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YMMV / Sonic Dash

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  • Awesome Music: A Sonic franchise staple. This game features trance-mix versions of songs found in Sonic Heroes (fitting, since the visual level design is lifted from the Seaside Hill level of that game).
  • Game-Breaker: The Dash Boost becomes this when you upgrade it's filling and use time enough. It allows you to plow through the game with little effort and fill it up quickly enough that it can regularly be used, and it helps that it doesn't take long to get the rings needed to buy the upgrades.
    • The Magnet Barrier can easily become this depending on when you get it. You'll either be sucking up huge clusters of rings that would require you to pick only one lane of them to gather, making a joke of the Bonus sections which would require you to switch lanes during loops to get all the rings or, if you're really lucky, grabbing up rings in a loop section you may have missed because the loop wraps around on itself.
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    • Amy becomes this in the sequel. As there's a glitch in the game that's easy to activate and have her dash powerup constantly active throughout an entire match
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The graphics in Dash are very highly detailed for a multiplatform mobile game, with high-poly character and enemy models roughly on-par with the console version of Sonic Colors, or at the very least the Nintendo 3DS edition of Sonic Lost World.
    • It looks even better when you're playing it on a PC, as it's available through the Windows Store for users of Windows 8.1 and the (then) just-released Windows 10.

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