Funny: Dragon Ball Z

Bulma's your mother!!!???

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  • Adult Gohan and Vegeta are walking CMOFs, especially Gohan with his dorky Great Saiyaman costume and poses, and Vegeta who comes up with funny quotes.
  • Goku and Gohan occasionally forget their own strength from time to time. Mild examples include the two trying to hold a cup normally and the cup shatters into a million pieces. But the biggest indication of this is when Goku gives his wife Chichi a reassuring pat on the back, only to send poor Chichi a distance of half a mile, destroying three walls of their house and annihilating a tree in the distance.
    • Funnier still: in the next scene, Chichi is only mildly irritated and has bandages on her head and her arm in a sling. Good thing she's Made of Iron, huh?
  • Okay, so this is technically an outtake rather than from the series proper, but this not only perfectly sums up the "filler" episodes, but is just too damn funny not to mention.
    Announcer: Next time on Dragon Ball Z: nine minutes of Vegeta fuming! 11 minutes of Goku fretting! Plus: somebody throws a punch! To find out who, tune in next week to Dragon Ball Z!
    Justin Cook: PRODUCE! PROOOOODUUUUUUUUCE! BRING ME TOMATOES! (the rest of the studio cracks up)
  • Pretty much any time the Z-Fighters interact with normal humans in Dragon Ball Z (like the driving lessons, and at the World Tournament at the start of the Majin Buu arc).
  • The first episode of GT has one wherein it shows Vegeta literally dragging Goten and Trunks to the rocket followed by the rocket blast blowing up in Goten's face as he gets distracted by a phone call.

     Saiyan Saga 

     Namek Saga 
  • Mr. Popo appears in a window outside of the hospital where Goku is recovering after fighting Vegeta for the first time. Bulma sees him and reacts with perhaps the most hilarious expression in the franchise.
  • The Bulma/Mr. Popo exchange. Poor Bulma is absolutely terrified of Mr. Popo. She starts off whimpering ending in a terrified scream, whereas Mr. Popo does nothing more than exclaiming a very soft 'oh'. Queue somewhat an exchange of glances and continued zooming in on Mr. Popo's face. Hilarious. This scene can be carbon-copied straight into the abridged version!
  • Just about every scene with the Ginyu Force, but particularly their first appearance. After receiving their orders, they start stomping around like crazy to psych themselves up for battle — fairly mundane in and of itself, but Frieza's utter "What the f*ck?" expression is priceless.
  • In a moment almost as funny as it's abridged counterpart, Recoome says this after being attacked by Krillin and Gohan and getting his teeth messed up
    Recoome: Something tells me I'm gonna be real pissed off next time I look in a mirror.
    • The Ocean dub of Recoome had some pretty good lines too.
      Recoome: (Posing with Jeice and Burter) I don't know about you guys, but my legs're starting to cramp.
    • In the anime, when Goku throws a senzu bean to Vegeta, Recoome tries to catch it in his mouth. He loses a tooth as a result.
  • Goku explaining to Burter why he is so fast:
    Goku: It must be my diet; I eat really wholesome foods.
    Burter: You scum! Your diet, huh? Well, you'll be eating my fist next!
  • The hospital scene after the Ginyu force fight, where we learn that Goku is Afraid of Needles. Poor guy. Gohan is not amused.
  • In the Funimation dub, when Captain Ginyu, in Goku's body, shouts out, "Get ready... THE CAPTAIN'S COMING TO GET YOOOOOUUUUUU!!" before pausing with, "Wait...that doesn't sound right," and struggling to think of something else, leaving Gohan and Krillin to attack Ginyu, who shouts in surprise, "Hey! I haven't even started yet!"
  • Before that, when Goku and Ginyu are fighting, Ginyu pauses for a moment to "introduce himself properly", complete with one of his ridiculous poses. Which Goku immediately copies.
    Goku: Like this?
    Ginyu: No, no, no, your other leg is raised.
    Goku: Huh... But, you know, this pose... It doesn't really do anything, does it?
    Ginyu: *fumes*
  • Captain Ginyu getting trapped in a frog's body.
  • Two words: "Mundo Cool!" Spoken by Krillin when Goku was in the healing tank.
    • "That's right boys, mundo cool" Actually monolog by Vegeta.
  • Dende shouting at Gohan and Krillin when they first awaken Porunga.
    "Don't piss off the god of love!!"
  • Tien tells a joke.
  • Apparently, Frieza never transforms without a countdown...
  • Frieza (as portrayed by Linda Young) has some pretty funny lines.
    Frieza: (after killing Krillin) Pop goes the weasel, haha.
    • And this exchange with SS Goku:
      Goku: They (the Saiyans) paid for their crimes.
      Frieza: They paid for their crimes, really? I thought I blew them all up.
    • Don't forget some of Frieza's very dark comments after delivering the final blow to Vegeta and as he makes his dying words:
      Frieza: "Enough! Loud mouth! On and on like a broken record!" "He's just a corpse talking; I'll have to gag him to shut up." AND after Vegeta dies: "It's about time. Saiyans tend to linger like a bad odor."
  • Goku biting Frieza's tail. Poor Frieza, his reaction was priceless.
  • Puar gets one toward the end of the Frieza saga. Puar, Oolong, Chichi, Yajirobe and Master Roshi are planning to go to Namek as backup. Oolong is packing his things and saying that they should reconsider, when Puar burst into tears, sobbing into a photo of Yamcha and ranting about how s/he's not going to take this anymore. S/he then pops up into the screen, suddenly wearing a martial artists' headband:
    Puar: Let's KICK BOOTY!
  • The last appearance of the frog in Captain Ginyu's body near the end of the Frieza Saga is pretty funny too. Also, it's nice knowing that the frog (who hadn't done anyone any harm) not only made it to Earth, but survived the punishment Ginyu had put his body through before.
  • Near the end of Goku and Frieza's battle, Goku bitchslapping Frieza several times. And just before that, the face Frieza makes after Goku slams his elbow into Frieza's skull.
  • After returning to Earth, Bulma offered the surviving Namekians and Vegeta a place to stay at her house. Gohan wants to come with them instead of going home. Why? He didn't finish his homework and his mother will be mad.
  • When Goku refused to come back home via a wish from the Namak Dragon Balls.
    Roshi:Why!? Because he's scared! Of the one more powerful than a Super Saiyan! His wife!
    cue Chi Chi taking out a sword from nowhere
  • The introduction to the Ginyu Force in Kai, where them introducing themselves is backed up by a pulsing rock song where the only words are "Ginyu Force Rules!" repeating itself.

     Garlic Jr. Saga 
  • It was probably only brought up in the dub but Marron insults Chi-Chi with "It's obvious your grandson (Gohan) isn't here now." Oh snap!
    • It's even funnier when you recall that Chi Chi was only 19 when she gave birth to Gohan, so Marron just called a woman in her mid-20's an old hag!

     Android/Cell Saga 
  • Vegeta wearing his "Bad Man" shirt in public. And getting relentlessly mocked by all of Goku's friends.
    Vegeta: I'm a warrior, not a... a... a... a variety of flower!
    • Even Goku makes a quip about the pink shirt!
      Vegeta: For starters, where in the world did you get that absurd looking outfit?
      Goku: It's the latest fashion on planet Yardrat, but I guess it does look a little strange. But at least it's not pink!
      Vegeta: Never mind! Who cares about your stupid clothes anyway!
    • While they're waiting for Goku to land, Trunks keeps looking over at Vegeta, (because he's his father that he's never met but he can't tell Vegeta because it might mess up the timeline). Vegeta assumes he's staring because of the shirt, and says "If you like it so much you can have it."
  • Screw the "Bad Man" shirt. Piccolo's Postboy outfit is where it's at. That he was wearing because Chichi forced him to take driving lessons. Yes.
    • And don't forget that Goku literally Drives Like Crazy. Poor instructor. That WHOLE episode was simply hilarious. Especially since both he and Piccolo were brow-beaten into getting driver's licenses just to drive Chichi around so she can do her shopping. (She DOES know that women ARE allowed to drive, right?)
      Goku: *sheepishly looks at a very stoic and unconcerned Piccolo* you know how to drive?
      Piccolo: *flipping out* LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!
      • More Fridge Logic: Goku could very quickly fly her wherever she wants to go with minimal effort. He seems to have all the Required Secondary Powers for that.
        Goku: *zooms past Piccolo's car* EAT MY DUST, PICCOLO!!!
      • Also, remember when Chichi could stand on the Nimbus? What changed?
      • Well, she managed to get Goku to help conceive two children, so she must have gotten quite a bit more dirty-minded...
    • Forget Goku, remember Piccolo's driving instructor? Talk about road rage!
    • After Goku's first attempt he asks how he did, his driving Instructor (a guy who's pushing on a hundred by the looks of it) tells him it'd be a million years before he gets his license. Goku freaks out and tells him he can't wait that long as he's got to train for the Androids. While he's talking they are in the middle of a Lake and start to sink and he continues talking as they go underwater!
  • Goku's reaction when Trunks tells him who is his mother is priceless. He actually falls down on the floor when Trunks spills the beans.
    • Piccolo's (who can hear the conversation due to Namekians having ultra-sensitive ears) and Vegeta's reactions are quite amusing as well:
      Piccolo: *barely avoids Face Faulting*
      Vegeta: *shocked* That man just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down!
    • Also from how nervous Goku was when Trunks told him he knew his mother, he might have thought Vegeta was going to hook up with Chi-Chi.
  • Vegeta's sarcastic explanation to Cell as to how he became so powerful so quickly:
    Vegeta: "I do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups, and I drink plenty of juice."
  • The scene where Cell announces the Cell Games to Trunks.
    Cell: I can't wait to see the look on their faces.*Trunks makes a horrified face* That's it, that's the look.
    • On that note, in the anime when Cell breaks into the news station to announce where he's holding the Cell Games, we have Master Roshi watching TV to find he's how interrupted by Cell breaking through the floor, and he changes the channel only for it to happen again, and again, and again, almost as if Cell is intentionally trolling him
  • After Goku and Gohan emerge from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku mentions that he doesn't need to train in there anymore. Vegeta attempts to taunt him and Goku quickly shuts him up by mentioning he becomes loads stronger than Vegeta. What follows is perhaps Vegeta at his whiniest.
  • Baby Trunks pulling on Future Trunks hair.
  • Chi-Chi's reaction of seeing Gohan as a Super Saiyan.
    Chi-Chi: [crying] My sweet little Gohan's become a punker!
  • During the ten days before the Cell Games, Super Saiyan Goku is relaxing on the grass. Krillin wonders to himself about what an amazing fighter Goku has become. He sees a large rock lying nearby and deduces that if he throws it at Goku, the latter would sense it coming and catch/deflect it. It doesn't work.
    • As a bonus, it's a really cool Call Back to a similar scene in the very first saga of Dragon Ball, when Chichi tries a similar thing when she first meets Master Roshi.
  • Yamcha and Krillin train for the Cell Games. Thank goodness the fate of the world is no longer in their hands.
  • "The Puzzle of General Tao", all of it. Goku locates two Dragon Balls inside a fortress run by Mercenary Tao and a mob boss. Goku comes in, acts all cheery at meeting Tao again and tells them that he wishes he had something to give in trade for the Dragon Balls. Then Tao, remembering how powerful Goku is, tells Goku that he can have the Dragon Balls if he can solve his puzzle game by dawn. He then takes off with Gokuís Dragon Balls and leaves while Gokuís distracted. By night Gokuís still working on the puzzle. The one henchman Tao and the others abandoned tries to help Goku with the remaining puzzle piece, but Goku tells him he doesnít want to cheat. Goku finally solves it in time, and the henchman honestly congratulates him! When the pair get confused about where everyone else went, Goku relaxes and says it doesnít matter. He just uses Instant Transmission. Tao and the mob boss are on the shore of a lake, congratulating themselves on the trick they pulled on Goku. When Goku shows up and shows Tao that he solved his puzzle. He then happily takes the other two Dragon Balls and flies off.
  • Cell has one funny moment where he scares the shit out of a reporter and his cameramen.
    • Anytime Cell and the media interact really. When he wants to announce his "Cell Games" tournament, he goes to Z TV and stops at the front desk. Everyone immediately recognizes him as the monster that's been going around eating people and start panicking, but he just calmly and politely asks which floor the news broadcast is on. The receptionist gives him the information, and he thanks her and just starts flying slowly upward, plowing his way through the ceiling and multiple TV studios on his way up.
  • All of Episode "Losers Fight First," Hercule and his students making morons of themselves in their fight against Cell, Krillin sums it up best.
    Krillin: "They're giving me a headache!"
    • Yamcha gets one as well during Hercule's demonstration.
      Yamcha: "This guy's an idiot!"
    • Even Cell gets in on the dissing.
      Cell: "His ignorance is painful."
    • And finally, when Cell casually knocks Hercule several miles out of the ring, Krillin gets another one:
      Krillin: "To be honest, Gohan, I was rooting for Cell during that one."
      • Piccolo gets a good one after we see Mr. Satan survived the attack:
        Piccolo: He survived. A pity.
  • End of the Cell saga. Krillin is attempting to talk to Android 18, and already making a mess of it when Gohan pops off at the mouth.
    Gohan: I GOT IT! Krillin, you have a crush on Android 18, don't you!
    Krillin: *epic slap* Thanks, Mister Smooth!
    • "*loud whisper* Krillin! How do androids have babies!?"
      • 18's response: A bemused "spare me."

     Buu Saga 
  • At some point in Hell, Goku goes back, only to find out the Ginyu Force, Frieza, and Cell are trying to break out. After getting their asses kicked, again...
    Cell: This stinks.
    King Cold: They could at least let us take showers...
    Recoome: ...Does anybody wanna arm wrestle?
    Everyone: SHUT UP!
    • Then the screaming starts.
  • Although the Afterlife Tournament was a filler arc, it took advantage of the downtime between the Cell and Great Saiyaman/Majin Buu arcs to get back to the action comedy that was Dragon Ball's original appeal. This peaked at the (extremely short) tournament battle between fighters Tapikar and Torbie:
    Tapikar: "Haah... haah... I'm tired... I give up."
    • Its also worth noting that the only two people who were still standing were West and North Kai.
    • Goku's first match in the Otherworld Tournament literally involves him being tickle tortured in front of millions of flabbergasted people and fighters, Olibu's line sums up the fight. "South Quadrant must be a VERY peaceful place..."
  • Gohan Goes to High School is incredibly hilarious, from the fact that Gohan doesn't KNOW how to be normal to him FLYING up in the air in baseball to catch the ball and realizing everyone's looking at him to the fact that Videl is stalking him like crazy and how much like his father he is. The whole episode is a huge Crowning Moment of Funny. Special mention goes to the scene where Gohan flips out on people who misinterpret the Great Saiyaman and call it Great Singing man. "IT'S GREAT SAIYAMAN!"
    Erasa: So, where do you live, anyway?
    Gohan: The 439 Mountain Area. It's kind of remote...
    Erasa: THE 439 MOUNTAIN AREA!? How in the world do you get here? That's got to be a four or five hour drive!
    Gohan: Uhhh... that's just how dedicated I am to my education! (in thought) I can't believe I just said that!
  • When Gohan becomes the Great Saiyaman and fails to realize how ridiculous his costume is.
    Piccolo: What is the meaning of those ridiculous clothes?
    Gohan: Ah, you just don't know style!
    • And later, Goku mocks it.
    • Later, as Gohan is on his way toward Roshi's island, he wonders to himself "Of all people, Piccolo. I mean, who is he to talk, he wears a turban for heaven's sake! And then there's those pointy little booties and who knows what thing is on his shoulders... Huh, come to think of it, I used to dress just like him."
  • Gohan doing his Saiyaman intro to a pair of random criminals, who promptly mock him saying his intro is stupid. Gohan gets pissed off and stomps a hole in the street telling them he worked really hard on that, so they both agree that it was really cool.
  • Goten, the Super Saiyan who can't fly.
  • Gohan tries teaching Videl the concept of ki. When she doesn't get it, Goten helps clarify things.
  • Chichi meets Videl. It goes about as well as you'd expect, with Chichi acusing Videl of being a hussy trying to steal her son and Videl trying to defend herself. It eventually regreeses into Chichi sticking her tounge out while Videl bares her teeth at her. But it speaks for itself really.
    • Then she finds out her family's rich, and suddenly she's a Shipper on Deck.
  • When (kid) Trunks reveals to Vegeta that he can turn Super Saiyan.
    Vegeta: (stunned, watching Trunks zoom around) Did... I miss something? When was it that the pride of the Saiyan race was reduced to a child's plaything!? *orders Trunks to stop* Tell me, can the youngest child of Kakarot do this as well?
    Trunks: Yeah, we do it all the time!
    Vegeta: (in thought) Yes, naturally, it's a Super Saiyan bargain sale!
  • Another notable moment occurs after Vegeta learns that (kid) Trunks can go Super Saiyan.
    Vegeta: If you can land a punch on my face, then I'll take you to the park for an hour.
    Trunks: Wow! You mean it? Okay!
    * Trunks attacks Vegeta and manages to land a hit on his face, then Vegeta reacts by punching Trunks in the face by accident*
    Trunks: *crying* You didn't say you were gonna hit back, Daaad...
    Vegeta: Well I never said I wouldn't hit you now did I, Trunks?
    Trunks: Noooo... but...
    Vegeta: Dry your tears! We're going to the park now!
    Trunks: *Trunks brightens up instantly" Yeah!
  • 18's first time participating in a tournament:
    Announcer: Number Eighteen. Uhh, is that your real name?
    Android 18: My father was a little dull.
  • During DBZ's World Tournament arc when Vegeta not only says his 8-year-old son will easily beat Hercule, but he then procededs to really rip into him. Right in front of Videl. So Gohan attempts the most awkward cover up of all time. See for yourself.
  • The eating scene during the tournament saga:
    Piccolo: You know, I... don't think I'll ever get used to this...
  • From the DBZ World tournament arc, there is the re-enactment of the Cell Games, from the spoof Toei Video Ident ("*Waves and rocks!* This show is brought to you by waves and rocks...") to the speed racer speech that everyone was assigned.
    • Must be seen to be believed: "I wish I were him."
      Goku: Hehehehe! Well, it was ridiculous and untrue but it kept me entertained!
  • During the 25th Budokai, Videl has been keeping her ability to fly from her father. When he finally does witness her flying, he completely freaks out. A nearby Tournament official merely looks at him and says "So she can fly. What's the big deal?"
  • Another one from the tournament is the the Goten and Trunks' response to their ruse being revealed.
    Announcer: Hey! The two of you can't fight together! You're disqualified! Do you hear me?
    Goten: Uh-uh. I think we're in trouble.
    Trunks: Me too. Should we go?
    Goten: Uh-huh.
    Trunks: Your tournament was stupid!
  • While the Supreme Kai is giving his exposition dump on Majin Buu, this happens:
    Vegeta (in thought): Sounds like this Majin Buu would have made a decent Saiyan!
    Supreme Kai (out loud): No, you're wrong, Vegeta.
    Vegeta: Er...
    Supreme Kai: He would have wiped out your entire Saiyan race with a breath, just as he had so many others.
    Vegeta (in thought): Why didn't someone tell me he could read minds!
  • During the grand entrance of the Super Saiyan 3, Goku starts playing paddle-ball with Buu's head tentacle.
  • During SSJ3 Goku's fight with Kid Buu, Buu bites Goku's arm, and Goku retaliates by biting his head tentacle. It's their expressions that really clinch it.
  • The scene where Babidi gets blown to pieces. "Buu no help you, Buu no help!"
  • When the Old Supreme Kai shows up, Goku doesn't believe his power and tries to test it with a small ki blast. The results were the same when Krillin and Chi-Chi tried testing someone's powers.
  • Goku's Imagine Spot about what a merger between Denda and him would look like. Even funnier, he imagines what Mr. Satan and him would merge into and is not happy with the mental image. In the Japanese version he actively wonders if he will become weaker. His expression during this last part sells the entire scene.
  • Goku's attempts to pimp out Bulma. And Vegeta's reaction.
    Vegeta: You idiot! How could you!? Don't you have any sense at all!? Let him kiss your woman!
    • And this is after Gohan shot down Goku's earlier suggestion of using Videl.
      Gohan: Dad, there's no way you're going to make my girlfriend kiss that old relic!
    • By the way, this isn't filler, it's actually in the manga.
      • And Goku's reason (in the manga) for not using Chichi?
        Goku: She'd kill me!
      • Or in an alternate dub:
        Goku: But Bulma's much prettier than Chichi! It's a compliment!
      • What makes this funnier is that fact that Goku, who has defeated Vegeta numerous times and frequently gives out Curb Stomp Battles, is cowering in fear of Vegeta and that Vegeta is temporarily taller than him, baring in mind that Vegeta's height has served as a bit of a gag.
  • "Gotenks Is Born", the whole damn episode. But it's these particularly hilarious gems from the episode that stick out the most:
    • Goten and Trunk performing the Fusion Dance incorrectly in their first attempt and the result is Gotenks becoming obese. The Z-Fighters facial reactions to the botched fusion are priceless.
    • Fat Gotenks then tries a "speed run" and only to move a few small steps forward before simply running in place and eventually running out of breath.
    • The Z-Figters reaction to Goten and Trunks performing the Fusion Dance incorrectly, again, and as s result produce a very skinny and bony form:
    Chi Chi: Oh no! I can't love that!
    Master Roshi: He's my age!
    Krillin: No, older.
    • Gotenks fight with Majin Buu gives us this beauty:
    Majin Buu: Mean boy called Buu "fat". Buu blow steam!
    (Buu gets a very pissed off look on his face) Majin Buu: Buu make you dead! (Proceeds to beat the hell out of Gotenks)
    • The manga version is arguably even more funny because you don't see how the fight actually happens. There's simply one panel of Gotenks storming off of Kami's Lookout, ignoring any advice from Piccolo, and on the next page he returns to the Kami's Lookout beaten, battered and bruised, simply stating:
    Gotenks: I had the crap kicked out of me. (Cue all the Z-Fighters Face Fault)
    Piccolo: From now on, we do things my way! Tomorrow, you are going to fight Buu as a Super Saiyan and until then, we train! Understood, Trunkten!?
    Mister Popo: Actually, it's Gotenks...
    Piccolo: What!!!?
    Mister Popo: His name. It's...uh...Gotenks...
    Piccolo: His name is mud as far as I'm concerned!
    • In the Close Captioning for that episode it was spelled as Mudd. Which makes it doubly funny as it brings to mind a certain Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny Episode ending joke...
  • Chi Chi spanks Goten for recklessly rushing into battle with Buu (while fused with Trunks as Gotenks). Hilarity Ensues.
  • Goten and Trunks peeing behind a rock.
  • The Fusion Dance is pretty ridiculous. What makes it hilarious is how cool and awesome Goku thinks it looks. Everyone else is just dumbfounded and Piccolo is horrified that he has to do it
    Piccolo: There's no way you'd have gotten Vegeta to do this...
    • Becomes a brick joke as at the other end of the saga Goku tries to talk Vegeta into doing the fusion dance with him. Vegeta refuses.
      Goku: But you haven't seen it yet!
      —->Vegeta: I saw the whole thing from the afterlife and there is no way you are making me do it!
  • During the fight between Gotenks and Super Buu, Gotenks is being awesome and showy and taking four hours to power up and call his attacks... until Piccolo, sweatdropping hard, points to Buu, who is obliviously reading a magazine and drinking a fruity soda. Gotenks is pissed and yells at him to get up and fight. Buu replies "Why should I?" and reluctantly does so, still enjoying his drink.
  • Super Buu's first reaction to finding out that he, Gotenks and Piccolo are all trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
    Buu: Huh?! But how do we eat candy?!
    Piccolo: We don't. There's none here!
    Piccolo: *grinning* "Nothing. All gone.
  • Vegito. Just... Vegito. He has wit that would rival Spider-Man. Then there's the entire jawbreaker scene, and when Buu uses the Ghost Kamikaze Attack...
    Buu: It's not going to be the same as before!
    Vegito: Ohhhh! Yeah, I see you have a bigger litter this time.
  • This exchange after Vegeta and Goku escape from Super Buu's body, and everyone they rescued start popping back to regular size.
    Goku: Look Vegeta, people popcorn!
    Vegeta: ...What is he on...?
  • "The Innards of Buu" in its entirety.
    Vegeta: Use your instincts, Kakarot, left or right?
    Goku: Hm. I'd have to say... left!
    Vegeta: Good. Then I'm going right!
    Goku: Open Sesame!
    Vegeta: *looks at Goku and grunts in iritation*
  • Dabura after he's dead is one of the most hilarious characters in the franchise: during his life he was the King of Demons, with all the evilness that implies. After dying, he's admitted into Heaven because "he would have enjoyed Hell". We later see him wandering around with Chichi, Videl, and Bulma acting like a complete Love Freak. Yes. The former King of Demons as a Love Freak!
    • *Kriing!*
  • This scene during the Buu saga, in which Buu falls for a girl and decides to make himself look pretty to her. He looks into a nearby magazine and sees a picture of a "pretty boy" and changes his face into the one from the magazine, while saying "Baby!" in an Elvis-esque voice.
    Buu: Hello girl! You think Buu sexy?
    Girl: (terrified) Wha?! Yes, I... think you're very, very sexy!
    Buu: Yay, then give Buu smooch! *extends his lips*
    Girl: *screams in horror*
    Buu: Why you teasing Buu?! You play with Buu's feelings! *sees magazine* Hmm, what this? So Earth girls like boys look like this, huh? How Buu supposed to live up to body image in magazine!? Oh, Buu know!
    Buu rearranges his face to be pretty, girl reacts in horror.
    Buu: (Elvis-like voice) You girls don't know what you want!
  • The entirety of "Celebrations with Majin Buu" is pretty much an episode of True Life with Fat Buu. And it is hilarious.
    • MTV Cribs: Majin Buu edition
    • Mr Buu (Good Buu) after Earth's memories of Majin Buu are erased being able to freely walk around. He tries to get ice cream and doesn't realize he needs money and winds up in a street fight and is told that if he wins, he gets to keep the money. The guy he's fighting just punches his stomach like crazy while Buu just happily says "Money, ice cream!" repeatedly until he finally notices he's being punched and lightly taps the guy into a wall.
      • Afterwards he goes back to the ice cream store and doesn't realize he gets change, but he insists they keep it because he wants ice cream.
    • Gohan and Videl fighting crime together. They show up at a jewelry store robbery in those ridiculous Saiyaman outfits and strike a pose more appropriate to the Ginyu Force. It's made even funnier by the fact that the bad guys surrender immediately because Majin Buu had just demonstrated himself to be Immune to Bullets. Gohan and Videl have no idea why the criminals are surrendering before they beat anyone up.
  • Goku looking after a dinosaur family whose about to have eggs. He ends up stopping two dinosaurs from fighting by picking them up and flying them to another part of the mountain and dropping them there and the dinosaurs' reactions are a Flat "What.".
  • After defeating Majin Buu, Goku takes a relaxing bath with Goten and Trunks. Then this happens.
  • During the final Tournament, a young man heckles Vegeta. It ends about as well as you'd expect.
  • Goku making fun of Uub and taunting him to get him to fight without hesitation, since he was so nervous. It worked magnificently.
  • Pan vs Wild Tiger. In short, Pan bitch-slapped Wild Tiger and kicked him out of the ring. It was hilarious to see Pan going around saying "number 1" again and again, and then taking down her opponent in two attacks.
  • Babidi turns away from his Crystal Ball in order to give Majin Buu the energy stolen from Gohan, figuring his minion Puipui could easily handle the heroes and might even have won. When he goes back to the crystal ball, he sees...Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets to fight. The looks on Babidi and especially the Supreme Kai's faces are priceless.
    • Also, when Goku loses the rock-paper-scissors match, he says, in a whiny voice no-less "Aww man, I wanted to fight this guy!"

     DBZ Movies 
  • Lord Slug:
    News Anchor: Now, if you're anything like me, THEN YOU'RE SCARED AND YOU DON'T WANT TO SPEND THE LAST MOMENTS ON EARTH IN A TELEVISION STUDIO! So, uh, have a happy end of the world, see you, bye.
    • Plus Krillin's reaction:
    Krillin: Holy cow! I just wanted to see the sports!
  • "Broccoli! Just give it up it's all over!"
    • "Very tough but his name's Broly."
  • In the Fusion movie, Vegeta and Goku have been defeated by the Big Bad and Goku is trying to convince Vegeta to try the Fusion Dance so they'll be able to defeat him for once and all. Vegeta shoots the idea down every single time, until...
    Vegeta: "I'd rather be dead than fusing with you!"
    Goku: But Vegeta... [sigh] You're already DEAD!
    Vegeta: [... makes a damn pouting face]
  • Vegeta meeting his sister-in-law. It's quite humorous to see him be surprised by the introduction.
  • This Fourth Wall-leaning exchange at the end of the dub of the Android 13 movie, courtesy of Vegeta and Piccolo.
    Piccolo: "Is it over?"
    Vegeta: "Not 'til the fish jumps."
    A fish jumps out of the water.
    Vegeta: "It's over."
    Roll credits.
  • In Broly, Krillin shows off his martial arts skills, then Goku teleports right into the path of Krillin's fist.