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Characters: Destine Enormity

Messiah Complex

Aidric Carter

Leader of the Messiah Complex and the most wanted man in the city, Aidric is trying for all intents and purposes to be the standard hero. A charismatic man and a powerful fighter, Aidric battles for truth, justice and all that is good and right in the world. Of course, he's also a hobo without a job and to say he's quirky would be putting it nicely. The man is childish at best, reckless and an absolute headache to many around him... but he's determined to save "his" city and that has to count for something, right?


Antoinette Richard

The owner of Cafe Richard where Aidric lives and where MC has chosen to locate their base. She is a saavy businesswoman, a hard worker, and does not take crap from anyone. She is cold, sarcastic, and doesn't open up easily. However, deep down, she cares deeply for everyone in the group. This is especially true for Clara and Aidric. Her power is to manipulate the wind, though she isn't much of a fighter.


Clara Mcculty

Substitute Gym teacher at SIN Academy, Member of Messiah Complex, and Aidric's personal sidekick, Clara is a ball of energy. She tends to just go with the flow of things, agreeing to whatever Aidric comes up with. She's a bit brighter than she seems and is a talented archer. She has power over plants, though she tries not to rely on that too much when fighting.


Dorian Smith


Haydn Elwood

A former Elite under the command of Ria Ackerly during her Wiseman years, Haydn was later imprisoned in the Tartarus after his serial murders in the Slums were found out. It was there that he met Maitho Savat, an informant to the Messiah Complex, and the two, following some unfortunate interactions, became "brothers" in prison. He was more than happy to be incidentally broken out of the Tartarus by the MC, and he has stayed steadfast by Maitho's side since their freedom.


  • Asexuality
  • Honorary Uncle: to Rowan
  • Serial Killer: Of the Hedonistic variety.
    • Killer Cop: Was this as an Elite until his crimes were discovered. Given that many Elite qualify for this, it can be assumed that Haydn got REALLY out of hand with his murders.

James Kincaid


Lamont Price

Lamont Price, a normal with a special talent for making his own life forevermore complicated current is working the the Messiah Complex for reasons so simplistic that they hardly seem believable. He's quick to anger, and survives off his every-man instinct to get through the more difficult spots- though it's safe to say he needs to rely on others and swallow his pride time to time.


Maitho Savat/ Bianca Summers

A Normal born to Normals- not to mention, blind- Maitho has no illusions when it comes to his lot in life. It's an attitude that begs the question of just why he's decided to join the Messiah Complex in the first place. His true passion, however, is cultivating poisonous plants. He also became a more than competent serial killer as the story continued, and he has no plans to stop any time soon.


Noah Wilder

Aidric's second in command. A dutiful boy, he is good at keeping his calm and coming up with plans on the fly. He's cool and quite popular, also Emily's ex. He and Clara have a close, sibling-like relationship.


Resa Jones

One of the younger members of the Messiah Complex, Resa is a former student of SIN, and is easily identified by her messy silver hair (or premature grey) and pair of enormous grey wings. She's a little bitchy when the mood takes her, and prone to sarcasm, but is otherwise pretty friendly.


Ria Ackerly

Ackerly is an adrenaline junky, a former Wise Man who switched sides when the Messiah Complex started to win.


Rowan Quickbane/ Savat

A young scientist with a specialization in flora of a vicious or fatal nature. He was on the fast tract to success at SIN, with a few breeds of flora under patent before he even graduated, before he went too far. Of course, Rowan doesn't see it that way. He was only doing what any respectable scientist does, furthering progress, until Valentine chose to meddle in his affairs. Now, he's out for vengeance and the chance to return to his important work.


The Wise Men

The almighty rulers of Arcadia, the Wisemen are a council formed by the most influential and powerful people in the city, whose individual jobs keep it running. Officially there are 24 members, each one represented by a letter from the Greek alphabet, with Wise Man Omega as the leader. Since a coup was pulled in the council years prior to the beginning of the story, there hasn't been anyone to sit on the chair of Omega, and the remaining members work on equal grounds of power. For how much longer this balance will remain is anyone's guess.

Tropes that apply for the whole council:

former Wise Man Alpha, Dimitri Ener

A general description about the character's personality, motivations, etc.


Wise Man Sigma, Giovanni Del Arcobaleno

Giovanni (or "Arco", as he likes being called) is one of the youngest Wise Men to date, sitting on the chair of Sigma. Obtaining his position by inheriting it from his father, he also obtained control of Tartarus, Arcadia's political prison, where all of those whose "ideas" clash with what the council envisioned are sent to. If that wasn't bad enough for them, Warden Arco just happens to be a sadist who abuses the crap out of the inmates for kicks regularly. Thought usually presenting himself as a cheerful, rather effeminate playboy who only wants to enjoy life, Arco is cunning, manipulative and ultimately only works for himself.


Wise Man Lambda;, Mama Lulu

One Lucille Gorski, under the alias Lulu later to become Mama Lulu, opened a high class bordello on the edge on the Slums to cater to other Users and their sexual needs, hiring Normals and down on their luck Users as her “pets.” Through this business, she was able to make some powerful connections, and learn a few tantalizing secrets, which eventually led to her becoming a Wiseman herself.


The Elite

Alexandra Flores

Alexa is the insect-controlling scientist in charge of studying the differences between Normals and Power Users - in order to serve the Wiseman's propaganda mill.


Anya Mori

Saved by Dimitri from a sudden fire, the girl now owes the man her life... Only for her to later find out that he was pulling the strings of the Messiah Complex and the Wisemen all along, and now she is left to find her own purpose. Working her way into the ranks of the Elite, she'll do whatever she can to be of use.

Protect what's important to you, since everyone is simply protecting what's important to them!


Emily Pennington

Emily was one of the top students in SIN Academy, a member of the Elite, and it's been mentioned that she seems to be right on track for a position in the Wise Men. She has even become Arco's assistant. She's a Teleporter and, when injured badly enough, her power switches to telekinesis. Despite how she presents herself as a proper young lady, she is very unstable and very, very disturbed. She is also obsessed with her classmate, fellow Elite member, and ex boyfriend Noah. Almost all her free time is spent stalking the unfortunate young man. Woe be to any young lady that tries to get involved with him on her watch....


Gabriel Lazriel

Gabe is your average loather of all Normals who wishes that they would all be exterminated. He controls LIGHTNING!


Mai Suzuki

Sweet-natured Elite, doesn't like using her powers too much.


Morgan Hunter

Morgan is a busy woman. Not only does she own and work at her own bar- Sherrera's- in Thea's Plaza, she is also a member of the Elite and is currently attending college for her Master's Degree in Business. When she's not doing any of those, she is busy doing charity work in the Slums. Her goal is to become a Wiseman and change the system from the inside out, but even she knows how hard of a job that is going to be.


Nathaniel Webb


Sven Kivela

Having worked for two Wisemen and being taken under the wing of a powerful business mogul, Sven is well on his way to achieving political greatness. He still has one hell of a temper, but it's now firmly directed at the Messiah Complex and its members.


Valentine Svarc

A shape-shifting Master of Disguise, Valentine has a strong moral compass - it's a pity that it generally points south.


XIII, "The Watchdog".

A woman with no past, no emotional attachments, and no mercy. Thought she is "officially" a part of the Elite, with authority on par with the Grand Justicar himself, XIII is the eyes, ears, and crushing hands of the Wise Men, the thirteenth to occupy the position. She's the only non-member to observe their meetings, and takes her orders directly from them, and she never hesitates when it comes to execute them. XIII's position in the Elite has no official name, but the regular soldiers refer derogatorily to her as "Watchdog". Her power is the healing factor, which coupled with cybernetic implants that make her stronger, faster, and more resistant than the average person, makes her an implacable force.


SIN Academy Students

Fisher King


Lucas Mc Ewan

A boy choosing to live out on the streets rather than be controlled by his father. He has powers, but he does his best to pass as a Normal to avoid being sent back to SIN Academy. He's quite clever and has sticky fingers which get him into trouble on occasion.


Other Characters



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