Awesome / Gosei Sentai Dairanger

  • Jin is stronger and better than Ryou, initially. But then Ryou trains by wearing a full-body spring cast to get up to his level. And then takes it off by flexing. What follows is one of the best action scenes in the show, with two actors in great physical shape trading very fast blows with each other - well, mostly Ryou. Well, pretty much entirely Ryou.
    • P.S: The full-body spring training scene, on the other hand, is very much horrific. If you can stomach that, yeah, you get rewarded with an awesome scene.
    • This was so awesome that Akibaranger S2 used this scene to restore Ryuuranger's memories.
  • Oh no! Daigo's been sucked into Heatwave Hood - and if the others kill the Gohma, Daigo dies too! Not only that, but the Gohma's planning to self-destruct to kill Daigo! So what can they do? They don't need to, actually, because Daigo punches his way out.
  • Near the end of the series, the Dairangers lose their ability to transform and summon their mecha. They have to protect one of the two towers that is fueling their master's victory for the control of Gohma. So they do their intro poses out of costume and begin throwing down.
    • This particular suitless roll call is notable amongst the fanbase because those poses are particularly intricate, and the actors nailed them. And it becomes a Signature Scene for years to come, often imitated, never perfected.
    • It's such a Signature Scene that this episode serves as the basis of the plot and Aesop for Gokaiger's Dairanger tribute episode.
  • Kazu fighting the Dairanger Copies and crippling Copy Empress' copy powers in episode 25.
  • Rin pulling This Is Unforgivable! in episode 33 towards Gara, followed by her walking towards her in Tranquil Fury and then sending the villain in full retreat by just one satisfying punch.