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No Export For You: Western Animation
  • Arthur episodes past Season 4 are this to most Malaysians (although Disney Asia did air the first half of season 5 for those lucky enough to be able to afford pay TV). Those living in south Malaysia could still get Arthur from Singaporean TV. Those living further north (or worse, on the Borneo states of Malaysia) are boned (unless they move to south Malaysia, an unreasonable solution given the major cost of doing so, and that's not including finding a new job!). note 
    • In Poland, Arthur didn't go beyond season 3, while the show's Polish dub that aired in 1998 on TVP1 didn't go past season 1 (on Polsat and its related TV stations it aired the show in a voiceover version).
    • For Latin America, the series was not dubbed or broadcast after season 5, although in 2007, years after it stopped being broadcast, the series' CGI film Arthur's Missing Pal and the spin-off series Postcards From Buster received a dub with a completely different voice cast (that retained the characters' names used on Arthur's dub) that aired shortly in the Latin version of Boomerang.
  • Winx Club was in danger of this in America with season four ownard and the two movies once 4Kids lost the license. However, Nickelodeon has picked up the rights to everything.
    • Even in Singapore, the first movie got a cinema release (almost a whole year behind Italy, and with a few minor snips at that), but one year on, it's yet to be released on DVD there.
  • Samurai Jack still hasn't seen a DVD release in pretty much half the world, though Netflix in America has the first 13 episodes.
  • Despite starting all the way back in 2006, Ruby Gloom still hasn't aired in the United States, despite having been aired and even dubbed pretty much everywhere else. What makes this especially odd is the Ruby Gloom franchise is owned by Mighty Fine, an American company. Mighty Fine's Web site even has a link to the TV series' website on its Ruby Gloom page. It is, however, available on Netflix.
  • The "Chinpokomon" episode of South Park has never been shown in Japan, and not even released on DVD sets, so the episode is the only South Park episode ever to be banned in a noticeable place, where banishment is usually never done. (Heck, would an English release of it in Japan cause a fit?)
    • The "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?"/"Probably" two-parter, "A Ladder to Heaven" and "Krazy Kripples" were also banned in Japan, though the last one was reportedly dubbed but withheld by the network. "Heaven" was banned most likely due to the derogatory references about the Japanese, while the "Hell" two-parter is said to have been reportedly banned for conflicting with Japanese religious beliefs. WOWOW never dubbed season 8 or on, so one can only wonder what might have happened with "Good Times with Weapons" had it aired on their network.
      • According to Japanese deviantART user SakuraPanda, Season 8 had been picked up by a new dubbing company (done for the network FOX BS238), but they decided to start the season out-of-order with "AWESOME-O" ("Good Times with Weapons" would later air, however). FOX would later cut the episode "The Two Days After The Day After Tomorrow", as they felt it was insensitive to the recent tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. To this date, FOX has only aired a dubbed version of season 8, and anything further has only appeared in subtitled format (such as season 9, where the aforementioned cut episode originated from).
    • A Korean dub of South Park began broadcasting on Tooniverse in March 2000, but complaints to the government (particularly the Broadcasting Committee) caused it to be quickly pulled off the air, barely getting through the start of season 1. It is unknown how many episodes were dubbed in total due to the sudden removal, although fans have to rely on fan-subbed uploads of the episodes to be able to see it.
    • South Park's broadcast in Malaysia is weird. Two provider carries Comedy Central Asia. Of them, one (Astro IPTV over Maxis Broadband) outright bans South Park from airing and replaces it with reruns of other shows on their feed. The other provider (TM HyppTV) does let South Park air, but censors it. Adding to that is that select episodes and the movie was available on DVD long before Comedy Central became available in the country. Given that Astro got the channel a whole year before HyppTV did, many just assumed that HyppTV will be using the same anti-South-Park feed Astro is using when HyppTV announced that they have become the second provider in Malaysia to carry Comedy Central, only to be pleasantly surprised.
    • The Czech Republic did not adapt any episodes after season 6, while Taiwan's dub only went as far as season 7.
    • The United Kingdom had to wait nearly seven years between DVD releases of the fourth and fifth seasons of South Park. The first four seasons were all released in a relatively timely fashion, with the fourth being released near the start of 2001. Then the series descended into a licensing mess between Channel 4, who were the original UK broadcasters of the show, and Comedy Central, who started broadcasting it on their UK channel in late 2002. Basically, someone screwed up the UK release negotiations in 1997, giving Channel 4 a five year contract for the TV rights, but a ten year deal on the VHS and DVD rights. This left Comedy Central completely unable to release any of their own South Park DVDs, and they had to wait until the deal expired... in October 2007. Since then though the DVD releases have been very timely, generally only a couple of months behind the US releases.
    • "201" has also never been shown outside its initial airing. By that, we mean when the episode was first shown on American TV. Thankfully, it's more of a subversion, as the episode is available on DVD. Even if it's still edited to pieces. Due to the controversy, various foreign dubs of the series have not translated 200 and 201, and it's also excluded from any overseas DVD releases.
  • Similar to the EEnE example, the Code Lyoko novels, produced in Italian, will have been around for a year and a half before being licensed in French. If you're looking for a release in English, you might as well hit the torrent sites, because a legitimate release doesn't exist (for now, anyway).
  • The fifth and final season of Totally Spies! still has yet to be aired in the US, due to being Screwed by the Network, and will probably never be.
    • Unscrewed by the network much? Cartoon Network US has just relicensed the spies (and licensed their Spiritual Successor to boot).
      • That spiritual successor was pulled from Cartoon Network US in July 2010, leaving sixteen episodes of season two unaired. Seeing those episodes start to pop up on video sites in Spanish, French and Dutch is a painful tease for English-speaking viewers.
  • Daria is finally on DVD, but only in region 1 (which has been extensively edited to remove the popular music on the audio track that was keeping the show from being released on DVD in the first place). And, if you live in another country, buying the DVD is a game of roulette, since apparently Amazon will not ship the DVD to certain countries, and Amazon normally ships DVDs worldwide.
    • It later came out in region 4, well for Australia and New Zealand at least. No word on region 2 yet.
    • There are now Region 2 Daria DVDs available in Poundland. Not sure where else you can get them though, probably Amazon.
  • The sudden disappearance of Stoked from the Cartoon Network schedule four episodes away from the end of the first season has left American fans out in the cold. Unless someone from Canada (or Australia) decides to share, the final four episodes of the show's first season and the entirety of the subsequent season will never appear in America.
    • Update: It appears as if iTunes will carry the final four episodes of season one, which leaves the upcoming season two in limbo as far as American fans are concerned.
    • Also, the entire series (including the 4 missing episodes from Season 1 as well as the entirety of Season 2) have recently become available on streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu.
      • Cartoon Network decided to stream episodes 2325 on their online video site, but stopped right before airing the season finale.
  • In the United Kingdom, the relaunched version of Futurama is in a similar situation to what Battlestar Galactica: The Plan experienced (see Live-Action TV), thanks to the Sky network holding an exclusivity agreement on the first release of the show in the United Kingdom, and being convinced that no one's really into Futurama anymore.
    • Good news, everyone! This has been averted, as of July 22, 2011: Sky have started showing the post-Into the Green Yonder episodes!
  • The DVD box set of The Simpsons season 20 (which was released in celebration of the show's 20 years on the air) was not released in the United Kingdom, despite being released in Australia and its native USA. Then again, it's going to be released eventually, it's just that there are several seasons before that one that need to be released on DVD first.
  • The latest Strawberry Shortcake All-CGI Cartoon is this to the one-third of the world who can't get Boomerang, who apparently is the sole broadcaster of the show outside the United States. In fact, this is true for all Hasbro properties, to which Boomerang has somehow obtained the rights.
  • The studio at least tried to get the first season of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released in the UK, but were blocked by the censors, who point blank refused to even consider allowing it to be shown on TV, or any VHS release with a certificate below a "15." The studio eventually had to settle for releasing a compilation video featuring a Clip Show from the third season which recapped the Turtles' origins, together with a bunch of footage from second season episodes in an attempt to build some sort of storyline. Years later, the first season finally got a DVD release.
  • Possibly unknown to most people in the United States, Inspector Gadget actually had a sequel/spinoff series from 2001 to 2003 called Gadget And The Gadgetinis, which was produced by the series' original creators and carried over many aspects of the original show, with more modern animation and lasting 52 episodes. However, the series has only aired in South America, Canada and Europe, and for some reason never made its way into the States.
  • Practically none of the DCAU has received a Region 2 DVD release except for an incomplete two-volume release of Batman: The Animated Series that was exclusive to the HMV store chain, and a few kid-oriented Justice League and Superman DVDs with a couple of randomly selected episodes on each.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is an unusual variant. The American cartoon starring Japanese pop stars was Screwed by the Network and only got a couple of compilation DVDs in its home country. But in Japan, where Puffy are much, much more famous, the complete series is out in season sets, with both the English and Japanese dub tracks.
  • While the regular episodes of Madeline are being released onto DVDs from time to time, the specials are currently only available as a digital download from a few online stores, which screws over anyone that's not in the United States.
  • All televised episodes of the Where's Wally? animated series were aired in the United Kingdom, but the direct-to-video episodes didn't get there.
  • In the United Kingdom, the first seven episodes of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes came to DVD sans the unimportant episode detailing the origin, accomplishments, and disappearance of Captain America. The omission of the episode also causes viewers to miss the first appearances of Bucky Barnes, Wolverinenote , Red Skull, and Kang the Conqueror.
  • Season 3 of Transformers Animated has been not released in Italy. Also Italy never had "The Rebirth", following Japanese continuity instead.
  • While Recess got a few episodes on DVD and video in the early 2000s, the entire series is on iTunes in Germany. When it's coming to the United States is unknown.
    • The Portuguese dub didn't go beyond season 2.
    • Half of the episodes were skipped in the Italian dub.
  • Many of Marvel Comics' animation output of the 1980s and 1990s have never seen complete box set releases in the United States (with the exception of X-Men, Iron Man and Fantastic Four), but Region 2 territories have enjoyed complete series of all of the Incredible Hulk animated series, the rare Spider Man 5000, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Spider-Man: The Animated Series and the Silver Surfer cartoon.
  • Do you live in Europe, Asia, New Zealand or Australia? Do you want the complete English series of Garfield and Friends on DVD? Well, good luck with that. The best bet is to import one from the United States or watch it on YouTube, but even those are being blocked by PAWS Inc. in the United States.
    • When Garfield and Friends got licensed by SoPeachi, all of the episodes were released on Unbox along with the specials. This is a problem for non-North Americans because unless you can somehow circumvent the IP-based region lockout and get a US address attached to your account, there's no way you're going to get it. To make matters worse, Hulu and iTunes only have the first 46 episodes and are also not available worldwide (iTunes only sells TV shows in first world countries and Hulu is only officially available in exactly two countries: the US and Japan). It's unknown when they'll get the other episodes and the specials in.
    • If you live outside North America and want the Garfield Thanksgiving special, too bad! On international copies of Garfield's Holiday Celebrations, A Garfield Thanksgiving was replaced by Garfield in the Rough. Due to this, the cover art was also altered. But luckily, the Thanksgiving special is still on YouTube.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Time-Warner put the show on the respective Boomerang feeds after winning the rights to the show for the Asia, West Europe and Pacific regions. Time-Warner either didn't think too highly of the show, decided to use the show as a ransom program to coax cable providers into picking the network up by hoping for heavy requests from subscribers and is failing miserably in their tactics, or, as some speculated, is doing this on purpose to mess with Hasbro's marketing, since Time-Warner is primarily partnered with Mattel (Mattel has the toy rights to DC's characters, and DC is owned by Time-Warner. Likewise, Hasbro has the toy rights to Marvel characters, and Marvel is not only owned by Disney, but is a direct competitor to DC). For the records, Boomerang reaches less households in Asia- many Pay TV providers that carry Cartoon Network do not carry Boomerang, and even if they do, Boomerang is almost always part of the premium package while Cartoon Network is part of the basic package.
    • And now, Time-Warner has shut off the Boomerang feed for many parts of Asia and replaced the feeds with Toonami...
    • For months, the DVD situation looked weird due to this.
      • The first DVDs contained one episode each and were bundled with a brushable. They were USA and Region 1 only.
      • Next came Shout! Factory's single DVDs with a nice compilation of episodes, the only ones to include season 2 episodes so far, even the season 3 opener has already been announced; again, USA and Region 1 only. Hasbro didn't bother to order DVDs with episodes in chronological order, let alone season boxes.
      • Madman in Australia jumped in and announced a seasonal DVD series which, once complete, would get a box. But these are officially limited to Australia and Region 4 only and of little use for both American and European bronies.
      • The next DVDs with three episodes each in chronological order were announced by EDEL in Germany. The first two were in German only. But EDEL listened to what the bronies (who were the most likely to toss their money at them) wanted, namely the English original. From the third DVD on, they were made bilingual, and DVDs 1 and 2 were re-released in both languages, too. Also, the EDEL DVDs are region-free, causing many American bronies to try to get their hooves on them which isn't that easy seeing as they're officially only available in Germany.
      • Since considerable amounts of brony money for DVDs were about to wander across the pond instead of to domestic sources, Shout! was finally greenlit to produce seasonal US DVDs.
    • Currently Seasons 3, 4 and the 1st Equestria Girls movie is this in Japan, but the merch from those seasons are on sale there.
  • Superjail! was advertised in the lineup for Germany's version of [adult swim] (which airs on their TNT-Serie channel), but never actually aired and still has yet to make any appearance. It is possible that TNT-Serie realized how violent and brutal the show really was, and decided not to show it (not even with an 18+ rating) note .
  • TRON Uprising has yet to make its debut in Latin America, despite having episodes of the Spanish dub air in the US via SAP.
  • The Weekenders has finally come out on an exclusive to the Disney Movie Club, which is ONLY available in the US.
  • The entire series of Stanley was released on iTunes Germany along with the original English Season 2 for some reason. Did the USA have such luck? Aside from two DVD and VHS releases, a direct-to-video movie and an extremely rare VHS release of the episodes "Baby Pictures" and "Up the Apple Tree", hell no.
  • Cow and Chicken, while it was aired and was successful in most of the world, was never aired on Cartoon Network India because a cow was one of the main characters. They did air I Am Weasel though.
  • The TV movie of Johnny Bravo "Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood" aired in parts of Europe and Asia but yet not America.It did get a DVD release but only in those same countries.
  • The Venture Bros. only aired two seasons when it was dubbed for the Latin American market, due to Adult Swim Latinoamerica (a block aired on I.Sat) going defunct shortly after, with the network heads citing low ratings as the cause.
  • The Boondocks has only had seasons 1 and 2 adapted for overseas dubs, such as those aired in Japan, Italy, and the Latin American countries. France had an even shorter run of the show, with fans only getting to see season 1 before it ceased broadcast.
  • Inverted with The Smurfs, as it has been getting DVD season sets in the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Germany (including the specials). But the United States? Only Season 1 is fully out on DVD, while Seasons 3 through 9 are mostly available as digital downloads.
    • The Johan and Peewit episodes hardly show up in any DVD season sets for the English-speaking nations.
  • The second half of season one of Grojband can only be seen in France, Italy, Australia, Poland, and Latin America, since said series is on hiatus in both the United States and Canada, and the DVDs for season one are only available in Mexico, Australia, and almost all of South America.
    • Likewise, the European Spanish dub of Total Drama only went up to "Island". "Total Drama" has never been broadcast in Germany or Japan, either.
  • Geronimo Stilton's television series has not been released in the United States, depsite the books being popular there. However, the show can be found on DVD.
  • In Japan, The Magic Adventures Of Mumfie only had the "Mumfie's Quest" arc released. Despite how popular it was when it first came out, the rest of the show never got released, possibly because of the death of Scarecrow's voice actor, or due to ForteMusic going bankrupt. Sweden has the same situation, but for unknown reasons.
    • In Italy, fourteen episodes were skipped, and Greece never got the Mumfie's Quest arc.
  • The Raccoons hasn't enjoyed the luxury of a full release in Britain, even though it was very popular there. Only the first two seasons have so far been accounted for on DVD.
    • Prior to the DVD release, the only episodes you could get on VHS were 'Surprise Attack' & 'Going It Alone' on the Channel 5 label (along with the four specials across three tapes), 'Double Play', 'The Sweet Smell Of Success', 'Blast From the Past' & 'Power Trip' on the Castle Vision label across two tapes, and 'Stop The Clock' & 'The Artful Dodger' on the Video Collection label (later re-packaged under the Children's Club label). To this day, the specials can only be found on VHS.
      • Its native Canada has it slightly worse: only the first season has been released on iTunes.
  • The Avatar: The Last Airbender series, despite being heavily influenced by Eastern mythology, done in an Animesque visual style, and possessing a more anime-like Myth Arc instead of the typical episodic nature of most Western Animation, was never successfully released in Japan. Most of the first season of the original series was dubbed and advertised, but never released. Fans in Japan have had to settle for fansubs.
  • The second season of Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue! hasn't been localized in Hungary due to the exceptionally low ratings of the first.
  • Also in Hungary, the last seasons of Men In Black, X-Men: Evolution and Batman Beyond have been neglected for over a decade until being finally shown in the 2010s (though this brought about a bad case of inconsistent translations and voices for some of them).
  • Any D'Ocon Films Productions series, except for Enertips, Problem Child, Pocket Dragon Adventures and The Magic Adventures Of Mumfie, has never been released in the United States.

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