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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Towards the end of The Comeback Kid special, John interrupts his story about meeting Bill Clinton to describe at length the climax of The Fugitive. It barely ties into the anecdote and isn't mentioned again for the rest of the special, although there is one moment earlier when he suggests "I didn't kill my wife!" as a hypothetical way to show how punchy 'my wife' is as a phrase. Although it was probably meant as an Overly Long Gag.
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  • Fountain of Memes: Every routine this man has done is ridiculously quotable.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Just about any time he mentions Anna, but special mention to his comments in "Kid Gorgeous." When asked if John could make fun of her in his act, Anna said that it was okay as long as he didn't say that she's a bitch and that he hates her. John's response?
    I would never say, not even as a joke, that my wife is a bitch and I hate her. That is not true. My wife is a bitch, and I like her so much. She is a dynamite, five-foot Jewish bitch, and she is the best.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: His bit from "New in Town" discussing why an Ocean's Eleven movie with a team of women wouldn't work ("Because two would keep breaking off to talk shit about the other nine") became even funnier once Takarazuka Revue made an Ocean's Eleven musical and Hollywood decided to do an all-female ''Ocean's'' spinoff. Ironically, a common complaint about the film is the lack of conflict between the team, leading to less tension over whether or not the heist will be successfully pulled off.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The Salt and Pepper Diner bit, which has become animatic fuel on YouTube.note 
    • It's also become popular to create videos of the "The One Thing You Can't Replace" story with various fictional characters in place of John and his peers, such as Swerve from The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye or McCree from Overwatch.note 
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    • It’s becoming popular to Photoshop movie or TV characters into one of his scenarios.
    • The One Black Coffee bit has been turned into an alignment chart, like this one for Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
    • A reaction image of him screaming "NO!" during the "Delta Airlines" bit, which was even acknowledged by him during a Tumblr Q&A.
      • "Now you've thrown him off his rhythm!"
      • Due to the overlap between the release of "Kid Gorgeous" and Avengers: Infinity War, gifsets of someone (often Loki or Peter Parker) confusing Thanos using the Bittenbinder Method have become incredibly common.
    • It’s become popular to substitute words in the "Delta Airlines" bit, as seen in this spoof about DC Comics
      • "If [X happens] I will stomp [Y] to death with my hooves!"
    • It's a common joke for fans to confuse John with Grant Gustin due to how similar both men look.
    • Replacing Spider-Ham's lines from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with jokes from John's routines, or vice-versa.
    • John Mulaney killed Princess Diana note 
    • His "No!!!" and "YEAHH!!!!" from his bit in Kid Gorgeous about working with Mick Jagger on SNL is a popular alternative to the Drake Meme.
  • Signature Scene: Either “The Salt and Pepper Diner” or “The One Thing you Can't Replace”, thanks to their popularity as animatic material on YouTube. Chances are, if you know a John Mulaney skit, it's one of those.
    • Since Kid Gorgeous' release, the 'Stranger Danger' routine with Detective JJ Bittenbinder and his ludicrous "STREET SMARTS!" advice for imperiled Chicago youngsters has become this; especially once it was found Bittenbinder was real, matched John's description of him perfectly, and was found to be particularly unimpressed by John's routine about him.
    • Also, "There's a Horse Loose in a Hospital".

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