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  • Alternate Character Interpretation : A myriad of these have cropped up, thanks in no small part to the story's Protagonist-Centered Morality.
    • For example, Akimoto: Is he a well-meaning if slightly stubborn and impulsive Father to His Men in the making, or is he a totally selfish, hedonistic Jerkass who treats the people around him as tools and refuses to do the right thing if it so much as slightly inconveniences him or fails to cater to his needs?
    • Is Vent a malicious, self-centered Generic Doomsday Villain, or an Unintentionally Sympathetic Jerkass Woobie that was driven over the edge by his vindictive and abusive father and the death of his mother, only to be turned into a Butt-Monkey for his alleged 'friends' afterwards?
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    • Is Vayle a bland Satellite Love Interest specifically designed to be arm candy for Aki, a well-meaning but socially awkward and self-conscious young girl, or a desperately clingy and obsessive Yandere that sees her ex as the only thing that can really validate her?
  • Author's Saving Throw : After a multitude of complaints regarding her character, Firewarrior gave Krystal a complete design overhaul, turning her into a Tomboy bandit named Layla who joined Almaz's team after being seperated from her group of vagabonds. The jury is still out on the success of this move.
  • Creator's Pet : Akimoto is probably the most heinous example in the entire series. An accredited Author Avatar and eventual Designated Hero in the Post-Game, every instance of common sense seems thrown out the window in order to make Aki look better. Despite his obvious selfishness and major Jerkass tendencies, he's played up as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold and a brilliant warrior and general in the making. A good number of characters are shown praising or admiring him for his apparent kindness and genius strategic abilities (neither of which we ever get to see), and he's often allowed to get away with chauvinistic and otherwise bad behavior that his anti-heroic counterpart Vent often gets beaten or called out for. And this doesn't even touch on the number of moments focusing on him fighting and being badass or lamenting over his angsty past and mysteriously-deceased dad.
  • Emphasize EVERYTHING : Regardless of whether an event is major or minor to the overall plot, Disgaea NC tends to beat certain things like a dead dog.
    • Whenever Akimoto is introducing members of the group, he always introduces Fiona and Adon as "the two best mages in the Netherworld" although Adon's creator has made mention that he is magically limited. Usually, this line of introduction is followed with another which calls out to how both Adon and Fiona are possessed by some sort of malevolent entity, something which both Adon and Fiona would rather keep secret. Though this is an underlying reason why Fiona is bullied and the source of Adon's insecurities and fears, Aki never fails to bring it up - and without criticism from his fellow party members.
    • On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Archimedes tends to become the Ignored Expert, with his own competence and considerable strengths ignored in favor of playing him as a pathetic drunk.
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    • Akimoto's tendency to bring up his dead parents. Though his mother is never brought into the picture, Aki tends to bring up his deceased warrior father at any and all opportunities.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Raziel is well-liked by the fandom, mostly for his refreshingly mature behavior and willingness to call Aki out when the need arises.
    • Bellator Infernus is also well-received and fairly popular, thanks to his status as a Cool Old Guy.
  • Fan Nickname : Bellator is often affectionately referred to as simply "Grandpa".
  • Generic Doomsday Villain : Vent. It appears that his entire ploy to rule the world using the shadows of the abyss was just for funsies considering how quickly he reforms to being a normal cast member in the postgame. Vent's 'evil tendencies' tend to be minor compared to what it is emphasized he can do. As a result, it's never clear exactly how truly evil Vent is at all despite his status as main antagonist.
  • Ho Yay : Probably as an unintended result of their creator's handling of their former friendship, Aki and Vent have oodles and oodles of this that somehow makes it under the radar. In addition, Akimoto seems to develop something of a man crush on Almaz after his defeat.
    • Archimedes and Vyers also share a very...Close relationship.
  • Jerkass Woobie :
    • Vent, in spite of his crude and often lecherous behavior.
    • Archimedes
  • Memetic Badass :
    • Bellator Infernus is a revered warrior and Four-Star Badass in his own right, but fandom discussion has pushed him to become something far more than that. This is the man who ate his own gouged-out eyeball and drinks raw liquefied bears, after all!
    • Celeste has also become one of these after she sent Akimoto running in fear during a rampage. Thanks to The Worf Effect, the tough but otherwise sweet and domestic Mama Bear has become The Dreaded in-universe, striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest warriors...And Aki.
  • Memetic Loser : Fanon Akimoto has been demoted to an ineffectual, idiotic Butt-Monkey incapable of winning against a child, let alone an equal. His repeated losses against several minor characters and constant one-upping by Tauntus may have contributed to this.
  • Memetic Mutation : Due to the comic's lack of editing and often less-than-stellar spelling and grammar, the fandom has picked up on affectionately poking fun at some of the resulting typos. Perhaps the most famous example is 'Scoupel' in the place of 'scalpel' in one panel.
  • Narm : Sometimes, certain events that happened to the cast prior to the events of the story are made so senselessly overdramatic that they lose all power on the audience.
    • Akimoto's father. As aforementioned, it is not only a plot hole, but a needlessly intricate one. Akimoto's father, General Infernus, was fighting in a war and fatally wounded. With his dying breaths, he placed a sword over infant Aki and bequeathed the weapon, his army, and his legacy to his son. Why General Infernus chose to bring baby Akimoto to a warzone is never made clear.
    • Vayle's Book. Vayle is always seen carrying around a spell book which was given to her by her dead mother. Vayle has serious separation issues from the book, and will go completely Ax-Crazy should anyone touch it...and after a beatdown, the aggressor can expect a winded, wangsty speech on how this book is the only memory Vayle has left of her dead mother. The issue here is that this happens ""very"" frequently.
    • All around, just legendary weapons, babies, and dead parents. Akimoto recieved General Infernus's sword while he was lying in a crib with his father dying above him, Vayle's book was given to her by her dying mother when Vayle was a child, and Fiona's staff is probably the only physical thing she has left from her equally-dead parents, who were killed when Fiona was a newborn as they sealed Arcana away into her body. Basically, it's the same story for every single character.
  • Plot Hole :
    • Akimoto's childhood and adolescence are unexplainable. Both of his parents were dead when he was an infant. It is never mentioned if he had a nanny or not. It is also unknown how he remembers his parents in such detail despite being a squirming babe in diapers.
      • Retconned with the later inclusion of Grandpa and Grandma Infernus, who took Aki in and raised him themselves. Though this still fails to explain how baby Akimoto managed to come out the sole survivor of an otherwise all-out slaughter.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble : Akimoto and pretty much any of his male friends have a strong Ho Yay vibe between them, most likely owing to the fact that their friendships receive far more in-depth coverage than any of their relationships with female characters. Aki and Vent in particular have caught readers' attention.
  • The Scrappy : Krystal. She's immensely disliked for her unappealing design and bratty behavior, as well as becoming The Load after needlessly showing off for all of one scene. Readers didn't take too well to her being touted as kind and sweet in spite of her Jerkass behavior towards her friends either, and her brief attempt at a Fanservice scene when she distracted Vent was the nail in the coffin.
    • Vayle is a more recent and equally noxious addition. Introduced as Aki's ex, she quickly became an irritating Satellite Love Interest that did little more than obsess over Akimoto, talk about her collection of dresses, and beat people with her oversized tome as comic relief. Needless to say, readers are hoping that she'll stay out of the comic as a Post-Game exclusive.
      • This only gets worse in the future timeline when Vayle marries Aki, becoming a one-dimensional figure there to pop out children and occasionally make clothing for them while her husband remains firmly in the foreground.
    • While she has yet to be introduced into the story itself, Feng Redwolf already seems to be shaping up to be one as well. An explicitly-stated Designated Love Interest for Vent and a Foil to Miyu (though the sort of message being put through with this is debateable), she seems to have been created for no other reason than to Pair the Spares and show off how much cooler she is than her Idol Singer counterpart.
    • With her whiny behavior, nauseatingly saccharine ploys at being cute and endearing, and Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Fiona has flirted with this trope more than once.
    • Scarlet, Akimoto and Vayle's daughter from a future timeline, is definitely one of these. In addition to receiving the same Designated Hero treatment as Aki and being the product of a much-reviled ship, she's proven herself to be a bratty, rude, generally unpleasant Faux Action Girl who constantly makes threats and talks herself up but never seems to get in trouble or receive the beating she deserves for it. She comes off as a sort of Joffery Baratheon character played in a heroic light.
  • Stoic Woobie : Adon.
  • Toy Ship : Adon and Fiona.
  • Wangst : Fiona.
    • Also Akimoto, who takes any and every opportunity to mention his dead father.
  • Writer on Board : Occurs on several occasions, the most obvious being whenever Aki takes an entire panel crammed with text to explain the significance of his pants changing color "because the author wanted them to."

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