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  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Some contestants, like Monroe from Hawaii, Daniela from Tehachapi, Connor & Adrian from High Sierras, and Rebecca from Fiji took part on the show because they were huge fans of it and thought it would be cool to be contestants themselves.
  • Breakup Breakout: Some contestants have pursued media after Endurance ended and a few have found some notability outside of the show:
    • Jonna Mannion of the first Endurance appeared in a season of The Real World and several seasons of The Challenge.
    • Alejandro Rose-Garcia, eliminated on the first season's Right to Stay game, is now a popular Americana musician under the stage name "Shakey Graves."
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    • Glen Powell was only briefly on Endurance 2, being eliminated in the Right to Stay challenge. However, he has since established a career working in various film and television programs.
    • Also from Endurance 2, Scooter Magruder has found success as a YouTube vlogger, his channel gaining over 19 million views to date.
    • Alex Reid from Hawaii has become a member of the K-Pop group Rania, making her the first African-American to join a K-pop group.
    • Chris from Tehachapi has also taken up acting, having roles in Meet The Browns and the Disney Channel original film Avalon High.
    • Aeriél Miranda from High Sierras got a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars and a supporting role in Straight Outta Compton.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: There aren't many DVDs, if any, for Endurance and reruns largely ended in 2013. Most episodes though can be seen, in various degrees of quality, on YouTube. Same goes for Moolah Beach (it's even worse since Disney owns it and is letting it sit like much of the Fox Kids/Saban library).
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  • Promoted Fan Boy: Many of the chosen contestants were fans of the show before being selected to actually compete on it.
  • The Wiki Rule: The series has a wiki
  • What Could Have Been
    • A second season of Moolah Beach was announced to air in the summer of 2002 but never materialized due to the buyout of Fox Kids and Fox Family by Disney. It was instead reworked into Endurance.
    • In Knotted Up, the Blue Team sent Green and Gray up to the Temple of Fate, because everyone was annoyed at Trevor and his behavior, and Gray was considered a strong team. Considering Max and Jenna returned for Endurance 2 and managed to show off their strengths there, fans wonder what would've happened had Gray come back, with some suggesting the Blue Team wouldn't be a strong as they ended up being.
    • What if Sabrina had followed through on her plan to give the Samadhi to Red?
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    • In the final three of E1, Blue was about to give the Samadhi to Yellow, but J.D. gave them the option of throwing out the Samadhi, which they accepted. What was in the Samadhi, and would we still see a Yellow-Blue finale?
    • The Red Team on E2, Phil and Jacquelynn, were a strong team, but didn't get many opportunities to show it as they were eliminated second. Based on their letter to the rest of the teams and their alliance with Blue, it's suggested there would be more competition between Green/Yellow/Brown and Red/Blue/Purple.
    • What If the Blue Team on E2 never received the samadhi for the "On The Ropes" mission, which quite possibility the one thing that cost them the mission, it seems Brown and Yellow would have been sent to temple earlier (Scooter stated before the mission that was who he would send if Blue won) and thus given Blue more time to prove themselves?
    • What if Yellow had won "Cherry Picker"?
    • After Yellow won "Bagging on You", they debated on whether to send Gray or Blue along with Orange to the Temple of Fate. Bryanah had been the game-changer, as she liked Chris and wanted him to stay. The debate here is how far Blue would've gone if Gray left...
    • What if Michael was paired with Daniela as planned on Endurance: Tehachapi, and Kylie with Jonathan?
    • What would the game have been like if Red and Green from High Sierras actually did switch partners with each other like what they promised Blue.
    • Connor has stated that some of the contestants on High Sierras such as Darci, Lilly and himself have proposed an Endurance All-Star season to the production crew. However, it was turned down as they didn't think it was fair having some of the older contestants (who by the time of High Sierras was airing were entering or nearly adulthood) compete with the younger teenagers.

Hawaii, Tehachapi and High Sierras each got nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Series. JD Roth was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children's Programming for Tehachapi.


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