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In wiki technical jargon, "namespace" means a section of the Wiki's organizational structure. It should become obvious enough when reading the URL of the current page you're on what namespace you're currently in. For example, the URL of this page is It is located in the Administrivia namespace.

Most tropes belong in the Main namespace. Because Main is the default namespace, you don't have to do anything special when writing Wiki Words to link to them.

To link to pages in another namespace, format them like this:


or for single-word titles:

Namespace/{{Title}} e.g. Avatar.

The Article Count page lists the currently-used namespaces and how many pages are in each. What follows is a general breakdown.

Media Namespaces

In a perfect world, every work on TV Tropes would be in its corresponding namespace. But in the words of Fast Eddie: "If we had had more forethought, that's the way we would have started five years ago."

We're relying on incremental change to migrate works to namespaces for their respective Media Categories: live action TV series to the Series namespace, comicbooks to Comic Book, movies to Film, etc. You can help by moving a works article you happen to come across that is in the wrong place. (See How to Move a Page for step-by-step instructions.) Careful, though. Sites all over the world link to our works pages. We need to leave a redirect in place to service those links.

The media namespaces currently used include:

Subpage Namespaces

These are namespaces whose pages relate to and link directly to a Main page. They contain info about the trope or work that would be too much to fit in the main page and are linked to them by the little icons at the top of the page under the search bar.

Moments Namespaces

These are the subset of subpages that list special moments from a certain show.

  • Awesome/ — Awesome Moments: The moments from a show that fans are amazed by.
  • Funny/ — Funny Moments: The moments from a show that cause fans to break out in laughter.
  • Heartwarming/ — Heartwarming Moments: The moments from a show that fans that gives fans warm and fuzzy feelings.
  • NightmareFuel/ — Nightmare Fuel Moments: The moments from a show that gives fans the shivers.
  • TearJerker/ — Tear Jerking Moments: The moments from a show that causes fans to reach for the tissue box.

Just for Fun and Other Namespaces

Trope and YMMV Namespaces

A few tropes and YMMVs have grown large enough that they had to be split into several pages with their own namespace. The ones with a percent sign have their own icon on top of the page. The ones with an ampersand have the icon, but are not displayed on top of the page. Currently they include:

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    YMMV subsets 

Series Namespaces

Some series and franchises are big enough that they've gotten their own namespaces spun off. This is completely optional. Works that have gotten this treatment currently include:

Translation namespaces

Partial translations of the wiki into other languages, to varying degrees of completeness. See Home Pages for a list.

Forum threads about namespaces

Of course, namespaces need some maintenance and that is provided by three forum topics: Media namespaces -- a battery of questions when you are not sure in which namespace to put a page, Wick Migration for help in moving wicks between namespaces and Suggesting new namespaces to propose new namespaces.

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