Trivia / Breath of Fire III

  • LGBT Fanbase: While the series is well known for this, Rei and Garr are probably the two best known characters from the game.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Thanks to a Manual Misprint in the BradyGames player's guide for the game, it is claimed that Balio and Sunder could be beaten on their first encounter in Cedar Woods, which is sadly not the case, because this battle is actually a Hopeless Boss Fight. One player tried making attempts to try to beat Balio and Sunder, taking days of Level Grinding, and nearly burned the game to death while trying to beat them, even when left overnight or with a Game Genie code! The proof is in the pudding here.
    • Also, letting the train ride in the beginning go on for a very, very long time will not bring you to any place besides the forest and you won't get any items by doing so.