Funny: Dragon Ball GT

  • This exchange from the game Dragon Ball GT: Transformation
    Mutchy: I must admit, you have skill. However, you only destoyed part of me. Now you face my second, more powerful form!
  • Vegeta shaving his much maligned porn-stache. The reason for it in-universe? He gets upset because Bulla doesn't think it looks good on him.
  • A memorable moment from Vegeta and Bulla after shopping. Boy, Vegeta lost his edge, but he's still badass. Don't mess with Vegeta, Father Of The Year.
  • How about the time Piccolo needed to get out of Paradise (BTW, why wasn't he with Grand Kai instead?), so he starts blasting everything while ranting about being evil? After it works, he sees the damage he caused and meekly apologizes.
  • When Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 4 for the first time Bulma gushes over how handsome he's become. Chichi comes up and tells her that Goku is way better looking than he is. This causes a near Cat Fight to happen between two women in their fifties. And Hercule interjects as well!
    Bulma: You're crazy!
    Chichi: I'm crazy? Well, you're blind!
    Hercule: Ladies why argue? You're looking at the Blue Ribbon face right here!
    POW! Both women hit him at the same time.
    Bulma and Chichi: Get over yourself!
    Hercule: Okay...
  • Say it with me: "Pickle pot, pepper pot!"
  • The Red Ribbon Army getting beaten single-handedly by a kid AGAIN.
  • Goku losing another Martial Arts Tournament, for being ticklish.
  • Goku can't let Omega Shenron have the remaining Dragon Ball back so...he eats it.