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Funny: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
  • Beerus's breakdancing skills.
  • Vegeta is desperately trying to keep Beers happy after he gets irritated. So what he does? He swallows his pride and performs a completely ridiculous dance with a bad song.
    Beerus: My, my, Whis, I think we might have found someone even worse at singing than you.
    Whis: Now you're just being hurtful.
    • Then there is the Krillin's line of dialogue in the English dub, which reflects what quite a few fans were thinking when they first saw this scene out of context:
    Krillin: OK, he's been drinking more than Gohan.
  • Whis's character in general. He is pure Servile Snarker.
  • Tipsy Gohan menages to be a even bigger Large Ham as Great Saiyaman.
    • But he's still not as funny as drunk Bulma.
  • Not only is Piccolo singing at the karaoke (and apparently doing a terrible job) but he seems downright frustrated when he is not winning at bingo.
  • The ridiculous bingo prizes Bulma offers up.
  • When Trunks asks Mai to act as his girlfriend, both Pilaf and Shu thought he was referring to them.
    • Goten's reaction to Trunks having a girlfriend. "So cool..."
    • Then there's the "skit" they put up in attempt to steal a Dragon Ball. Trunks' dialogue sells it:
    Trunks: I want to break up.
  • Shenron getting nervous when he hears that Beerus is there.
  • Gotenks' attempt to fight Beerus, which ends with Beerus literally giving him a spanking and making him apologize. Not only is this funny, but also rather satisfying considering how obnoxious Gotenks usually acts.
  • If you do the math based on the established timeline, both Bulma and Mai are lying about their age!
    • Which Oolong constantly points out towards Bulma, much to her chagrin.
  • Beerus eating Wasabi straight by mistake. He winds up bouncing around so much from the pain that he accidentally destroys a few planets/moons by plowing through them.
    • And then Whis just casually knocks him out.
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