Characters: Breath of Fire III







  • Breath Weapon: Naturally gains the Firebreath and Icebreath spells.
  • Elite Tweak: He starts at level 1, allowing players who have mastered the Master system of the game to easily manipulate his stats.
  • God Was My Copilot
  • Heavy Sleeper: Half the time you see him in the camp, he's soundly asleep.
  • Magikarp Power: Thanks to him starting at Level 1. Most people disregard him right off the bat, while others take advantage of the Masters system to raise him into a game breaker.
  • Plant Person: He's a large onion.
  • Power Fist: Though some of his weapons are claws.
  • Sleepy Head
  • Stone Wall: Has the highest base HP of the whole party and the second-highest base defense, plus regenerative abilities and the biggest reprisal rate. Well-raised, one can win most battles in Auto Battle.
  • Team Pet
  • The Unintelligible: He speaks in sound effects, though Yggdrasil can translate for him.
  • Use Your Head: His field ability is to headbutt stuff.
  • The World Tree: At the end of the game, he's revealed to be connected directly to Yggdrasil, which proceeds to give the team a hand against Myria.


  • The Alcoholic: Stated in his profile, and briefly hinted in-game: after Balio tells Fahl to watch his drinking, he tells Garr the same. He's also mentioned to be a regular at the bar.
    • He's shown (seemingly) hammered in the Audio Adaptation, right as Nina and Ryu are trying to escape from Fahl.
  • Artifact of Death: His most powerful weapon, the Beast Spear, slowly drains his HP.
  • The Atoner: During the second half of the game.
  • Badass
  • The Big Guy
    • Big Guy Fatality Syndrome: An unusual take on the trope, in which simply choosing to participate in the final battle turns out to be the heroic sacrifice. The others don't know until it's already too late.
  • Blade on a Stick: A very large spear is his preferred weapon.
  • Big Damn Heroes: His timely appearance just as Balio and Sunder have the party surrounded.
  • The Cameo: Gets a small cameo in Doctor Strange's ending in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Climax Boss
  • Church Militant: The Guardians (of which Garr is part) were created specifically for this by Myria, and are profoundly devoted to her.
  • Death Glare: Delivers one that has Balio and Sunder scared shitless.
  • Dragon Slayer: The last one still inhabiting the world. But after losing to Ryu in Angel Tower, he realizes that the Brood would easily crushed the Guardians if they wanted to.
  • Duel Boss: During the final battle of the Contest of Champions and again in Angel Tower.
  • Dropping the Bombshell: Ryu's goal of finding his family are completely dashed when Garr spells it out for him that, Balio and Sunder being cutthroat criminals, Rei and Teepo have a slim chance of still being alive. Of course, Garr would be proven wrong later on, but...
  • Hopeless Boss Fight: During the Inevitable Tournament.
  • Knuckle Cracking: He loves to do it.
  • Mission from God: The reason for his actions in his backstory. He starts to question it later, and comes with the party so he can meet Myria and question her about the reasons for it.
  • One-Man Army: The Contest of Champions is fought in 3-man groups, but Garr fights in it alone. He also takes care of a full group of Balio and Sunder's thugs right before joining the party.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Boy, are they ever.
  • Overrated And Underleveled: His status as an uber-badass is driven home several times before he joins. When you fight him at the tournament, you can't win; he wipes out about fifty of Balio and Sunder's thugs right before joining; and until he joins, Balio and Sunder are impossible to defeat. When he joins you, he's slightly above the rest of your party in level and combat ability.
  • Protectorate: Deis extracts a promise from him to keep Ryu safe on their journey to find Myria. She need not have bothered, though.
  • Red Baron: The referee at the Contest of Champions introduces Garr with a list of badass epithets.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Quite a literal one. All Guardians are strengthened by Myria's energy, so once she's defeated for good he turns into stone.
  • Playing with Fire: His magic specialization.
  • The Quiet One
  • Religious Bruiser: A Big Guy who doesn't seem like the religious type at first, prayer beads aside...and then you reach Urkan Tapa.
  • Taken for Granite: The "Dream of Stone", the fate of all Guardians.
  • Turn Undead: He is the only character who can learn Kyrie just by gaining levels, which proves to be useful against a certain boss.
  • Warrior Monk
  • Welcome Back, Traitor
  • Wings Do Nothing: Unless you count his "defend" animation.


McNeil and ghost ancestors (Kanzei, Torast, Kassen, Galtel, Doksen)


Balio & Sunder


  • Arranged Marriage: Shadis' father Sinkar wants her to marry a strong sailor, so he's set one up for her with Zig. Beyd isn't too happy about this, and asks the party to train him in combat.
  • Badass Normal: The badass part depends on the player's way of training him: if one is diligent enough, Beyd can end the battle in 1-2 hits.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: His and Shadis' child, Shayd.
  • The Cameo: in IV. It's not hard to forget how he ended up in that game.
  • David Versus Goliath: The fight with Zig is supposed to be like this, but as mentioned above, with the right training he can beat the snot out of Zig in just a few turns.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Zig stops the bullying and admits defeat, and then becomes the pilot of your ship.
  • Girl Next Door: He and Shadis have been friends since childhood.
  • Level Grinding: Training him so he can stand on his own may take some time.
  • The Rival: Zig.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: All characters from Raphala are named after fishing equipment: Beyd is "Bait", while Zig, Sinkar and Shadis are named after the "Jig", "Sinker" and "Shad" baits.
  • The Smart Guy: He's the Guild's accountant.
  • Statistically Speaking: You can overtrain him, make so he takes 1 damage from your + 30 level party and defeats Zig in a few rounds, taking no damage in the process. He's still beaten up and bandaged in the next scene.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Boy howdy. Wimpy bookkeeper turns into master swordsman and Leader of the Porter's Guild.
  • Training from Hell: One of the best methods to train him is to hit him as hard as possible, which raises his defense.
  • Triang Relations: Type 4. Beyd wants to marry Shadis, but she's engaged to Zig.

Dr. Palet

  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He did all the experiments to ressurect his dead mother.
  • Mad Scientist
  • Mercy Kill: Palet's mom receives it from Momo, who shuts down the machine she's stuck in so she can rest in peace.
  • Necromantic
  • Plant Person: He turns into the Shroom, a mushroom-man, after drinking Yggdrasil's sap.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His name is one of the Plant's computer passwords, though the translator seems to have not noticed it and left it as "Pelet".
  • Super Serum: It doesn't quite work as he expected it to, but he still takes advantage of the effects to beat up on the party.



Elder Jono/Bono


  • A God Am I: She seems to be not so sure at the end, though.
  • Angelic Beauty: Her initial form.
  • Back from the Dead
  • Big Bad
  • Cain to Deis's Abel.
  • The Cameo: Appears as a card in the Heroes and Heralds mode of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Characterization Marches On: In the first game, she was the villain For the Evulz and literally fed on being hated and feared. Here, she's a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to protect all life from destruction by destroying or imprisoning the Brood.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: She appears right on the beginning in Ryu's dream.
  • Fan Disservice: She wears Godiva Hair during her battle. Except for her default attack, where her guts rupture out to slap someone as her hair flies back.
  • Gnosticism: The early games hint at it but Breath of Fire III finally confirms that Myria is meant to be some kind of parallel to the Demiurge, as she believes herself to be a divine being despite implications that she isn't standing...implications that she seems to accept at the end.
  • Light Is Not Good
  • My Beloved Smother: She's this to all the earth's inhabitants.
  • Nightmare Face: Just watch her sprite during the Holocaust attack.
  • Our Angels Are Different: She's usually seen assuming the form of a winged woman with light all around her. However, there is a distinct Uncanny Valley effect you realize that her wings are upside down.
  • Power Source: It is stated the chrysm, the fuel for all machinery on the world, is a medium for Myria to provide the world with her magical energy.
  • The Scottish Trope: The Urkans (and Guardians) are prohibited from speaking the name of their goddess, or that of her enemy the Brood.
  • Space Station: Orbital Station Myria.
  • Villainous Breakdown: An unusually humanizing one. When she's defeated, as she is dying she worries about how the world will continue on without her, and calls out to God ("if there is a God") to ask what she should have done instead.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She's protecting life and the world by sending the technology of Caer Xhan to humanity via the Black Ship in manageable doses, keeping the Desert of Death away from humanity with an ocean barrier, and stopping the Brood from destroying the world with their power. Unfortunately, sending machines to humanity means making humanity dependent on her, keeping the Desert away from the rest of the world prevents humanity and Yggdrasil from colonizing and restoring it, and protecting the world from the Brood means either killing them all or imprisoning them in a false Heaven, regardless of whether or not they've done anything wrong.