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  • Narmoto's almost exasperated tone and dialogue with Tahu as he corrects him on the sounds from far away actually being in his mask.
  • The Toa's first meeting. Given how it went in the first canon, there's no way that this wouldn't happen. Tahu and Kopaka immediately come to blows until Onua separates them and they decide to vote for a leader. Lewa promptly trolls the group by cheekily voting for Onua, since he knows how to grab attention.
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  • Onua constantly destroying things by accident, one noteworthy example being when his fight with the Skull Warriors destroys the bridge to the City of the Mask Makers in the process, and likewise warranting a pissed-off look from Gali. When Vizuna, unaware of the source of the destruction, mentions it to Korgot, she instantly deduces it was Onua, meaning this wasn't the first time he screwed something up by accident.
  • In order to destroy one of the gates keeping them from advancing further into the City of the Mask Makers, Pohatu casually picks up a giant boulder and hurls it, crushing the doors instantly. While Tahu and Kopaka saunter on like usual, Onua, Lewa, and Gali's wary expressions really sell it as Pohatu just stands there without blinking an eye whatsoever.
  • After defeating Skull Slicer by triggering the lever in the arena, Lewa sarcastically asks Onua if he did it without breaking anything. Cue said lever randomly breaking off and the entire place collapsing on them.
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  • Speaking of Skull Slicer's defeat, he's pinned to the pillars by Pohatu's Stonerangs until the floor gets dropped out from under him, prompting him to hang there Coyote style until he falls.
  • In episode 16, Ekimu observes that evil has destroyed so much of his once great city. As Onua starts to explain that he was also partly to blame, Lewa promptly puts his hand over Onua's mouth.
  • In episode 17 of the webisode series, Tahu and Kopaka race to be the first into the forge, only to get stuck in the doorway when they reach it at the same time. Skull Basher then proceeds to remove the obstruction.
    • Later in said episode, Onua falls off down the stairs to the Great Forge, landing on his head each time. Almost just as amusing is how this happened; he took on Basher alone, and then the screen cuts to the aforementioned fall.
  • While following Gali to Akida, a pair of Shadow Traps considers the huge cliff she leapt off of, and one of the Traps kicks the other down experimentally. Cue said Shadow Trap hitting just about every rock in its descent, and its partner wisely backing off in turn.
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  • A pair of Shadow Traps fighting Melum end up getting frozen. Later on, while several Traps react to Umarak's signal, we see those same two Shadow Traps helping each other out of the ice blocks they're stuck in, and when one of them reacts the other one, still partially frozen, topples over.
  • Lewa's little stunt he pulls off with Uxar during their race, counting down to three, only to start running off halfway through the countdown while laughing. Uxar's bewildered expression in particular sells it.

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