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Characters: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
The Dairangers

Ryō/Ryu Ranger | Actor: Keiichi Wada

Daigo/Shishi Ranger | Actor: Tatsuya Nōmi

Shōji/Tenma Ranger | Actor: Ei Hamura

Kazu/Kirin Ranger | Actor: Keisuke Tsuchiya

  • Camp Straight: A beautician who works in salon. Totally not gay. note 
  • Drunken Boxing: And has the most difficult pose as a result. note 
  • Epic Flail: Kirin Ku-setsu Ben note 
  • The Heart
  • Making Use of the Twin: In #25, when the Copy Empress made evil duplicates of the Dairangers, Kazu's clone was played by Keisuke Tsuchiya's twin brother, Daisuke. The roles were later reversed when Daisuke went on to play Blue Beet on Juukou B-Fighter two years later, while Keisuke played his Evil Counterpart Shadow Beet.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Uncommonly for a Sentai hero, Kazu usually wears a three-piece suit.
  • Signature Move: Jikan Gaeshi note 
  • Time Master: He can rewind time as he sees fit, although he doesn't use it much.

Rin/Hōō Ranger | Actress: Natsuki Takahashi

Kō/Kiba Ranger | Actor: Hisashi Sakai

Gorma Tribe

Colonel Shadam

Lieutenant Colonel Gara

Once Kujaku's childhood friend that got a scar in exchange for saved her life from many years ago. Think that Kujaku has betrayed her she joined Gorma and trapped Kujaku in a Mirror Make-up Artist.She's revealed to have died long ago in a battle after she joined Gorma and became an angel in the heaven.

Major Zydos

  • Psycho for Hire
  • Book Dumb: Gorma Emperor XV says why is it taking so long for them to conquer one tiny island. Zydos has no idea what the fuck he's talking about.
  • The Brute
  • The Corruptor: gave Jin the means to become a devil Gorma boxer

Emperor Gorma XV

General Tenpou

  • Jerkass: Humiliates Shadam to the point that Shadam becomes a *Butt Monkey* to the Gorma Palace attendants.


General Shadam's first son and one of the Gorma Generals. He was killed by a falling rock and resurrected by the emperor. He's later revealed to be Kō's older twin brother.
  • Enfante Terrible: And how. Most of this is likely attributed to his father Shadam's mistreatment of him.
  • Missing Mom: Subverted. She was captured and held by Gorma the entire time. He used her as hostage in fact
  • Manipulative Bastard: In one episode we see Ko befriend a new girl attending his school who has an abusive mother. She pinches her, makes her buy dinner on her own, and shows disregard for her kidnapping when Ko caught her playing tennis leisurely - she outright makes a commentary that "mothers like her exist". Sounds over-the-top and forced right? That's correct because both mother and Ko's friend were the Ring Priestess and Akomaru in disguise. It was all a plot to get Ko to despise his mother and become a Gorma from his hatred.
  • Jerkass: His final plan was to blackmail Ko to join the Gorma with his mother's life. When he did not comply he blew her away so Ko could never find her again and slightly rubs it in his face before he dies the first time
  • Royal Brat: Got to have a high position in Gorma due to General Tenpou raising him after Shadam abandoned him. While Shadam's abusive treatment warrants understanding for Akomaru's temper he still gets annoying with how he constantly eggs his father to the point he dares him to hurt him. Also he cuts Shadam's face with a feather while he was having a victory toast.
  • Enemy Civil War: Seems to have this with his father Shadam
  • Brother Brother Incest: Not that serious, but Akomaru says to Kou "did you like holding my hand back then Kibaranger?"

Jin Matora/Demon Boxer Jin

Other Characters

Daijinryu (Great God Dragon)

A dragon god who's task it is to keep the peace across the universe. And since the battle between the Gohma and the Dairangers threatens to distrupt that peace, he comes to earth to interfere. But unfortunately, Daijinryu does not make any difference between good and evil, and is even willing to wipe out humanity to stop the conflict between the two factions.

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