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Funny / My Life Me

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  • Anything Mr. Towes does. Seriously.
    • Anything he says really. He's so full of ham he'll just start putting on a voice impersonation mid-sentence.
  • A fairly funny moment with the two female leads and dickish school reporter Jason:
    Birch: So you tell us who passed those photos on to you, or we'll have to do a little publishing of our own.
    Sandra: [passes Jason a polaroid picture] Remember my first Halloween party? My mom thought your "Little Mermaid" outfit was so cute, she had to get a picture.
    Jason: I-I was only three years old!
    Sandra: We were nine.
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  • Another rare genuinely funny moment comes in The Pom-Pom Girl, where Sandra screeches like some kind of thing at 3:41.


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