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  • Awesome Music: Pei Pei Chung composed a killer soundtrack for this series, including the theme song. Most of it can be found here.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Sabrina: some fans thought she was one of the most influential contestants in the game because of her strategizing, while others thought she was just mean, especially with how she played with Aaron's feelings for her and wanting to kick her best friend out.
    • Scooter, to some extent, on Endurance 2. He was outspoken about his views that brown should be eliminated as he felt they already had a chance to win in the previous season. Given Brown's success, some fans would argue he had a point.
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    • Annie: Some fans saw her as one of the toughest girls that season, while others saw her as smug and mean because of her treatment towards Calley.
    • Max from E1/E2. Some fans considered him a strategist par excellence, along with a very strong competitor, while others believed that he did too many deals that he didn't follow through on.
    • E3's Gray Team: When the season first premiered, a lot of fans liked them because of their teamwork and their nice personalities. As time went on, some watchers saw them as manipulative, and put them as bad as Orange, if not worse.
    • Chris (Endurance Tehachapi): Was he just playing the game, or was he too arrogant and loud for his own good? His age (twelve at the time of filming) may be taken into account as well.
    • And on the same season, Jeszie. People are divided by how loud she was during the competition.
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    • While Endurance: High Sierras' Blue Team (Connor and Taylor) is one of the most popular teams that season, Taylor and her crying split the fanbase a bit: some say it is excessive, while others sympathize with her and turned the blame on the game itself. Moreover, despite the team's popularity, some fans don't hold them to high esteem due to how they targeted their former teammates on Gray and Connor's role in their elimination.
    • The Blue team on Fiji to an extent. Some felt they didn't deserve to win due to their lack of success in missions (they only won the brain part of the final 4 temple mission) while their competitor in the finale, Green, won a number of missions. On the other hand, Blue has been praised for not causing drama and, as other contestants noted, they never lied or backstabbed anyone while also keeping a positive attitude even when facing possible elimination (traits which help win them the Karma piece).
  • Broken Base:
    • The reception for "Endurance: Tehachapi". Coming off a dramatic and notable "Endurance: Hawaii", some people complained it lacked the drama of the latter. Notably, on the J.D's Greatest Twists special that aired after Fiji, it was the only season to not have anything listed. Others cheered on the casting and how close they are to each other and some saw it was refreshing given the amount of drama that preceded it in Hawaii and would occur again in "Endurance: High Sierras".
    • Green Team winning Endurance: High Sierras provided controversy for the fans. Most stated they were undeserved, as they only won one mission and were carried by the Purple Team the entire way. Others suggested that it was better, perhaps being karma for carrying a team to the final to then lose to them.
    • The Temple of Fate game has proven unpopular with some fans over time. The Rock-Paper-Scissors type game has not really changed since the series began (the only possible exception is the Mana nei lavo reward in Fiji which guarantees a free round whenever that team is sent to temple) and that strong teams can lose (and thus be eliminated) to weak teams based heavily on luck. On the other hand, some find that this game is great at creating suspense and allowing for an intense outcome, along with showing how "fate" can determine outcomes.
  • Critical Research Failure: JD oddly has this sometimes when he is referencing details from past seasons.
    • In High Sierras, he says no team won Endurance without having gone to temple at least once before the finale. This is inaccurate as the Blue team from season 1 never got sent to Temple but still won the game.
      • Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when the Purple Team made it to the finale without going to Temple once, though they still lost.
    • In Fiji he says that the eliminated teams from High Sierras voted for a team who they felt had the most karma with the reward being the Karma piece. This is inaccurate as the vote was for an advantage in the final temple mission. The karma piece wasn't even an official piece until Fiji. While a karma piece was given to the final 2 teams of High Sierras as a gift, it was the third placed team that won the vote and thus they weren't given a karma piece in that sense either.
  • Elimination Houdini:
    • Trevor & Lana (Green) from Endurance 1. They did not get along well and were rather weak. Trevor also got on Aaron's nerves which convinced the Blue team to kept sending Green to temple. Yet, they survived their first 2 trips to the temple of fate. It was only after they won a mission that they got eliminated when they got sent a 3rd time and lost, thus starting the Three Temple Curse.
    • Tyler and Michelle from Endurance 2. While Michelle was very keen on winning, Tyler became homesick and actually wanted to leave the game. Their performances in missions were also initially poor. Because of this, Orange was sent to the temple of fate after the first two temple missions with the intent that they would go home. Orange survived both trips though. It was only during the final 3(which, by this point, Orange had won a mission and held 2/3 of all of the pyramid pieces) that they got eliminated.
    • Bryannah & Monroe for Hawaii. They were disliked by most of the other teams (particularly the Orange-Red-Purple-Gray alliance though Orange did eventually change allegiance) and where given the Samadhi 3 times (the record for most Samadhi given to a team) and survived 2 trips to temple. It was only in the final 3 that they lost, becoming the last victims of the 3 temple curse.
    • Also Demian & Nicole. Despite their inability to work together in missions and Nicole's attitude which even prompted Demian to try make deals with other teams to get themselves sent to temple as he felt Nicole did not deserve to win, they made it to the finals while going to Temple only once (and that was before Demian tried to make the deals).
    • Taylor & Connor are the most extreme example, facing surviving elimination 3 consecutive times and making the final 3.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Layla from Endurance 1, along with Brandon. They showed some promise as being a strong team, especially in the Plant the Flag mission but got eliminated before they could try to prove themselves again.
    • Chelsea from Endurance 1. Her quiet nature, despite not influencing the game, made her a lot of fans.
    • Lana and Trevor from the same season. They may have not gotten along, and their individual personalities may be divisive, but were the first underdogs on Endurance and broke the Red-Yellow-Blue hold in "House of Cards".
    • Christa on Endurance 2, despite having a smaller role compared to her partner.
    • Alex on Endurance 3, because she had a free-spirited personality and manged to stand up for Bryanah.
    • Monroe & Bryannah in season three. They proved they weren't a weak team and made it far into the competition despite being the prime target of Gray, Purple and Orange teams for most of the season.
    • Kylie from "Endurance Tehachapi", in similar ways to Chelsea as they tended to be quiet and didn't cause a lot of drama. Some fans also sympathized with her because of Michael's dealing which ultimately made their team a target.
    • Franke. Despite being the weaker half of his team and having little influence, he gained popularity due to his sense of humor.
    • Darci from "Endurance: High Sierras", due to her own quiet nature and her hidden strategizing.
    • Lilly, due to being a strong girl on her own right. Examples include her performance in the right to stay challenge where she was not only the first girl to complete the challenge but did so without falling into the water as well as being the runner up in the partner selection mission. She was also the only girl who did the bar holding role in the Fill and Spill mission.
    • Connor & Taylor in season five. They broke the 3 temple curse and overall did well despite being a target of the Purple-Green-Red-Orange alliance.
    • Cinnamon from Fiji. While she would only appear in one episode, she was well liked for her positive attitude, her interest in making friends and for providing encouragement to the girls during the right to stay even though she would have needed a couple of them to do badly in order to stay.
  • Franchise Killer: Fiji.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: When the Gray Team left on "Endurance: High Sierras", they left a note to the remaining six teams. While Darci had some nice things to say about Connor, Ike wished Taylor would "switch a trip to Hawaii for a trip to the Temple of Fate". In the final three, the Blue Team got the advantage for the final Temple Mission, but lost and went up to Temple for a fourth time, where they were eliminated by Green.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Skyler on E1: he would later appear on Intervention due to his addiction to bath salts, which partially stemmed because of his stage mother. Endurance was partially shown but never mentioned on the show.
    • Tom regarding Vanetta in Hawaii: After Brown, along with their superteam partners Red and Orange, lost the "Bamboo Jungle" temple mission, Tom says they likely would have won if Vanetta wasn't there due to her poor performance in the mission. A couple episodes latter, Vanetta would have to be taken out of the game after injuring herself on the bamboo and thus leaving Tom as a one man team.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • When Max and Jenna returned to Endurance 2, Scooter believed they should leave, because "this is Endurance 2, not Endurance 1 reincarnated". True, because the Brown Team ended up winning it all.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Nicole from season three. Many felt her actions were way too mean, particularly with her treatment of Bryannah from Yellow. She would go from swearing she would eliminate them to begging (sometimes crying) to either join an alliance or spare them from the temple despite the fact Nicole and her partner, Demian, had sent yellow to temple with their best friends on Green. By the halfway point, even Demian was having issues with her when she tried to prevent him from talking to the yellow team members and even exposed a proposed alliance they had with Yellow and Brown to the Gray Team. These actions made her one of the least popular contestants on the show.
    • Vanetta from the same season could also be seen as one. While she did outlast Taylor and Eleanor in Headstrong, which is what convinced Tom to pick her as his partner, she didn't perform well in other missions. Most notably was Bamboo Jungle where she got stuck which turned the mission from a close race into a rather easy win for the Yellow-Purple-Gray superteam. Even the other members of her superteam blamed her for the lost. Her friendship with Nicole also costed Brown and their allies their win Squaring Off which ultimately resulted in the Green team's elimination, one of the fan favorites of the season.
      • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Fans do however feel sorry for the fact that she had to leave the game due to an injury, marking the only time someone was eliminated from Endurance that didn't involve gameplay.
    • Garret from Endurance: High Sierras. This even extended to the other contestants. He was shown to be rude to many of the other contestants (Taylor claimed he called her names and gave similar treatment to any woman that wasn't Cealey or Kelsey) and demanded that Cealey be his partner despite the fact that she did not want him (she even scream this to him to try to get this point across) and threaten to mess up the other agreed teams over this. When he was paired with Anna instead, he did not even talk despite her attempts to at least get some cooperation. These made him widely hated by the contestants and fans of the show. Ironically, that season had poll where fans could vote from a selection of hopefuls where the top male and female hopeful would get a spot as a contestant in which Garrett won the male poll (Kelsey won the female poll).
    • From the same season, Alex and Cealey, to some extent. When the eliminated teams voted on whom should get an advantage in the last Temple Mission, they got zero points each. The fact they won the game despite their lack of mission wins and being good friends with purple who won most of the temple missions doesn't really help their case.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The twist in the Stand Bags mission in Fiji, where the winner of the temple mission still had a chance of going to temple and get eliminated, proved to be unpopular with many Endurance fans. Interesting, this mechanic was similar to the regular elimination style in Moolah Beach where a first place team was still at risk of being eliminated, they just were less likely to be eliminated.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 6, Fiji, and to a certain extent "Endurance: Tehachapi" from "Endurance: Hawaii", due to the relatively lack of drama in both seasons and the lack of challenges in the former season. Some also felt Fiji may have suffered by having too many twists throughout the game.
  • Shocking Elimination:
    • Yellow from Moolah Beach as they were the only to team to be eliminated while having more offerings than another team.
    • Gray Team from Endurance when considering no one knew what was at the Temple at the time. The reason they were sent was that Blue wanted Green gone and knew Gray was a strong team and thus it was assumed they would be the ones that would come back. Instead, Green won while the Gray team curse claimed its first victims.
    • Purple Team from "Endurance 2", on a missions level, as they had the most pieces of anybody left. However, this made the Green Team want to send them up with Brown to give Green a better chance of winning.
    • Arguably, Green Team from Endurance: Tehachapi. They won a number of missions and had the most pyramid pieces at that point. They had also avoided the temple up until they lost the final 3 temple mission (though they were handicapped by their friends on the Purple Team during the final mission). They ultimately lost to Purple.
    • Red Team from Fiji. Jonathan manage to pull out the only red colored rock and had to go to Temple and lost to Blue.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • When contestants are eliminated in the Right to Stay: they were chosen among thousands of teenagers for such an opportunity and ended up going home on the first day. Some seasons though like "Tehachapi" and "High Sierras" did allow all contestants to stay for the first day with the right to stay challenge being held on day 2 instead.
    • E1: When Orange and Purple went up to Temple, Chelsea and Layla were particularly sad because they would split up as friends.
    • Also when Red and Yellow went up to Temple, which also ruined Sabrina's plans of a Red-Yellow final two. Even in the finale, she said her friendship with Ashley was the best thing on that season.
    • Calley losing "Cherry Picker" to the Purple Team, then crying after losing Temple that same night.
    • Michelle losing at Temple, especially after we find out why she wanted to win the grand prize.
    • Green and Yellow going up to Temple on Endurance: Hawaii. Yellow's two subsequent trips, and their elimination in the final three also qualify as this.
    • Vanetta getting injured and having to leave the game.
    • In Hang 5, seeing Jeszie cry when everybody was upset due to the Green Team fighting over whom should receive the Samadhi. Considering that she was intense in her fight with Isaac, it was especially painful.
    • Blue E5's elimination was especially heartbreaking. They had broken the third temple trip curse, had the lead in terms of pyramid pieces and received enough support from eliminated contestants to get an advantage in the final temple mission. However, they still lost the mission and ended up losing to Green on their 4th trip to temple.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • More of a hindsight example but when Yellow won Bagging on You, they initially considered sending Gray with Orange to temple. Bryanah's crush on Chris though caused them to send Blue, a team that had partner issues and was not in the alliance targeting Yellow, to be sent instead. This results in Gray avoiding the first elimination curse (the only time it happened in season with a gray team) and this decision may have indirectly led to many of the hardships Yellow faced on that season.
    • During the Squaring off temple mission in Hawaii, after the Purple-Red-Orange-Gray alliance make progress by taking turns in placing triangles Yellow, Green and Brown spaces (once a space is full, the team is eliminated), Purple decides to give a turn to Yellow which allows the Yellow-Green-Brown alliance to take revenge. During one of Brown's turns, they decide to give orange a turn (Vanetta was friends with Nicole) despite Tom's initial objections. This results in the Prog alliance eliminating yellow, green and brown. Brown was not selected for temple that day but it did cost them an ally (yellow and green were sent to temple) when they had a chance to break up the other alliance. Tom himself admits in a confessional that this was a terrible mistake on his team's part.
      • While the Purple team might be excused for their actions in this challenge as it may have made them less of a target than their alliance members and the decision did not cost their alliance the mission, their choice of which teams to send to temple after winning the Balance Ball could lose them some sympathy, particularly since it may have indirectly led to their own elimination. They choose to send Brown against Yellow to temple instead of Orange. Since Vanetta had to be taken out of the game due to a leg injury, Brown only consisted of Tom and they weren't even a strong team before the incident. Sending them to temple with Yellow kept Orange safe even though Nicole told them that Demian tried to make a secret pact with Yellow and Brown (Orange would later make a pact with Yellow in the final 4 with Nicole's consent). Demian even requested that if Purple won, they should send Orange as he didn't want his partner to win. Purple did not honor the request and when Orange won the next temple mission, Purple got sent along with Gray, eliminating the former in the process.
    • In High Sierras after Purple wins the superteam mission (giving them, Red and Orange the power to send 2 other teams to temple), Max sympathizes with Yellow (who is likely to get sent to temple 2 times in a row) and tries to talk to Purple and Red about sending Green instead despite their alliance. What makes this stupid on Max's part is that the alliance has already chosen to send Blue and Yellow and Max is trying to make them discuss who to send again while the Green team is in their presence, causing them to catch on that Orange isn't so loyal to Green. When Green wins the next temple mission and has to send an alliance member to temple, they choose Orange which, while not explicitly stated, could have been because of Max's attempt to send them to temple. This temple trip gets Orange eliminated.
  • The Woobie:
    • Christa from E2, partially because of her partner, Scooter. While Scooter was very outspoken of his opinion (particularly of how he wanted Brown gone), Christa tended to be quiet.
    • Michelle from season 2. Apparently her mom don't have enough time spent with her, fueling Michelle's determination to win. The Green and Brown teams even considered as such on the final day.
    • The Yellow Team from Hawaii are Iron Woobies because of all of the crap they went through.
    • Darci from High Sierras. Girl gotten stuck with the Cursed Gray color and was gunned for elimination which was partially the result of her former partner Connor.


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