Big Brother Mentor

aka: Big Sister Mentor
This character is the hero's good friend. The hero can fool around with him, go to the bar with him for a drink and talk about some good old man-business with him. Additionally, the character, being older (though mental age matters more than physical age) and wiser than the hero, also acts as a mentor to the hero in times of need or advice.

However, just because the Big Brother Mentor cares about the hero doesn't mean that he won't rebuke him if he gets out of line, and he would even go as far to deal with him physically. He only wants the best out of the hero, but won't hesitate to educate him the hard way if the hero shows reluctance to learn or has a tendency to run headlong into danger. In essence, he's the ideal big brother figure who knows when to get friendly or strict.

In anime, this kind of character is often addressed using the more informal "Aniki" instead of "Onii-san".

Often, this character is doomed to die — both to bring the Hero out of the character's shadow, and to give the character an emotional buildup.

This is a subtrope of The Obi-Wan.

If he and The Hero are romantically involved, or just have enough Ho Yay, this can become Lover and Beloved. Differs from Aloof Big Brother in that the Big Brother Mentor doesn't have to be a literal big brother and actually gives a damn about his "little siblings" (Or shows it quite more often than a merely emotionally repressed Aloof Big Brother). Compare with the Stern Teacher, tough and strict but loved by everyone. Not to be confused with Draco in Leather Pants.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Kuwabara to Yusuke later on in YuYu Hakusho.
  • Dino to Tsuna in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.
  • Kamina to Simon in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; Simon even calls him "aniki". The dub uses "bro", and Kamina even refers to the two as "Blood Brothers" a few times.
  • As Setsuna's sempai, Kira in Angel Sanctuary often acts that way towards him. Yue Katou too to some extent. Sara Mudou calls Setsuna "aniki," but towards his own sister he is more of a... oh well...
  • Ango from 7 Seeds is this to several people, mostly because he is somewhat of a control freak. He originally took Shigeru under his wing, helping him improve his physical abilities and making sure he got up in time, but also making him independent. He eventually becomes this to Natsu, too, though his forceful way of helping intimidates her a lot.
  • Roy Fokker in Macross/Robotech is maybe the Ur Example for anime. And midway through the series, he kicks it. Damn pineapple salad and inner bleeding.
    • Ozma Lee in Macross Frontier is ultimately played as a subversion of the archetype. He's an older mentor, and even flies Skull One, but it's usually the other characters who give the most useful advices, he's made lots of mistakes, and he completely fails to die, even when pineapples are involved.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • An evil example comes in Part 5 with the two mafia members Pesci and Prosciutto. Pesci is the little brother and ironically like other mentors Prosciutto dies by getting run over by a train and getting lodged in the wheels before Pesci gets how to be a good mafia worker. Then he dies by getting his head unzipped from his body and thrown into a lake.
    • In Part 7, Gyro Zeppeli's position as Johnny's friend and a teacher could fit this trope as well.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Hughes is Roy's Big Brother Mentor, hitting pretty much every single qualification for one listed above at some point. He is one year older, but he has a family whereas Roy doesn't, and thus a very different perspective on life. He has one notable moment of snapping out of his easy-going attitude.
    • In an evil example of this trope from the manga, Pride acts as this towards Wrath, the youngest of the Homunculi. This becomes quite ironic when you learn Pride masquerades as his son, Selim Bradley.
  • In the anime version of Planetes, Hakim Ashmead fills this role for Hachimaki, at least until his Heel-Face Turn where he was revealed to be The Mole for the terrorist Space Defense Front. Their mentor, Gigalt Gangaragash, straddles the line between a Big Brother Mentor and an actual The Obi-Wan.
  • 2 prominent pairs on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Sho adopts Judai as his "aniki," whom he prefers to his biological Aloof Big Brother (until Judai dumps him for Johan). Manjyome also looks up to Asuka's brother Fubuki. Though he does also call Fubuki shishou (master) as well as big brother. The big brother part seems to be more because of his crush on Asuka, since if he ever married her, they would *be* brothers.
  • Gotho from Armored Trooper VOTOMS fits this role to some extent.
  • The Gundam franchise has several examples as well...
    • Mobile Suit Gundam has Ryu Jose, who doesn't actually teach Amuro how to pilot a Gundam, but how to be a man and soldier; he of course performs a Heroic Sacrifice.
      • Lieutenant Sleggar Law would've been one of these, had he gotten more screentime. He does get the death part, though.
    • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam has Quattro Bajeena, aka Char Aznable, as the main character's mentor; however, he neither dies nor holds back from kicking ass himself.
      • Zeta Gundam also has Amuro Ray act as a mentor to the main character during one important story arc.
      • Villainous example: Kacricon Cooler is this to Jerid Messa. And he gets a Family-Unfriendly Death early in the series.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn has Marida act as a female variant to both Banagher and Audrey/Mineva. Flaste Schole is also a bit of one to Banagher.
    • The closest to a Big Brother Mentor in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing would be Trowa Barton, the Genius Bruiser Big Guy of the Five-Man Band. His interactions with The Smart Guy Quatre Raberba Winner walk the line between this and straight-up Ho Yay, but he also helped Heero Yuy sort his thoughts after his infamous suicide attempt, and gave Wufei support after he loses to Treize.
    • Don't forget Roy Fokker's Expy, Mu La Flaga from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. He's actually referred to as Kira's Sempai on one occasion.
      • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala tries to do this for Shinn Asuka. It doesn't really work, as Shinn is too messed up to listen, and Athrun doesn't really have the people skills to pull it off.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Neil Dylandy aka the first Lockon Stratos was some kind of advisor to not only Setsuna but the most of CB. Even if he's dead he'll probably return as a spiritual advisor. Still, Tieria Erde seems to fit a bit better in the second season, even dealing some Bright Slaps when needed.
      • Also, Lyle, Neil's twin younger brother and the second Lockon isn't necessarily the Big Brother Mentor but has his moments as well, specially in episode 18 where he counsels two of his teammates when they had romantic problems.
    • And Gundam AGE gives us Woolf Ennacle playing the role for Flit Asuno and Flit's son Asemu. He survives the first season, then epically and tearfully kicks it in the second one.
  • Played straight and subverted in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Argo Gulskii is the oldest, more mature of the Shuffle Alliance and plays the role straight towards Domon and Sai Saici, whereas Schwarz Bruder subverts it by being Domon and Rain's own BBM... and a clone of Domon's Aloof Big Brother Kyouji, who specifically created him with some DG cells and the dead body of the real Schwarz Bruder to play this role before he was fully brainwashed by the Devil Gundam.
  • Big Sister Mentor example: Freya to Kisara in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. Kisara calls her "Freya-nee", even when they were on opposite sides.
  • Yashichi, to his followers Sasuke and Hanzo in Mirumo de Pon!
  • One Piece
    • Zoro, to Luffy. Given that he's the Lancer, and Fan Speak sometimes denotes him as the First Mate of the crew, he often steps in to help Luffy make the tough choices given Luffy's personality. This was especially obvious when Usopp temporarily left the crew and Zoro both supported Luffy's decision to fight Usopp and later forced him to wait for Usopp's apology when it became apparent that Usopp wanted to return to their crew.
    • Also, from what we see in flashbacks, it seems that Marco was this to Ace when he was first captured by the Whitebeard crew and had trouble accepting Whitebeard as his captain and father.
    • For that matter, the relationship between Ace and Luffy play this almost completely straight. Luffy obviously looks up to Ace, who's older, stronger, and more mature.
  • Albert/004 in Cyborg 009. His "little brother" Jet/002 later also has some Big Brother Mentor moments in the Little Psychics mini-arc.
  • Subaru Sumeragi becomes this to Kamui Shirou in the X/1999 manga and TV series, specially after Subaru takes a very dangerous Journey to the Center of the Mind to bring Kamui back from an Angst Coma, and realises that deep down both are Not So Different.
  • Though Tomohiko Yamada of Satou Kashi no Dangan wa Uchinukenai mostly subverts this, he has his moments of wise advice for his younger sister... before going back to his room and tuning out the world around him.
  • Brock is this to Ash and anyone else who is in the main traveling group in the Pokémon anime.
    • During the Unova arc, Charizard became this to the rest of Ash's team (Pignite in particular).
  • In Pokémon Special, Green is this to Yellow in her arc. A female example would be Crystal, to Emerald.
  • England was this to America (and most likely to Canada too) in Axis Powers Hetalia. China is considered the older brother of the rest of the Asian countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Macau, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but except for Korea they don't always acknowledge as this.
    • And Switzerland dotes on his adorable adopted sister Liechtenstein.
    • Subverted with Latvia and Sealand. The first tries to be this, but soon finds out that as a Fragile Flower, he needs the support of the latter.
    • Austria begins as an Aloof Big Brother to young Italy, but is this towards Germany.
    • Prussia tries to be this to Germany as well, but is too wild and kinda... immature to do it fully. He succeeds a little more with a young America, however.
    • France considers himself one to EVERYONE, but only Italy and Monaco (and, judging from one strip, possibly England, ironically) consider him one in return enough to actually call him "big brother".
  • Fist of the North Star
    • Kenshiro towards Bat, as stated when he calls him his "irreplaceable little brother."
    • Also Toki and Raoh towards Kenshiro.
    • Bat to his fellow orphans.
  • Maiza Avaro to Firo in Baccano!. Firo reminds Maiza of his younger brother and guides him into the Camorra, and fittingly enough, after devouring Szilard, Firo obtains Maiza's brother's memories along with those of Szilard's other victims.
  • Future GPX Cyber Formula
    • Osamu, Kaga and Johji to Hayato, as they dispense their racing wisdom to help him. Kaga in particular, since he helps Hayato hone his driving skills in a crash race.
    • Lope is this to Hiyoshi, as he helps the latter to get back into racing again after leaving the Sugo team.
  • Sakuragi of Rainbow might as well be the king of this trope. Seriously, his nickname is even An-chan ("Bro").
  • Onizuka dips into Sensei for Scoundrels occasionally, but he's a genuine mentor to Noboru all through the manga series. Even if his methods are somewhat extreme.
  • Somewhat subverted in Naruto between Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi challenges Sasuke to see him as a barrier he must overcome, though he uses rather disturbing methods to accomplish this.
    • Konohamaru considers Naruto and Shikamaru to be Big Brother Mentors, too.
    • Shisui Uchiha was apparently this for Itachi during their childhood. Itachi, in turn, played this role briefly for Naruto when he was resurrected.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Mami Tomoe is a veteran Magical Girl who often mentors rookies and is also their big sister figure. In both the main story line and the A Different Story spin-off she shares tea and cake with her juniors. In the former, she dies in Episode 3.
    • Played to heartbreaking effect in the third timeline in Episode 10 of the main series after Sayaka turns into a Witch - Mami becomes so terrified of the Awful Truth about the fate of Magical Girls she decides that mercy killing everyone would be better than everyone becoming a Witch. She gets as far as shooting Kyoko's Soul Gem and taking aim at Homura before Madoka has to shoot Mami in order to stop her.
  • Tiger & Bunny has an interesting example; instead of giving the protagonist a Big Brother Mentor, they made the protagonist himself play this role where a number of younger characters were concerned. It's even invoked in the third episode, where Kotetsu's boss suggests he take this approach with Barnaby.
    Lloyd Alexander: He's young, so why don't you try to lead him? You've been doing this for much longer, after all.
  • Sora is this to Ikki in Air Gear, even going so far as to teach him how to properly utilize the Wing Road. This attitude changes when Sora announces his Face-Heel Turn and reveals that he was using Ikki and helping him become better so that the Wind Regalia can be made for him to take. All of this is just step one of his plot to become Sky King. This quickly leads to Ikki having a Heroic BSOD moment.
  • Future Gohan is this to Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z. Slightly less so in the main timeline to Goten and Present Trunks. Goku's best friend Krillin was this to Gohan.
    • Nail was also like this to Dende, even after Nail's fusion with Piccolo.
  • In Saint Beast, Goh is occasionally called "big brother" by Shin, Rey and Gai for being The Leader of their group.
  • Mamoru from Sailor Moon is the Love Interest for Usagi, the Team Dad for both Senshi teams, and the Big Brother Mentor to the Inners, especially to Ami aka Mercury.
  • Bleach: Via Character Development Byakuya Kuchiki has become this to both his adoptive sister Rukia and his lieutenant Renji. Until the Soul Society arc, Byakuya had retained a rigid, formal distance from both of them. After taking Ichigo's advice to put compassion before duty if they ever clash again, Byakuya's become much more open about his affection for the two, and much more openly protective of both. By the final arc, he's someone both Rukia and Renji clearly look to for support and guidance.
  • In Slam Dunk, a big part of Takenori Akagi's Character Development involves him becoming this towards Hanamichi Sakuragi. Once Sakuragi grows into his own skin and his basketball role as well, he says that he considers himself "the Gori's little brother".
  • In A Cruel God Reigns, Lindon acts as this for Ian, giving him advice on how to deal with first getting Jeremy to confess (though not Mind Rape him like Ian would like), and later on how to deal with his romantic feelings for Jeremy.
    • Valentine also acts as a sort of Big Brother Mentor for Jeremy, despite being the same age, if not younger.
  • Reiner Braun from Attack on Titan. He's seen as something of an older brother to the entire 104th Trainee Corps, and becomes an important influence on Eren, helping shape him into a capable soldier. It ends up resulting in Eren noting that one of Reiner's mistakes as The Mole was teaching him to fight.
  • Toyed with in Detective Conan. Years ago, a man named Shuichi Akai promised to his now deceased girlfriend Akemi Miyano that he'd help her younger sister Shiho, who'd become Ai Haibara. He's currently fulfilling his word (Declaration of Protection included), and he also helps Ai's friends (including Conan)... but under the fake identity of Subaru Okiya.
    • It's played straight with Detective Wataru Date, who took his younger partner Wataru Takagi under his wing and called him his little brother. Sadly, this case did include the death part.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, the title character had three of these in his backstory: Kogoro Katsura was the leader of the ishinshishi group Kenshin was a part of, Shinsaku Takasugi was the one who brought him into the group in the first place, and Iizuka was his monitor/lookout. Too bad that Takasugi died of illness, Iizuka was The Mole, and Katsura was lagter disgraced.
  • Sisterly example with Yomi Isayama to Kagura Tsuchimiya in Ga-Rei -Zero-.
  • On Blue Exorcist, one of Rin's mentors is his twin brother, Yukio. The thing is, technically Yukio is the younger brother.
  • Gareki is this (somewhat) to Nai in Karneval

    Comic Books 
  • Due to the nature of its "legacy" focus on characters, these pop up quite often in the DCU:
    • Although it's a bit moot now that they're actually brothers, Richard "Dick" Grayson decided early on to take a more active role in the mentoring of the third Robin, Tim Drake, than he did with the second, and the two developed a sibling-like relationship in the process. This was so well-liked by fans that Nightwing writer Chuck Dixon chose to devote what is normally a landmark issue - #25 - of that series not to a major battle or character death, but to Tim and Dick discussing life, Batman, and Dick's seemingly endless parade of hot girlfriends for an entire issue.
      • Well they were doing that while blindfolded, fighting bad guys, on a moving train (I kid you not). So I guess that is the equal of talking about sports and girls while tossing the football around if you were raised by Batman.
    • Although he initially played the role of the older brother who didn't want to be around the younger one, Wally West eventually grew quite fond of Bart "Impulse / Kid Flash" Allen (who's technically his cousin, once removed).
    • Wonder Woman and Donna Troy refer to each other as sisters, although it's been a while since Donna's actually been mentored by Diana. Much like the Batman / Nightwing / Robin relationship above, however, Donna served as an older sister to the second Wonder Girl.
    • Damian Wayne also sees Dick Grayson like this, genuinely respecting him and Dick is one of the few people who believes in him and helps steer Damian in the right direction.
  • Wolverine to practically any younger female character. Most notably Kid Sidekicks Jubilee and Kitty Pryde. In Wolverine #16, a reporter is going around asking people what they think of Wolverine. Jubilee says he's an amazing big brother. Kitty takes it a little further — she admits that she'll probably never get married because she always compares the guys she meets to Wolverine, and they never measure up.
  • Ironically, Gambit is now this to Wolverine's clone/daughter X-23 in her solo self titled series. Although they are on more equal terms than some of the other examples.
  • Maid Man and Cyndablock act like this to Empowered, showing her that not all superheroes are assholes. That it's the transvestite and the literal blockhead who actually are nice to her must say something about how much being a low-tier superhero sucks.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Han Solo to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi to Anakin Skywalker, in the prequel trilogy. You know, before he was old.
    • He even refers to Anakin as his brother in Episode III, while Anakin tells him he is like a father to him in Episode II.
  • Ken to Ray in In Bruges.
  • Marcus and Kyle Reese develop this dynamic in Terminator Salvation.
  • Mr White to Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs
  • In Battleship, the main character Alex is a directionless loser who's all but forced into the military by his older brother in the hopes that it'll straighten him out. The older brother is succesful and straightlaced...and his death early on in the movie motivates Alex into becoming a better soldier.
  • In From Dusk Til Dawn Seth is this to Richard.

    Films — Animated 
  • In Big Hero 6, Tadashi is literally Hiro's big brother, is stated as being responsible for Hiro getting into robotics, gets him out of the bot fights and inspires him to enroll at SFIT, and dies for the plot.

  • This is Older Than They Think: In The Bible, when the archangel Raphael took a human form to find and fight the demon Asmodeous, he posed as a young man named Azariah who played this role for young Tobias, the youth who was qualified to marry Sarah, the girl whom Asmodeous lusted after and tormented by killing her husbands right after the wedding.
    • For the reader's enlightenment: this story is from the Book of Tobit, which is not considered part of the Bible by either Jews or non-Catholic/Eastern Orthodox Christians. Although it is still considered a useful read.
    • Jonathan can be considered this to David. He's at least some years older than David, and guides and protects him; he accepts that Jehovah has chosen David to succeed Saul, and David is devastated when he and Saul die.
  • Nico to Cal in the Cal Leandros series.
  • Zaknafein to Drizzt in Homeland.
  • Harry Potter has Sirius Black, his godfather, and Remus Lupin. Too bad that both of them die.
  • In the H.I.V.E. Series, benevolent AI H.I.V.E.mind is this to Otto. He guides Otto, normally an Insufferable Genius, to becoming a more tolerable person. He also serves as The Paragon in book three. Once the two begin Sharing a Body, they actually switch roles, with H.I.V.E.mind acting grateful towards Otto for showing him what it is like to be human, and effectively taking the role of the Hypercompetent Sidekick.
  • The Host: Jared Howe to Jamie Stryder.
  • Tonda for Krabat, later Krabat for Lobosch. Here We Go Again.
  • Joscelin to Imriel in Kushiels Legacy.
  • Merry is this to Pippin in The Lord of the Rings.
  • Seregil to Alec in Nightrunner, and also Micum and Beka to Alec at times.
  • Percy Jackson has Luke Castellan, who looks after Percy when he first arrives in Camp Half-Blood in The Lightning Thief, and even gives him some cool magic items to help in on his very first quest. It's just a shame that the items are cursed to drag Percy down to Tartarus, and that Luke's the titular Lightning Thief, The Dragon to Big Bad Kronos, and one of the main villains of the series.
  • Trapped on Draconica: Daniar is this for Erowin; taught her martial arts and tries to keep her away from bad habits like drinking during the day. She's too heavy on the 'stern' and not enough on the 'buddy' for Erowin's tastes.
  • Captain Pausert to the three young witches (sort of) in The Witches of Karres.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Murdock to Face in The A-Team.
  • Michael Weston in Burn Notice.
  • Simon Tam to River in Firefly. He is kind of a doting big brother but he also has to extend that role far beyond what that would normally imply due to the extreme situation. And he never punches her.
  • In Highlander: The Series, Methos falls somewhere between this and a Trickster Mentor to Duncan. The only problem is that Methos has spent hundreds of years avoiding fights and thus is disinclined towards beating a lesson into the overly stubborn and idealistic Duncan, and thus he often has to hope that his points get through Duncan's thick skull on their own merits.
    • Duncan was this to Richie before and after the latter became Immortal.
  • Kamen Rider Decade - Kaitou, the series' rival Rider, became one of these to Asumu when the cast visited an alternate version of Kamen Rider Hibiki. It crosses over with Morality Pet, since up until then Kaitou had been more interested in acquiring treasure than fighting villains, and only helped out the good guys when he felt he owed them or that there was something in it for him.
  • Gleb Zheglov to Vladimir Sharapov in The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed.
  • Arthur may believe himself to be this in regard to Merlin. He occasionally gives Merlin well-meant advice regarding women or battle, although he often completely misreads the situation due to his ignorance of Merlin's powers and true identity.
    • He becomes one to Mordred in season five, possibly as a Shout-Out to the original myth where they were father and son. And boy does it backfire on him.
  • Don Eppes in NUMB3RS
  • Del Boy Trotter to his younger brother Rodney in Only Fools and Horses.
  • Snafu Shelton to Eugene Sledge in The Pacific.
  • RJ in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
  • In The Sarah Jane Adventures: the Doctor is this to Luke, Clyde and Rani in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith & Death of the Doctor.
  • Tom Paris to Harry Kim in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Dean is this to his younger brother Sam in Supernatural.
  • Toby Ziegler to Sam Seaborn on The West Wing
    • And President Bartlet to Toby.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: Justin. Most notably in the movie.
  • Deconstructed in Scrubs with JD. Every time he's in a teaching position he tried his hardest to make his interns/students like him, but usually all it does is cause him to lose authority and respect. This is sharply contrasted with JD's own mentor Dr. Cox, who has a very harsh sink-or-swim approach that is nontheless generally accepted to be great for teaching. Cox even delivers a Wham Line to JD in regards to this.
    Cox: "I wanted you to see just how ridiculous you truly are, constantly chasing their approval."
    JD: "So I'm supposed to be like you, and just 'rule by fear'? Perry, they hate you."
    Cox: "Yes, they do. And sure, I could be a little bit kinder, but that's not going to happen and here's why: We're creating doctors, not kindergarteners"
    JD: "They need me."
    Cox: "Do they? Because I don't ever remember holding your smooth little doll hand, and you turned out to be not too horrible a doctor."

    Video Games 
  • Paul in Deus Ex. He will try to encourage the player to use non-lethal tactics, and will chew out the player if he/she chooses to do a take-no-prisoners gameplay.
  • Inverted with Hakuoro playing the big brother to Oboro in Utawarerumono. He even uses 'aniki' which gives Hakuoro pause for a moment.
  • In Crisis Core, Angeal is this to Zack, who becomes this to Cloud.
  • Axel is this to both Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.
  • Riku also shows examples of this trope to the hero Sora throughout all of the games.
  • Chris Redfield to Claire Redfield, literally, in Resident Evil. Or so it's been implied.
  • Rei is a roguish variant on this to Ryu and Teepo in Breath of Fire 3, teaching them how to mug people and hunt efficiently. Though he appears to die when Balio and Sunder torch the heroes home, allowing Ryu to begin his adventure, he returns after the Time Skip as an Anti-Hero Lancer to the (now more well-rounded and heroic) Ryu.
  • Sasuke from Sengoku Basara acts like this toward his young master Yukimura, being his friend and advisor and protecting him in dangerous situations. He also acts as emotional support and makes sure he toes the line.
  • Commander Shepard, the protagonist of Mass Effect, is this to Garrus Vakarian.
  • Guy is this to Luke in Tales of the Abyss. He in his own words, "raised [Luke] from a blank slate to a spoiled, selfish kid" and continues to watch out for and offer him advice throughout the game. At one point, he actually DOES punch Luke when Luke says that he will die in Asch's place at the Tower of Rem, and the punch is hard enough to knock Luke flat on the floor.
    • Occasionally the line gets blurred between whether Guy is an older brother or surrogate guardian to Luke, given both the little attention and affection Luke's own father, the Duke initially shows towards him, as well as Guy assuming responsibility for shortcomings in Luke's character. Usually this is negligible as Van is a more obvious surrogate guardian.
  • In Tales of Symphonia, Lloyd compares Kratos to the big brother he always wishes he had, during one of the sword training scenes. Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Tears to Tiara 2: Of the big sister variety. The goddess Ashtarte mentors Hamil.
  • Persona 4 can see the Protagonist acting this way toward Shu, Kanji, and Naoki. The latter two are actually his underclassmen.
  • In Fuuin no Tsurugi, Klein saw both Dieck and the dead Prince Mildain as such. In both cases, Klein's supports can potentially have him find his missing "brothers" serving in Roy's army: Dieck left to not cause the Reglay House trouble, while Mildain took the identity of Elphin to evade the noblemen who wanted him dead.
  • In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, you can build this link between Ross and Gerik, or between Seth and Franz. Saleh is already this to Ewan.
  • In Fire Emblem Awakening, Ricken views Prince Chrom as this ever since he saved his life and protected him from bullies. In one of the DLC's, Libra has a talk with Henry that gives very strong vibes of the trope as well.
  • Shu from Arc The Lad functions as this for Elc in the beginning of the second game. Elc handles most things alone, but when he winds up in a jam, he knows where to go for advice and backup.
  • Kyousuke from Little Busters! could almost define this: he's only a year older than the other characters, but he has the sense of competence, charisma, and confidence that makes all of the other Little Busters look up to him. Riki even says early on that he has the air of an older brother and that everyone always listens to what he says. And since what he says normally involves bringing everyone along on wild, fun adventures, they're more than happy to. But if he honestly thinks hurting one of them in the short-term will be better for them in the long run, he will definitely do it. Reluctantly, but surely.
  • Kogoro Tenzai serves this to Mii Kouryuuji in Project X Zone.
  • Goro Daimon is this to Kyo Kusanagi in The King of Fighters. Kensou sorta plays the role to Bao, too, even saving his life when the kid almost pulls an Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Both Ralf Jones and Clark Still play the trope in regards to Leona Heidern.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • Ferris is Dutch's Big Brother Mentor in New Prime.
  • In Noob, Ystos, the healer of Justice guild's main roster, was quite involved in the Noob guild even before he enrolled his second avatar in it. He averts the We Used to Be Friends situation Arthéon has with the other members of Justice guild, gives them an experienced player's advice when he notices that they're in a dead end and occasionally gives a helping hand. He also happens to be a little younger than most of the guild and the trope in reinforced when it comes to Sparadrap, the Noob guild's own healer who happens to be Ystos' older but not-too-bright brother.

    Western Animation 
  • Danny Phantom fulfills the role to his younger Opposite-Sex Clone, Danielle, constantly protecting her whenever she is threatened.
  • Zuko for Aang in the second half of the third season on Avatar: The Last Airbender; made all the sweeter by the (sort of) Luke, I Am Your Father revelation that season.
  • Huey, the main character of The Boondocks is an example to his younger brother Riley (and possibly to his Grandfather as well). Considering though that Riley is quite the arrogant Jerk Ass, Huey ends up "educating him the hard way" more often than most Big Brother Mentors.
  • Aqualad acts like this to Robin and also Superboy in Young Justice.
    • As with the comics example, Nightwing to Robin (Tim Drake) in the second season.
      • Superman eventually becomes this to Superboy (but it takes a Hell of a long time for it to happen and when it finally does it's off camera via a time skip).
  • The Voltron Force, especially Lance, serve as Big Brother/Big Sister mentors to the cadets in Voltron Force
  • In ThunderCats (2011), Tygra acts as an interesting combination of this and the The Rival to Lion-O. While he makes no effort to hide how resentful he is of Lion-O's status as The Chosen One, he's also shown that he'll always have Lion-O's back when he's in trouble and has even given him some support when Lion-O doubted himself.
  • In Ninjago, the ninja's are this to Lloyd.
  • Edward from Thomas the Tank Engine serves as one to the younger engines who often are in need of advice like Thomas and Percy and to keep them in line like he does with Bill and Ben.
    • Thomas plays as one to the younger engines in the later seasons, most especially with Billy.
    • Toby was often this in early episodes to Thomas and Percy. After his meekness took over his personality, this trait was downplayed or sometimes even reversed, though still pops up every now and then.
  • Anakin to Ahsoka in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Anakin is not super great at the "Jedi may not have attachments" thing, and so the mentor relationship he has with his Padawan quickly acquires this dynamic.
  • The relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash develops into this in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. In the first two seasons, Scootaloo openly admires Rainbow, though Rainbow doesn't take particular notice of her. When a third season episode has Scootaloo confess she wishes Rainbow would become "like a big sister or something", Rainbow agrees to it. Their next spotlight episode shows how this has developed.

    Real Life 
  • Naturally, the name of the vounteer organizaton Big Brothers is referring to this concept of mentoring (and of course, the Big Brothers are symbolic brothers rather than literal blood kin).

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