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YMMV / Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Christof's line after diablerising Vukodlak in a Bad Ending is a bit open to interpretation. Is he saying that he's finally embraced what he is and seeks to triumphantly reunite with his maker in the Sabbat? Or is the implication even more sinister, that he's going to continue his predecessor's work and wage war against her as well?
    Christof: Tell Ecaterina to expect a warm homecoming. Her childe has been reborn!
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: In the Nosferatu tunnels there's a NPC named Ilig, who doesn't attack you like all the others. All he does is stand there and say one cryptic line ("The path of Caine is the only escape, follow it, let it lead you...") There's no other way to interact with him, and the party members don't react to him at all.
  • Breather Level: After the frustrating Giovanni Warehouse, Orsi International seems like a cakewalk. Unlike the Demonic Spider-summoning, Frenzy-inducing Giovanni goons, your enemies are rather more straightforward Ventrue mooks, supported by harmless Szlachta and other (mostly) low level threats from the Dark Ages. A very catchy theme and an interesting, squicky locale also help alleviate any tedium.
  • Cult Classic: Not to the extent of its better known big sister, but the game still enjoys an enduring community and fan mods.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Many foes, including high level vampires, War Ghouls, Werewolves, Golems, Giant Cobra, Vohzd, Dark Hunters and Ghoul Alligators.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Serena, the interesting but largely unexplored necromancer of your coterie in the Dark Ages. A popular mod has her evade her vaguely-alluded to demise and adds her back into the present day.
  • Funny Moments: Several. On his first mission as a vampire, Christof is matched with Wilhelm to infiltrate the lair of a Cappodcian ally. They come across a mural depicting a "Cainite Heresey," that Caine not only didn't murder his brother Abel, but sacrificed him to God instead of all of his best farmed crops, and that this pleased God, and curse of vampirism is actually a blessing. When Christof asks if Wilhelm believes this Cainite Heresey, Wilhelm gives a remarkably deadpan reply:
    Wilhelm: If I am favored of the Lord, the angels have not seen fit to tell me of it.
  • Game-Breaker: A few disciplines are so powerful that their exploitation makes the game very easy:
    • Theft of Vitae. Blood is supposed to be a precious resource that can only be regained by items or a slow feeding process. With a few points in it Theft of Vitae allows you to draw enough blood from any drainable creature to nearly max out at a distance, and blood drain can kill or disable some enemies. This is exactly as broken as it sounds. The skillset for it is rare but even one character with it can essentially become a mobile bloodbank for the rest.
      • This discipline can be used in conjunction with Awaken discipline to... farm infinite experience. Kill the enemy, revive him using Awaken, drain him with Theft of Vitae to replenish your blood and kill him again. Theft of Vitae allows you to repeat the process as many times as you want. The best part? It works with bosses, which obviously offer a lot of experience for killing. Not to mention Awaken ressurects the target with minimal health.
    • Prison of Ice freezes enemies for several seconds and works pretty much every time. Even the final boss can be frozen for most of the battle.
    • The highest level of Thaumaturgy has an unlimited range. You can use it to attack enemies outside their activation range, killing them while they stand idle.
    • With a high enough Manipulation stat, shopkeepers will buy back items for more than they sold them. Money is no longer a problem after that.
  • Genius Bonus: The Stephansdom theme (which takes place in a giant clock) has a tempo of exactly 60 BPM
  • Goddamned Bats: Wraiths have very little health but are very difficult to hit. The only reliable way to damage them is spells, and you are unable to draw blood from them, making them a major annoyance.
    • Tremere Homunculus Hoppers, especially in Arden's Chantry when you're at a fairly low level. They're not that tough, but they're fast, hard to hit and typically come in packs of three. Any nearby Tremere mages will then summon another one as well, so you'll often find yourself surrounded by six or more of the little sods and stuttering like mad while the mages throw fireballs at you.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Sometimes, if you're standing in the right place, you can decapitate someone with enough force that their head will become lodged in a nearby wall.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The high-Humanity ending.
  • He's Just Hiding!: Many believe — or hope — that Serena survived the Giovanni purge.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Had Christof paid attention to 'what' Anezka was telling him, a large chunk of the plot would not have happened.
  • Large Ham: Almost everyone, although this is more due to the grandiose dialogue than overacting on their part.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Anezka, believe it or not. All the while Christof slept, she earned Vukodlak's trust, usurped Libussa... and then proceed to undermine Vukodlak's ressurection in every possible way from the inside. All this done by the shy nun in the beginning.
  • Moment of Awesome: Christof taking revenge on Orsi by tossing him into a vat of molten metal!!
  • Moral Event Horizon: For the record, this is still a World of Darkness. There are plenty of MEH moments, both for characters Christof meets and for Christof himself, if you choose.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Your character portraits look damn silly when they're draining people of all their blood.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Ecaterina was one of Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's first video game roles. She'd go on to become a major voice in the industry, among her future roles being the flesh-eating vampire occultist Pisha in Bloodlines.
  • Squick: The game gets every last horrible foot of mileage out of making the Tzimisce the main bad guys. Not only are all Tzimisce you face horrible deformed monstrosities, but the Cathedral of Flesh is a horrible place, including treasure chests that obviously once were (and may still be) living beings. Worst of all, the "Hall of Memory," where Anezka recorded her thoughts on serving Vukodlak and sabotaging his resurrection: by creating eight heads of herself sculpted from flesh, connected to fleshy worms that sway as she recites her "journal entries." The squishy sound they make as the extend and retract just adds to the horror.
  • That One Boss: Mercurio is quite a challenge, then Maqqabeh the Golem, the Vodhz monsters in the final levels and Vukodlak.
    • Vukodlak's first form is notable because he's perhaps the only enemy that can severely foil a player relying heavily on Theft of Vitae to cruise through the game. He's MORE dangerous at low blood because his spells don't do nearly as much raw damage as his goddamn claw attacks do, and once he's out of blood he claws nonstop.
  • That One Level: The sewers under Prague and the Tremere lair in Golden Lane. Also the Lair of Luther the Black, mainly because it takes place during the day and you must navigate several areas in broad daylight.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Ecaterina, your sire, is a major character in the first half of the game but disappears after the Time Skip. She's still active and around in the modern nights, and is the one who sent Wilhelm to save you from "Pink", but although Christof makes peace with his mistress, they never reunite.

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