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Endurance 1

  • Sabrina: "My strategy is to find a person that thinks similar to me, then manipulate as many people as possible and win."
  • Jonna: "I really speak my mind, and sometimes that works against me, because people's opinions might be different or it might hurt someone's feelings."
  • J.D: "Jenna, do you like surprises?"
    • Jenna: "Yeah..."
    • J.D: "Good, because on Endurance Island there's going to be plenty of surprises."
  • J.D: "We only promised you'd get here, we didn't say anything about you staying."
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  • Skyler: "It's a lot colder that I expected it to be. It's very windy, and I hate cold weather."
  • Chelsea: "I don't really click with these people, but I am stronger than most of them think."
  • Aaron: "I don't like [the partner selection]; it's turning everyone against each other."
  • Sabrina: " it." (to Layla)
  • Lana: "So if I win, I have to go on a trip with this kid!"
  • J.D.:"Why did you choose the Leadership piece? Do you think it's a good trait?"
    • Christian: "No—we just like the picture."
  • Sabrina: "I'm not going to tell Aaron whether or not I'm interested in him, because I don't want him to send me to the Temple of Fate."
  • Skyler: "I think the Red and Yellow Teams think they are the strongest and they can get rid of anybody anytime they want to...I think we need to separate the Yellow and Red Teams."
  • Max: "They could try whatever they want, but this game turns around so fast they may think they have it, but they don't know what's coming."
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  • Chelsea: "I think me and Skyler are a target, but that's okay. I'm not too worried at all. I think we're going to do really good today. I have a very good feeling about it."
  • J.D.: "Water puts out the fire."

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