Does This Remind You Of Anything: Anime and Manga

  • Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan: Dokuro-chan has a one foot long cone-shaped magic cell phone, which she keeps in her panties. The way she retrieves it makes it very obvious that it looks the way it does completely by intention.
  • In Persona -trinity soul-, every time "drawing out shadows" (you'd have to see the show to understand) is mentioned or shown it is used as an Anvilicious metaphor for sex. Oh, and it can feel good, but it can also be dangerous, so teenagers shouldn't do it with just anyone.
  • In an episode of the 2003 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza Hawkeye is lying in her bed sleeping and also moaning "Stop that" and "That tickles." It happens that she was sleeping and her dog was licking her feet to wake her up and have food.
  • In Vandread, we have the three female pilots chasing after the one male pilot to "combine" throughout the entire first season.
  • Played with very little subtlety in Princess Nine. They team is on a trademark training trip and their alcoholic coach has decided to honor the occasion by going on the wagon. Of course, he's also doing it to try to get into the good graces of his star pitcher's (widowed) mother. Team delinquent Seira Morimura is having none of this. She strides over to his table the first night, pours him a beer and tempts/forces him to drink it (where'd a 15-year old get beer? She's a delinquent, don't ask). The dialog between coach and player makes it sound like she's tempting him with, well... other things. "It's going to be soo good." The subtext is real enough, Seira and the coach have a complicated history. She's looking for a father figure (possibly the George Michael kind) to make up for her (divorced) dad. She thought she was being hit on when he recruited her. Once the coach takes a drink, several of her teammates ask Seira what THAT was all about, and remark about the dangers of tempting older men.
  • The MSA-005 Methuss from Zeta Gundam, enough said, and the ReZEL in Gundam Unicorn isn't any better.
  • In the climax arc of the first season of Shakugan no Shana, the villain Hecate (cute girl with a Nice Hat) floats above (and parallel to) main character Yuji, "synchronizing" with him and absorbing his memories, as a white "energy", which apparently feels really good, judging from the noises she makes and the way she throws her head back. The dialogue can also be easily construed to a sexual encounter.
    • The DVD omakes turn this into a running gag on Yuji's part - when parodying that scene, Yuji's previously chest-level flame has been moved to his crotch and Yuji moans in pleasure and begs for more while Hecate-tan glares at him and calls him a pervert.
  • Episode 197 of Sgt. Frog just decided to stop being subtle and created a virus that is spread by drilling unsuspecting victims in the butt. You have been warned. As if it wasn't bad enough already, Giroro gets two drills when he gets infected instead of one, and that they get bigger when he thinks of Natsumi...
    • Speaking of Giroro, apparently his favorite method of dealing with the UST between him and Natsumi is... polishing his guns.
  • Boy meets girl. Boy and girl are mutually attracted and spend a lot of time together. Girl has a very dangerous secret that the boy accidentally stumbles on. The boy has trouble dealing with the secret, and his fumbling reactions to it cause the girl great amounts of pain. Finally it's too much and they part ways. To the boy, it feels like the end of the world... But then the girl comes back to him. Their relationship will never be what it once was, but they have each other and a chance at something new. This is a description of a high school relationship. This is also the plot of Saikano.
  • In episode 5 of Black Cat, Train gets into a... rather compromising position on top of Creed, and Creed gets really excited and breathless. More alarming are Creed's following words (especially in the Japanese version), said very much in ecstasy, "Oh, Train, you are the best!" Hmmm, sure he's only referring to Train's nimble body and fighting skills...
    • Pretty much anything regarding Creed and his obsessive stalkerish love for Train. Also, Creed even begs (in a very perverted way) for Train to shoot him in the head, that he will take any bullet he has because, in Creed's words "once I have taken it you and I will be bonded forever."
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • The most common Running Gag is about somebody invading somebody else's "vital regions". Since they are countries, it makes sense, buuut...
    • England's "orgasmic" face from episode 48 (which animates the strips where he falls ill and almost dies) takes the cake, though. The fandom took it and ran away with it, of course.
    • And then there's Germany and Italy's whole relationship. They've seen each other naked often, share a bed, and in one strip, Italy bursts into Germany's shower to ask him if he "likes" him and demands that Germany tell him he loves him. When Germany does, he shouts, "Yahoo! I love you too!" Then their friend Japan catches them both naked in the shower. Italy's reaction? He says "I did it, Japan! I got closer to Germany!" while naked and laying underneath an equally naked Germany.
    • In Hetalia Bloodbath 2011 the Spain/Romano strip; Romano has some work he has to do, and Spain offers to give him his "cheerfulness for a charm", while Romano says he "doesn't want it"... then Spain crawls under the desk, there's a pause... then Spain does something and Romano snaps "I told you not to!". Fans were not shy at all about the dirty implications of all this, especially before the strip was translated.
  • In the seventh episode of Descendants of Darkness, Muraki has a very... odd way of holding his wine glass. Let's just say he keeps moving his hand up and down while holding it (all the while leering at Tsuzuki and talking about how beautiful Tsuzuki's eyes are).
  • The infamous corset scene in Black Butler, where it looked like Sebastian was having sex with Ciel from behind, complete with Ciel telling him he "can't take any more," and Sebastian telling Ciel to "bear with it." Of course, they're referring to Sebastian helping Ciel put on a corset for cross dressing.
    • A page from Chapter 34 of the manga somehow made vomit look a lot like semen.
    • In episode 6 of the second season of the anime when Hannah, a well-endowed sexy woman, gets ready to play the armonica she licks her fingers and then sticks two of her fingers in her mouth leading Sebastian's staff to blush at the sight.
      • From that same episode: the line which Sebastian says to Claude, "That white, sticky spider's thread of yours tarnished bocchan's... soul."
    • Claude's wanting to eat Ciel's soul somes off sounding more like he wants him.
    • Grell appears in chapter 55 to see a ship about to crash into an iceberg and states "You shouldn't be so rude on a maiden's first night. If you ram such a big thing into her she will break."
  • A tragic, non-Freudian example: In episode 7 of Haibane Renmei, Rakka's reaction to Kuu taking her Day of Flight feels very much like somebody's reaction to suicide.
  • In Claymore, during the first battle in Pieta, one of awakened beings looks like a giant turtle with a slightly phallic head. Jean doesn't help any when she states "One blow isn't enough, he's too hard".
  • Lucky Star has a scene with Konata lying on her back and choking on Cherry Blossoms. It's all the more suggestive for the few seconds her face is off-screen.
    • Konata eating a chocolate cornet. You'll never view pastries the same again.
  • Speaking of Da Capo, Miharu's first "wind-up" in episode 3 of the first season is similar to the trope pic. Needs a key to wind-up. Key goes in a hole (on her back). Tickles when her hole is touched. You get the idea.
  • Ouran Highschool Host Club has an... interesting moment when the maids come in to wake Kaoru and Hikaru, and one of them has a... strategically-placed elephant's head, which spouts confetti from its raised trunk. Extra bonus points for having no logical connection whatsoever to the scene in question.
  • In Pokemon Special, Ruby hates Norman and runs away from home because (Ruby assumes) his father doesn't like him being a Pokemon Coordinator. To make matters worse, when Norman finds Ruby, he beats him senselessly. When you combine this with Ruby's extreme campness...
  • In episode 3 of Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, Yoshii is running away from a jealous Psycho Lesbian with a plate of crepes. He runs into a Straight Gay character, the crepes go on the guy's face, and Yuuji's head goes into his lap. Yoshii, still pursued, runs off, and the Straight Gay guy says quietly "Yoshii - you've dirtied my face." Then he licks up some of the cream.
  • A Rurouni Kenshin filler episode where Yahiko had to impersonate a foreign prince. The way they force him to wear the prince's clothes looks like they're about to rape him.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler almost pulls this off without a sexual context that's usually displayed. When Hinagiku gains donkey ears (no, even in context it doesn't make sense), she comments that she can't let Hayate see her. Guess who shows up. Every other time a character (usually her sister) bursts in on her without knocking, she's in the middle of dressing/undressing.
  • Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit: The scene where Balsa and Tanda are removing the Water Spirit's egg from Chagum looks and sounds more like they're coaching him through childbirth. Tanda even talks Balsa through the steps to remove it safely and without injury to Chagum.
  • Highschool of the Dead is laden with so much fanservice and overt innuendo, that it needed its own page. The examples below, can be found there.
    • Beginning with the bath scene in episode 6, which is loaded with Les Yay undertones. Particularly the part where Shizuka was braced against the side of the bathtub, while Rei fondled her boobs. Though the animation makes it seem like she's doing Shizuka doggy-style, causing her breasts to bounce. When Saya looks over her shoulder and sees what Rei's doing, she blushes and quickly turns back around.
    • The following episode shows Saya sleeping on the couch, with her legs spread, while dreaming of Hirano. Then her thought bubble dips between her legs and wiggles, causing her to blush and moan. The scene only lasts a few seconds and is the closest the series comes to showing onscreen sex.
    • Shizuka gets to turn the tables on Rei in chapter 11's opening scene. Rei is shown stark naked, while Shizuka straddles her legs to apply ointment to her back, with help from Takashi who grips Rei's shoulders to hold her in place — directly in front of his crotch. Which makes it appear that Rei's being 'spit-roasted'.
    • At the beginning of chapter 17, Takashi unintentionally splash lands the experimental buggy in the fountain at the park, which soaks Saeko's clothes for the second time, after she had just gotten them dry. So she's justifiably exasperated when she asks if he enjoys making girls wet.
    • There are also scenes where phallic objects get inserted between the girls' breasts, in ways that're suggestive of paizurinote . Such as the time Zeke wound up wedged between Rei's and Shizuka's, with his tail jutting straight in the air near Rei's mouth. Another instance had Shizuka stuff a net launcher down her cleavage, because she thought it was the most convenient place to put it.
  • In Jungle de Ikou!, there are the girls' transformations... they make very sexual motions (our heroine moves like she's being slammed against a wall, her friend moves up and down), and immediately to transforming, they have a very orgasmic face, complete with a loud "Ohhhh!"
  • Air Gear: Arthur is a masochist who pelvic thrusts against his male opponent Agito and nibbles on his ear while fighting him. He also has flamboyant mannerisms, speaks in a polite manner, and frequently releases heart marks whenever he's reveling in the feeling of pain. Shalott is a loli who wears a frilly looking dress and drops a Bridget on Agito, revealing that he's actually a girly-looking guy who is in a BDSM type relationship with Arthur. The end of chapter 279 has him pin Agito to the ground and straddle him, saying after he tortures him then Agito can "lick it" if he wants.
  • Get Backers: Anything Takuma Fudou says to Ban. After Ban ripped off Fudou's arm, Fudou becomes completely obsessed with Ban. He even keeps his own severed, rotting arm with him to constantly remind himself of Ban - which made him feel "incredible chills rising up throughout his body." And when he isn't talking to Ban, every word coming from his mouth is normally about Ban. Some notably lines include: "COME, COME, COME, COME, your eyes, your flesh, blood, your screams, GIVE YOUR BODY TO ME! MEET MY DESIRES!" "Don't die yet, Mido - I'm not finished. You still need to quench my thirst - I'm not done. Let me enjoy myself." "What was my job again? My mind goes blank whenever I see you." "The only thing that can stop this shaking... is for me to slurp up your blood!"
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Glo Xinia's Foe Yay with Chrome. Considering how during his fight with Chrome he grabbed her hard enough to cause her pain, kept getting in her face, and told her things like: "You seem to like being touched by men. Your blushing cannot betray your desires." "Give me MORE!" (after hearing her screams of pain) and "It's time to eat... that ring and you!" It's hinted he might've done something to her had Mukuro not shown up, allowing her time to escape. Also, when fighting Mukuro he comes out with this line: "Is that girl so precious to you? Then I'm going to take my share of such a precious girl right before your eyes. This could just be the best situation, don't you think? My appetite for that girl just keeps getting better!" and "Don't worry Chrome, I will take good care of you for MUKURO TO SEE!"
    • Also, in Lussuria's words his favorite bodies are the "wasted, cold, unmoving" ones. Unfortunately, Ryohei goes topless during his fight against Lussuria and this only serves to make Lussuria his hardcore fanboy. In fact, Lussuria actually openly ogles Ryohei's muscular physique and refers to his body as "pretty nice", says that he's "just his type" and promptly decides to take him home and make him a part of his "collection" after he beats him up.
    • All throughout Byakuran's battle with Tsuna we see Byakuran ruthlessly attack Tsuna and taunt him with things like "Very scary, ain't it?" while clearly enjoying the nervous/shocked expressions on Tsuna's face. Also, from the ending of Chapter 275 all throughout Chapter 276 we see Byakuran stealing a page out of Mukuro's book by grabbing Tsuna from behind and suffocating him - meaning Tsuna's all flushed, gasping, weakly fighting back, etc. while Byakuran never stops smiling, calling him Tsunayoshi-kun, and breathing things like "look at how helpless you are..." into his ear.
    • And the part during Mukuro's fight with Tsuna where he suddenly grabbed Tsuna from behind, whispered into his ear and looked like he was resting his chin on Tsuna's shoulder was oddly reminiscent of a I Have You Now, My Pretty ploy. His Grand Theft Me tactic where he wants to possess Tsuna's body so he can cause a rift within the mafia which has him repeatedly telling Tsuna to "give me your body", "I'm going to have some goddamn fun with you, and "With my ultimate technique you will be mine." Not to mention if you replay that part it in the anime it looks like he's raping Tsuna/having sex with Tsuna.
    • In episode 46 when Gokudera and Belphegor are trying to take each other's rings, at one point, Belphegor straddles Gokudera and all the struggling they're doing makes it look like they're having sex or that Belphegor is raping Gokudera.
    • Yamamoto got a Shirtless Scene in episode 100 of the anime, which verged on Shower Scene. With more Fanservice of the gratuitous Ho Yay sort, as Gokudera (again) comes in the changing room and starts taking off his shoes while sitting in front of a standing, still shirtless Yamamoto. The angle also makes it look like his head is level with Yamamoto's crotch.
    • And Julie Katou/Daemon Sapde expresses interest in Chrome and kidnaps her, telling her they have "date plans" and lets her sleep in his bed. He also finds her to be "so damn cute" and in chapter 309 Chrome awakens in his bed, he enters the room, offers her a change of clothes, gets onto the bed with her, grabs her face, gets real close and asks if she needs help changing. He then says they should "get to know each other, real nice".
  • D.Gray-Man has this with Tyki "killing" Allen (which resembled a sort of "violation," with Tyki sticking his hand into Allen), the suggestive dialogue with Tyki telling Allen, "Don't be so cold, boy. An Exorcist made a Noah strip down to his underwear. Was that the first time you did it? Do you think it was destiny for it to be us?" and Tyki seeming miffed when Allen tells him that he'd done it to many people before. During their fight later, there's another Does This Remind You Of Anything moment with Tyki telling Allen, "This is giving me the thrills. I'll break you, one more time, with this hand!" Road tells Lavi that Tyki likes Allen as much as she does (this being after it was established that she likes Allen enough to kiss him).
    • In one of the first episodes after Allen is defeated by Tyki in the anime, he says that he "lost his Innocence to Tyki". At least, that's how one fansub-group decided to translate it.
    • In one episode of the anime, Mimi holds up Lavi's hammer in its small form and says "Looks like someone lost his Innocence!" He gets it back.
    • Any reference to collecting, losing or destroying Innocence could be interpreted as this.
  • Vampire Knight: Although it's not obvious, the Kiss of the Vampire serves as a metaphor for sex. Especially with regard to the "secret relationship" between Yuuki and Zero during volumes 3 and beyond. In other words, Zero is "boning" both Yuuki and Kaname. Seen in this light, the final scene with Zero and Ichiru is quite symbolic as well.
    • Also, Takuma Ichijo and Senri Shiki. There is one scene in the manga, at Ichijo's birthday party, where Shiki "accidently" cuts Ichijo with the knife while attempting to cut the cake. Cue Shiki, who prefers real blood over blood tablets, commenting on how they shouldn't waste it, licking Takuma's blood off his hand. With an almost lustful expression on his face.
  • Ultimate Girls. From the "transformation rod" to monsters' weak spots, you can't watch it without your mind looking around and saying, "Gutter, gutter, and more gutter."
  • Texhnolyze: All over the place, thanks to a heavy reliance on symbolism and metaphor to convey the story. Perhaps the most disturbing moment of this was when Onishi discovered Michiko after she had been beaten and raped by a bunch of thugs, and she grabs his sword in a disturbingly suggestive manner.
  • The manga Kamisama Dolls features an...interesting scene between the evil character, Aki, and an older woman, Kuuko. The latter involves herself in the Secret War because she wants to study the titular dolls (which are actually the "shells of gods" controlled by select humans called Seki). She does this by kidnapping, stripping and imprisoning Aki at her home then interrogating him by firing an air-soft gun at him until he agrees to show her his doll (called a Kakashi). He quickly gets pissed off at her violent, insane tactics and does indeed call upon his servant, having it phase through the floor, knocking Kuuko on her back and slicing her clothes right down the middle. As he's redressing, Aki makes the following exchange (made all the more suggestive by Kuuko panting and blushing the whole time):
    Aki: How was it? I showed it to you, just like you wanted. (smiles) What do you think?
  • Dantalian no Shoka: Girl opens up her clothing; guy introduces his key in her lock; red liquid spurts out. (Episode 1, 17:30, and again in almost every other episode)
  • The Stakes of Purgatory in Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Every time they get called on to murder someone (by piercing them in weapon form), their dialog is heavily peppered with Sex Is Violence. The skimpy outfits and Foe Yay only make it more obvious.
  • A half human half spider hybrid appears in the first OVA of Angel's Feather. When he appears he wraps Shou up in his web, caresses him, gets close to his face, sticks his finger in his mouth which causes Shou to blush, and licks him before trying to murder him by penetrating his body with his pincher.
  • Bakemonogatari: The "staple stable" opening features what appear to be staplers in rough approximations of sex positions.
    • During the car ride in Episode 12, Senjogahara runs her fingers along Koyomi's thigh. Cut to the gas meter dinging empty.
      • It's augmented by her whispering obscene words to him and sensually biting his ear while he's fidgeting and whimpering "St-stop it." It's all wrapped up by seeing his hair that once stood pointed and firm, turn all flaccid. At this point, it's not even subtext.
    • Not at all sexual and probably highly disturbing, when Koyomi has Shinobu drink his blood so he can regain some amount of a vampire's abilities, the scene is highly reminiscent of a mother nursing an infant. He even pats her back to get her to let go.
    • The scene where Koyomi touches Suruga's monkey arm. He even lampshades it by yelling at her for making weird noises.
    • The scene in "Tsukihi Phoenix" where Koyomi brushes Karen's teeth and everything leading up to it is uncomfortably evocative of rape.
  • Bleach:
    • Kariya force-feeding some purified spirit energy to a reluctant Mabashi — by shoving an engorged, bulbous object into his mouth and forcing him to swallow the fluid that comes out, complete with muffled choking, sputtering noises. Make what you will of Mabashi's subsequent attitude change.
    • Also, the location of Mayuri Kurotsuchi's sword. There is a reason he's a Memetic Molester.
    • In the anime, when Neliel bear-hugged Ichigo after turning into an adult, the camera is positioned in such a way that it looks like she's humping him. Orihime's expression says it best.
    • During the Soul Society Arc, Ichigo is repeatedly referred to as "having a zanpakutou big as he is tall" and made fun of for having no control over his big, flashy powers. This is reinforced when Ichigo's dad dispatches of Grand Fisher by telling him that Captain-league shinigami have to consciously control their reiatsu, or they'd be running around with swords the size of skyscrapers. It's because of such statements that zanpakutou earned the Fan Nickname "Soul Penis".
      • Ichimaru Gin's Shinso... "Bankai, Kamishini no Yari"... It extends up to 13 kilometers. Without a doubt Gin has the longest in all of Soul Society. Then after that he has a technique that repeatedly extends and contracts his blade.
    • Ishida and Ichigo discuss how to fight a (somewhat phallic) Menos Grande. Some of this involves "cutting it off at the knees". And then it involves "wow my bow sure gets big when I touch your soul-sword!"
    • This scene features Ichigo look like he's giving Ginjo head all out in the open while the injured Ishida looks at them.
    • Ulquiorra has a speech where he tells Orihime he will "tie you up and force it down your throat" He was talking about food, but still...
    • Hisagi has "69" tattoo on his face, based on one former Ninth Division captain Kensei Muguruma has on his chest.
    • Yumichika has a secret about his sword (which could be described as "not having a manly enough shikai") he conceals from everyone around him for fear that, if it got out, he would be disowned by Ikkaku or expelled from the squad. This secret is so important to him that he's willing to risk death in battle rather than use his shikai where someone from the 11th might see. Replace "sword" with "sexual orientation" and it's easy to see how part of the fanbase interprets his devotion to Ikkaku as an unrequited crush. Given that Japanese and American straight/gay stereotypes are often reversed, another part of the fanbase regards this as an example of Unfortunate Implications or Values Dissonance instead.
    • When Riruka first gets a good look at Ichigo's face, his hotness causes her to freeze for several moments before crying out and collapsing to her knees, breathless and flushed.
    • Riruka's ability is laden with innuendos about what she "loves".
    "Just now I gave you 'permission', and 'invited' you into this beloved box of mine."
  • Code Geass: The second season reveals that during the Time Skip, the Emperor used his own Geass to give Lelouch Fake Memories. The scene gets almost uncomfortably close to an actual rape, with Suzaku holding Lelouch down and Lelouch begging for him to stop.
    • In Code Geass R2, Suzaku, trying to find out if Lelouch has regained his memory and become Zero again, attempts to use the Refrain drug on Kallen to make her tell him the truth. Kallen is so disturbed and shaken that she begs for him not to, as though she were about to be literally raped by him. Just before dosing her, Suzaku realizes he is becoming Not So Different from Zero, and stops. When you think back to season one and how the mind of Kallen's biological mother was nearly destroyed by the drug, it's not that much of a stretch to believe that poor Kallen would liken a forced dose of refrain to a sexual violation.
  • Corrector Yui's transformation sequences have the girls (Yui, Haruna and Ai) making pretty... orgasmic faces when they get the chest jewel of their virtual costumes put on them. Here's the proof.
  • D.N.Angel: The "pendants of eternal friendship" that Mio gave Riku to use with Daisuke. Also, there's a scene in Stage Four (manga volume 15) in which Satoshi's adopted father forces Satoshi to transform while holding him down over a table - yes, the entire has very disturbing rape undertones.
  • Non-sexual example: in an early episode of Darker Than Black, a white man tells a black man that his kind are less than human, not fit to live, etc. He's talking about the fact that the man is a Contractor.
  • Death Note's foot massage scene. Other than the biblical symbolism and context of it, there can be other implications. Of course, the entire thing isn't helped by how the anime made it seem like L had a foot fetish. Both Light and L are soaking wet, drying themselves off, and their dialogue and actions go something like this:
    Light: What are you doing, Ryuuzaki?!
    L: At least allow me to atone for this. I'm not all that bad at it, you know.
    Light: (looking away) Do as you please.
    (L presses Light's foot, and Light cries out)
    L: Oi, you'll get used to it quickly.
    Light: You're still wet.
    L: Sorry...
    • One of Mikami's Sakujo-gasms in the anime which includes slow motion, a fall backwards, and a very, very joyful look on his face that resembles an orgasm more than a killing. The same Sakujo-gasm also has what appear to be large drops of shiny white sweat, with a spotlight on his crotch seen at the end of this video, which includes every instance of his Catch Phrase.
    • Light's usage of the Death Note in general can be seen as a sexual release. And then there's the fact that he completely ignores the incredibly hot woman throwing herself at him...
      • There's an instance in one of the first few episodes where, after a long, energetic sequence where he wrote in the Death Note (all the while seeming quite happy with it), Light flops back in his desk chair and pants.
    Ryuk: You've taken quite a liking to it.
  • When Akina of Don't Become an Otaku, Shinozaki-san! starts playing video games, she is very loud when doing so. This often takes the form of loud moaning, begging to stop or not be so rough, and surprise at vibration (from the controller). Its pretty easy to understand what her brother, hearing her through the wall, is thinking when he hears her.
  • El-Hazard: The Magnificent World: The "Demon Dolls", Ifurita and Kalia, can only be awakened by inserting their respective "Key Staves" into their activation modules (which is located directly above the cleft of their buttocks), then turning them. Ifurita moans whenever hers is activated, and must be recharged at regular intervals. Kalia makes no sound at all and is self-sustaining once activated, so she has no further need of her Key Staff afterwards.
  • Just about everything with Hyatt in Excel Saga. Excel has a memorable scene where's she's rolling on the floor with a mannequin dressed up as Il Palazzo while kicking her feet in the air and screaming his name.
    • Hyatt? Hell, she's at it from the opening credits onwards. That shot of her eating a banana is about as unsubtle as can possibly be done.
    • To not mention the scene where Excel is watching the guy 'play his guitar' through a curtain, That's really as unsubtle as it gets.
  • FLCL might as well be called "Sexual Innuendo and Double Entendres: The Series", from phallic objects shooting out of Naoto's forehead, to Amaro overcompensating for his tiny, tiny eyebrows with a huge pair of fake ones, to loads and loads of lines whose context sound very, very different if you aren't looking at the screen.
  • The Familiar of Zero is full of this. Take for example: in episode 2 of the fourth season you get the feeling that Joseph was about to rape Louise for a second when he said she was gonna "lose her honor", then you see his robe lowering and how he kneels in front of her while she's tied up on the ground and touches her face...
  • In the English dub of the anime Fruits Basket Kyo and Yuki start almost all of their fights by shouting "Let's do it!" and clenching the fronts of each others' shirts. Kyo and Haru do this once in episode 10 as well.
  • During the finale of Full Metal Panic!, Gauron grabs Sōsuke's Humongous Mecha with his own and pins it to the floor. Sōsuke's mecha struggles to get away while Gauron says things like "let's be friends" and "I'm so happy, you've stuck with me till the end." Sōsuke is shown sweating and panting, and Gauron's broken down mecha starts leaking white liquid onto him. Of course, Gauron's ultimate intention is to detonate his mecha with 300 kilograms of explosives and kill both of them (which might very well be his idea of getting to fourth base with Sōsuke), but it looks for all the world like giant robot sexual assault.
    • The fact that Gauron keeps calling Sōsuke "honey" does not improve things. Neither does the fact that his last words happen to be "I love you, Kashim!" (Kashim being one of Sōsuke's aliases).
    • And it probably doesn't help that in the novels, Gauron literally started moaning and crying out things like "RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT! FASTER! MORE! MORE!!" It would probably be safe to assume that, at least in the novels, he actually did get aroused and probably orgasmed from it.
  • Every combination in Genesis of Aquarion and its sequel Aquarion Evol has the pilots experience "becoming one" in a suggestive manner.
    • Aside from the battles, innuendos are thrown here and there in several moments of both series.
  • Gintama does this often, with the first notable instance being the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon ice sculpture Gintoki and Kagura create for the local snow festival. Shinpachi is the only one who calls them out on how inappropriate it looks, everyone else simply viewing it as a replica of an actual weapon. It turns out that it really does exist.
  • Guilty Crown has a fairly prominent one in episode 6, when Gai is speaking his 'sins' aloud, thinking thalt he's talking to Inori. He doesn't realize its Shu on the other side of a door, and the whole scene basically looks like a Catholic confessional-right down to the cross on Gai's neck.
  • In Gundam 00, Setsuna is fighting Ali Al-Saachez, the mercenary who used him as a child soldier. He pins Setsuna's Gundam Exia against a rock wall with his own mobile suit, and then begins to attempt to rip out Exia's cockpit in order to crush the pilot. The cockpit is situated exactly where its name suggests it would be. "Don't touch me!" indeed.
  • One episode of Gunslinger Girl features a character named Elsa, who describes her obsession for her handler Lauro, as the camera focuses on her polishing an assault rifle in a rather... suggestive... manner.
    • Even more suggestive is when Henrietta sneaks into her handler's room and finds his shirt, which she hugs to her body while lying on his bed.
    • Gunslinger Girl makes it very explicit that everyone who knows about the Social Welfare Agency considers the fratello relationships to be pedophilic. Some of the agents that work there even make crude jokes about it.
  • Hellsing
    • In the anime, after getting shot, Seras coughs blood and Alucard leans over her, after which the blood is gone. It's not made clear whether he just licks her mouth or actually kisses her...not that there's much difference.
    • Integra gets budding vampire Seras to drink blood from a live human for the first time by cutting her finger and ordering her to lick it clean. Seras is blushing and panting very heavily during that whole ordeal.
    • In all versions, Rip Van Winkle's death is constructed almost exactly like a rape scene. Her high-pitched moans as Alucard penetrates her (with her own gun, but still) do not help. He then takes his time licking her blood off the floor, before conjuring shadow arms to hold her against the wall and sighing with anticipation before he finally bites her.
    • Some of Alucard's earlier kills were very...interesting. In his battle with Alhambra, for example, he hooks both of his thumbs into his mouth and he looks at him rather...wistfully.
    • The Iscariot's 9th mobilized crusade knights wore outfits that looked like those of a certain terrorist group from the darkest moments of African American history.
  • Hisoka of Hunter × Hunter has a particular fascination with Gon and Killua, stares at their butts while moaning in one scene and calls them "unripe" fruit that he wants to pick, meaning he wants to kill them at the end of a fight where they would be strong, but still...
  • Seen in episode 6 of Demon King Daimao. Keena finds a sea cucumber in a tidal pool and happily begins playing with it to the horror of Junko. Rhythmically pumping her hands along its length, it eventually sprays Junko with a load of stringy, white ooze. And the fans of bukkake go wild.
  • InuYasha:
    • At the very end of the second movie, in the scene where they discuss the fact that Kagome kissed Inuyasha, the way they talk around the fact gives the impression that they're talking about sex:
    Miroku: [to Sango] Kagome and Inuyasha did it, why don't we reap the benefits of intimacy?
    Inuyasha: [to Kagome] It wasn't like I wanted to do it to ya! . . . You're the one who forced yourself on me!
    • Not to mention most of the series is dedicated to make Inuyasha's sword better and more capable... The sword that grows in size when he thinks about the women in his life, has a hairy ruff at the base, something like independent preferences, and yeah, a pulse. Later, it even becomes dark-tinted...
  • Karakuridouji Ultimo: THE VOW. It's still is amazing how that got in a 13+ series.
    Ultimo: Please put your hand inside me Yamato-sama.
  • Karin: The biting. "It'll only hurt for a moment" indeed...
    • In the first episode of Karin, Karin's vampiric attraction to her (female) best friend Maki is reminiscent of a lesbian attraction. She even leans in to bite Maki's neck, which looks very much like an attempted kiss.
    • There was also the picture of Karin when she gushed blood for the first time. The caption read: "Karin's a big girl, now"
    • Or one of the chapters where Karin's brother is forcing Bridget to be burned by sunlight by bending her over and sticking her head out the window while he is bent over her from behind, grabbing her so she can't struggle. That doesn't seem like rape at all, right? Oh, and then he and she later confirm that he spent the rest of the night forcing sex on her. But apparently, it's a case of rape leading to love for her. She also calls later to say she's pregnant.
    • The bleeding. When Karin and Anju's respective first times at biting a victim are shown, both of them have the fronts of their white dresses conspicuously covered in "virginal" blood. Afterwards, both are referred to as vampires and adults.
    • Also, that certain time of the month where Karin's blood begins to multiply is reminiscent of... a certain other time of the month.
  • In Kill la Kill, Sanageyama's victory over Takarada involves repeated, violent Ass Shoves with his bamboo sword. The "Oh yes!" at the end doesn't help.
  • In Kirby of the Stars, King Dedede once get the Cappies (with the help of a Demon Beast) to teach the children that he is the greatest guy there is, and that everything is discovered by him. Much like the North Korean education system where every subject revolves around the Kim Jong-Il being a the greatest man in the world and he invented everything.
  • In Koharu No Hibi the scene where Koharu enthusiastically licks the recorder of the guy she's in love with while breathing heavily and blushing.
  • An OVA series, Landlock, focuses on a person being hunted because he has the ability to control the wind/air. Hmm, I wonder why that sounds familiar.
  • Chachamaru from Mahou Sensei Negima! has to be wound up, on occasion (she's a Robot Girl, after all), something which she states "feels good". When Negi winds her up, he puts waaaay too much magic into it, and she can hardly stop herself from screaming with pleasure. Chapter 263 takes it even further.
    • Later on, she's seen powering herself up, and naturally it resembles something else entirely, right down to being embarrassed when Eva walks in on her. The fact that she's mumbling Negi's name as she does it doesn't help her case.
    • The entire Pactio system seems to exist for two reasons: 1. An excuse to give "normal" girls magical powers. 2. This trope. Additionally, when Pactio cards get brought up it will often be "Negi has already done it with seven girls!?" (Read: Anya finding out) or "Two girls in 45 minutes!? Aren't you popular." Chachamaru also danced the line between this and a Three Is Company when speaking about her martial arts training sessions with Negi ("I've been serving as Negi's partner every night and he appears to be very happy about it.") to Chisame. Chapter 253 takes the subtext to its logical conclusion. If you read it without knowing what a "pactio" is, it pretty much sounds like all of the girls are contemplating a romantic relationship with Negi or Kotaro.
    • The Winding is explicitly compared to the energy transfer from the Magister to his Ministra and it apparently has the same effect on all the girls.
    • One of the two OVAs has a scene where Negi and Nodoka are in a sauna room, and their panting from the heat is rather played up, although it's rather obvious nothing's happening.
    • An in-story example occurs when Negi and Setsuna arrive right after Asuna has been defeated by Fate, assuming that the worst has occurred. And it did...kind of. The event itself does bear quite a resemblance to a tentacle rape, though.
  • My Bride Is a Mermaid has Masa and Shark hosting an infomercial for mermaid products, one of which is for "tail enhancement".
  • Naruto
    • Pretty much everything Orochimaru does or says in relation to Sasuke or any of his other young associates. It's most certainly intentional.
      "Sasuke will have the power he desires... and I will have him." *groan*
    • In the opening video of the Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 video game (remade from the anime but with the video game graphics) Sakura is shown after the Leaf Village got nuked calling out for Naruto to hurry up and arrive. In the anime version, she's right about at the center of the screen. In the video game version, it looks like she's having sex with someone just below the screen. Especially with the sound off. Press 6 once on the page to see.
    • In chapter 412, we see Karin's Heal Bite for the first time. Basically, people heal when they bite her. Her face when Sasuke bites her... is... well...
    • Also, in chapter 491 when Naruto is forced to swallow a seal frog
      "Hey! Can't you open wider!? Do you want me in you or not!?"
    • Naruto and Sasuke's entire battle at Valley Of The End had some instances which can be interpreted as this. Dubbed!Sasuke makes it even more apparent. Shortly after meeting up with Sasuke at Valley Of The End Naruto tackles Sasuke to the ground, straddles him and punches him across the face. Sasuke then spits blood at Naruto's face and they grab each other by the shirt pulling their faces close to the others. Then Sasuke laughs and, in the dubbed version says "Remember how thrilled you were at the thought of beating me to a bloody pulp? What's wrong? Where's your smile now?" And, in the anime only, there's a scene where Sasuke finds Naruto, grins, rushes at him, grabs his wrists, and gets really close before kicking him away.
    • When Naruto and Sasuke had their first reunion after the Timeskip Sasuke half-hugging Naruto as he whispers in his ear and attempts to plunge his sword through Naruto's back looked more like he was preparing to have sex with him than that he was trying to kill him.
    • And for a touch of Fridge Horror, Pain's plan for world peace involves extracting the tailed beasts and using them to create a WMD that could annihilate an entire country in a single blow, and then use it, causing MAD to avert war UNTIL PEOPLE FORGET HOW DEVASTATING THIS WEAPON IS, at which point wars will resume, they will use the weapon, and the cycle repeats. The Fridge Horror of course, is the fact that it has been 65 years since the Nagasaki bombing.
    • Speaking of Akatsuki, they were formed by teens in a country that was a battleground for several superpowers, including the protagonist's village. They began with good intentions, then things got messed up. Akatsuki is a metaphor for the Taliban. Especially if you consider the nature of Deidara and Pain's attacks...
    • In a filler arc, Kabuto and Yukimaru, a young boy, are isolated in the middle of a lake. They have a conversation that goes something like this.
    Yukimaru: I have a feeling something fun is about to start.
    Kabuto: Yes, we're going to have some fun. Can you put this on?
    He then proceeds to give him a strange pill. Cut to a few seconds later, Yukimaru is screaming.
    • Where Kabuto summoning dead people involves them sprouting waist-up from his chest, making it look quite a bit like he's humping them.
    • Suigetsu once threatened Sasuke from behind while naked.
    • "YOUR HEART IS MINE!" Kakuzu has Kakashi pinned to the ground, is straddling him, and is about to literally rip his heart out to keep powering his immortality.
      • Don't forget that his special abilities involve strange threads...
    • Chapter 698: The aftermath of Naruto and Sasuke's fight. Basically, they slept together, exchanged fluids, and lost a part to each other. And the blood from their stumps of an arm almost form a heart.
    • There's a really long snake coming out of Kabuto's stomach. Suigetsu is... quick to notice.
    Suigetsu: Kinda gross. This thing coming out of his belly looks just like a huge-
    Sasuke: You can leave it there.
  • One Piece
    • The way Caribou behaves when he kidnaps mermaids with his mud powers. Take a look at panels of these scenes in the manga. Those scenes are made even worse in the anime, because not only is everything in motion, you can hear Caribou's creepy manner of speaking all while the mermaids cry for help.
    • Arlong's possessiveness towards Nami goes far past his stated desire of keeping her because she's a good surveyor, and his emotional abuse, manipulations, and threats to kill her friends and family if she ever leaves him make him out to be a crazy abusive boyfriend. Hell, he even calls her adorable in the dub.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is at least 50% this. Notable examples include: a scene in which Panty and a guy are sticking their fingers into each other, talking about how great it feels...and then it turns out that they're picking each other's noses; and a scene involving Scanty, Kneesocks, figs, milk, and some very suggestive silhouettes...
  • In Pretear, the main character transforms by merging her life energy with one of the seven bishounen Léafe Knights. The Transformation Sequence shows both Himeno and the Knight naked, embracing, with the girl making a rather orgasmic face, before the knight turns into a ball (or "seed" if you will) of energy that implants itself into her body. This is lampshaded to hell in back in the series—from the Knights describing it as "becoming one" (with the flirty one of the bunch describing it in flowery, innuendo-filled detail) and Himeno exclaiming before one of her earlier transformations that she's "not sure if I'm ready for that sort of emotional commitment yet!"
    • This possibly has further symbolic consequences. Since Prétear's Applied Phlebotinum is effectively Life, the entire "becoming one" thing is understandable (since this is how people create new life in reality). However, one could note that the anime's Grand Finale Himeno manages to achieve the form of the Legendary White Prétear without merging with a Knight. Think about it for a second. Doesn't help that she further gets into the territory of Messianic Archetype by sacrificing herself. Well, temporarily, anyway.
  • Princess Tutu:
    • In this show, Boyfriend=Official Dance Partner (and vice versa). Rue makes Mytho dance with her a lot. And then...
    • Rue/Kraehe kisses him as she removes the feeling of love from his heart, kidnapping him and turning him into an Empty Shell. And then we see them lying down together on a bed of feathers, with Kraehe in her Stripperific tutu and Mytho completely naked. As a result of this, his heart is tainted. Doesn't help that this all comes shortly after Mr. Cat gives Mytho a thinly-veiled Talk.
    • In season 2, Dark!Mytho starts taking advantage of the many, many girls who fall in love with him, luring them into dark, secluded places for them to prove their love to him. They offer themselves up to him so that he can take away their pure, innocent hearts. He is literally trying to steal their hearts (which would effectively turn them into Empty Shells), but that might just make him seem more like a sexual predator.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • The whole plot - with the Big Bad coercing young girls into joining him, taking what he wants, then abandoning them when they're no longer of any use - is like an abusive relationship on an industrial scale. Loses any semblance of subtlety in episode 8, when the final straw prompting Sayaka to transform into a witch is overhearing two men talk about the women they've abused, and one advises the other to dump them when they get too old.
    • The witches and their barriers are thinly veiled metaphors for suicide and depression respectively, as they're formed from magical girls falling into despair. This is most obvious in The Different Story, which explores how witches are made in much more detail.
    • In the third movie, Homura's descent into evil is symbolized by her seizing Madoka and forcibly removing her goddess powers, insisting all the while that she's doing this out of "love."
    Homura: I'll never let you go again.
  • In episode 87 of Ranma ½, when Ryōga falls on top of Ranma in the path of an oncoming train, Ranma tries to get Ryōga off of him and all the movement makes it look like they're having sex.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena had an episode in which the seventh grade age Nanami woke up to find that she had laid an egg, and spent the following day wondering whether this was something that happened to many girls or not. It is generally assumed that this is a metaphor for menstruation, although it gets a bit confusing when another character almost cooks and eats the egg.
    • Then there's when Anthy kisses Touga's sword to give it superpowers, turning it red, and giving him the power to deal massive Clothing Damage to Utena.
    • In some scenes we see Touga, Akio, and Saionji rolling around in bed shirtless with unzipped pants.
    • The duelists wear roses on their chests that need to be knocked off with a sword in order to win, hence "deflowering".
  • Rust Blaster: Referring to a vampire bite "It hurt the first time you did it. Can you be more gentle this time?"
  • In Sailor Moon, the Amazon Trio looking into people's dream mirrors is pretty reminiscent of sexual assault. After seducing the poor Jane/John Doe to draw him/her to a secluded spot — and having them bound and helpless, they summon a dream mirror and place their heads inside it to view their dreams. Each one of them (Fish Eye, Hawk Eye, and Tiger Eye) have a particular type they like to target, and sometimes yell "YES!" and other exclamations of enjoyment while perusing the victim's mirror.
    • Several things make it worse: in a few episodes, their target is either outright ambushed or flat out chased, and in the case of Minako, she actually seemed to enjoy it.
  • Episode 11 of Seitokai Yakuindomo has the girls (along with Tsuda's little sister) decide to go to Tsuda's room to play board games. Naturally, they barge into his room with what can only be called "rape faces," declare while giggling evilly that "You won't be getting any sleep tonight," and the scene ends with Tsuda screaming.
  • Shugo Chara! main character Amu possesses the "Humpty Lock" while her bad boy love interest Ikuto has the "Dumpty Key." A boy has an item that's purpose is to be inserted into an item possessed by a girl he cares for. Hmmm, now why does that seem familiar? Goes even further when Utau, who is in love with Ikuto, demands that Amu give her the lock that matches Ikuto's key. Yeah, not even gonna touch that one.
  • Sora O Kakeru Shoujo has this with Leopard's antimatter cannon. It requires two "Golden Orbs" to fire, does not function when said orbs are cold, results in a flurry of some white substance covering everything inside Leopard (including the female protagonist) when fired, and has a "relaxing", so to speak, effect on Leopard, while the effect on the female protagonist is a bit more exhaustive.
  • Star Driver overall is one giant Innocent Innuendo with a lot of references to other shows.
    • The show as a whole bears a good bit of resemblance to Revolutionary Girl Utena in overall structure, to the point where some call it an Alternate Universe version of that show.
    • The show is set on an island where an evil underground organization, The Glittering Crux, wants to "break the seal" of "pure maidens" to unlock "a great power"... the ability to pilot their Humongous Mecha in this world instead of their Pocket Dimension! Of course, they have to be completely nude in order for the ritual to take place...
    • The Glittering Crux as a whole either dress like Dominatrixes or the gay stereotype, depending on the gender.
      • Of course, Word of God has it that Depraved Bisexual Head designed all these outfits by himself, which pushes everyone's clothing heavily into the area of self-service...
    • At the end of episode 8, an entire scene consists of Takuto and Sugata panting and breathing heavily... after a big fight.
    • During episode 9, Sugata tells Takuto that his kendo stick is longer while holding it at a... suggestive angle. The kicker? He says it completely seriously and nobody even lampshaded or discusses it. Did we mention that this is a Shounen series where everyone is ostensibly straight?!
    • The fact that Takuto is inadequate at swordplay unless he's dual-wielding... AKA has more overall "sword". Get the picture?
    • The constant references to "Kissing through the glass" could mean kissing or... something else.
    • Wako's fantasy in episode 4 looks a lot like something out of Ouran High School Host Club.
    • Episode 24 contains a conversation between Head and Shingo, who just awoke from his coma, which contains lines such as "I want yours" and "Give it to me and I'll be okay". Naturally though, they're talking about Shingo's mark, but it doesn't help that Head sounds quite... excited during that moment. Of course, the tone of the scene is helped by the fact that an earlier episode implied the two of them have been dating in the past.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has "power drills" as proof of manliness and the sentence "yours is a drill that breaks through to the Heavens!"
    • A Drill is a man's passion.
    • Happens in the first episode when Lagann is being crushed by a Gunman. It doesn't help that Yoko's voice is a little more high-pitched than usual.
      Yoko: It's no good. It's too tight!
      Kamina: Don't use that strange voice in here!
    • The second episode has a fairly blatant example of this as well — when Yoko leans over to admire the Core Drill Simon is holding, he looks up at her, blushes... and his drill suddenly starts glowing. Combine this with the fact that Spiral Energy is explicitly stated to be the power of evolution...
    • Episode 12 has a particularly blatant-and hilarious-example; Gurren Lagann drills into a port on the bottom of the ship. Cut to the bridge, where the very, very Camp Gay Leeron rises a little bit in his seat and goes "Whoo!" Cut right back to the outside of the ship.
      • In the same episode, Adiane destroys the Dai Gurren's lower observation deck. Cue all the male characters (curiously minus Leeron) grasping their crotch in pain when this info is relayed to them.
    • In Episode 15, after Lordgenome's defeat, he states the reason he lost was because Simon's Spiral Energy was bigger than his. It doesn't get any less subtle than that.
      • The scene in the last episode where the TTGL absorbs the power of a Big Bang in order to defeat the Anti-Spiral makes it look like the pilots are having an orgasm.
    • All through the series, the title mecha uses its drill to become one with other robots.
    Kamina: Our manly combining must be stylish!
    • Episode 7, when we first see the big Ganman, the angle of the camera, the comments from the characters, and the overall shape simply scream "Does THIS Remind You Of Anything?!"
    • "I want to get into that body of yours".
    • In one scene, the Anti-Spiral starts deconstructing Nia. What she says, how he uses his stretched-out arm and her screaming makes this scene seem a little bit rapey:
      Nia: No matter how deeply you probe my body, I won't give in!
      • And then in Lagann-Hen, Anti-Spiral pretty much creates a bunch of tentacles and straddles Nia... Fer God's sake, Gainax.
    • Dai Gurren looks extremely suggestive already, it's sort of a centaur-thing, with the bow of the battleship part being where the... ahem... would be on a human body. Now, in Episode 14, the thing rams Cytomander's ship with the bow of the battleship, penetrating it. And the explosion looks... kind of...
  • Tiger & Bunny. Maverick drugging Barnaby and then showing himself as a madman in front of a semi-paralyzed and emotionally broken Bunny in episode 19. And in episode 20, Barnaby wakes up all disoriented in Maverick's home, while the other is making him breakfast. Date rape comparisons, anyone?
  • The female Devilukan's tail in To Love-Ru. The tip is heart shaped and when *ahem* fondled tends to produce similar reactions to the women as say, a clitoris would to human women. Not to mention that the heart shaped tip starts looking like the vagina in certain fanservice situations. It's unfortunate seeing as how the tail is pretty much as tall as the women are and how Momo, Nana, and Lala affiliate with a guy who's naturally inclined towards grabbing boobs and such due to his klutziness
    • Given the reactions of the female characters under certain Fanservice situation with Rito, it's pretty much a Hentai at this point without any visible genitalia (save for the breasts and nipples). It's truly amazing to see and to think how none of these characters have actually had sex yet.
    • "Darkness" has so many suggestive scenes that would serve a special page to list them.
  • In the sequel to Tokyo Ghoul, Mutsuki is revealed to be a Transgender man after getting into a taxi driven by a Ghoul that preys exclusively on women with scars. The driver expresses confusion over "which" Mutsuki is, and solves this by attacking him. The scene plays out disturbingly like a sexual assault, with Torso strangling Mutsuki before getting into the backseat and pinning him down with his body. He then tears open Mutsuki's shirt to reveal his bound chest and calls him a "woman", before brutally beating him unconscious. Since Mutsuki is Covered with Scars, he attempts to kidnap him as his latest victim but is interrupted by the others arriving. While they fight Torso, a bloody and battered Mutsuki stumbles out of the taxi after fixing his clothing and immediately starts blaming himself for being weak.
  • Trigun has sentient plants (the power generating kind) that are experimented on, exploited, and killed in mind-boggingly dreadful ways and that can irradiate everyone if they go berserk as metaphors both for nuclear power and vivisection. And let's not forget that in the anime, Knives is portrayed more explicitly as a kind of psycho ecoterrorist who wants to prevent humans from destroying the environment of Gunsmoke as they did to the Earth. This is quite similar to the use of Mako energy in Final Fantasy VII.
  • In Umi no Misaki, Shizuku and Nagi's first time is preceded by her leading him through a tunnel. A long, dark tunnel that is flooded (with seawater).
  • Vassalord features a lot of this. Particularly memorable was the scene where Charley fed from Rayflo by kneeling in front of him and sucking on his... inner thigh. All with Rayflo blushing and breathing heavily.
  • Vividred Operation: "Docking" is an obvious metaphor for sex. It's initiated by kissing someone with whom you have a close personal bond, and generates lines like "I could feel you flowing into me." Some of the attack names are also this trope: Naked Blade, Naked Collider...
  • The extraordinarily tender scene between Kiba and Cheza in the finale of Wolf's Rain, when they lie dying in each other's arms, could be seen as a kind of consummation of their tragic romance. Cheza's speech as she tries to comfort Kiba contains a lot of gasping (in pain), and they're holding on so tightly that Cheza's clothes start to rip and she leaves scratch marks on Kiba's skin. She then arches her back (again, in pain) and crushes his face to her chest, after which the camera cuts to a shot of their blood mingling in the snow. It's all played for emotion and not the least bit comedic.
  • WORKING episode 13 features Takanashi going through a complicated analogy the end-result of which is to confirm Inami's cuteness. Inami (who is holding a pair of soda cans at the time) goes red-faced, crushes the cans with her fists and has her face covered with white liquid...
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! manga has a really uncomfortable variation with Dark Malik; all his duels are set up to seem reminiscent of rape. It doesn't help that he's literally getting off on the pain he's experiencing during the duel...
    • The Ultimate Evil Big Bad of the entire series Zorc Necrophades has an additional dragon head with a long neck protruding from his crotch.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V uses being sealed into cards as a metaphor for death, with those who witness it being traumatized and those who commit it being unstable at best. Note that this is the subbed version, not the dub. note 
    • There's also the speech Himeka and Reiji give at the end of the MCS tournament, which is basically war propaganda.
    • The Synchro dimension has 99% of the wealth controlled by 1% of the population.
    • Shinji's speech during his duel and even the construction of his deck has a lot of parallels to Vladimir Lenin's ideals, something the fans have mocked.
      • The situation in the synchro dimension appears to be a mix of late Tsarist Russia and the USA, with the economic situation and Shinji's arguments based on the former and the City's beliefs and justifications for their corruptions based on the latter.
  • Yuri Kuma Arashi: Kunihiko Ikuhara has always fancied this trope, but in Yuri Kuma Arashi he takes it to startling new heights when, in the first episode, we have Ginko and Lulu lovingly licking at honey off the petals of a flower (a lilly, naturally) sprouting from between Kureha's breasts. Oh yeah, and Kureha's naked. And the angle immediately shifts so we can see her head tossed back but the flower looks as though it's coming out of her crotch. At this point, it barely even counts as symbolism anymore!
  • In Fairy Tail, Gray was inside Juvia, not Lucy.
    • Not to mention the one Exceed who waves his hand like he's playing RPS... except, without changing it from rock. And apparently, as of Chapter 198, Erza, Lucy, Gray, and Natsu have done it too. Hmm.
    • Tempesta's final attack is eerily reminiscent of a chemical weapons attack... Not to mention the mass genocide that occurs from its first appearance