Characters: Heroes The Company

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The Founders

     Daniel Linderman 

Mr. Daniel Linderman (Malcolm McDowell)

Ability: Healing

A Las Vegas businessman/mob boss, Linderman is in fact a ruthless puppetmaster and the leader of the Company during Volume One. An affable old man with the ability to heal via touch, Linderman is sick and tired of human suffering, and after realizing that healing one person at a time simply isn't doing the job, wants to unify the world and create a utopia by... staging a massive national tragedy, namely destroying New York City with an exploding superhuman. He spends much of Volume One attempting to seduce Nathan to his cause and harassing the Sanders family to play their part in his scheme, which ultimately backfires on him when the Sanders family tracks him down and caves his head in. Returns in Volume Three as a ghost, initially. It turned out that Linderman is simply a mental image planted into Nathan Petrelli and new Volume Three character Daphne Millbrook by Maury Parkman.
  • Anti-Villain: It's hinted by Volume 3 that he was this, given what he was like in the War Buddies chapter, as well as his implied guilt about causing the Petrelli's accident and attempting to make amends by healing Heidi.
  • Affably Evil: He is played by Malcolm McDowell, after all. Linderman acts more like a kindly grandfather then a mob boss. Hell, the first thing he does when he is confronted in Vegas was offer the person accosting him a pot pie.
  • Beard of Evil
  • Big Bad: Split between him and Sylar in Volume One.
  • Big Eater: He's a man of incredible means but seems to enjoy cooking most, believing that people are at their happiest when eating.
  • The Chessmaster
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Dark Messiah
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Linderman gets sick of having to watch Arthur routinely brainwash Angela.
    • He also began to have doubts about Arthur making a second assassination attempt against Nathan.
    • Linderman also did not like it when his accountant took the money from DL Hawkins and made it seem as though he wasn't closing the deal and stole the money to buy diamonds for himself.
      • It was Linderman's money that was stolen. That's not standards, that's just punishing betrayal.
    • He was also horrified that Arthur was planning on murdering Nathan to begin with, appalled that anyone could be so heartless about their own children.
  • Evil Brit: Kind of. Linderman was portrayed by Scottish actor Malcolm McDowell, but the character's last name as well as his reference to concentration camps in Volume 4's flashback implies that he hailed from Germany or at least was descended from Jewish Germans.
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Friend to All Children: He takes a real liking to Micah and helps him use his gifts for what he believes to be the greater good.
  • Freudian Excuse: Malcolm McDowell implies that Lindermann's motivations stemmed from a bad childhood in an interview. Given what was shown in Volume 4, its likely that his "bad childhood" was being placed in Warehouse 8 (the former Warehouse 8 from the 1950s), and given his reaction and deduction about what the camp actually was, its also likely that he may have spent some time in a Concentration Camp, or at least was descended from people who were put in the Concentration Camps.
  • Good Powers, Bad People
  • Healing Hands
  • Large Ham
  • Loan Shark
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Save The Enemy: Subverted, he intended to heal a Vietnamese girl who could manipulate plants after Arthur Petrelli shot her, but Arthur stopped him before he could.
  • Visionary Villain
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • You Said You Would Let Them Go: Subverted: When DL Hawkins gives Lindermann's Amoral Attorney Lindermann's fees, the Amoral Attorney implies that Linderman was backing out on the deal. However, the next episode has Jessica killing the Amoral Attorney for stealing the funds to buy diamonds for himself, implying that Linderman actually intended to keep his word.

     Arthur Petrelli 

Arthur Petrelli

One of the twelve founding members of the Company, Angela's estranged husband, and father to Peter, Nathan, and NOT Sylar. Believed to have committed suicide prior to Volume One, Arthur reemerged in Volume Three as the head of Pinehearst, an organization acting in opposition to the Company, seeking the secret to creating artificial superhumans... a secret which the show's clairvoyants all agree will lead to horrible disaster.

     Robert "Bob" Bishop 

Bob Bishop (Stephen Toblowsky)

Ability: Alchemy

One of the twelve founders of the Company, who takes it over in Volume 2 after the death of Linderman, claiming he wishes to return it to its original purpose of safeguarding Evolved Humans and killing or capturing the evil ones. He experimented on his own daughter, Elle, to test the limits of her abilities, leaving her a dangerous psychopath. Killed by Sylar off-screen during Volume 3.

     Charles Deveaux 

Charles Deveaux

Ability: Telepathy

Peter's last hospice client, Simone Deveaux's father, and one of the twelve founders of the Company. He succumbed to cancer early in Volume One.

     Kaito Nakamura 

Kaito Nakamura (George Takei)

"We have the power of gods. That does not mean we can play God."

Hiro Nakamura's father, CEO of Yamagoto Industries, and one of the twelve founders of the Company. He was killed by Adam Monroe at the beginning of Volume Two.

     Maury Parkman 

Maury Parkman

Ability: Telepathy

Matt Parkman's father and one of the twelve founders of the Company. He acted as a minion for both Adam Monroe and Arthur Petrelli, until the latter killed him.

Evolved Human Agents

     The Haitian / Rene 

The Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis)

Ability: Mental Manipulation

A walking, not-talking Deus Ex Machina. He works alongside H.R.G., but also carries out tasks for Angela Petrelli. When he is not pursuing his own agenda of course.

     Eden Mc Cain 

Eden McCain (Nora Zehetner)

Ability: Persuasion

Born Sarah Ellis, Eden was a mole for the Company that lived next door to Chandra Suresh. She was a petty criminal before being recruited by the Company. She fell in love with Mohinder while spying on him, and swore to get revenge on Sylar for his fathers murder.

     Candice Willmer 

Candice Willmer (Missy Peregrym, Rachel Kimsey)

Ability: Create Illusions

Born Betty, Candice is an agent of the Company who works directly for Thompson and Linderman who has the ability to create illusions. Tormented as a child for the way she looked, she took revenge on her classmates by driving them insane. She was later recruited by the Company and became one of their top agents.

     Donna Dunlap 

Donna Dunlap

A former dentist assisstant recruited by the Company after discovering a painting by Isaac Mendez of her death. She became a mole for Evs Dropper after discovering the Company had erased some of her memory, but eventully broke off contact with them after falling in love with her partner, Eric Thompson Jr. and deciding that Evs Dropper was just as manipulative as the Company. She was killed in the final battle against Evs Droper, just as Isaac had painted.

     Connie Logan 

Connie Logan

Ability: Face Alteration

A former world renowned make-up artist, Connie was recruited into the Company and partnered with her daughter Penny, using her ability to transform a persons face and vocal cords for 24 hours to successfully carry out dozens of missions. Noted for her extreme narcissism and obsession with beauty. She is also one half of "Evs Dropper", seeking revenge with her daughter on the Company for using her husband as a lab rat to create hundreds of clones.

     Julien Dumont 

Julien Dumont

Ability: Cloning

A former petty crime lord in Belgium, Dumont was captured by the Company and convinced to become an agent. He was killed in the line of duty, but numerous clones of his continue to exist and serve the Company. He is actually being kept in a coma inside a Level 5 cell in order to be farmed for new clones to serve the Company. His wife Connie is one-half of Evs Dropper alongside another clone.

     Bianca Karina 

Bianca Karina (Nancy McCrumb)

Ability: Adaptive Lungs

A Company agent whose lungs can adapt to breathe in any enviroment. She is engaged to Gael Cruz and partnered with Devin Patterson.

     Felicia Brooks 

Felicia Brooks

Ability: Disintegration Touch

Felicia is a trainer for the Company with the ability to disintegrate anything she touches.

     Leonard Cushing 

Leonard Cushing

Ability: Acid Secretion

An Evo with the ability to emit acid from his pores, Cushing was noticed by the Company after he made a name for himself by being a highly successful gold miner in his hometown of Arizona. After a long recruitment process, Cushing joined the Company and was eventually assigned to work with Thompson Jr.
  • Frame-Up: Evs Dropper makes him look like he is behind the murder of five human agents, causing Gael, Thompson Jr., and Devin to hunt him down. Thompson wants to capture him, but Devin shoots him when he thinks Cushing is about to kill Thompson.
  • I Work Alone: The Company had trouble finding a partner to work with him since he would drop off the grid for months at a time and disliked working with others. This led to his initial assignment with Company being solo work in Las Vegas, shadowing persons of interest. However, he and Thompson Jr. got along well and were eventually teamed up.
  • Missing Mom: His Primatech file mentions that he was raised by his father and did not have a stable home life, with no mention of who his mom was or what happened to her.
  • Red Shirt: Appears in one issue of the online comics before being killed. He is subsequently mentioned in two more issues and his background is expanded upon in his Primatech file.

Human Agents

     Eric Thompson, Sr. 

Eric Thompson, Sr.

A high ranking Company operative and trainer, Thompson brought Noah into the Company and raised his son to be an agent. He served directly under Linderman and was involved in the plot to destroy New York City.
  • Affably Evil: He is usually pretty cheerful and friendly, and is notably not completely without mercy.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Like most Company agents, Thompson wore a suit and is a very skilled operative.
  • Boom, Headshot: Courtesy of Noah.
  • The Dragon: To Linderman.
  • Famous Last Words: "What am I thinking now, Parkman?"
  • Pet the Dog: Letting Meredith escape after learning that she thought the Company had killed her daughter.

     Ivan Spektor 

Ivan Spektor

A high-ranking Company agent and trainer who retired to Ukraine.

     Lauren Gilmore 

Lauren Gilmore (Elisabeth Rohm)

A agent stationed in Odessa with Noah, Lauren was partnered with John Mulligan and was friends with Noah Bennet. After the collapse of the Company, Lauren joined the C.I.A. and was reunited with Noah in Washington D.C., where she works with him to investigate the Sullivan Brothers Carnival.
  • Action Girl
  • Badass Normal
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: When still working for the Company, Lauren had The Haitian erase her memories involving her attraction and flirtation with Noah since she did not want to be the cause of him cheating on his wife.
  • Remember the New Guy: She was a Company Agent who worked with Noah and they were at the Burnt Toast Diner the day of Charlie's death.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: She looks a lot like Tracy and resumes working with Noah after Tracy with him. It's suspected that her story arc with Noah was originally intended for Tracy.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: So far no mention of her has been made in Heroes: Reborn, despite her and Noah having been in a relationship at the end of Volume Four.

     Gael Cruz 

Gael Cruz (Kanin Howell)

     Eric Thompson, Jr. 

     Sabine Hazel 

     Penny Logan 

     Devin Patterson 

Devin Patterson

The partner of Bianca and a friend of Thompson.