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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Many fans think Makuta isn't really evil in this continuity (or at least not the Evil Overlord he seems), believing the Mask of Ultimate Power to be sentient and controlling him, or Umarak being the Man Behind the Man for Makuta (at least before the final Journey To One episode was released). They also question if his jealousy of Ekimu is justified, wondering if the latter's better craftsmanship is due to real talent or the Mask of Creation's power.
  • Broken Base:
    • As appropriate for a toy-line (especially one from a connecting-brick system), the major complaints aren't about changes to the plot or characterization, but the design of the toys. Specifically, LEGO's decision to continue using the Creature & Character Building System (based on ball-and-socket skeleton-and-armor connections) that began with the Hero Factory line rather than returning to the more Technic-based pieces from the original BIONICLE. Many others stand by the CCBS builds, as not only is it a versatile system in its own right, the re-integration and improvement of gear-driven action features makes it a great, if not perfect way to bring back BIONICLE.
    • There's also a huge divide over Lewa's element being changed from Air to Jungle. Some say it's an acceptable Retcon, others feel the green element should still be air. Some think he could potentially command both elements (and he sort of does, his power is communing with both the plants and wind and he has a glider), while others insist that would be overpowered. He does seem to retain some elements, and the Protector of Jungle wields an air bow.
    • Ever since the second wave sets were first seen in preliminary photos, the fandom seemed to be split between loving them and hating them.
    • The early cancellation, the reasons behind it (and who's to blame for it) and how it was handled have been divisive topics. The only thing anyone seems to agree is that the marketing campaign wasn't strong enough, which led to many people, former fans included, to be unaware that the series came back to begin with.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Makuta has a lot of apologists who believe that he is a good person under the influence of the Mask of Ultimate Power who might be justified in his jealousy (depending on if you believe that Ekimu relies on talent or the power of the Mask of Creation to create the villager's masks). Note that this all relies on Wild Mass Guessing as opposed to anything outright stated.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The small villager from the web minisodes seems to be getting a bit of a following, being possibly the first actual child in the franchise. He's also the center for a lot of Epileptic Trees.
    • There's also Bingzak, who's loved for being the first minor character to have a name, which also sounds dumb and adorable to boot.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Well, all things considered, Okoto is still pretty much screwed. The remaining Skull Warriors and Skull Spiders are still roaming around the island and Makuta (despite being imprisoned) is still able to command his servants, just like at the beginning of the series.
  • Fanon: With the release of the official artbook, this concept art of an unused Skull Warrior design has generally been accepted as the physical appearance of Axato, a leader of the Skull Raiders.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Following the first leaks and subsequent official announcement for the series' return, numerous "Hype Train" image and video edits flooded fan discussions
    • Calling Onua "Onya", after a (now fixed) typo on the official website
    • "I CAN FEEL THA POWAH!", a line Tahu utters in all its narm in the 4th webisode, The Protectors Fight Back.
    • The fact that Lego minorly screwed up at almost everything related to the reboot is also a sort of meme, especially among its haters. Beginning with the relaunch being accidentally spoiled by Lego's own Twitter account, to the accidental release of webisodes months in advance, the official website being riddled with typos and formatting errors, foreign promos and comics containing confusing story info and Off-Model art, the reveal of the G2 Mask of Time being ruined due to the art showing the G1 version, the comic and book author complaining that the story outlines made no sense, all the way to the random pointless website update coming half a year after the line had already been canceled.
    • The Lord of Skull Spiders has picked up a few because the acronym spells "LOSS" and how swiftly he was defeated in the 2015 online animations.
    • SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS, an apt theme for the summer 2015 wave.
    • "I didn't slip." - Kopaka's claim after very clearly slipping on the icy path to his golden mask.
    • The location that Makuta ruled is called the Shadow Realm. Cue the Yu-Gi-Oh! memes!
  • My Real Daddy: Ryder Windham got praise from fans for his efforts to expand the reboot's lore, giving the Skull Warriors a backstory, giving the Protectors actual names, and establishing Korgot, Protector of Earth, as female.
  • Narm:
    • In the 2015 animations, the story is conveyed through a single narrator, who also portrays every single character. There was considerable derision due to the lack of vocal range outside of "gruff Australian/New Zealand accent", making the attempts at differentiating characters almost too obvious to take seriously. Some have said it lends itself to the feeling that the story is being told by someone like a bedtime/campfire story, but giving Gali that voice has been too hard to swallow even for those people.
    • For an added bonus, the Protector of Fire (often suspected by fans to be the one narrating the animations) is named Narmoto. Needless to say, fans found this name hard to take seriously.
    • Some people feel that the 'caring doesn't make us weak' line from The Jorney to One pushes the tone of the show a bit too far into the Care Bears territory.
      • ...And speaking of Care Bears, in the final episode of the series, the Toa defeat Makuta by shooting magic beams from their chests at him..
  • Ron the Death Eater: According to some fans, Ekimu is a cheating Jerkass who uses the Mask of Creation to make better masks as opposed to real talent and Makuta's jealously is completely justified. Nothing in canon confirms or denies this. There's also people who exaggerate his somewhat standoffish behavior towards the Toa.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Skull Scorpio isn't held in a very high regard because of his completely fixed legs, eye-searing color scheme, almost no resemblance to actual scorpions and all-around awkward design, though his tail function was at least enjoyed.
      • Ketar was near universally despised for his awkward colours, floppy gear function, and lack of posability in his tail, the latter of which also affect his unity with Pohatu. However, unlike Scorpio, he's got posable legs.
    • The Lord of Skull Spiders is also disliked for similar reasons. In addition, his printed-on face is generally considered derpy and anticlimactic. His Memetic Loser status also contributes to this.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • Some fans weren't too keen on the differences from the original toyline, such as the usage of the Creature & Character Building System over the Technic building system and the change of the green element from Air to Jungle.
    • Pohatu was easily the biggest Nice Guy of the original Toa in the first BIONICLE, but was effectively given Kopaka's characterisation in this one, to mixed results.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: As a result of LEGO's cancellation of the theme, Makuta was not given much screentime and very few lines of dialogue, with the Toa defeating him in mere minutes by sacrificing themselves. This was despite the wealth of theories being made about Makuta's role in the story and his relationship with Ekimu, as well as theories that Ekimu may end up being the big bad by way of plot twist or Makuta may actually be an Anti-Villain this time around under the negative influence of the Mask of Ultimate Power or even Umarak being the main villain the whole time. Even worse, Makuta didn't get a model, with Lego only giving instructions on how to create Makuta from pre-existing models as a result of the cancellation and holding a contest.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Due to LEGO's cancellation of the theme, one of the main criticisms of Journey to One was that it wrapped things up too quickly. There were fans who wanted to see more characterization from the heroes and the villains and feel that it should have continued on for one more year, with the final year being set in the Shadow Realm.
    • Umarak finds the fragments of the Mask of the Ultimate Power in no time at all, some felt there should be major story arcs dedicated to the Toa stopping him.
    • The Toa having to sacrifice themselves to stop Makuta. We were never told exactly or given any indication why the Toa had to leave Okoto and become stars and some feel that Ekimu should have pulled off the sacrifice instead, or the story be presented in a way that allows the Toa to think over this before the battle with Makuta, but then decide to make the sacrifice anyways, or be allowed remain on Okoto after their victory.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: As seen on some of the above entries, not everyone saw Makuta as the straight villain he was played as. It's hard to tell how much of Ekimu's better craftsmanship comes from talent or his Mask of Creation, so he might be justified in resenting the Islanders' preference of his masks over Makuta's. Also, most of his darker actions happened after the Mask of Ultimate Power corrupted him; he had shown some megalomania before and was willing to sell out the island to the Skull Raiders, but even Ekimu admitted he wasn't truly evil until the above-mentioned corruption, and the latter event didn't even happen in the main story and could easily be missed if you didn't read the third chapter book. In the end, the only thing he can really be blamed for was making the Mask of Ultimate Power in the first place.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: For months, fans thought that Kivoda, the Protector of Water, was female and Korgot, the Protector of Earth, was male, following the mono-gender tribes of the previous generation. It wasn't until the release of an online preview for the chapter book Island of Lost Masks that the record was set straight.