Does This Remind You Of Anything / Advertising

  • Quizno's ads for the Toasty Torpedo
  • A particularly unsubtle ad on British TV for (beat) "Virgin Railways" features a girl travelling to her boyfriend using Virgin Railways. At one point, the train she's in plunges into a heart-shaped, pink love-tunnel.
  • Vince Offer: "You're going to love my nuts."
    • Which is awfully similar to an earlier (as in, early 1990s or late 1980s) Australian commercial that invites the viewer to "have a nibble of Nobby's nuts". That's barely double entendre, come to think of it.
  • Clairol "Herbal Essences" shampoo commercials showcase the woman using their product in the shower and screaming in delight. The "An organic experience" tagline doesn't help.
    • They also have one where the woman's male partner uses it, and gets to the point of his "organic experience" much faster than if the woman were washing her hair.
    • May I direct your attention to this Sinfest strip?
    • Not to mention that shampoo is all creamy and sometimes white..]
  • Arby's put out one where a guy in bed, obviously waiting for something to happen, gets his wife dressed as an Arby's worker entering with a plateful of Arby's food. To sexy music. The Arby's symbol over his head springs up with a boing sound effect and he says "Meeee likey." see for yourself
  • This happens all the time in Canadian advertising, specifically when trying to advertise direct-to-consumer prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Celebrex. Much like the European restrictions on talking about a car's maximum speed mentioned on another page, Canadian drug ads are allowed as long as the advertisement does not directly mention the purpose of the product. In response, many companies, Viagra maker Pfizer in particular, rely on Suspiciously Apropos Music, Double Entendre and Does This Remind You of Anything? when they advertise up north. This has lead to brilliant Viagra ads like a satisfied customer dancing down a street while "Good Morning, Good Morning" from Singin' in the Rain plays in the background; the "International Language of Viagra" campaign where people speak in Simlish about their re-energized sex lives thanks to Viagra; and another ad for Cialis (can't find a link) where a husband and wife are a bit late joining in a standing ovation.
    • One has to include the infamous ED ad with the guy trying to throw a football through a tire (only succeeding after he's used the product).
  • An advertisement in Malaysia asks if the consumer have not cut "it" off yet. Cutting "it" off will make "it" faster, smoother and more enjoyable. It's an ad for a wireless broadband service.
  • Wash your dirty balls!
  • "O-O-O, the big big O.....!"
  • This (video removed) Dentyne Ice commercial. You will never look at that gum the same way.
    • It must be said the commercials would be much funnier if the gum wasn't shown until the end.
  • The Shake Weight commercials. What's even worse is that they have a commercial for the Shake Weight for Men.
    • Further proof that the advertisers know exactly what they're doing, here's the commercial for the new T Core. For those who can't click through, it's a penis pump-esque exercise machine for men.
  • This old commercial for Squeezit drinks took this to a whole new level. Not only did the drinks themselves and the "squeezing" have some phallic reminders, but there is a boy squeezing a football that is positioned covering his pants, a boy holding a camera with a bulb for the flash that extends upward, a boy squeezing a giant hotdog, wait it gets better, that suddenly shoots out of the bun, and to top it off a girl has a bucket of popcorn that sprays popcorn over all of the kids present.
    Nostalgia Critic: Here's a fun game to play at home. Count all the phallic symbols.
  • The new Liquid Plumber commercial is covered in it.
  • The Opinel logo [1] looks like certain other activities that hopefully do not involve the use of knives.
  • This Net 10 Wireless commercial on peer pressure.
  • And of course there was Tickle deodorant, the initial ads for which simply showed the container and various women laughing at it.
  • the progressive commercial where Flo stands in a dark ally and starts trying to talk two men into switching their insurance.They quickly tell her that their insurance companies "told them not to talk to people like her". This sounds an awfully like a person pressuring someone into doing drugs.[2]
  • This M&M ad, featuring the M&M rapist. The "Anything For Love" can have interesting implications as well- "It hurts, but I kind of like it!"
  • The women squeezing the Charmin, along with Mr. Whipple in the Charmin commercials of the sixties and seventies, like this one look like they're squeezing a hunk's squeezably soft butt.
  • This Butterfinger Cups ad promotes another way to love peanut butter and chocolate.
  • When she talks about skydiving in this Faberge commercial, Kathy Smith sounds like she's actually talking about losing her virginity.
  • This Infinity commercial, where a man from a BMW-driving family admits his love for the Infinity, seems familiar.
    Son: You must have known I was a little... different.
    Father: Not this different.