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Ms Fanservice: Western Animation
Case in point.

  • The 6teen writers certainly loved having Jen get caught either shirtless or nude, though this was censored accordingly.
  • Older than Television: Betty Boop was filling this role as early as 1930.
  • The New Adventures of Flash Gordon: Princess Aura. In the early episodes, she was accompanied by seemingly every female on Mongo whose name wasn't Dale Arden. And sometimes Dale herself.
  • Tinkerbell in the Disney version of Peter Pan with her short skirt and exposed cleavage.
    • A lot of Disney Princesses qualify, such as Ariel and Jasmine.
  • The three main characters of Totally Spies!, in what is also Parent Service
  • Before that came the female characters, particularly the villainesses, of Batman: The Animated Series. Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy all come to mind.
  • Six of Nine from Tripping the Rift.
  • Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Animaniacs has the famous Hello, Nurse! and Minerva Mink.
  • Bonkers has Fawn Deer.
  • Miss Information from Histeria!.
  • The parody of superhero tropes, Frisky Dingo, has Antagone, who has much larger breasts than her Lois Lane Alter Ego. Frisky Dingo also has Hooker, who's justified to dress this way, because she's... a Hooker.
  • Parodied in Aqua Teen Hunger Force: MC Pee Pants, who's reincarnated to look like an old man, says that he tried to be sexy in his poster to attract vampires. Of course, the character wears only a diaper anyway.
    • One episode has Shake and Carl trying to score with a sexy construction worker named Dusty Gazongas. It's strongly implied that being sexy is mostly all she does.
  • Élisabeth "Sissi" Delmas is Ms. Fanservice in Code Lyoko. She's the one most often seen in some underwear, swimsuit or panty-shot scene. And yes, it's a kid show... but a French one.
  • Sara Bellum in The Powerpuff Girls plays the trope straight and subverts it: Though only her impressive hourglass figure is ever seen and her face has never been shown (and the only time she's seen from the shoulders up is after she's turned into a dog), she is easily the most organized, thoughtful character in the series.
  • Princess Teegra from Fire and Ice definitely belongs with her costume being a small thong bikini.
    • It's a natural since she was designed by Frank Frazetta... Frazetta specializes in fanservice.
  • The title character of Æon Flux runs around doing spywork and sabotage in outfits ranging from a skintight catsuit to a vinyl thong bikini and stripper boots. Aeon's appearance was originally conceived as a parody of unrealistically Stripperiffic Action Girls.
  • This trope is the one and only reason Cachorra was turned into an Expy of her own voice actress in Isidoro.
  • April O'Neil from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon has quite the fanbase. She has a nice figure, large breasts and red hair, wears a sexy yellow jumpsuit, and often gets kidnapped.
  • In Total Drama, several of the female contestants qualify, but Lindsay and Heather stand out.
    • Lindsay's got large breasts, wears a tank top and short skirt, and in one episode even dresses up like an admiral. And Wonder Woman!
    • Heather has many Shower Scenes and appearances in a Modesty Towel during the first season.
    • Izzy and Bridgette also have their fanservice moments: the former doing a seductive dance in "Not Quite Famous" and the latter Sitting Sexy on a Piano in "Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water".
    • Don't forget Gwen. Panty Shot, anyone?
    • The producers seem to love the Male Gaze trope, especially with Courtney.
    • Dakota and Zoey serve in this role for the second generation cast.
    • Twin cheerleaders Amy and Samey serve in this role for the third generation cast.
  • Teen Titans: Raven and Starfire seem to be almost constantly tied for this position in the cartoon. In the comics, its a whole 'nother ballgame, as Starfire in the comics has what the original Terra described as a "balloon bod" that resembles a playboy model, and her outfit is best described as "bikini". They had to tone her down for prime-time children's viewing. Though one might wonder why the animators toned down Starfire below Raven, who was much less skanky and curvy than Starfire in the comics. In the toon, it's the other way round. Raven's outfit is at least comparable to the comic, but then again, putting a girl as young as the cartoon's Starfire in her Stripperiffic comic outfit would be almost criminal. For that reason, and for the fact that comic Starfire's personality is overwhelmingly uncaring of nudity and sex taboos, the writers decided to play up her comparative innocence. Given that the rest of the team include two veteran heroes, a half-demon and a recovering cripple, this makes more sense than in the comics where she was introduced, where Raven was the one who was comparatively innocent. This is subtly lampshaded in one episode where the two characters switch bodies.
  • The Legend of Zelda cartoon had... Fairy Companion Spryte. Only a few inches tall, she was as hot for Link as Link was for Zelda, once got an upskirt shot that revealed that she wasn't wearing underwear, took the chance to stare at him when he was naked in the bathtub, and one time even kissed him... when he was in frog form, to say nothing of making repeated passes at Link throughout the entire course of the series.
  • Justice League Unlimited has so many examples that exceptions (such as Amanda Waller and Killer Frost) are far easier to list.
  • In Ben 10, Gwen was a 10-year old girl and thus a Pettanko, and her teenage nemesis, Charmcaster, wore a coat that revealed no cleavage. In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, however, the two are all grown up, with noticeably bigger breasts, Gwen having several scenes in swimsuits, and Charmcaster wearing a much form-fitting outfit. Although he may've just been mocking her, Ben said that she always had a big butt.
  • Futurama's Turanga Leela and Amy Wong both take turns at fanservice from time to time; about the very busty Leela her standard outfit consists of skin-tight tanktop and pants, her other "ordinary" outfits (such as formal dresses and swimsuits) invariably have a midriff window showing her belly button, and she's the most likely to be seen wearing strange, Stripperiffic outfits. She's also the second-most-likely to get naked, after Professor Farnsworth. Amy, aside from her regular pink tracksuit outfit, wear very skimpy outfit for every formal event (even a funeral) and often appears in bikini.
  • Ty Lee from Avatar: The Last Airbender. And June, for the older crowd. This crowd includes Iroh. Too bad she was so underutilized... and as a result didn't meet up with Iroh again.
    • Azula has her moments, too.
    • Book 3's Katara has hers as well.
  • Sequel series The Legend of Korra gives Asami Sato, who is definitely an attractive female character.
    • The title character, Korra, isn't too shabby herself either.
  • Dr. Girlfriend and Molotov Cocktease from The Venture Bros..
  • Princess Mandie from The Fairly OddParents. Even the Yugopotamians (aside from Mark) find her attractive! Because she's gonna kill them in the most gruesome and painful ways imaginable...
  • Scooby-Doo: Daphne Blake has been providing a very large amount for kids of all ages for many, many years. And quite a few parents as well. In Big Top Scooby-Doo!, she wears a circus gymnastic outfit that shows off her long legs. Her clown costume also has a very low neckline.
  • Phineas and Ferb
    • Vanessa, who at the very least stands out compared to Candace and Stacy.
    • Linda Flynn definitely provides some.
    • Candace-2 in The Movie.
    • Doofenshmirtz' chorus girls.
  • Suzie Chan on The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, like her brother Henry, is a subtle version. Her outfit is designed to show off her long legs and she looks quite fetching in a bikini, but the animators don't go out of their way to play up her sexiness at every turn.
  • Drew Saturday. Let us count the ways shall we? A hot Action Mom, she spends pretty much every scene in a Spy Catsuit, excluding that one scene when she sported a Little Black Dress, has the whole White-Haired Pretty Girl thing going on, and could easily kick your ass with her flaming sword. Need there be more?
  • She-Hulk in The Incredible Hulk cartoon. To start with, she's a green Amazonian Beauty. In the series, between the seductive voice, the orgasmic transformation, the constant Male Gaze shots, and averting the Panty Shot via Vapor Wear, she smashes the radar even more than she smashes villains. In her earlier appearances, She-Hulk was also portrayed as an Amazonian Beauty.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars has had many female characters fitting this trope including Aayla Secura, occasionally Padme, and Ahsoka also seems to be getting there, but so far the Fanservice incarnate of the show is definitely Suu Lawquane, by the sheer amount of Fanservice related tropes she embodies all at once.
  • Fifi LaFume from Tiny Toon Adventures. Good looks: check, sexy accent: check, played by Kath Soucie: check, Ensemble Darkhorse: check. Even the Canis Latinicus subtitles in one of her shorts call her "Sexius Skunkius".
  • Kit from Martha Speaks.
  • This can definitely be said about Cousin Mel from Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.
  • Hilariously invoked in one episode of Megas XLR. While at a shopping mall, Jamie tries to get Kiva to wear a bunch of goofy and embarrassing outfits (including a punk-rocker chick outfit and pyjamas) as a petty joke on his part. However, Kiva just ends up provoking a different reaction from onlookers and the prank backfires.
  • Natasha Fatale from Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • Magica De Spell from DuckTales, as admittedly intended by Carl Barks.
  • The Baroness was probably the closest that G.I. Joe came to this (there's a reason she has a trope named after her) and some of her outfits were pretty risqué for a cartoon of the time. The most blatant example was one episode where she wore a bikini for the entire episode. (Not by her choice. Plot-wise, she, Cobra Commander, Flint, and Lady Jay were kidnapped by a third-party villain and forced into a Deadly Game, and in her case, she was in a spa at the time when she was grabbed, and had no way to change. Still, it was obviously an intentional move by the writers.)
  • Gravity Falls has Wendy (who looks quite fetching in a Baywatch-esque red bathing suit in "The Deep End"), as well as Hot Scoop Shandra Jimenez.
  • Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp, and Black Widow in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Wasp often recieves Clothing Damage and appears in a bikini in one scene solely to show her Most Common Superpower, while Black Widow's skintight catsuit receives highly detailed animation.
  • In the Seth MacFarlane's show, usually, one of the main characters, a family member, fits the role:

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