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Kick The Dog: Anime and Manga
Unfortunately for the dog, this is just the beginning.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya
    • In one scene, grabs the computer club president by the arm, pulls his hand onto the chest of her "friend" Mikuru, takes pictures to falsely incriminate said computer club president of sexual harassment, and then uses this to blackmail said computer club president into giving her a computer for free. When the computer club president points out that everyone in the room is a witness, Haruhi threatens to claim that everyone in the room was ganging up on Mikuru to rape her. Mikuru herself evidently wanted no part in this and was simply forced into it, essentially making this Haruhi's idea. This is the kind of thing a character should go to jail for, but Haruhi gets away with it.
    • She also forces the club to set up the computer, hook up internet, and help Kyon get started on the website, using the falsely claimed information from before. The other protagonists also continue to associate with Haruhi after that, although given what she is capable of, this is justified in-story.
    • We all know how the titular character loves to mistreat, molest and abuse the closest thing to a female friend she has, Mikuru. Naturally, this is played for laughs, but in the 2nd novel, there is a definite scene that crosses the line: During the filming of the Brigade's movie "The Adventures Of Mikuru Asahina", Haruhi (with the help of Genki Girl Tsuruya) puts tequila into Mikuru's drink, so she would act more realistic for the kissing scene. The next thing she does is to punch Mikuru on the head simply because she still wore her colored contact lens. She then continues to punch her several times because the "contact lens is supposed to fly out when your head gets smacked." After Kyon understandably yells at her that Mikuru is not her toy, she seriously replies "Well I've decided, Mikuru-chan is my toy!". This makes Kyon explode and try to punch her, but he is stopped by Koizumi. After Haruhi realizes what Kyon was about to do, she still doesn't get it, confronting him even more. This also shows just what a sociopathic Jerkass Haruhi can be...though soon she starts to get better.
    • This is softened in the anime adaptation, where Haruhi does declare the same thing...but when Kyon is about to hit her for making Mikuru cry and Itsuki stops him, her resulting Heel-Face Turn comes a bit sooner— she does understand that she was wrong, almost immediately stops arguing with Kyon and then stares away from him (with tears in her eyes). Kyon, thanks to Itsuki, realizes that it's not in him to be physically violent.
    • In Disappearance, Kyon threatens the IDSE with complete destruction should they kill Yuki by provoking Haruhi. Wisely, they step down. So what could be worse than killing Yuki? That's right! A Fate Worse Than Death! They elect her in Book 10 to be the ambassador to the Sky Canopy Domain; exposing her existence and sanity to something which is as alien to her as the Data Overmind is to humans. A lesser being would go mad from the revelation. Kyon isn't going to be happy if Yuki doesn't wake up from her naps.
  • Mazinger Z: Big Bad Dr. Hell does not kick dogs. He catches their tails and flings them around, smashing them against a wall until they are a bloody pulp. Yes, it really happened in one of the manga versions. And it happened when Hell was a child. And it happened because he thought the dog was glaring at him (his Abusive Parents, shitty teachers and bullying schoolmates were already wearing down his sanity back then).
    • On the other hand, The Dragon Baron Ashura is not above petty acts of cruelty, but usually they have a purpose. Yet those acts include: hitting a child on his head to knock him out and steal his robot, blowing up the wheelchair of a disabled little girl to prevent her from escaping, ordering one of his Iron Masks to kill a little cub whose mother had just gotten killed...
  • Naruto: Tobi tried to kill a baby For the Evulz. And to make it worse, that baby was Naruto himself, meaning the very first minute of his life had gone to shit.
    • Later on, not only does he directly cause Neji's death, but immediately afterward he taunts Naruto about failing to live up to his promise not to let his friends die.
    • Jirobo insulting Choji for his weight and being the weakest member of the team, but more importantly insulting Choji's best friend Shikamaru's qualifications as a leader.
    • His ally Sakon and his brother literally beat up a dog named Akamaru, who is the partner of Kiba.
    • In the anime version of the fight, Hidan takes a brief moment to insult Team Asuma's teacher, whom he had killed earlier.
    • Orochimaru bringing back the 1st and 2nd Hokages to upset Sarutobi Hiruzen
    • Pain nearly killing Hinata, made worse in the anime, by extending the fight into a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown
      • And if nearly killing Hinata wasn't enough, Pain already has Naruto restrained; all he has to do is just leave and deliver him to the Akatsuki. Instead, he decides to twist the knife that much further by blowing up the entire Hidden Leaf Village out of spite. Needless to say, karma catches up to him very quickly when Naruto finally snaps and unleashes the Nine-Tails...
    • Deidara luring Naruto into fighting him by confirming Gaara's first death.
    • The Fourth Kazekage, while ultimately a man with good intentions, kicked lots of puppies in order to keep his village afloat. Among them included sealing a well-known dangerous demon into his premature son Gaara while his wife was still pregnant with him, an act that would ultimately kill her. Then, when poor Gaara was unable to control the demon, he sent Gaara's maternal uncle Yashamaru, who raised him, to assassinate him. When the attempt failed, Yashamaru told Gaara that he hated him and that his mother never loved before attempting a Taking You with Me by blowing himself up. At the point, Gaara was only six. His father constantly sent assassins after him since then, and by the time he was twelve, his youngest son had been driven insane to the point of becoming a psychotic Serial Killer.
  • Flame of Recca: In his first appearance, Kurei reveals himself to be a complete douche after showing he killed off a minion by showing off his head, deciding Yanagi's electrotherapy needed to be turned up and threatening to kill Ganko, a little girl for betraying him. He then proceeds to taunt her by bringing up her dead mother and how she will be seeing her soon. Add this in with him beating a women who loves him more than life itself, and you see where this is going.
    • Moruken is full of these, trying to kill Recca's teacher's wife, broadcasting the screams of Yanagi's agony while reliving in the face he kills women for pleasure, attacking Koganei from behind after pretending to be a Noble Demon, but his worst is fatally wounding Mikoto, his lover, for losing a fight, which makes you feel sorry for her even though she's also as big a jerk as he is.
    • Mikoto killing a little boy's father and canceling Fuko's victory by forcing the ref to make it her victory
    • Kadotsu recounting the fact he killed most of Team Ku's reinforcements to Saichio
    • A nameless Mook turning a fox's mother into a monster For the Evulz
    • Morei killing a former minion after revealing he had arranger for her to kill her lover, knowing their affair and then mocks her sacrifice. Also his treatment of the aforementioned Kurei, by having his foster mom be implanted with a bomb to force his loyalty and then brings in a daughter for Kurei to love only to kill her in front of him.
  • Every villain in Fist of the North Star engages in kicking the dog in some form. Bad guys who go too far with such in Kenshiro's presence usually wind up dead by head or full body explosion courtesy of the Hokuto Shinken.
    • In one of the early episodes of the anime, one of Diamond's men forces a villager to shoot a can off the head of his little boy with a bow a la William Tell. When the father can't go through with it, the scumbag takes it upon himself to "help" him, taking hold of the bow and arrow in a Hands-On Approach fashion, but deliberately shaking up the poor guy's aim just to be a sadistic asshole. When the arrow finally does get launched, Kenshiro intervenes before the arrow can go into the boy's head, catching the arrow with Nishi Shinkuu Ha before dispatching the mook for his cruelty. When Kenshiro confronts Diamond, he responds to a demand for his name with "I don't give my name to monsters."
      • And as Kick the Dog-tastic as that scene was, the scene it replaced in the manga was even worse. In the part of the manga where the scene takes place, the bad guys are murdering villagers to try to draw out Kenshiro so they can kill him. Diamond pulls a move right out of Once Upon a Time in the West and forces a village girl to support her father in "keep your lovin' brother happy" fashion (for those who haven't seen that movie, the bastard uses her as a human hanging stool, such that when the girl's strength gives out, her father will die by hanging). Fortunately, Kenshiro is there to save them both.
    • Jackal and his men are singularly nasty. Not only do they murder Taki, Bat's adoptive brother who is all of seven years old, for stealing water for Toyo, their adoptive mother, but when they learn that Kenshiro has just provided the dried-up well with water again, they wait for him to leave before descending upon the village. Jackal deliberately gives Toyo a mortal wound, intending for her to live just long enough to see the kids under her care hanged one by one in front of her, and then when Kenshiro comes back and cleans house, the bastard has dynamite tied to the kids to keep Kenshiro from pursuing him, resulting in the death of Toyo when she unties the last stick of dynamite from the poor kid it was strapped to and throws it into the air. This pisses Kenshiro off enough to hunt Jackal and all of his men down in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Souther is this trope. He kidnaps children, forcing them to work on his massive pyramid, and poisons a supply of bread knowing that it will be stolen from him, just to serve as a warning. On top of this he kills the nicest guy in the series in an unimaginably cruel way, an act that infuriates Kenshiro to the point of telling him that "when I'm done with you, there will be nothing left!"
    • In a flashback we see Kaioh decide to start being evil and then, as his first evil guessed it. Oddly enough this is meant to be a serious scene. He also plays this trope very straight in a variety of other ways...
    • A soldier of God's Army kicks Lin's puppy.
    • Young Jagi attempts to stomp a puppy in Yuria's den.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Marik does this by brainwashing Jonouchi and Anzu, forcing Yugi to duel Jyonouchi on a 1-hour time limit where the loser will sink to the bottom of the ocean (or they both will if no one wins), and threatening to drop an explosive dumpster on Anzu if Kaiba interferes. And a while later, there's his Mind Rape of Mai...
    • Kaiba himself has done this on at least a few occasions.
      • In one of his establishing moments, he beats up Yugi after getting called out on stealing his grandpa's Blue Eyes White Dragon. In his next appearance, he kidnaps Yugi's grandpa and forces him to duel with the Blue Eyes White Dragon as an ante. After beating the latter, he takes the Blue Eyes and tears it up, sending the poor old man into shock and into the hospital. As if that weren't enough, he gets Yugi and his friends involved by putting them in the Death-T Amusement Park, with the former dueling in a life or death match.
      • Later on in Duelist Kingdom, he insults Jou, who has challenged and lost against him.
      • When Anzu/Tea consoles Yugi following the latter's loss against Kaiba at Duelist Kingdom, by berating Yugi himself for forfeiting the duel after the latter had just been traumatized by the really cruel Batman Gambit involved, where Kaiba would step off the edge of the castle and to a Death by Falling Over if Yugi made the winning attack, and Yami was planning to make that attack before Yugi jumped in and stopped him. Revoltingly, after Anzu gave him a well-deserved Shut Up, Hannibal! followed by an additional insult from Jou, Kaiba's fanbase wanted him to tell them off, if not beat them up. Really, even if Kaiba was trying to save Mokuba (which Yugi's friends didn't know about, and it'd take them a while to do so), he did not need to do this.
      • And not even MOKUBA is free of Kaiba-kicking. Much later, Kaiba loses to Yami/Yugi AGAIN, and starts whining and ranting about it. When Mokuba tries to help him, Kaiba resorts to insulting Mokuba himself and calling him worthless, which makes Mokuba almost tear up and enrages Jounouchi to the point of challenging him to a duel despite knowing he'd lose. And the Kaiba fangirls rejoiced at that and bended over to excuse Kaiba abusing Mokuba!
  • Pretty much everything Zorin Blitz does to the Wild Geese in Hellsing. She mind rapes them, including one poor guy who's fooled into believing his dead daughter is alive. Even though he knows it's an illusion, he can't help but give the girl a hug…and then Zorin gleefully slices him in half. When Seras Victoria comes storming in, Zorin forces her to remember her childhood - specifically, the time when burglars killed her parents, shot little Seras in the leg and raped her mum's corpse - chops off her arm and blinds her. And as if she hasn't kicked the dog enough, when Pip Bernadotte tries to rescue Seras, he gets Stuffed into the Fridge courtesy of a scythe in the back, and Zorin makes fun of him while Seras is crying over his body, calling him an insect. This proves to be the last mistake Zorin ever makes.
  • Kaiser Ryo in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, following his Freak Out, originally just came off as an unfeeling, disrespectful jerk who liked dressing in black; if anything, his new bad-boy persona only increased his popularity in the eyes of the fangirls...until Episode 95. His brother Sho challenged him to a duel, so Ryo made them both wear shock bands on their wrists that would electrocute them when they took damage. He then spent the duel taking pleasure in watching Sho writhe in pain from the shocks, and almost kills him in the end. Let's repeat that - he did this to his own little brother! Even if Sho was the one who issued the challenge, it was still uncalled for.
    • There's also Howard X Miller who steps on a flower for no reason other than to prove to the audience that he's a villain, however this may be more of a poke the poodle moment.
    • Edo Phoenix also does this to Judai in their second duel by nonchalantly walking away after he sends him into a Heroic BSOD by beating him.
    • When Yubel duels Judai using Johan's deck, at one point, Judai uses Winged Kuriboh's effect to make all battle damage he takes for one turn become zero, which is illustrated by a forcefield protecting Judai. Yubel angrily orders Johan's monsters to attack anyway, and they crash into the forcefield and injure themselves as Yubel laughs and mocks them. Keep in mind that this was a Shadow Duel so the monsters were real, not mere holograms.
  • To drive the point home, Jack Atlas of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds kidnapped a mutual friend, tied him up and put him in a rowboat placed in the sea during a violent storm in order to force Yuusei to choose between his SDD card or their friend's life.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • In the anime, nearly every single character is a victim of this. Significant props go to: Gendo for emotionally and psychologically destroying his own son until he has the self-esteem of a small, frequently-abused dog; for using and throwing away Ritsuko over and over again until she's an emotional wreck; for using Rei like a non-sentient puppet and continually bringing her back to life know what, Gendo Ikari does a lot of dog kicking.
    • In the manga version, Kaworu Nagisa kills a kitten, going along with the Japanese switch of Petting The Dog with a cat. He justifies this by saying that, since neither he nor Shinji would care for the orphaned kitten, it would die a slow, painful death through starvation if he didn't put it out of its misery. Still, seeing someone squeeze the life out of a poor, innocent kitten is... disturbing, to say the least. Tokyo-3 may not have a Humane Society, and all the people there are probably preoccupied with more important things, but he still gained the Fan Nickname "Evil Manga Kaworu" for this.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena:
    • Nanami Kiryuu is established early on as a deceptive and manipulative bully. She's insanely jealous of any girls her brother Touga shows interest in, and she idolizes him to an almost sexual degree. But she only really becomes freaky when shown in a flashback: She's seven years old at the time, and her brother gets a cute little kitten (as a birthday present from her) and pays more attention to it than he does to her, even while he's talking to her. Nanami puts the thing in a box and pushes it into a water treatment center, drowning it. To her credit, she does run away crying immediately afterwards, and it's strongly implied that she didn't fully realise what she'd done until it was too late; but then she says something like, "I'm sorry, I had to do it!", as if trying to justify the whole episode to herself. Needless to say, she's one messed-up kid.
    • Touga himself, being a manipulative playboy, also does plenty of dog-kicking over the course of the series. Some of his actions are comparatively petty, such as burning his childhood friend Saionji's exchange diary right after he'd promised to take care of it for him while he was gone. Some others, however, are downright horrific, to the point of making his abovementioned sister a far more sympathetic character: while Nanami is convinced that she and Touga are Not Blood Siblings, Touga seduces one of the members of her Girl Posse (Keiko, who is herself a backstabbing False Friend) and coldly claims that he has no sister and that he never actually loved Nanami — and that's just the beginning of what he does to her in episode 32!
  • Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist has a couple of Kick the Dog moments, the biggest of which is when he not only gleefully gloats to Mustang about how he killed Hughes, but even outright mocks Hughes in front of his best friend. It does not end well for Envy.
  • Elfen Lied: Lucy lived in an orphanage when she was younger, where the other children often harassed her because of her horns and emotionless nature. Soon after she started caring for a puppy, the others forced her to watch them kick a dog and beat it to death with a vase, just to try and get her to show something. They got more than they bargained for: Lucy snapped and left no witnesses.
    • Played with near the very beginning of the series, when Mayu is first introduced. After leaving the house, Lucy stares for a while at Mayu's dog, which tied to a post near the front gate. It seems like she actually killed the dog for real...but the only thing she did was cut its rope. Which, given that it was quite obviously terrified of her, might actually count as a Pet the Dog instead.
      • The scenes manage to be even more shocking when you take into account the fact that both of these dogs are drawn as little more than small puppies.
  • The anime series Nightwalker includes a villain who feeds on dogs.
  • Lina Inverse of Slayers does this to varying degrees, either to the people she's fighting or to her allies, namely Amelia. Regularly she becomes outright genocidal whenever there's food at stake (such as blowing up a restaurant over a fallen sardine in Slayers Premium), or if someone takes note of her small bust size, irregardless if it's an insult or not. She regularly abuses her swordsman companion Gourry, and abuses Amelia's (a princess of an influential kingdom) vast fortune for meals and other luxuries. It's taken even further in the radio dramas: in one, she shoves Amelia in a pickle barrel and forgets she's there during a trip in the sewers, and in another, she offers some Fish People Amelia as a bride in order to get off of an abandoned island.
  • From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Long before he became a vampire, Dio Brando, Big Bad of Parts 1 and 3, introduced himself to Jonathan Joestar by kicking his dog Danny in the head. Then later, he sets the dog in the incinerator and tricks the butler into to burning the dog to death. What an asshole.
    • And then in Part 3, Vanilla Ice kicks the dog (Iggy) to reinforce his utter admiration of and loyalty to Dio. Iggy had used his stand to create a sand-based image of Dio, and Vanilla Ice was enraged at being forced to destroy the image when it attacked him.
    • Then in the final fight of Part 3, Dio takes time out of his busy time-stopping schedule to dismember a cat and drop pieces of it in people's food.
  • In an episode of Go Lion, One of Prince Sincline's slave women accidently spills some wine on his lap, he responds by taking out his Laser Blade and killing her on the spot. Obviously this scene could not be portrayed in a kids cartoon in America so it was cut of Voltron.
  • Happens with cats in the manga of Sailor Moon, when Luna, Artemis and Diana are wounded by Tin Nyanko and turn into ordinary, non-talking cats. To make matters worse, one of Galaxia's minions, Lethe, kills them in the next tearing their bodies apart, no less.
    • In the anime, Rubeus' abuse of his Love Martyr Koan feels like a repeated puppy kicking. Calaveras and Petz abandoning Berthier after she loses to Ami is also a quite dickish move. Unlike Rubeus, who crosses the Moral Event Horizon gleefully, Calaveras and Petz get better.
  • Paul tops the list as being the biggest Jerkass in the Pokémon anime by releasing Pokemon that lose battles. In his first appearance, he captured three Starly and kept the one that knew Aerial Ace...and later, despite the fact that it won against Ash's Starly, released that one as well (in the same episode, no less)! Other moments include releasing his Chimchar after Nurse Joy told him to not overwork his Pokemon on the day before battle not only because he deemed Chimchar too weak after he had his other Pokemon to gang up on it, but because Chimchar wouldn't attack the enemy team because the other team had a Zangoose. He also defeated gym leader Maylene easily and calls her the weakest gym leader he has ever battled (this might be the gym leader that his older brother might have crush on). The last one being refusing to take Brandon's advise with treating your opponent with respect and curb stomps Ash causing him to have a Heroic BSOD in the next episode because Paul convinced him in battle that it was his fault that his Pokemon were weak.
    • Team Rocket is prone to doing this as well, when they're at their worst.
      • In "Pallet Party Panic", it isn't enough for Team Rocket to simply make off with Pikachu after distracting the heroes by serving them infernally spicy food; as they make off in their hot air balloon, they proceed to bombard the party, causing chaos and destroying all the food present. Ash's Pidgeotto is poisoned by Arbok in its attempt to stop them. It takes Charizard getting ticked off by them destroying a table with fruit that he had his eyes set on that they finally get their just desserts.
      • In an episode where Ash's Chikorita evolves into Bayleef in Johto, they having Weezing and Arbok beat him up because Chikorita was the only Pokemon he had with him at the time, and she'd gotten captured. Another instance where they did this was in Odd Pokemon Out!, where Ash's Grovyle evolves into Sceptile to rescue a Meganium he had a crush on...then found out that he couldn't use moves due to being heartbroken because she actually was the significant other of a Tropius Grovyle had been fighting that episode. Team Rocket seizes this opportunity, beating up Sceptile with Cacnea and Seviper, while calling Sceptile a wimp. Sceptile broke out of this Heroic BSOD two episodes later, but it was still a really big dick move.
      • And how did he break out of said BSOD? Because when Ash tried to yet again prevent Pikachu from being kidnapped by the Rockets and was hanging on from their trademark balloon...they sent out their Pokemon to attack him. You heard it right: they sent said Pokemons to openly attack a human child who's completely helpless by that moment, and who would've been killed by falling off such heights. If not for Grovyle going Papa Wolf, Ash would've not survived said deal.
      • Meowth is at his lowest so far in Best Wishes when we find out that he lied about being fired from Team Rocket and he joined Ash and his friends just so he, Jessie and James could steal their Pokemon. While Meowth pretended to be Ash's friend in order to steal his and his friends Pokemon a few times, this time he almost suceeded and looked gleefully sadistic while doing this. Also he earned the trust of Ash and his friends and broke it. Pikachu was so hurt by this, that he didn't forgive Meowth after this. It is also presented as more vile than anything he did, although he is capable of much worse than just mere deception, as seen in the Japanese version of episode 12 when he translates the Squirtle Squad's command that Ash make it back with the Super Potion before noon as a death threat to Misty—and seeing that the Squirtle Squad didn't join up with him to be hired killers, Misty was lucky he's too much of a Noble Demon to actually follow through with his death threat.
  • Whenever Wakamatsu Madoka, the heroine's bitchy rival in Full Moon o Sagashite, looks like she might be getting too sympathetic, she is shown being cruel to her adorable pet pig, thereby cementing her reputation of bitchiness.
  • We are first introduced to Teresa of the Faint Smile in Claymore when she casually splatters bystanders flicking the blood from her sword after killing a Yoma, then hints that failure to give the payment for her services to the correct traveller will result in more attacks and no help. In the next town she kicks a young girl the local Yoma kept for 'entertainment' halfway across a street in an unsuccessful attempt to dissuade her from following. It was only after the kid's persistence and an encounter with bandits pushes her into Morality Pet status that we learn her name (Clare) and realize this is the Backstory of the previous chapters' protagonist.
    • Ophelia has a pechant for doing this, be it chopping off her comrades legs or tossing Innocent Bystanders in the path of danger, just because. The most prominant incident was what she did to Miria, whom she made kill her best friend and mentor, Hilda, inadvertantly in order to, well, not for any good logical reason, really. Hilda was on the verge of becoming an awakened being - which Ophelia is obsessed with hunting - but she asked Ophelia to send Miria the black card that signified that she was ready to be exterminated as a human by the person she cared for the most. Ophelia of course said that she would carry out her message to Miria... and then rips the card to shreads and allows Hilda to transform into a monster. When Ophelia and Miria are sent on an awakened being hunt together, it's not Ophelia herself who ends up killing Hilda, but Miria at her command (and sadly, Hilda retained enough of her human mind to not fight Miria back). After the battle, Ophelia nonchalantly tells Miria that all of this was her doing, but Hilda deserved to die because, well, she was a monster. Miria lost her cool at this point.
  • The climax of the Rurouni Kenshin movie has the Japanese army surrounding a small force of rebels, stopped while Kenshin goes in to try talking them (and their leader) down. Kenshin succeeds, only for the real villain, an officer in the army, to have soldiers open fire on the surrendering rebels anyway, killing several, including the leader (who had acknowledged that he'd been wrong). True to the spirit of the trope, Kenshin (a Technical Pacifist) snaps, goes Battousai, and very nearly kills the officer.
    • The original series has Raijuta punting the same puppy twice. First he gravely injures Yutaro's arm in a way that effectively cripples him and almost surely destroys his dream to be a swordsman, and immediately after that he openly admits that he was using the bratty yet naive kid only for his own gain. Yeah, the victim was a Spoiled Brat, but he definitely did not deserve what Raijuta did to him.
    • Usui trying to stab Misao In the Back for no reason at all. Fortunately, Anji stops him.
  • Prior to her Heel-Face Turn, Gatomon in Digimon Adventure does a minor case of this. A growling dog approaches her, and she smacks the animal with her tail. The dog goes off whimpering as the catmon smirks.
  • Amusingly, Digimon Adventure 02 uses this trope literally: Ken, while still the Kaiser, kicks a small dog for no other reason than because he can. He also kicks his Digimon, Wormmon, on numerous occasions.
    • Done again near the end, where one of the Dark Seed kids, a girl named Noriko, kicks a kitten. It was direct parallel of Ken's dog kicking, as the now Heel-Face Turn-ed Ken witnesses it from afar and very visibly winces at the sight. Both occasions of punting are cut from the dub.
  • Digimon Tamers has an example of this when Beelzemon does this to Kyuubimon; a 9-tailed fox digimon. Made even worse by the fact that Kyuubimon was already wounded and couldn't defend herself.
  • Fate Testarossa introduces herself to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha by roughing up an enormous kitten for a Jewel Seed. She (Fate) gets better.
    • Fate's mother, Precia, introduces herself by whipping Fate repeatedly for not getting enough of said Jewel Seeds, establishing herself as the cruelest villain of the series.
    • Pick any moments in Force. Any moment.
  • Mai-Otome viewers get an early glimpse of Tomoe's not-so-niceness when she slaps around her so-called friend Miya and almost makes her cry when they botch a prank involving the sale and eventual damage of Arika's Garderobe uniform in Episode 5, and then tries to save face by coercing Miya into Taking the Heat for the whole thing. She then took it a step further and tried to kill Arika with Miya's GEM, after Miya gets expelled for her role in Tomoe's schemes. And that's just for starters...
    • In the manga, after Arika has an accident with the Artai ambassador, Nagi appears to have his bodyguards ready to kill her, but Nina intervenes, willing to accept punishment in Arika's place. Nagi then has her bend over and repeatedly hits her backside with a riding crop, doing so even more when seeing bandages on her fingers from her attempts to complete her sewing project.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Hiten, a Monster of the Week, comes home with a woman, and when his brother Manten tells him that he failed to collect some jewel shards he discovered, flies into a rage and kills her for no apparent reason. Very gruesomely, too: in the manga he punches a hole through her head, and in the anime, he uses a blast of lightning to fry her to a charred husk.
    • Manten himself was no slouch. He and Hiten had killed and skinned a powerful fox youkai, and when the youkai's son Shippou confronted them, he noticed...that Manten was wearing his dad's fur around his belt. And Manten openly laughed about it in front of little Shippou. Think whatever you want of Shippou as a character, but that was a seriously dickish move.
    • Tsubaki the Dark Priestess gets one when she contaminates the Shikon no Tama with her own miasma, which causes Kagome incredible physical strain and pain. Then, she takes control of Kagome's body and forces her to try shooting Inuyasha, despite an horrified Kagome's protests.
    • Naraku has dozens of moments like this:
    • The moth demon bandit Gatenmaru is also pretty dickish; when he has Inuyasha and Miroku trapped in an acidic cocoon, he decides to show them just how helpless they are before they die by making them watch as he drains the village women of blood. He gets his just desserts when Inuyasha succumbs to his Superpowered Evil Side and tears him to shreds.
  • Smug Snake Jonathan Glenn does this in Brain Powerd when he destroys Nelly's house with his brand-new Baronz. He had no reason to do that, he just wanted to show off his power and make Yuu suffer.
    • A few episodes before, Jonathan tells Yuu (paraphrased): "I have slept with your sister, and after that with your dear mom as well. They care about me more than they care about you! Hahahaaa!". Yeah, Johnny Boy is a jerk.
  • Despite being a hero (well, Anti-Hero), Lelouch from Code Geass gets a definite Kick the Dog moment when he orders the slaughter of anyone connected with the Geass as part of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for his close friend Shirley's murder. Since a Geass user killed her, his anger is somewhat justified, but taking it out on civilians and children is the point where it crosses into this or the other trope. Yes, it IS true that the scientists were hardly innocent, but the kids were both Child Soldiers and victims of said scientists's experiments (which made them into Child Soldiers in the first place).
    • It's meant to show that Lelouch was definitely losing it. On the other hand, considering that one of the Geass Users, given the chance, quickly steals one soldier's body and uses him to kill his team-mate, and shows no reaction for doing so it clearly drives home the point Cornelia gave in the previous episode: you never, ever, give Geass Users an opportunity. Just take a step back and think about it - Lelouch kills three or four dozen heavily armed soldiers over the course of the series using the same method simply because they give him the few seconds needed to make eye contact, and can create a small army with a half-hours work. Lelouch knows just how stupid it would be to take chances. They're not even victims: they're fully trained child assassins, armed with the most powerful of personal weapons - mind control - possess absolute loyalty to the master that's fed and trained them for as long as they remember, and have no morals or compassion for human life. They're dangerous. So, this is more of a "Shoot the Cerberus" moment, because he can't win with any other method, and he can't run, because they'll attack him, and he can't defeat them if they have the advantage of surprise, and he's only avoided them because they don't realise he knows about them.
    • Charles did this to Lelouch as well on a couple of crucial occasions as well (like saying "old news, what about it?" when young Leluch called him out on his indifference towards Marianne's murder).
    • Schneizel manipulating an already unstable Teen Genius into creating a Sphere of Destruction for him — and telling her repeteadly that, by joining him and doing his bidding, she'd be fulfilling the wish of the person she was in love with. Said person? His own dead sister Euphemia. He also sabotages the reconciliation between Lelouch and Suzaku by arresting the former, and sets up the betrayal from the Black Knights with a Quote Mine from said meeting. The bastard doesn't stop there, though. After Lelouch has decided on his ZeroApproval Thanatos Gambit after also believing Nunnally to be lost as well thanks to the FLEIJA destruction Schneizel caused, Schneizel sets up Nunnally, who has been hidden away by him, as his enemy.
  • The Pretty Cure villains are pros at this.
    • In Episode 11 of Futari wa Pretty Cure, after assuming his monstrous form to fight Nagisa/Cure Black and Honoka/Cure White, Gekidrago becomes so frustrated that he willingly attacks Ryota, Nagisa's little brother, just for having wandered near the scene of the battle. Terrible mistake. An enraged Cure Black declares This Is Unforgivable! and attacks Gekidrago with a vengeance...and, as one might imagine, the dumb oaf does not live to see the end of the episode.
    • Femme Fatale Poisonny's tactics almost always involve some dog kicking, mainly using mind control over a group of bystanders and using them as meat shields. Like getting Nagisa and Honoka's schoolmates Kyouko and Natsuko Brainwashed and Crazy in Episode 14: she not only mind-controls them into believing they are the Cures, but also into either attacking the real Cures or deliberately putting themelves in danger so Honoka and Nagisa would get distracted in battle trying to save them.
    • In Splash Star, the very first thing Karehan (the first member of Dark Fall's Quirky Miniboss Squad) does is beat up Flappy and Choppy to force them to give up information about the Source of the Sun.
    • It seems that villains, in that series, are at their worst when they're about to be killed by the heroines. In Episode 13 of Splash Star, Moerumba destroys a glass sculptor's work in front of Saki and Mai just to prove his point that might makes right. And that was his last episode, barring his resurrection later in the series.
    • Shitataare, while a somewhat humorous villainess, seemed to try her best to get under Saki and Mai's skin by repeatedly reminding them of how Michiru and Kaoru were trapped in the darkness and forever lost. The only villain who refrained from punting the pup in that season, other than Michiru and Kaoru themselves, was Kintolesky, because of his obsession with fighting fair.
  • Jerkass road racer Shingo from Initial D. We first witness him tapping the bumper of Iketani's car (which had just come back from being repaired after a horrible crash), and later when confronted, says that it's Iketani's own fault for being too slow. He continues his Kick The Dog moments by challenging Takumi to a match in which both drivers' non-shifting hands are taped to the steering wheel, breaks up a date between Itsuki and his blind date by crashing Itsuki's car, and during the race that he challenged Takumi to, attempts to crash Takumi's car in an attempt to end the match in a draw (since Shingo couldn't catch up anymore), and this is where his rampage ends: He misses Takumi and crashes into the guardrail instead. But this turns into a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Iketani and Itsuki come across Shingo and offer to take him to the hospital instead of getting mad at him, and since then Shingo is more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • In Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, little Marie's entire family (including her dog) are gunned down by the Neo Atlantian soldiers just because they're that mean.
  • Shizuru's attack on a near-defenseless Yukino (which resulted in Haruka's death) in Mai-HiME punctuated her Face-Heel Turn.
    • Also, Nao, did you really need to kidnap both Takumi and later Natsuki? The worst part is that Mai, whom Nao tried to kidnap Takumi to hurt attempted to stop the fight in which Nao lost her eye. And then Karma, in the form of Shizuru, bloodily caught up with her...
    • It initially appears as though a brainwashed Mikoto was responsible for destroying Akira's Child and thus killing Takumi, but it later turns out that it was actually Shiho. Her reason?
    Mai: You got Akira-kun and Takumi?
    Shiho: Because Onii-chan pays attention only to you.
    • Really not helped by how, before that puppy punting happened, Shiho was both very ill and desperate since Yuuchi had broken a promise to her when she was in the hospital. Then, Nagi proceeded to groom the puppy to be kicked via going towards Shiho when she was at her lowest point and then getting to her head, which is soon followed by her Face-Heel Turn. It's no wonder that at the end of the series, when the dead or defeated Himes gets better thanks to Mashiro, the remorseful Shiho quietly and sadly wonders if she actually deserves to be helping out in the final battle, and Yukariko has to reassure her.
  • In Saint Seiya, Aquarius Camus is quite a Knight Templar, and we get to see that clearly when he uses his power to singlehandedly sink a frozen ship...which was the sort-of tomb of Natasha, the mother of Camus's disciple Hyoga. To be fair, Hyoga did need to outgrow his Oedipus Complex, but daaaaaamn.
    • Creepy Twins Thanatos and Hypnos are much worse, as they repeteadly try to kill Seiya's amnesiac Waif Prophet sister Serika just because she's there. Thank Athena that Jabu is there and helps the girl out.
    • Cancer Deathmask actually introduces himself by kicking puppies, as in the anime he throws a blind Shiryu down the Rozan cascade because he tried to defend his Old Master Dohko.
    • One of the moments when we're 100% aware that Hilda has become a Dark Messiah is when she kills a little singing bird she was holding in her hands. And later, we see her verbally abusing Mizar Bud to deliberately encourage his rivalry with his estranged brother Mizar Cid, fully aware of how much the first hates the latter. In a subversion, she's not doing this willingly, but because she's Brainwashed and Crazy.
    • Isaac also does this via not only mocking Hyoga and taking up his "offer" of blinding him in one eye as "payback" for Isaac's own Eye Scream in the past, but by savagely beating up a completely indefense Kiki.
    • In the fillers, the trope is discussed when Agora and Shiva throw Helen, a girl no older than 12, inside an active volcano. For them, this is a Shoot the Dog scenario and they believe that the girl's soul will become a saintly spirit; for Ikki, their POV is bullshit and they did it For the Evulz. And when we learn that Helen actually managed to hold on the volcano walls and survived, Ikki turns the tables on Agora and Shiva's Curb-Stomp Battle and ultimately defeats them.
  • In Yakitate Japan, we see just how rotten Tsukino's stepsister Yukino is in a flashback, where Yukino throws the ashes of Tsukino's late mother onto a tree while laughing like a maniac. A very jarring moment for a comedy about bread-making, especially since it's all but forgotten after that scene.
  • One Piece has quite a lot.
    • In a very literal version, before we even get a look at her face, the very first thing "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock does is kick a kitten that simply happened to be in her path. In the very next chapter she destroys a clay statue of her that the tribe's children worked on, claiming that it ruined the aesthetics, before proceeding to toss the tribe's elder through a window (though to be fair, she did know said elder was Made of Iron), and if that wasn't enough, in the next chapter she petrifies three of Luffy's newfound allies when they try to reason with her. Luckily for the side of good, that just happens to be one of Luffy's Berserk Buttons... After he beat her and made her fall in love with him, she has sort-of done a Heel-Face Turn, but she's still at it - a few chapters later she comes across a puppy and a baby seal...guess what happens. All the Kuja tribe forgives her for all that, though, because Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful!, as she herself says.
    • Earlier in One Piece, there was an even more literal version of this when minor villain Mohji the Lion Tamer kicked an Angry Guard Dog in his path. He then proceeded to cross the Moral Event Horizon by taking the only thing the dog cared about (a pet shop once owned by his deceased master) and burning it to the ground right in front of him. Cue the asskicking from Luffy.
    • During the Buster Call in Enies Lobby, we are briefly shown a Marine captain so ruthless his immediate response to a subordinate hesitating to fire on a base full of their own men, is to shoot this officer in the face.
    • Also subverted quite cleverly at the start of the Loguetown arc. When we first meet new villain Smoker, he is walking down the street looking generally sinister. A little girl running around with an ice cream cone accidentally bumps into him and ruins his marine uniform by getting chocolate all over his pants. Smoker gives the girl an intense, hard look...and then sweetly apologizes for bumping into her. He even gives her money to buy even more than she lost. Especially effective since up to this point, all the villains in One Piece had been irredeemable bastards; Smoker is the first antagonist with real moral complexity to him.
    • Akainu ruthlessly slaughters the deserters during the Whitebeard War and tried to do the same to Cobi who is trying to stop the fight after the reason it was started for is lost.
    • This gets invoked By Rob Lucci, who tells Paulie that if he can't believe that his long time coworkers are actually WG assassins, Lucci would step on Iceburg's face to help convince him.
    • Arlong. He kills little girl Nami's mother, and forces Nami to be his navigator. He tells her she can buy back the village at a high price. A few years later, Nami (now a young adult) has saved up and is happy she's about to save her village so everyone can put the shark-man occupation behind them. Unfortunately, Arlong decides it would be a good idea to tip off a slimy military man so that he can take all the money, putting Nami back literally years.
    • Akainu goading Ace into fighting him by insulting Whitebeard resulting Ace's death.
    • Hody Jones gloating to the Fishmen public that he killed Shirahoshi's mother
    • Caesar Clown admitting that he caused the disaster that harmed Brownbeard's crew while pretending he's still a good guy
  • In Gundam 00 the Federation military unit A-Laws is established as pretty mean when they arrest an innocent Saji Crossroad for hanging out with a suspected rebel, who they both shoot and beat up for trying to run away. Saji gets sent to what appears a penal colony created solely to make the inmates' lives a living hell, and then the A-Laws test their brand spanking-new killbots by letting them run amok in the colony. And then they get a Kill Sat...the first time it is used, a refugee camp gets destroyed. It then goes From Bad to Worse.
    • The oft-cited "Nena attacks a wedding out of frustration/boredom" incident also counts, since her character was established one episode earlier as a playful yet mentally unstable child soldier (her older brothers are much less on the "playful" side...especially Michael).
      • And then Liu Mei scoffs at Hong Long's death and doesn't seem to appreciate that he did it to save her, which is a Kick the Dog moment in itself.
  • In one episode of Fushigi Yuugi, while talking with underlings, Nakago takes a canary out of its cage and crushes it in his hands, just for the heck of it.
  • Now and Then, Here and There. Except it's a cat. And it's not kicked, it has its neck snapped when Hamdo has a tantrum.
  • In the end credits for "Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~", main character (and assassin) Zwei is depicted repeatedly shooting a target's sad-eyed dog after he's killed her. One assumes we're meant to take this to mean that he's edgy and dangerous in his brainwashed and confused assassin persona.
  • In Eyeshield 21, anything that Agon does. Highlights include: taking Kurita's spot at Shinryuuji just to spite Hiruma; perving on, accosting and nearly assaulting Mamori; nearly taking Sena's eye out at the tournament drawing; beating up the sympathetic Zokugaku Chameleons; intentionally dislocating the rather puppy-like Mizumachi's shoulder in a scrimmage, all the nasty things he says to his less talented but much nicer twin brother, and trying to break the knees of a child in a wheelchair.
  • Romeo X Juliet's Lord Laertes Van di Montague does this regularly, but the worst (aside of the terrible massacre of the Back Story) is him forcing his ally Titus into a duel and killing him in front of his son Mercutio. For no other reason than proving a point to Mercutio.
  • In Blade of the Immortal, Shira not only kicks the dog, but kills the dog Rin had befriended the previous night and tricks her into eating it. We already know Shira is beyond Moral Event Horizon and accelerating.
  • The World Is Mine introduces its Villain Protagonists by showing Wild Child Mon casually toss the girl he was having sex with out of their moving car onto the freeway. Mon's partner Toshiya tortures and kills an elderly couple.
  • In his early appearances, Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach was clearly designed to be loathed by the audience due to the near constant abuse he levelled towards his daughter and lieutenant, Nemu.
    • There's also the part where he tries to kill Ikkaku when he refuses to answer his questions, before Kenpachi stops him.
    • Gin Ichimaru is introduced by slicing off Jidanbo's arm (only making a gash in it in the anime) and suggesting that he should have died defending the gate. And then there's his falsely offering to help save Rukia and all his friends before her execution just to raise and dash her hopes, turning the emotionally broken girl into a screaming wreck for no reason at all. During the war in Fake Karakura Town, he attacks Hiyori from behind when she's going after Aizen (whom she could never have put a scratch on anyway), and either effectively bisects her (manga) or impales her through the torso (anime).
    • Byakuya does some pretty assholish things in the Soul Society arc before his Heel-Face Turn, such as refusing to allow Renji to be treated when he's defeated (which earns him a harsh scold from Renji's friend Momo in the anime), attempting to overkill Ganju simply for being a Shiba, and openly insulting the more merciful captains such as Ukitake. In fact, some believe that if it wasn't for his Freudian Excuse and becoming a Sugar and Ice Personality over Rukia once he has his HFT, he would've crossed the Moral Event Horizon.
    • No matter some of his fans deny it, Ulquiorra has some of these moments under his belt. The biggest one is, after fatally injuring Ichigo, specifically telling Orihime to "Take a good luck at how I kill the man you put your hopes on". And once Ichigo dies and Orihime begins splintering, he openly mocks her. No wonder Orihime almost toally lost it.
    • Tousen, who, after his Resurrection, was able to see for the first time in his life, started laughing like a maniac, commenting on all the things he could see, before turning towards a silent Komamura and remarked that he looked far uglier than he thought.
    • Sosuke Aizen has kicked many puppies, but two of these have been mutilated under the force of his kicks: his ex-lieutenant, Momo Hinamori, and her best friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya. How does he do such things? He stabs the girl to almost death as he reveals himself as Not Quite Dead (and as the end of all the More Than Mind Control he's subjected her to for decades), then admits it when questioned by a very pissed off Hitsugaya, and seriously injures him when he tries to attack him. And much later? Upon being under attack, he uses his Master of Illusion powers to make Hitsugaya believe he's attacking him...while in fact, he's attacking Hinamori. Who took a while to return from the brink of death.
      • From Bad to Worse; when Hitsugaya finds Hinamori, he apologizes...and says he should've cut her body up instead.
      • Attacking Halibel, who had barely survived fighting Hitsugaya just because he was pissed off that the higher Espada lost.
      • And then chasing Ichigo's friends around Karakura with the intention of killing them and provoke Ichigo.
    • Ginjo taunts Ichigo after taking his powers.
    • The Vandereich's murder of Chojiro Sasakibe can be seen as this too. Okay, so finishing someone off when they try to stop you from reaching to his boss is something. Shooting said person into a wall with a giant crossbow out of spite to him and his boss and mocking him as he bleeds to death is...something else.
      • The Vandereich leader isn't much better, what with him murdering two subordinates for borderline whims. He also mocks Yamamoto's attempts as The Atoner before killing him brutally
      • Also done by the leader of the Stern Ritter, Haschwald, when he subjects Hidetomo to a cruel Breaking Speech before slicing him in half with his hand and by Bambietta when she insults Komamura, calling him a "doggie dog" afer killing half his division. The worst case, however, comes a while later, with As Nodt mindraping Byakuya into having an hallucination of Rukia melting before almost killing him, and Driscoll releasing the Bankai he stole from Sasakibe purely to taunt the VERY pissed Yamamoto.
  • Miss Minchin in Shokojo Sera does this, except that it's Kick The Cat, and the cat gets its revenge fairly soon. Ironically, she soon undergoes a probable Heel-Face Turn, and is seen holding the same cat in her arms an episode later.
  • Deathsaurus in Transformers Victory leaves the Dinoforce to die on Atlantis after he gets enough energy to reactivate his evil fortress of doom. Tragically, they keep on stealing energy while under the impression that he's going to return.
  • Grewcica in the Gunnm OVA kills the dog that Gally picked up. Gally then uses the pup's blood to paint her face, giving herself the marks we know so well.
  • In Kinnikuman, Mixer Taitei does an almost literal example (but ratchets up the brutality) by needlessly killing a helpless puppy with his blender blades, thoroughly establishing him as one of the most monstrous heels Kinnikuman would ever face. In Nisei, you also have Dialbolik/Tel Tel Boy killing famous wrestlers just to get an audience's attention.
  • In the fourth arc's witches' tea party in Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Lambdadelta and Bernkastel cracking up at poor Ange's terrible fate was one of the big shots across the bow to keep an eye on those two.
    • Erika smashing Maria's dreams in front of her.
    • Rosa going crazy and tearing up Sakutaro.
    • Ange's classmates humiliating her in the beginning of the fourth arc, by forcing her to write and read out loud a letter in which she blames herself for her bad grades and being The Load on the class.
    • Every interaction Kinzo has ever had with his sons and daughters is a Kick the Dog moment. A great example would be what he did to Eva, purely because she's female , or even "better", sexually abusing his Heroic Bastard Beatrice Ushiromiya.
  • Sakyo of YuYu Hakusho does this as it is revealed in his backstory that he tortured animals in his job at a pet shop in his boredom.
    • Tarukane's horrible treatment of Yukina, in which he tortured her painfully to make her cry her tears of pearls, and took to having Younger Toguro kill her pet birds when she became desensitized to pain.
    • Sadist Teachers Iwai and Akashi messing up with Kuwabara's grades deliberately to ruin his promise to get good ones so his friend would be allowed to keep his part-time job. Thankfully, the director catches them on it and fixes the problem.
  • From ef - a fairy tale of the two.: while nobody ended up dead and she's not exactly a villain, Kei deletion of a very nervous Miyako's extremelyy anguished text messages to their common love interest Hiro, when he stands up to her in their date to stay with Kei after she has an accident, and doing so before he can check them up — so he won't know that poor Miyako's been waiting for hours and ended up having a huge Heroic BSOD feels very much like this. So much that, for some, the scene where Kei finds a naked Miyako in Hiro's home, thus becoming aware that they've reconciled and have had sex as well and running away in tears until her injured leg gives in comes off as the girl's karmic punishment rather than the Tear Jerker it may have been supposed to be.
  • Black Butler: In the first episode of the second season, Alois Trancy stabs his maid Hannah Anasfeloz in the eye with his fingers. For daring to look her master in the eye while serving him. The nerve of her.
  • In the Liar Game, Yokoya does this to his two pet mice.
  • The Christmas present episode in Jazz was a massive Kick the Dog moment on Naoki's part.
  • About every villain in the Dragon Ball series performs at least one Kick the Dog moment, from Nappa incinerating a city to nothing to Majin Buu transforming whole crowds of civilians into food and eating them and just minutes before he attempts to kill them all.
  • Izaya does this in Durarara!! when he spends all of episode 17 making Kida's life HELL, even using his Honey Trap Saki for such purposes.
    • His treatment of the distraught Rio Kamichika, whom he almost drives to suicide purely for the lulz.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • The manga had its fair share of Kick the Dog moments from Gajeel attacking Shadow Gear and Lucy.
    • Ultear possessing Jellal and in turns making Erza's life even more miserable.
    • Faust using Magnolia as a missile against The Exceed so he could have infinite magic among other things.
    • Flare Corona had a big one against Lucy in the first match-up, first by taking little Asuka hostage in order to beat Lucy up without resistance. Then after Natsu foiled that plan and Lucy was ready to retaliate with a match-ending spell, one of Flare's teammates nullifies not only the spell but all of Lucy's power, rendering her unable to continue. Flare, who was crying just moments before, gets up and laughs mockingly at her.
    • Saber Tooth's Guild Master, Genma. His treatment and subsequent punishment of Yukino and then what he did to Lector.
    • Minerva, Genma's daughter, is a fairly new character but she already has a laundry list of Kick the Dog moments that rivals anything Ultear had done in her past and might have taken the position of 'Biggest Bitch' for the series. Here's just a few of said moments:
      • Trouncing Lucy so badly, she needed to be hospitalized in her match-up just because Lucy refused to give up even after having her Keys taken away.
      • Delivers one to her own father by kicking him out of his own Guild after he 'loses' to an enraged Sting.
      • Killing time from jumping in on the Erza/Kagura match-up by torturing their mutual friend Miliana into a bloody mess.
      • After Erza is turned into a child by a spell, who should come in to take advantage of the heroic redhead's current state to torture/kill her for revenge?
  • Sakura Gari has too many Kick the Dog moments to mention. Here's a short list: Souma does it to Masataka by repeatedly raping him and then further hurts him by revealing (after his own suicide attempt) that the reason he does this is because he loves him. And Souma has been kicked continuously his whole life by every single responsible adult in his life to the point where the only way he ever received affection was through him being raped and molested...(which puts his behaviour towards Masataka in a whole other horrifying light). However, one of the two who has repeatedly Kicked The Dog throughout the series with absolutely no remorse or conscience is Dr. Katsuragi, who started raping and torturing Souma when he was in charge of him as a little boy (Katsuragi was 17/18 and Souma was 11/12 as much), and then went on to do the same thing to Masataka after drugging him. This is not a happy series.
    • And you may wonder who is the second unrepentant puppykicker, huh? Well, the reply's here: Souma's stepmother/Sakurako's mother, who slaps and berated young Souma when baby!Sakurako is accidentally injured when they're playing. One could take it as Lady Saiki being a My Beloved Smother who acted irrationally due to panic, but this is dispelled since we already know that after this incident, she crossed the Moral Event Horizon via sexually and physically abusing Souma as revenge for Sakurako losing her heir position to him.
    • Souma kicked the pup even harder by telling Masataka that his brother Takafumi died in a confusing incident...quite a while after Takafumi got Stuffed into the Fridge thanks to the yakuza. And not before he got Masataka to work off Taka's debt with sexual favors some more after the fact. No wonder Masataka blows up like HELL at him.
    • And then we meet Katsuragi's other victim: Katsuragi's beautiful wife Asayo, whom he physically and sexually abuses. Though in this case, The Dog Bites Back...
    • Souma's younger sister Sakurako also gets her pup kicking turn, when she feeds Masataka glass shards hidden in the meal she cooked for him. And then we learn that she tortures all of Souma's lovers from the household...
  • Aya Misaki from Oniisama e... does this quite a bit, but an especially good example is when she mocks both Nanako's middle-class background and Mariko's dysfunctional relationship with her father.
    • Fukiko Ichinomiya's abuse of Rei Asaka is like kicking a puppy repeatedly - one incident that particularly stands out is when Fukiko tells Rei to wait for her under a tree on a cold rainy day. Rei stays there for several hours as Fukiko "classily" conducts study sessions for the Sorority, knowing full well that Rei's out there waiting for her. No wonder Kaoru hates her so much.
  • Choji Suitengu does this constantly throughout Speed Grapher (just as often Kick the Son of a Bitch, actually). He has people who can't pay their debts killed and cashes in their life insurance policies, and the things he puts the teenage Kagura through would make him a monster, were it not for his Freudian Excuse and Pet the Dog moments.
  • In the anime Steins;Gate, Kiryuu "Shining Finger" Moeka killing the lovable Cloud Cuckoo Lander Mayushii multiple times in cold blood. While the act is relevant to the plot, it has no meaning whatsoever, since it is really difficult to believe that the victim, even if witnessing a kidnapping attempt, would ever be a threat to whoever ordered that.
  • Yoshino Takatsuki from Wandering Son is typically a Nice Guy, though he has a temper. He went through a period in middle school where one of his close friendships broke apart; around the middle of this period he told Saori, who is very much in love with Nitori, that she was dating Anna, sending the poor girl into an Heroic BSOD. To Takatsuki's credit, he did feel bad once what he had done sunk in.
  • In the "anime" of Deltora Quest we have the filler villain Oacus, wizard of fire. A young girl with a doll is cleared on of her home, and he proceeds to burn it down. She asks him if he can save her (why is already silly, since he's the very person who burned her place down and unlikely to lift a finger). To which he says, "I certainly could, but I don't want to," and points his magic at the girl's doll.
  • In Berserk, Femto/Griffith has a horrific Kick the Dog moment within his larger scale Moral Event Horizon during the Eclipse. Sacrificing everyone who had stood by him to a horde of demons was an act of irredeemable evil, but it had the understandable purpose of giving him the power to rise from his physically and mentally broken condition as a member of the Godhand. However, brutally raping Casca while making her lover Guts watch served no purpose whatsoever; he had already gained power by dooming them to Hell (which you'd think would more than avenge any wrongs he felt they did him), and so the only possible reason for this particular atrocity was cruelty for cruelty's sake.
    • Gambino's general treatment of Guts in general. This is the guy who manages to Kick the Dog by petting one on his lap during the nightmare sequence in the second episode. And that's not even mentioning what he does to him in the manga.
  • No matter what you think of May Wong from Kaleido Star, not even she deserves to have Leon Oswald actually deliberately dropping her on-stage and causing her to get seriously injured. just to test her worth as performer.
  • Mawaru-Penguindrum: Kanba beating down his brother Shoma is very much treated in this manner. Even more-so by Kanba telling Shouma they are no longer brothers. It really kicked off the Face-Heel Turn.
    • Another example is Masako and Mario's grandfather Sanbei, who treated his grandchildren really harshly. First he kicked their father and the eldest son Kanba out of the clan merely because Dad wasn't as strong as he wanted. Then he burned all of the remaining kids's toys and memorabilia - including a letter that Masako got from her dad, despite little Masako's pleas. And later, his spirit possessed Mario to force Masako into a Sadistic Choice.
    • Sanetoshi isn't above this, either. He could have perfectly healed Himari right after she had a very serious seizure in episode 12, but waits until she (apparently) dies to appear, while subtly mocking Kanba's grief as he presents himself. Worse case is when he forces a desperate Kanba to helplessly watch the death of his twin sister Masako (and mind you, this happens after Kanba did his already mentioned share of puppykicking), then revives her with a Survival Strategy to fully re-inforce Kanba's Face-Heel Turn, since he promises to revive Himari in this same way.
    • And then we have Tabuki kicking some pups as well, when he kidnaps Himari and Ringo (who is his long-time friend), locks Ringo away, and puts Himari inside a Death Trap, all to punish the Takakuras for the death of Ringo's sister Momoka (which their parents caused). To his credit, he realizes how fucked up this is and rescues Himari in the end.
  • Tiger & Bunny: villain Jake Martinez holds the city of Sternbild hostage and decides to toy with them by challenging the Heroes one-by-one to duel with him, only to brutally defeat and mock them.
    • Jake doesn't hold a candle to the real Big Bad Maverick. Not only does he Mind Rape his protege Barnaby into submission through Laser-Guided Amnesia, but also has Samantha, his housekeeper and mother figure, brutally killed and blames it on Kotetsu by giving everyone Laser-Guided Amnesia. Had he succeeded, not only would Barnaby have lost his Parental Substitute, but might also have unknowingly murdered, if not imprisoned for life, his best friend!
  • While Togenishia and Yabooki from Hana no Ko Lunlun were mostly a Goldfish Poop Gang, sometimes they did shockingly terrible acts. An example happens in the Netherlands arc when they kidnap the talking dog Nubo and almost kill him by drowning, to force a depressed Lunlun who's tempted to come back home for a while go back in track. Another takes place in the Italy arc, where Yabooki almost blows up an Orphanage of Love that Lunlun is trying to help via attempting to activate a World War II bomb in its yard that the kids are trying to use to force people help their Ill Girl companion. The worst one happens in the Grand Finale: destroying the flower field that Lunlun's grandparents planted with their own hands in the nearby grassy hill, which was actually planted thanks to the seeds sent by the friends Lunlun made during her travels. For no other reason than being butthurt because Lunlun was taking some days off. And then it blows in their very faces, since the only flower that survived... was the MacGuffin aka the Seven Color Flower, which grew there specifically because the field was made with tokens of love.
  • In Muhyo And Roji, the villains indulge quite a bit in this:
    • Goryo, upon hearing the tragic tale of a destitute single mother going insane and turning into a ghost after losing her only daughter, laughs and says she could have found another man and made another child. Nana then remarks that Muhyo is correct and "This guy's evil!"
    • Tomas is first seen reading the first letter an MLS operative sent to his wife in 10 years. Not only did he kill the sender and steal the letter, but he remarks on how the letter is "heart-warming drivel."
    • Buhpu not only performs You Have Failed Me on Ivy Cortlaw, but then uses her death to manipulate her brother, Kid into fighting the heroes.
  • The reason why Kunimitsu Tezuka from The Prince of Tennis suffers a chronical injury in his arm is a consequence of an incident like this that took place two years ago, when he defended his fellow first years from a bullying upperclassman... and said uppeclassman took his racket and hit Tezuka with it on the elbow.
  • Hell Girl: When you've got a show about Asshole Victims being sent to Hell by those they've tormented, you know this trope's in the cards.
    • A very nasty example is in the first episode. Mayumi Hashimoto is being tormented by Aya Kuroda, who not only steals the 100,000 yen in donation money that was entrusted to her, but frames her for the theft, forces her into Compensated Dating to get the money back, and then blackmails her with photos of her in the grip of an older man, which she threatens to release to the school if she doesn't continue to pay her and her Girl Posse — and then Aya decides to release the photos anyway For the Evulz, getting poor Mayumi in trouble with the administration and driving her to pull the red string. Throughout all of this, Aya believes she's just doing "kid stuff" and isn't doing anything wrong. Needless to say, no pity is had for her when she's sent to Hell.
    • One involving an actual dog: in episode 4, a veterinarian by the name of Yoshiyuki Honjou doesn't care about treating the animals in his clinic, and through his negligence eventually allows young Junko Kanno's dog to die. As you can probably guess, Honjou is sent to Hell for this.
    • Another one involving dogs: episode 18 has a girl named Miki Kawakami, who has two Welsh Corgis. The evil, greedy, abusive rich woman the girl is forced to keep house for, Meiko Shimono, poisons both dogs and then drowns the puppies that the second dog had given birth to the day before. Miki, who had made the contract with Enma Ai but was hesitant to fulfill it, sends Meiko to Hell immediately after finding out about the puppies.
    • In what seems to be a trend for this trope involving dogs, episode 8 of the third season has a girl named Mioi Hatsumi who owns a chihuahua and lives in a building with a woman named Shimatani. Shimatani attempts to get Hatsumi's dog kicked out of the apartment, and finally ends up poisoning the dog and causing Hatsumi to fall off a balcony. No guesses on what happens to Shimatani soon after.
  • In Girls und Panzer
    • Erika's Establishing Character Moment is, when she chances upon Miho in a cafe, saying "Vice captain?" then "Ah, I mean, former vice captain" in a highly sarcastic and patronizing tone of voice. She then mockingly tells Miho not to lose badly enough against Saunders that she disgraces the Nishizumi family name, and then expresses her opinion that Oarai should not even be entering the tournament at all. More subtle examples occur later on when she complains about Maho deciding to Pet the Dog by loaning Mako their helicopter so that she can get to her grandmother in the hospital, and shooting a glare at Miho's former teammate when she goes over to thank Miho for saving her in the last tournament.
    • In the manga, Miho's mother not only decides to threaten Miho with disowning if she loses against Pravda, but doesn't even bother to tell Miho herself, instead sending Kikuyo, one of the maids and Miho's Parental Substitute over to do it, and the viewer can see that Kikuyo is very unhappy about having to break the news to Miho.
  • In Wanna Be The Strongest In The World, we have Rio Kazama putting Sakura Hagiwara into what is called a Shame Hold for the sole purpose of humiliating her. Even the manager asks "Rio...isn't it a bit too much?" in the manga.
  • In Princess Tutu, Mytho Kicks the Cat, just to show that he's really turned evil: When he learns about Mr. Cat's treasured pair of ballet shoes which belonged to a famous dancer, he cuts them to shreds. When Mr. Cat finds them, he's rendered, well, catatonic.
  • In the more recent anime adaptation of Hunter × Hunter, Hanzo delivers a horrifying beatdown to Gon in hopes of convincing the kid to surrender so that he could get his Hunter's license. He actually boasts that the first strike alone probably gave Gon a severe concussion. His attempts fail - Gon somehow manages to hold out for so long that Hanzo decides to forfeit rather than risk killing him (which would have caused Hanzo to lose his eligibility for the license) - but not before h breaking Gon's arm and enraging Gon's friends to the point that they threaten to burst into the ring and beat Hanzo to a pulp.
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • Kuyou and his goons in the corrupt Security Committee live and breathe this trope: all they do is abuse their authority for all it's worth to make everyone else at Yokai Academy miserable. Case in point: Kuyou puts Tsukune through Cold-Blooded Torture, punches Moka in the gut, and overall needs little-to-no provocation to burn someone alive.
    • Keito isn't much better. She incinerates unsold papers from the Newspaper Club for the hell of it, and goes so far as to call Kurumu a slut to her face; Kurumu is anything but pleased.
    • Miyabi Fujisaki pins Mizore to the ground, gropes her, and steals her first kiss.
    • Gyokuro Shuzen seals it when she actually orders Kahlua to kill Kokoa, over Kahlua literally begging her to change her mind. On top of it all, both Kahlua and Kokoa are her daughters!

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