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  • Christian saying that he would keep his hairstyle if Red wins on "Squeeze Play".
  • In Waterlogged, when targeting Blue, Lana kept giving looks to Aaron. She said she was satisfied because it was vengeance for everything the Blue Team has done for them.
  • Christian flipping over like a fish when the boys were taking their "showers" in the ocean, going "I'm a fish, I'm a fish!"
  • During the Endurance Reunion, as Brandon listed the members of the Brotherhood, J.D. responded with, "the time it took to list all the members was about as long as the Brotherhood started."
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  • When asked about how he and Lana got so far, Trevor snarkily responds with, "I just stayed as far way as I could from her until the mission."
  • After the Gray Team was eliminated in "Tower of Power", J.D. asks the Brown Team (which were the Gray Team) whether or not it was strange that the Gray Team was eliminated first for the second year in the row. Max responds with a deadpan "Yeah."
    Jenna: "I don't's just bad luck!"
  • "And I hope Keetin gets bit by a chicken!" The funniest moment in one of the most bitter letters written after an elimination.
  • At the cove after "Face to Face", Mike and Keetin had an awkward conversation with J.D. about their failure in the Endurance Mission that day:
    J.D: "Green's won the first two Temple Missions, they haven't won anything since. And in this game, they were out of it before it even started!"
    Mike: "I don't know what you're talking about."
    Keetin: "Yeah, what are you talking about, J.D.?"
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  • Monroe and his quotes on "Endurance: Hawaii". Whenever he wasn't dominating the game, he always had a snarky comment to give during interviews or in confessionals.
    "They've known each other for only a day, but they're going to get married."
  • The contestants fighting in the mud on E3 after the partner selection.
  • As PROG was targeting Green, Yellow, and Brown in "Squaring Off", Bjorn asks, "Can I just sit down right now?"
  • A conversation between Nicole, Demian, and J.D. in "Pipeline":
    JD: "Nicole, do you have an alliance?"
    Nicole: "No..."
    JD: "Does your face always turn red when you're not telling the truth?"
    JD: "Anyone out there that wishes they could change partners?"
    (camera focuses on Nicole and Demian with sinister music)
    JD: Demian and Nicole are both smirking...And there goes Nicole's red face again!"
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  • Franke always had something funny to say throughout Endurance: Tehachapi:
    "I got seaweed in places I've never knew existed."
    "It's an agonizing minute, sir."
  • Walk the Plank on E5. This was a well-known mission for the multitude of quotes said throughout.
    Taylor: "Be Monroe!"
    Connor (imitating Monroe): "Stop it!"

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