Funny / Gosei Sentai Dairanger

  • Daigo and Shouji drunk: HILARIOUS.
    • From the same episode, what does Tofu Monk decide to challenge Kazu? A drinking contest!
    • Hell, Tofu Monk is hilarious throughout the episode.
  • Upon discovering his power as the Kiba Ranger, Ko does some very naughty things. American parents would freak if this was shown on Power Rangers.
  • Also Ko's debut is filled with lots of these. Starting from groping Lin's breasts, THEN declare her flat chested. And in a latter episode, he oversleeps on purpose, trying to get Lin to wake him up... only to flip her skirt and declare that wearing grannie panties is not sexy at all.
  • During the first fight with Lipstick Songstress, Lin delivers a blow that leaves a scratch on her face. Her reaction? She gets so irritated that she promptly throws an Enlargement Bomb (causing the Kotopottoros to hurriedly run off).
  • Old!Daigo and Shouji: HILARIOUS.