Administrivia: TRS Wick Cleaning

This is a list of wick cleanings mandated by TRS efforts. Please add new workpiles to the bottom of the list, so that older efforts have better visibility.

If you're waiting on a TRS slot, finishing off one of these is a great way to open up a spot.

Renames - be sure to check the definition of the page(s), many of these were renamed due to misuse.

Estrogen Brigade Bait to Mr. Fanservice: 2 wicks as of 4/13/2015

Closer to Earth to Women Are Wiser: 540 wicks left as of 1/08/2015

Kuudere to Sugar and Ice Personality: 513 wicks as of 1/08/2015 (Checked up to M)

  • Unless it refers to the fanspeak term, in which case it can stay

Dojikko to Cute Clumsy Girl: 605 wicks as of 1/08/2015

  • Only wicks that directly refer to the fanspeak term should stay

Image Boards to 4chan: 801 wicks (with 194 additional as Imageboard)s of 1/08/2015

  • Only wicks directly referring to 4chan need to be changed.

Splits - wicks need to be changed to two or more different tropes

Most require familiarity with works.

Megane into the various Glasses Tropes: 500 wicks as of 9/21/2013

  • Only wicks that directly refer to the fanspeak term should stay

Green Lantern Ring to: 432 wicks as of 9/21/2013

Toy Ship into Puppy Love: 495 wicks left as of 9/21/2013

  • Only wicks that directly refer to the fanspeak term should stay. In-universe examples go to Puppy Love.

Nerd Glasses into Opaque Nerd Glasses: 814 wicks remaining as of 9/21/2013

Removal - most of the wicks need to be removed, save for special cases

Fetish Fuel: 1955 wicks as of 07/2013

Needs More Love: 10 wicks left as of 4/13/2015.

Clean Up - wicks need to be checked for misuse

Shared Universe cleanup: 262 wicks as of 9/10

  • This trope is defined as "A fictional universe constructed by multiple writers/creative teams working independently from each other." It is frequently misused.

Aristocrats Are Evil cleanup: 879 wicks as of 9/10

  • "Aristocrat" must be shorthand for "evil" to qualify. Pull Zero Context Examples to discussion. Kill "aversions" on sight.

Me's a Crowd wick cleaning: 523 wicks as of 9/10

  • Me's a Crowd is a plot when the main character duplicates himself. Examples of self-duplication in general should be moved to Self-Duplication

Implacable Man and The Juggernaut: 1382 and 644 wicks as of 9/10

  • Frequently misused for each other. The Implacable Man is slowed by obstacles, but finds a way to deal with them. The Juggernaut goes right through them as though they never existed in the first place.