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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Prior to the series' first airing in English-speaking territories (when all there was to go on were trailers that showed the characters to be either flat or just plain awful), 4chan assigned personalities to Pod 4:
  • Alternate Show Interpretation: There's a persistent one that the series is a Stealth Parody of Occidental Otaku culture.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • To fans, is Birch an Adorkable Occidental Otaku who represents how many anime fans feel in school, or is she a major case of Small Name, Big Ego, who gets way too much focus and is always in the right?
    • Is a Liam a funny, friendly cousin to Birch; or is he a stupid frustrating character who takes advantage of everyone around him?
    • Is Sandra a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Ladette who deep down cares for her friends, or is she a flat out Jerkass who enjoys watching the rest of the Pod tear each other apart?
    • Is Raffi a Nice Guy who does everything for them, or is he a boring generic character who doesn't really care for Birch?
  • Bile Fascination: How bad the show is draws many people to it.
  • Broken Base: Whether this show is So Bad, It's Good, So Okay, It's Average, actually not that bad, or just plain terrible.
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  • Cargo Ship: CANON with Mr. Towes and his plant, Vanessa. He was singing a romantic song to it, and began to slow dance before Liam walked into the room. Suffice to say, it's the "fandom"'s One True Pairing.
  • Cliché Storm: Every single anime "quirk" known to man is crammed in as far is it will go.
  • Critical Research Failure: A lot of things, especially naming somebody Miyazaki LEE.
  • Designated Hero: Birch at her worst who can do no wrong because she's the Author Avatar even though by all means she does a lot of wrong.
  • Designated Villain: With Amelia, the show makes the mistake of having her be the Alpha Bitch and assume that personality alone will warrant audience hate, but seldom does she actually do anything wrong and often the protagonists are the bigger assholes with their actions. It doesn't help that her Small Name, Big Ego is only secondary to that of Birch, the main character!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Even ignoring that he probably is the only character who's not a Base-Breaking Character, Mr. Towes has become one of epic proportions. He's pretty much universally loved by both the genuine fans AND the series' mass hatedom and there is a mass demand among them that he be given his own show. Even the creator loves him (this being the same person who uses Birch as a sort of Author Avatar), and even she's in support of him getting his own show).
    • Sandra comes by a very distant second, or at least to barely make it out of The Scrappy label, mainly due to her enraging Birch constantly.
  • Fan Nickname: Mr. Towes is affectionately referred to by some trolls as "Sensei Soulpatch."
  • Foe Yay: While probably unintentional, Amelia and Sandra can veer into this dynamic. Similarly, Amelia and Birch; or Sandra and Birch.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • The show first got big in Malaysia, where was where the show first aired. A lot of the early fan-base watched the show unironically, until show got canned for Zig & Sharko reruns on Disney Channel, which lead to a small but noticeable outburst amongst Malaysians (and to a lesser extent, parts of Southeast Asia). It's also the only country to have the show air on three channels. First, Disney Channel, then local channel NTV7, and now on the newly developed Dreamworks Channel. note 
    • The show also garnered a noticeable fanbase in Germany, where the show was given rather good German dub, combined that Slice of Life stories tend to be better received in the country.
    • Then in Mexico, actually garnered most of its fandom, combined with being the only channel not to screw it over (Along with KiKA back in Germany, which occasionally re-airs the show, usually near the end of the day during the Summer). Most of the fanart extends to Mexicans as well, especially fanart of Birch; which makes herself also an example of a more popular character in another country, since to many Mexicans, she's a Audience Surrogate, compared to other countries, where she's a Base-Breaking Character at best, and a Scrappy at worst. It helps that she has the voice actress as the Latin American Spanish dub version of Apple Bloom.
  • Ham and Cheese: Appears to be the case with Mr. Towes, whose antics are considered the saving grace of this show by nearly everyone who has seen it.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Much of the reason an ironic fandom exists is due to Mr. Towes and his antics.
  • Memetic Molester: Mr. Towes, thanks to frequent abuse of the old comic maker.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Liam being a fox furry.Explanation 
    • Raffi and Liam being in a homosexual relationship (and to a lesser extent, Birch and Sandra, or Sandra and Amelia, or Birch and Amelia).
    • Mr. Towes' rape-face.Explanation 
    • The show is often labelled "DeviantArt: The Series" (due to its questionable animation, animesque art style, and an Author Avatar main character with a massive ego).
    • "Let me tell you about HOMESTUCK"Explanation .


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