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  • The first season's Blue Team was this all the way through. They won six missions, took their alliance to the final three, and won their entire season without going to Temple before the finale. Basically, they dominated in ways no other team came close to in subsequent seasons. The closest was Purple in High Sierras but, unlike this Blue, they failed to become the endurance champions
  • The Green Team on E1 winning "House of Cards", beating out their rivals on the Blue and Yellow Teams.
    • Even smaller, was how Yellow managed to come back after having their entire tower fall.
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  • Blue Team winning Dial In. This was the first time a team won a temple mission despite being handicapped by the samadhi.
  • When Purple Team won Fireball on E2. This was after Green and Purple had a shooting match in which both Keetin and Annie missed multiple balls. The final shot, where Annie caught the winning ball, was shown in slow-mo!
    • In the final five, Purple knew they had to win the Endurance Mission "Face to Face", otherwise they would receive the Samadhi; in the Temple Mission, "Cherry Picker", Purple knew they had to win that as well, otherwise they were sent to Temple. They managed to win both, despite challenges from the Brown and Yellow Teams, respectively.
  • Max and Jenna returning to Endurance 2 after being eliminated from Endurance via a vote. They managed to not only make the moves they could've had last season, but also won the whole thing.
    • Their reaction after beating Yellow at Temple was legendary, as they had conquered what stumbled them on E1.
  • Yellow winning "Bagging on You" (despite being handicapped by the samadhi) and "Out on a Limb" on Endurance: Hawaii. They were initially considered "the weakest team" of their season, but these two wins proved everyone wrong.
    Monroe: "We dominated you!"
    • Their win on Out On A Limb was also an iconic win for them and further cemented that they were contenders.
  • Erika beating out all the guys in "Drop Out".
  • The Orange, Blue and Purple superteam in Tehachapi winning the mission despite being composed of the teams at that point were considered the weakest.
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  • Purple winning Cubed in under a minute on "Endurance: Tehachapi"; since the Red Team received the Samadhi the previous day, they never got the chance to compete in the game.
  • Taylor, after having her partner switched, won Move it Along with Connor. This was also the second mission she's won, making her the only contestant to win two different missions with two different partners.
  • The Blue Team breaking the Three Temple Curse. Enough said.
    Connor: "They can't get rid of us."
  • The Red Team and the Blue Team winning the half mission, and breaking apart the Orange Green alliance.

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