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Where do you go to read the latest about new tropes?
What about old tropes with new names?
How can you find the best but least linked tropes out there?
Worry no more: Trope Report is here.

Deadlines are the devil. I defy thee! Good day everyone! Thank you for checking out this week's edition of Trope Report. Sorry a thousand times over for missing last week's issue. There were some distractions (GO LAKERS!) that had to be dealt with. All better now though! So let us get the Troping community up to speed with all the important developments on the website.

As usual, we'll begin today with a welcome to the latest of our Forum Tropers. Everyone please make our newest members feel welcome. Say hello to:

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Hi guys!

Crowners, those final vote systems to end all discussion on a matter to make the appropriate changes, now have a symbol attached to the threads that have them. This is for the convenience of the voters, who can now tell what topics are up for a final vote.

On a related note, the name-space crowners have been removed. To sum up the decision to yank them out, here is Fast Eddie: It became clear that we can't make the crowners replace the namespaces. Having both, then, just creates a confusion which may be be preventing people from moving the "crowning" subjective bits out of the real articles.

The Mods have vowed to lock/delete any snowclone thread devoid of relevence. A joke too long is a joke that has stopped being funny. People, please think twice before you make that witty snowclone thread.


The Page History of all pages on the site has undergone a revamp. The new Page History highlights whatever was changed to better differentiant between the new and older versions. The Edit Reason has been moved into boxes. 'Undo' allows and editor to revert the current edits to the previous ones. The current page as it is will be seen off to the right for comparison.

Spotlight Stealing Trope:
Imagine you are in the middle of a big fight. It's you verses the other guy. You glare and your enemy, your enemy glares right back. You tighten your grip on your weapon, the handle slick with sweat. Your enemy does the same. You take a stance; your enemy mimics the move. Or did you mimic your enemy? You charge. Your enemy charges too. Closer, closer… You strike, only to be warded off by a similar move by your enemy. Said enemy moves around to get at you - but you just did the exact same thing! Everything you two do is copied, no, mimicked exactly down to the last second by the other! It's like you two are twins! Copies! Mirror images! What is this!?

This is Fearful Symmetry.

As you may have now guessed, Fearful Symmetry is when two characters (often twins, or copies of some sort) mirror each others' moves in perfect synchronization while fighting. This is much to the bafflement of the other characters, who would intercede in the fight on behalf of their friend except they cannot tell their friend from the foe. In cases such as this expect dialogue along the lines of "I'm me!" "No, I'm the real me!" shouted by the two fighting characters while beating the snot out of each other.

The reasons behind the employment of the trope vary. Siblings who have trained together all their lives, a clone that has been downloaded with all the memories of the original, A Ditto from Pokémon got loose, whatever. One thing for sure is that it looks really, really cool.

Needs More Wiki Love:
Fashion-Shop Fashion Show needs more love! Come on, guys! Like you all really haven't seen that episode of that show where those characters are getting a wardrobe change and go shopping! That's where this trope comes in. Fashion-Shop Fashion Show is when a character, usually a girl, tries on various outfits while her companion(s) give the clothing a yea or nay vote. You know you've seen it, so get busy. Put your examples on the page!

Edits From The Editor:
There has been a lot of back draft directed at Fast Eddie in recent weeks. Accusation ranging from dictator, to Nazi, to (I'm not making this up) Spawn of Satan have been leveled at him. Fast Eddie responded to these fire and pitchfork waving villagers with this cheerful… Warning? Threat? Promise?

"Remember that deletion of Dethroning Moment of Suck, Wall Banger, It Just Bugs Me!, and So Bad, It's Horrible was someone's hyperbole position brought up as the ultimate "slide down the slope."

"We're saving it for implementation right after we establish mandatory Universal Product Codes tattooed on the forehead to identify all tropers. That, and establishing the rule that each troper is to be issued one and only one Edit Permit per each point of their Stanford-Benet IQ score"

Our days are numbered ;_;

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Fun Fact:
"Back in 2003, Gus and a couple of other guys were on a Buffy fan site discussing common elements of TV shows. At some point in the discussion, Gus decided to see if, somewhere on the internet, someone had cataloged the common elements. His search found nothing, so he started this site, made a couple of pages (the first one being Gilligan Cut, if you're curious) and linked the Buffy people to the wiki. Thus was born TV Tropes, and why the wiki seems to love Joss Whedon." - colin

This explains so much.

Well that’s all for Edition 5! Hope you enjoyed the read! This week is late and a bit on the short side, but we will be back and operating smoothly soon. We strive for excellence in all our words so if you have any suggestions please feel free to speak openly. We also run on praise, so if you have a good word for us don't hesitate to gush about Trope Report! See you next week then!