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11:18:24 AM Jun 7th 2011
Hm. I see that several examples here are less about Kick the Dog and more about straight-up character bashing. Haruhi kicked the puppy, yeah, but she does get better and shows more empathy like when she stays by Kyon's bedside for days straight in Disappearance and takes care of Yuki when she's sick, and her bashers deliberately 'ignore it. And then there's the really pathetic device of using filler material to bash the shit out of Sakura (and stuff that is more often than not Played for Laughs) and show her as a bitchcuntwhore. While digging much LESS on the Naruto males who have done far worse stuff than she does)

So yeah, I'm not 100% impressed. Can we do something to separate genuine puppykicking from rabid and frothing character hate?
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