or NPC.
    • Estelle in Tales of Vesperia wears a white overdress dress with gold trimming, a pink gauzy underdress, and a skirt cut to look like petals of a flower.
  • Touhou features many "monsters" that, to fit its theme, turn into Moe Anthropomorphism forms of the monsters they are supposed to be. In cases like Yamame, who is supposed to be a spider monster, her only (outwardly) monsterous features are in the clothing she wears.
  • Altaecia of Wild ARMs 2 wears a pink, green, and white dress with opera gloves, puff sleeves, and lots of gold decoration.
  • Princess Yggdra in Yggdra Union, and its prequel Blaze Union, wears a white dress with puff sleeves, green ribbons, and black lacy gloves and a vest.
    • Also from Blaze Union, are Princess Aegina wears a pink dress with slashed, gold trimming, and lots of criss-crossing threads. Princess Luciana wears a white nightie with lots of frills, and black and red ribbons with lace edging.
  • Princess Zelda of The Legend of Zelda didn't have a defined or even fancy dress, at least in-game, until The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, although the dress appeared in the instructions for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and became her standard dress since. The dress itself has a pink-to-purple top half with a gold emblem over the chest, a white-to-rose skirt with a banner showing Hyrule heraldry hanging from a golden belt, and her golden diadem with a massive jewel (usually red) at the center. She almost always wears Opera Gloves, gold shoulder guards attached to her chest emblem, and occasionally a cape. The younger Zeldas don't wear the big Triforce-shaped earrings that the older Zeldas do. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda wears two sets of smaller earrings and has the most Gem-Encrusted, pimped out dress of all.
    • The princess in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link wears a pink dress with a wide bell skirt, white ribbon trimming the bottom of the skirt, and little puff sleeves.
    • The GBA remake of A Link To The Past also gives her sprite the fancy dress from the instructions.
    • From The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, a grand dress is worn by Mila until her family loses its fortune, and that very dress is worn by Maggie when her family becomes rich.
    • And also from Twilight Princess, there is Princess Agatha's bug-themed dress, that has pink, blue, and white layers, netting over the pink, butterfly wings, and a pink headband. A Parasol of Prettiness tops it off.
  • In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's "Shivering Isles" expansion, the "Finery" items show up as pimped out dresses on a female character.
  • In Disney Princess Enchanted Journey, this is present on you, the Disney Princesses, and the villain, Zara.

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