Recap / The Sarah Jane Adventures S3 E5-E6 "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"

Sarah Jane is up to something. The kids get sick of her lying and sneaking around, so they follow her. Expecting something to do with aliens, they are shocked to see her on a date! Her boyfriend Peter Dalton soon pops the question. Clyde and Rani are naturally suspicious, and start investigating him. When they discover that his house is unlived in, Sarah Jane is unfazed. In fact, she's acting downright weird, waving off their suspicions and even deactivating Mr. Smith.

The day of the wedding arrives. Clyde smuggles K-9 into the chapel. Everything seems to be going smoothly... until the Tenth Doctor crashes the wedding!!

Turns out it's all a ploy by the Trickster, who gave a dying Peter a second chance at life and even love, in order to get Sarah Jane to forget about fighting aliens. The ring is a brainwashing device, and Sarah Jane's "I do" would have sealed the deal. The Trickster traps the Doctor, Luke, Rani, and Clyde Just One Second Out of Sync with the rest of the universe, and Sarah Jane and Peter Just One Second Out of Sync with them.

Even under threat of being trapped forever, Sarah Jane won't give in. In a Heroic Sacrifice, Peter calls off the deal. Cue Tear Jerker ending.