Administrivia / Hyphenated Titles

The articles listed on this page need to be moved, along with all their subpages, to a title that include no hyphen in the URL, as part of the Hyphen Migration effort.

If you see an article with a title including a hyphen (not generated by the Customize Wikiword system) that is not yet on this page, and you don't intend to make the move yourself right now, please add it to this list.

When a page has been moved to an un-hyphenated title, please delete it from the list.

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done for now.


Wick Hyphen Redirect Migration

Beyond the exceptions above, most previously hyphenated titles have been corrected. However, many wicks still use hyphenated redirects to link to them. The effort won't be complete until those wicks are corrected too.

Links in bold have 250 wicks or fewer to be fixed.