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YMMV / The Caretaker of the Ruins

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Is Chara a Noble Demon who deep down knows that their actions are wrong, but has been so utterly broken by the world on the surface that they started to believe in Utopia Justifies the Means and think that the only way to make up for humanities' crimes is to eradicate it, including themselves, and give their world to a species more deserving of it? Or are they merely a selfish, hypocritical Jerkass who wants to see their revenge fantasies against humanity fulfilled, no matter the cost?
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    • Is Asriel the victim of an abusive relationship that he has no chance of getting out of or improving, thanks to his spouse's time-travelling-powers and general emotional hold on him? Or is he a selfish coward who knows more than he lets on, but actively chooses to do nothing with that knowledge because he is too much of a Yes-Man to actually oppose Chara?
  • Awesome Art: The art is very good, definitely one of the best looking Undertale fan comics out there.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: It's common joke for fans to justify all of Chara's actions, no matter how clearly malicious they are. Similarly, they try to claim that Frisk is actually evil for acting in self-defense or even more innocent actions.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • At first, the moment where a seemingly unaware Chara pulls their hand away when Frisk attempts to hold it holds humor. After Chara drops the act and actively tries (and succeeds in) killing Frisk, it's possible Chara was very aware of what Frisk was trying to do. Official Ko-fi art shows Frisk eventually succeeding and Chara looking very displeased with the situation.
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    • Asriel nervously clasping his scarred arm while suggesting to tie Frisk up so they won't be able to do anything becomes much more of a Tear Jerker after Interlude: Bravery showing that Asriel's scar is the result of him taking a hit from a fallen human meant for Chara. Especially after the revelation that Chara intentionally didn't reload after he was injured, in order to instill a fear and distrust of humans in him and make him more obedient.
  • The Woobie:
    • Frisk is twelve years old and has died multiple painful deaths over the course of the story. What's more, in their list of likes it's mentioned that they like impressing others (and it used to say they like positive feedback), which implies that they were seeking Chara's approval before Chara suddenly started trying to kill them. This is further exacebrated by the reveal of their Dark and Troubled Past.
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    • All of the fallen humans after Chara and before Frisk. They all came to Mt. Ebbott because of a Dark and Troubled Past and were unceremoniously killed off with none of their families on the surface ever finding out what became of them.
      • Patience fell into the mountain after their mother abandoned them and died of internal bleeding shortly after. To make things worse, their soul was lost in an experiment later on,making their death All for Nothing and prompting Chara's Start of Darkness.
      • Bravery only wanted to prove to their siblings that they were brave enough to accompany them on trick-or-treating and while they did kill Asriel (as well as a random monster) after their fall it was more out of a mixture of self-defense and ignorance than any genuine malice. Chara brutally kills them twice, once after they kill Asriel and once after they accidentally scar him while trying to fight back against Chara.
      • Integrity was a kidnapping victim who was forced to flee from their own father after he attempted to abduct them from the studio they were training ballett in. The fall into Mt. Ebbott broke their arm and they ended up putting all their trust into a person who ultimately lead them to their demise.
      • Perseverance merely wished to study the monsters living under Mt. Ebbott and ended up going through a gruesome Ground Hog Day Loop, dying over and over again to the traps in the Ruins. Although they make a valiant effort to escape Chara, in the end they're stabbed to death with their murderer even cruelly mocking them after the fact.
      • Kindness was the first human after Chara to manage to make a friend among the monsters, after a monster child took care of their injured leg. Not only did Chara do everything in their power to break this friendship apart by scaring the monster child with horror stories about the previous fallen humans, they also didn't even try to put up a facade of affability, treating Kindness with contempt from the moment they met and ultimately killing them while fooling them into believing they were helping them to get home. Right before they were killed, Kindness states that they believe Chara is a good person deep down.
      • Justice doubles as an Iron Woobie. They saw their best friend get killed by a random stranger and were forced to fight a hopeless battle for their life against an immortal murderer who not only mocked them for fighting back, but in the end killed them with their own gun just to pour salt into the wound.

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