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Administrivia: Wick Namespace Migration
In a perfect world, every work on TV Tropes would be in its corresponding namespace. But in the words of Fast Eddie: "If we had had more forethought, that's the way we would have started five years ago."

You can help by moving a works article you happen to come across that is in the wrong place (see How to Move a Page for step-by-step instructions), or list it at Work Pages in Main, Creator Pages in Main or Useful Notes Pages in Main. Careful, though. Sites all over the world link to our works pages. We need to leave a redirect in place to service those links.

Listed below are works that have been moved to the correct namespace, but still need their wicks changed to point to the new page. If you have any questions, you can refer to the Wick Migration thread. If you're wondering how far we progressed, check out the Namespace Migration Project Statistics thread.

A note to editors of this page: When linking to "Related to" pages, please link to the Main/ namespace in most cases, as that's the namespace that needs its wicks moved.

July 2013 note: After being deprecated, the WebOriginal/ namespace is allowed anew, but it is reserved to Internet memes that don't fit anywhere else. Please consult Namespace for other valid New Media namespaces.

Also note: You can make requests to correct wicks on locked pages (as long as they are not archives) on the appropriate forum thread.

See also Completed Namespace Migrations.

What to do when moving a work:
  1. Move content to the new namespace.note  (Main/WorkName → CorrectNamespace/WorkName)note 
  2. Change any redirects to point to the new article location.note 
  3. If there is discussion, send a report to the mods requesting the discussion be moved.
  4. Move any liveblogs and reviews. (See How to Move a Page, "Moving discussion and reviews")
  5. Set the page type of the new page to "a work" (or "a creator or person" for the Creator/ namespace).
  6. If the work title is non-standard and not already customized, go to Customize Wikiword to make a request.
  7. Correct wicks, starting with the indexes.note 
  8. Doublecheck everything, then deposit in the Completed Namespace Migrations page and pat yourself on the back (be sure to keep additional wicks in check).

Works in bold have 250 wicks or fewer to be moved.

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    Complex Pages 
These pages either refer to different works with the same name, or to works which have several adaptations (film, video game, comic book, and so on), or to a series where you have to decide whether a wick points to the whole series or the first work in it.

If you prefer less complex stuff, just open the folders below.

Not-so-complex pages

Just move those to the according namespace.





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