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Heartwarming / Endurance

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  • Seeing all the connections the contestants make when they first get into the cabins.
  • When the final two teams reminiscence on the good times they had together. You could clearly see how much they've bonded over a short amount of time.
  • Chelsea and Layla's friendship was this—they were more quiet than the other girls on E1, but managed to bond well together.
  • In "Dial In", Jon wrote a letter to Ashley should he be eliminated at the Temple of Fate that night. While he wasn't, Ashley still read the letter out in the confessional.
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  • Like her or not, Sabrina saying Ashley was the best part of Endurance for her.
    Jon: "Whom do you miss the most?"
    Sabrina: "Ashley, Ashley, and Ashley."
  • Michelle saying she wants win Endurance 2 because she wanted to give a vacation to her mother, who works all the time.
  • Seeing the cast members react with joy when they were told they would be part of Endurance: Hawaii. For some of them, JD even came in person to tell them the news.
  • Alex sticking up for Bryanah during her time on the show.
  • While she wasn't happy over how she got Monroe, Bryanah eventually got to get along with him. Hearing about how she learned to not judge a book by its cover by was extremely nice.
  • For speaking up and saying they wanted to be partners with each other, JD made Shea and Amelia the first team of Tehachapi without having to take part in the partner selection mission.
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  • Amelia and Erika offering to take the Samadhi from Green in order to stop them arguing on Hang 5. If this isn't heartwarming, then what is?
  • When given the power to give the privilege to sit out the Right to Stay on E5, Darci picks Kelsey because the latter placed second. They two girls hugging it out was really sweet.
    • However, becomes Harsher in Hindsight as Kelsey and the Purple Team targeted Darci throughout Gray's time there.

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